Hello there, fellow leftists

Hello there, fellow leftists.

Stop union busting.

It's too bad the cancer didn't get you, peanut farmer.

It's too bad the PLA didn't get you, peanut head.

Truly the first neolib pres

Hey there. Civil rights, amiright?

"I see nothing wrong with ethnic purity being maintained."

-Jimmy "Martyr for the Cause" Carter

Hello there, fellow Fabians!

I gave you niggers civil rights, now go to vietnam for me

who is Holla Forums's favourite US president?

FDR even though he also ruined everything

Theyre all worst *sniff*

Obama, since he ended racism in America.

Hi Holla Forums.




William McKinley

Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln all the way. He was mainly working to preserve the union and order. I doubt that he was this magnanimous slave-loving progressive that people make him out to be now, but you have to appreciate his political and tactical genius.

Iran deserves every day of oppression it gets for getting Reagan elected.



It might be a revelation to you but Jimmy Carter was the first neoliberal US president, it's just that Reagan's incompetency draws the most attention.

who's your baseline? LBJ? JFK? FDR? Truman? As an American a set my standards low on these things.

Baseline for what? If you're talking Keynesian presidents, the last one was Nixon. If we're talking who out of that list isn't a war criminal, I'd say FDR.

FDR for sure.

I remember reading he was responsible for a lot of the rules and DNC regulations that fucked over Bernie.

some would say he was for interning Japanese citizens


REEEE Jimmy Carter, why didn't you released the UFO files from the pentagon? You said you were a believer, you said you would do it.

Thomas Jefferson obviously. He knew the cancer banks were all the way back then.