Whats the state of the left in your country? In burgerland its pretty much dead, especially since the sandman berned out

Whats the state of the left in your country? In burgerland its pretty much dead, especially since the sandman berned out

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Germany here. We are having Sanders tier SocDems calling themselves socialists at arround 10%.

Social democratic party are neoliberals.

Communist fringe parties are irrelevant.

Independent left movements are 100% IdPol.

Portugal. Awful.

The communist party is helping the "demsocs" in the government because they didn't want the "centre-right" party to occupy the government four more years.
But the worst is the other "left" party also helping the ruling party passing their legislation on the parliment.
One of their elected parliment member last summer said something like: "It will be the far left saving capitalism one day, you'll see".
They are capitalist apologists, they support the EU only it needs some "changes".
They are the typical "bourgeois socialists". They all had nice lifes, went to nice private schools, smoked a lot of weed and took a lot of LSD at university. Useless idiots.
They want to make gender quotes in state jobs.


Pretty poor. We have Corbyn but he's being attacked on all fronts. Labour is mostly full of neoliberals.

The Tories are getting more and more right wing authoritarian.

Trade unions have declined from the peak around 1980.

As for the far left, there's a stupid number of different parties, all sorts of Trots and Stalinists.

It'll be the center left doing that. Thank God they have no power

Chile here.

Our """socialist president""" is sunk in disapproval, and so is the current coalition she represents (which among their members have the chilean communist party which is known for their resistance against Pinochet during the dictatorship, and the DC, the guys who helped in the coup against Allende. Funniest shit I have seen in years, I tell you).
The far right who's against President Bachelet isn't doing that good either. They're also are sunk in disapproval, but at least they won the local elections of this year, so they seem to be in better shape for the 2017 presidential election.
Speaking of which, there's more than 20 candidates already, one of them being a former president who's also a demagogue and big businessman (sounds familiar?). In fact not long ago he said that he would create and enforce laws to kick out immigrants who committed crimes, which will make him quite popular among chileans considering the increase in colombians immigrants in the last 5 years and how chileans tend to associate them with criminal activities. So yeah, we're basically the latam version of murrika.

As for the "real left", anarkiddies aren't relevant, there's this pretty chill marxist guy and this quite chill social democrat who became popular during the student protests of the 2011 that are in congress right now. Camila (who you probably know because she was a symbol of the 2011 protest and is as a fact really hawt) is also in congress, but she's a filthy communist party member, and they stopped being communist like 4 years ago so she doesn't count.

Even if the real left isn't that well organized, there's a lot of revolt among the population. New social political movements are emerging ("ni una menos" who put feminism on the public debate. "no + AFP" which is criticizing one of the most fundamental legacies of the dictatorship, the pension system) so it's not like the left is dying, but more like experiencing a rebirth in something as fundamental as demanding better conditions for everyone. And this isn't happening because some big party is conducting the process, but because there's a palpable sensation that the dominant class (political elite and big capitalists) is taking the biggest part of the cake while everyone else is left with the smallest. The fact that both big political coalitions are involved in really serious corruption accusations have left them quite invalidated when they try to shill for the porkies, which make the entire scenario look even more promising for Chile in the coming future.

TL;DR Things are going pretty well, but there's still a long way to go.

You know what to do.

Canada here.

Everything is terrible. The far left may as well not exist at all.

We have three parties worth noting, The Communist Party of Canada, The Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) and the The Revolutionary Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist). The first two are terrible and the last one wants a 'protracted peoples war' and are quite small.

On top of that the parliament is controlled by the Liberal Party which is horrifically neoliberal.

Anarchism is pretty much non-existent outside the largest cities like Toronto and Montreal and even then their only the "I like to break stuff" kind.

Here in the Prairies it's Conservative with the occasional scared liberal and oil industry boot-lick's coming out of every pore.

Not sure about the rest of the country but that's how it is here.

Canada is full of libtards

There is no left

Why is communism so fucking weak in the Anglosphere? Even at its peak in 1945 the Communist Party of Great Britain only had 2 MPs

What about De Linke?

Frontier/abundance mentality feeds into "anyone can bootstrap themselves into moderate success" is my guess.

As for New Zealand our Labour party is pretty much in a death spiral, in part due to the creation of the Maori party taking what would've been Labour seats (we have a certain number of seats in parliament set aside for Maori voters, I know, cucked etc) and the general decline of manufacturing and unions resulting in apathy among the lower classes

The Great Depression ends not and WW2 beginning.
All that conflict revitalized capitalism in the short term and people driven to the edge by unemployment and shortages suddenly had tons of work and an enemy to distract them.
After the dust settled, the politicians started In on the left with McCarthy and HUAC and they never really recovered,partially thanks to Stalin deciding to keep Eastern Europe under his thumb, and sponsoring various revolutionary groups around the world.
All the right had to do was point at the SU, and the Warsaw Pact and say the evil communists were coming, and most people believed them.

That first bit should be The Great Depression ending and WW2 beginning.
Spellcheck is fucking retarded.

Not to sound like a turd worldist, but a certain level of comfort, even if it's hardly universal and in steady decline, means the mass of people aren't really looking for radical solutions.

On top of that, the anglosphere - because of the shared language, IMO - is absolutely saturated in American or American-directed propaganda regarding the virtues of the "free" market, individualism and personal agency. So the people who are doing OK think they got there with their own "hard work" and poors are just unmotivated, lazy or stupid. Worse, the poors often internalise this propaganda and also blame themselves rather than the system.

This is not even to mention decades of cold war propaganda that is still fresh in the minds of the baby boomers who are the majority of the electorates (and who also, coincidentally, are more likely to be economically comfortable.)

And even among young people, the "left" is largely centered on identity which is not only easily channeled back into the system via representational politics (black faces in high places, etc) but also tends to burn bright only during the messianic phase in the late teens/early 20s before boiling off and leaving apathetic liberals. Doesn't help that this brand of "radical" politics is strongest among middle class kids who are there for fashion more than principle.

stalin killed more people than can be justified or normalized
maus famines
pol pot (Weren't they back by america?)
russia and china are back to capitalism

Actually, I think the left is on the rebound in the US. All the leftist parties and orgs are seeing major growth in membership despite them being 99% shit.

Sweden here. It's a joke.
It has been co-oped by feminists.
the most leftist party we have in parlament talk more about identity politics.
Mainly because they lost vote to the horrendous feminist party.

the official tanky party gets 5-6% in the elections, there are a bunch of maoist and trot parties that get like 0.1%

guess the country


If you don't count red-brown Putin cocksmockers like CPRF it's fucking dead, funny how that happens

At least the racists are failing in stopping immigration to Sweden.

no we aren't.
most parties are for closed borders now except the leftists and some libshits.
And SD is the largest parties in the polls.


I don't actually follow politics that much so don't know if it's leftist enough for Holla Forums, but we have a leftist party in the general sense and a pretty relevant one, albeit always trailing behind King Bibi.

Tel-Aviv is idpol and liberal central and unfortunately that counts as leftist. Being a leftist in Israel is more of a political thing rather than economical. Ironically, expressing leftist opinions is considered politically incorrect as opposed in the west.

what do israeli leftist have for solution on the Israli-palstinian conflict?

Good question, I don't hang around leftist circles so I wouldn't know.

The general accepted end goal, whether left or right, is a two state solution. Maybe socialist clubs have more explicits solutions, hell some fringe groups call for the abolition of Israel or officially removing the Jewish element from the country's identity.


Kill me pls.

The Netherlands. Right wing populist party is gonna get like 40 seats in parliament according to polls. And the largest """left wing""" party is gonna go from second largest party to being among the smallest. Hopefully the SP is gonna do well.

Chile is love, Chile is Life

I have to move to Chile. Fuck Europe.

Greece? That's the only country I know with a M-L party about that size.


Still shit, but slightly better that in the rest of the world in terms of politics.
Podemos seems to have some strength, and will probably eat PSOE by the next elections unless shit happens in these four years, and there's little chance right-wing populism will become popular in a long time, even if PP is already bad enough.
While people (at least where I live) tend to be leftist, they also don't have much class consciousness.

I'm from USA. But there's a lot of Commie on Commie action going on back in The Horn of Africa.


Why is that so many countries has center-left parties losing out to center right parties?

venezuelan here
we're fucked

I quite like these threads, just seeing different responses (situation is shit vs its good) from people in the same country shows just how the left thinks

Do you think the Chilean communist party is worse than the PCF when they were against May 68?

what does Holla Forums think of South Africa's EFF?

My condolences

As a Chilean myself I'm inclined to say that No+AFP and the such aren't so much spontaneous expressions of the populace's discomfort, but actually expressions of actual organization by the "real left" (which has since '88 been working in labor and student unions, among other spaces), which often manage to drag sectors of the petit bourgeoisie or left-liberals (unions led by the PC, PS and the such are all for No+AFP).

#NiUnaMenos, however noble it be as a cause, started as a liberal feminist campaign, and the "real left" (that agitates and works feminist demands anyway - many orgs don't) just followed along and didn't do much more than go to a mellow, pacifist, almost scripted rally along Alameda. And frankly, this "revolt among the population" doesn't go much further than these pacifist rallies and the occasional strike (such as the current one in Homecenter Sodimac).

Anyway, these strikes and these protests are likely to increase in the future, the population doesn't trust politicians nor the big business (lots of corruption cases in the spotlight), so you're right in saying that our scenario seems promising for the future.

It kind of worries me that Piñera is using the anti-immigrant rethoric, with moderate success, even when it's not as big of a deal as in, say, US and Europe - the most terrible thing your average Chilean "señora" has probably experienced is sitting beside an Haitian in public transport.


On an unrelated note, just a while ago I found out this org: accionid.cl/

It seems to be a front for Chilean nazis since they have a typical nazi rethoric: "against capitalism" (denouncing corruption etc.) and against immigrants. Also they do "solidarity" campaigns giving food to the poor. They're kind of popular in normiebook and the such.


Many of these "American" states are occupied Mexican territory.