Any rap fans on Holla Forums?

Any rap fans on Holla Forums?

I ask because I think the genre, as it currently stands, provides an excellent example of an artform being co-opted by the right-wing.

Jay-Z is absolutely the most disgusting example of what I'm talking about. The guy pretty much spouts nothing but pull-up-your-bootstraps propaganda and constantly brags about his position in the bourgeois order. Pusha-T is just as guilty, as much as I respect his Clipse work, he is almost the embodiment of the petit-bourgeois small business owner achieving success, except the business is cocaine. Really, most of the (current) archetypal hip-hop narrative is an incredibly pro-capitalist ideology: one person is able to rise to the 'top' (i.e. entering into the class of the bourgeoisie) through their own shrewd business tactics and value of capital above all else. Can we really be surprised that so many of the genre's figureheads (including Pusha and Hov) placed their support behind Hillary, the embodiment of these neoliberal values and narratives? I also feel like this is an ideological shift from the roots of the genre, which in my experience always placed its emphasis on community health and growth, and never failed to neglect the social relations the artists were engaged in (see: almost the entirety of the Native Tongues collective, UGK, early 3 6 mafia, 'Kast, Goodie Mob, or Geto Boys for just a fraction). Now in the post-Shiny Suit era, almost all I see is this extremely capitalist/individualistic narrative about how one is able to achieve class mobility simply if they are capable of diligent hard work and love of the dollar. If we understand the genre as providing a conduit for working class black voices (inb4 someone screams idpol at me), this bourgeois narrative appears to me to be pretty harmful. Of course rap isn't devoid of collectivist voices, look no further than Kodak Black, Gucci, Starlito, or Chance for examples of this, but when the undisputed superstar of the genre, Drake, is second only to Jay in his role in the corporatization of mainstream rap, one has to wonder what has become of what was at one point the only truly subversive art in American media.

My question is, do the rap fans of this board. if there are any, have examples of non-rightist grassroots musicians still producing art?

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It's pretty much dead.

I enjoy The Weekend though.

rap is a bourgeoisie distraction

b-but rap music is a Jewish conspiracy to make black people communists

damn leftypol is the gayest board on this site lmao

you're surpassing Holla Forums's cucked rank

now they're rapping about their succes, the horror

they should have stayed in the hood and addicted to crack, to satisfy leftists who feel them in the struggle

Nobody on Earth past present or future has not been cucked once or twice. More people are single now anyways.

It's just such an ironic insult for people who use it seriously, because at the end of the day the types who use it are more likely to be cheated on then people who realize that shit is stale as hell outside of irony

Currently, maybe. But it hasn't always been that way. Rap carried the subversive torch from the dead hands of punk.

Can't stand him personally. I can only enjoy songs about drug use and fucking people so much. Plus his beats haven't actually changed in five years, even with Starboy. Young Thug and Future are almost single-handedly keeping the genre fresh imo.

Totally missing the point. They're embracing the bourgeois ideological narrative without recognizing that they're a complete anomaly in the environment they come from, and frequently disregard the community and setting that gives them the lyric material that they make money off of.

u got me o no

That's a strawman,
There are plenty of Holla Forums approved rappers who get success but are aware and radio about visa struggle

Good analysis op. I airways thought jz was shit

Rap started out nice, but now its pretty much the music of capitalism.
Sjw's dont criticize it because its "black capitalism"
Its like obama, duded is a neoliberal who expanded the surveillance state, oh but he's black so its okay xDD

anfems are just cuckold fetishists looking for a political excuse to indulge in their fetishism

prove me wrong

they made it big and brag about it. can't blame them really, they're not rapping to satisfy marxists

In the mainstream, undoubtedly, but there are still plenty of leftist voices in the mixtape/sort-of-underground scene. Kodak Black, Starlito, Vince, SGP, and Young Thug are just a few.

You think I'm joking. What is the statistical likelihood you won't be cheated on in your lifetime?

It's so large throughout time, though dipping and raising, that one of your parents is a cuck.

If it's race based, whites fucked so many blacks in Europe at a single point in history, same with American Slavery, that African Americans genome is in large part European.

But you idolize that past as pure and white.

What would even be good examples of grassroots non-classcucked rappers? Public Enemy?
Because as far as I remember rap was always either classcuckery disguised as struggle "gotta sell drugs to get dah paypah n' dah bling blings"

or about "how rich I am and how much bitch ho asses I get".

In other words "irrelevant shiting is the cuck, the little death, let's go colonial when they irrelevant shited like horny rabbits"

Why do I even bother posting from my phone

Immortal Technique is so agressive sometimes I suspect he must be some sort of CIA honeypot.

Doesn't mean he's wrong tho.


Rap is, for the most part, a fucking disgraceful genre of music. Bourgeois, self-indulgent, consumeristic and dare I say degenerate. But it was purposely made that way. Don't forget that it started in the 70's as a form of protest music.

The new Tribe Called Quest album is great though.

Anything but that

I love hip hop, but often times I'm left a bit dissatisfied when it comes to leftist hip hop because the rappers forget the art and creativity and just starting dumping information in verse format and it's all bit too obvious and joyless

M.I.A. is an artist who balances creativity with leftism very well though, I'm a huge fan of her

MIA started off good but she's been just, not doing what she used to as trite and corny as that sounds. She lost the edge that made her so good and unique. She's a bit more comfortable now.

Yes, I think something of that vicious spark she had was lost after the third album and I can completely understand you not care for her work after that.

Matangi and AIM aren't really as political and they're chill. but I still like them tbh, the former especially.

Is this what niggers think nowadays? Literal wewuz?

his meme tier illuminati conspiracies puts me off

I didn't say African, I said African American. Or, if I meant African, I meant African American.

Multigenerational African Americans are in large part more European than say, their African counterparts or even Asiatic people.

This is simply because people in the past irrelevant shited like absolute animals, just non stop sex in secret between slave and owner, and in Europe there must have been some dom sub play going on.

The point is, that in order for this to occur in commonality among the genomes of African Americans, a fuck ton of irrelevant shiting had to occur.

Which literally makes sense given you strip a human being of everything they have in autonomy to become property. That would be taken advantage of.

Don't most hip hop heads think that big name rappers like Jay Z are phony ie. not real ?

Don't most african americans think hip hop culture is poison on the first place?

Rap is good for throwing light on social issues.You won't see any successful non porky rapper though.
That being said, the new ATCQ album is amazing. Also Young Thug is literately flawless.

IT is slight conscious but he's fedora tier tbh.

You must be a nog because you're retarded. Less than 2% of the white pop had more than one slave and most people had none and you weren't anything that even closely resembled a demographic problem. Some slave owners tasted of the goods, sure, but hardly enough to form a subclade to affect your genetics. The nog dna virus is strong, just look at Bill Clinton's half nigger son. He's full retard despite hailing from bill's ballsac. I don't like his politics but bill's not a dummy, so his illegitimate sons retardation came from the deleterious effects of 50% admixture. Pure chaotic trash in nog genetics.

Dead Prez can be lecturising bores, but this is and always be legendary

You're calling me retarded but your argument is "Look at this guy in a tabloid claiming to be Bill Clinton's son, he has negro DNA. The worst DNA"

I'd like you to cite something of worth about how irrelevant shiting in Colonial times didn't exist en masse. Because all I've read (eg the historical truth), points to wealthy colonists having a bunch of secret bang maids.

It depends. Some are conservative. And it's not simply for blacks.

I mean, don't most white Americans realize country music is poison? No.

Intelligence is inherited from the mother.

There are intelligent blacks (20% of American Blacks are smarter than the average American White), even with no European admixture although that's admittedly more rare.

Danny Williams just rolled snake-eyes genetically and ended up on the far left side of the bell curve.

Alright retard, how many wealthy colonialists were there? Enough to affect the entire nog pop? Certainly not. It takes both an affinity for bestiality and the opportunity, the combination of which were not very common or not common enough to affect an entire demographic.

In fact, the average African-American genome, as example, is 73.2% African, 24% European, and 0.8% Native American

That's more European than most Asians and other Africans.

The same could be said of Latino populations existing in the first place, a ton of mixing, they're more "European" than most races.

The fact stands the people Holla Forums bitches about the most happen to be more like them than not.

You will never here many talk about "those fucking non-white asians", because they have the mystical "good guy" genes associated with their identity. But I doubt any could tell demographics apart.

Holla Forums playing genetics is exactly how they were taught genetics throughout life. Through science fiction.

Right, so because you're only 1/4 human you're not quite as animalistic as your full african kin, but you're still mostly animal so we still don't want you around

For fucks sakes I'm not black I'm Asian first off.

Second off, you are literally talking about genome differences like other races are fucking vampires from Blade

The funniest conclusions of all of this is white Americans nearly have the same amount of African American DNA today. Are you a quarter animal?

Why don't you throw yourself out and stop larping as a nationalist/natavist

Also asians commit fewer crimes than whites and we largely don't bitch about them too much. Really makes you think…

Ah you're one of the vegetarian males I've been hearing about. If you think all whites in america are quadroons then I'm sorry you're a dumb asian. You really drew the short straw with that one. I'm 100% euro, sorry ricenigger.

We aren't talking about Asians. We're in a debate about race because I told you that cuck was a bit of a silly insult because almost all of humanity ends up being a cuck at one point in their lives, because you've made it such a broad term.

Which you then told me I was obsessed with cuckolding.

Which eventually got into racial fan fiction about what amounts to vampire clans and orcs and elves again

What the fuck are you talking about

Oh boy, you don't see the demographic winter coming, do you?

Instead of fantasizing about exterminating or forcefully removing non-whites from the US (which is never going to happen, the ship has sailed on that one) you should be focused tearing down and rebuilding the educational system so that the mestizos and africans can be taught to be productive members of society, instead of violent, useless eaters.

I'm saying that I'm sorry you were born with low test because you're a dumb rice nigger. Maybe if you had body hair and the test requisite of a male that will reproduce you would be able to imagine a life where you weren't cucked. The funniest thing about your example is that JRR's orc race represented niggers and elves/numenorians were unsullied whites.

Nationwide stop and frisk will help with the nog problem and deportations will do wonders for mestizos. I don't see how that's a 'demographic winter'.

tbh her songs are pretty simple and boring, but I love her outfits and music videos.

Stop and frisk does nothing but decrease lethal black on black violence while inflating the prison population which is a massive taxpayer burden.
Post yfw you discover that Trump only plans on deporting 2-3 million out of the 30+ million illegals here
Take a look at the white birth rate, and compare it to that of Mestizos.

I'm glad. Estrogen is the bomb. But then again, I don't really need much test.

Where is all this racial hostiity coming from dude? Look, I'm sorry I said members of your family were cucks, truce

What is it with Holla Forums's obsession with insemination. It's honestly deviant art.


Don't worry, we'll start deporting blacks to africa eventually. Trump's current plan is to deport 18MM IIRC. Not all, but definitely a good dent. The 2-3M is only the instant deportations, a test run if you will.

jesus christ lmao why are you on this board man. go jerk off to the turner diaries, or better yet, kill yourself

A cuckold is a person that watches in horror while being passive himself.

In this case, it's Holla Forums who watches while passively posting about it on imageboards.

You are the cuck.

I hope you're right, but I don't see how he can accomplish that when most of the high % mestizo/african states are blue and will fight him hard on this.

I'm 100% indo-european with no admixture. Most of my genetics comes from the most secluded (and thus protected) haplogroups in europe. Sorry xiao we aren't all hairless cucks like you.

It's going to be a rough 4 years for you

Really? How did that happen? You check?

Because that's genetically impossible.


6 6 6

All the sweeter it will be when you have kids (lol) and they fuck mixed or black people down the line eventually :^)

admixture = non-white dna

There's many people who work at those dna sites who admit to altering the results slightly to add in some 1% non-white to 'diversify' the results.

i bump kendrick because his music is not entirely class-conscious but to pimp a butterfly has some great moments in there
also death grips because if the revolution needs a soundtrack it will probably be something off jenny death

What's the song where the rappers are dressed up as ISIS and have president Obama as their prisoner but end up decapitating themselves instead of him?? It's really trippy and has a great beat

Every single human being alive today is from a small population of 2,000 or less in Sub-Saharan Africa. This was during the last pangs of the Ice Age, where Africa was increadibly dry and hot as a result. Almost all of humanity died at that time, to a point that we would be considered an endangered species.

For reasons we don't know, this population survived.

And when conditions became more habitable traveled across the world.

Moving to Europe from the Near East over centuries and centuries, fucking Neanderthals in Europe.

"100% Indo-European" is impossible because there is no such thing as Europeans who themselves popped out of nowhere in Europe.


Rap is stereotyped as being dumb but so much of it is really poetic and is the only outlet an impoverished and oppressed minority has. A perfect example is Illmatic, it's straight up poetry.

almost everyone's understanding of anything comes from mainstream media nowadays though. It's pretty scary

fuck off dude. i wanna talk about rap, who gives a fuck about the definition of cuckolding and gene bullshit lmao. there's no reason this thread had to become a predictable chan race debate

Immortal Technique should absolutely not be mentioned imo. His quasi-lectures barely qualify as music and his insights are unsurprising at best.

Lots of people ITT should check out dirty south/southern rappers in general. Really visceral descriptions of a working class life all over the place. It's beautiful music.

such as?

If you want my opinion, I really enjoy more noise oriented shit. B L A C K I E ALL CAPS WITH SPACES (example: Local things like it before Death Grips tapped into the genre and blew up. Although Zach Hill does a great job at making that specific sound.

It's just hard to find because it's so local

lil ugly mane makes me cry

You might be overshooting what the typical nigger thinks about by a lot.

It's true.

yes when rappers portray the grim reality of the underclass existence they're doing a socialist deed, even if they're not socialist themselves.

-Good Mob - Soul Food
-the entire Outkast discog tbh
-Three 6 Mafia - Mystic Stylez
-UGK - Ridin' Dirty
-Scarface - The Diary
-Spaceghostpurrp - God of Black Vol. 1
-Starlito - Introversion
-Future - Dirty Sprite 1
-Rich Gang - Tha Tour Pt. 1

thats just some really basic introductory stuff

all of these are phenomenal tho.

This is dope as hell. is there a project I should check out?

I'd start with B L A C K I E, kind of the golden standard of this stuff, he's huge in Austin.

Fuck off, rap is for niggers

man, im gonna be honest, most of the killer mike/el-p stuff really does nothing for me.

Never change Holla Forums

Hi Pajeet, did you enjoy shitting in the streets today?

I love hip hop my dude
Haven't had much luck with post 90s stuff though.
I like Kendrick and Run the Jewels though.
And Death Grips of course.

Anfem just shut the fuck about your cuck theories nobody gives a shit, you are only inviting the assblasted Holla Forumsyps to the threads.

no it's full of niggers


I'm a rap fan and god damn does it feel good to finally find some how hates Jay Z for the reasons you outlined


Holy crap no. They love Jay Z, but to be fair he has way more neckboard fat white guy rappers then anyone else

Why do u think black people have been calling Jay Z illuminati forever? think they were playing? Lmao, They have also been saying this about Beyonce. Why? Because it's true.

The Jew is hugely responsible for this, unfortunately. Until leftists can see what the real structural racial supremacy is in this society… they are doomed to confusion, and fail to understand the process of authoritarian activation against what is now the coordinated extermination of whites to the point it's destroying your mass political parties one by one as you impotently screech gibberish in response.

The full commercial rappers are millionare pop stars pushed in unison by the media congomerates, who provide white bourgeois "pop" culture with minstrelsy to conceal their deep racism. Much of the drill / trap shit is purely the drug trade propaganda, which as we know is a CIA project to destroy blacks and the left and/or pure capitalism by now, cleaning up surplus labor or problem elements by dragging them into corporate carceral system, it also destabilizes Mexico et al , while justifying further police militarization etc.

Wow it's almost like culture is mass propaganda, who'd have thought.

On the other hand, dumb shit can be fun, it's irony, it's indulgent, escapism. It's a shitposting competition. So much "conscious" rap is just embarrassing and unlistenable. It's a sugar rush, its for dancing to, you don't want a fucking lecture from Ikon the Hologram when you're in the club trying to dance. It's making fun of stereotypes.

But yeah, it's funny how leftists are so against white supremacy and bitch about mass culture symbology, but do not know about K Rino, do not have exhaustive collection of regional rap records from 1991 - 2004. Pimp C was woke to the Jews too. The materialist and woman hateric aspects is just honesty, most 'leftys' are pure lifestylists, and engaging in the art of controlled deception of the self and others to sublimate guilt and other feeling implanted in them by their enemy lol

The stress of the entire propaganda machine being revealed at once would make anyone need a hiatus. He reimbursed all the ticket goers. How is this not 100% obvious to you crypto-racist idiots

Rap will never be as good as it was in the early 2000s just after 9/11

"Thank you for your letter… I regret that I am not clear as to what you intend by arisch. I am not of Aryan extraction: that is Indo-Iranian; as far as I am aware noone (sic) of my ancestors spoke Hindustani, Persian, Gypsy, or any related dialects. But if I am to understand that you are enquiring whether I am of Jewish origin, I can only reply that I regret that I appear to have no ancestors of that gifted people. […] I cannot, however, forbear to comment that if impertinent and irrelevant inquiries of this sort are to become the rule in matters of literature, then the time is not far distant when a German name will no longer be a source of pride."
― Letter 30

"I have the hatred of apartheid in my bones; and most of all I detest the segregation or separation of Language and Literature. I do not care which of them you think White."
― From a Valedictory Address to the University of Oxford in 1959

"As for what you say or hint of ‘local’ conditions: I knew of them. I don't think they have much changed (even for the worse). I used to hear them discussed by my mother; and have ever since taken a special interest in that part of the world. The treatment of colour nearly always horrifies anyone going out from Britain, & not only in South Africa. Unfort[unately], not many retain that generous sentiment for long."
― Letter 61 — Written to Christopher Tolkien who was stationed in South Africa during World War II

"I have in this War a burning private grudge—which would probably make me a better soldier at 49 than I was at 22: against that ruddy little ignoramus Adolf Hitler"
― Letter 45

Nazis are the Orcs.


Absolutely based

hey you've got good taste muslim-kun


Is Immortal Technique really that bad? I don't think he has good flow, but he has some creative lyrics. Not all of them are good, but some of his Revolutionary Volume 2 stuff I thought was pretty good. The conspiracy stuff actually makes it more fun to listen to. If anything he's way too fucking preachy. Then again I haven't listened to a whole lot of rap so I might be clueless.


You're really bad at rapping.

Dead Prez and Immortal Technique, the midi alien are the most prominent leftist rappers.
The previous two consistently criticize capitalism, the neoliberal and -conservative parties, exploitation etc. K Mike supported Sanders and the U.S governmet and capitalism yet isn't really more left than social democrats. Kwali and Mos Def falls under this category, and the latter has shown vocal support for Dead Prez but isn't explicitly leftist as far as I know.

Rap is mostly dominated by people from poor communities idolizing capital.
Real Prophecy, Professor P, and more criticises selling-out and money, yet aren't leftist.
Poetry consists mainly of philosophical and sentiments, as such you wont find much radical leftist poetry.

i don't know much about rap but
rebel diaz
keny arkana

i like atmosphere because they deal with the worries of everyday workers, but they aren't class-aware at all.


my man < 3

yeah she's from a visual arts background and has a mastery of all things visual tbh

papafranku is a rap god

What a fascinating ideology


Math suks math suks
You don't even have to spell it,
All you have to do is yell it
Math suks math suks
Sometime times I think that I don't know that much
But math suks.'

-Jimmy Buffet, American Country music star, white, off the track "Math Suks"

I don't see your point
Are you some kind of retard?
Naturally, a hispanic or black kid growing up in the projects is going to aim for money and not leftist theory. So suck a cock you white petit bourgeois pig

Who the fuck listens to Jimmy Buffet?

He only has that cheeseburger song, don't pretend anybody gives a shit about anything else he has done.

Oh so you actually listen to country music

rap is pretty good tbh

I wasn't the guy you originally replied to.

He's not a country musician in the same way Lynyrd Skynyrd isn't country and I actually prefer country to rap if you must know anyway and I don't like country music.

Yes. Music made by people with brown skin is automatically better.

t. The Left

This tankie guy is pretty good

rap is something you do, hip hop is something you live. I am a hip hop fan, but there is not much of it left anymore. Not to worry, as there is a shit ton of great hip hop to listen to from the last decades. Lyrics used to be about something other than money.

I do miss the scene though. I used to write, break, and scratch. Hate to sound like an old fuck, but kids these days have shit culture.


OP here, people like Immortal Shitnique or Jedi Mind Tricks are not what I'm talking about. Their quasi-lectures may be one of the few explicitly leftist/anticapitalist voices in the genre but not only is most of the music god awful, I find artists who promote leftist action without actually realizing they're doing it much more interesting.

Take Goodie Mob for example, they didn't spend much time deconstructing American imperialism (not that they didn't talk about it!), but plenty of their content was directed towards the betterment of their local community and region-specific problems related to class. They avoided making their music bland academic statements and instead reflected on their class-based position while supporting their neighborhood, instead of spinning the 'self-made man' narrative. The shit has personality and heart is what I mean, something that is disappearing in the current scene at a concerning rate.

I'm not exactly an old head, but I don't think the culture is out of genuine voices yet. The problem imo is that how rappers approach lyrics is kind of changing. Young Thug for example has pretty generic lyrics (not always though, he makes it clear that he could be a great lyricist if he wanted to) but he's finding new ways to express real emotion with his voice all the time.

I'm just talking about the scene in general. It's not dead and it will make a great comeback. There was a time when hip hop was fun and enjoyable, as well as political or sad or anything else. It's so narrow and negative these days and I totally blame capitalism.

How perfect that his fans can't even spell his nom.

He's alright. Don't care for the subject matter. "'Cause I'm always reppin' for that low life." Yeah exactly, that's why your family don't really fuck with you like that. Go back to church Abel.

those are some dope tags
You write?

Motivate your statement
He's a great rapper: great worldplay and messages. Beside the occasional ilermanati shit

Vinnie P isn't leftist, nor is AOTP

killer mike

You need to look beneath the surface, as with all things.

Theres some legitimate redpilled shit out there, no word of a lie.

Not anymore. The risk got too high after a while. Vandalism started getting some way too serious consequences, plus I had to work in the morning and just lost the will to be up at 5am…

I still enjoy looking at graffiti, although there is less of it around the city. That pic is actually not mine. Is your pic yours? It's awesome.

I fucking love that picture.

What's going on in it