I heard from reddit that Holla Forums is just white men who are overawed by Soviet posters of white muscular labourers...

I heard from reddit that Holla Forums is just white men who are overawed by Soviet posters of white muscular labourers, is this true?

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yeah but we do say no homo so its ok

You know what would be great news? When someone on reddit says something interesting.
Those fake leftists talking with their bellies filled with food as well as the academics flawed logic don't know jack shit.

Yeah it's not because I've met several homeless people who just needed something to eat or a place to stay (none of whom were straight white males by the way)

Why are they so homophobic? Or they just jealous of this bod?

Just the fact that he/she says "white men" instead of just "men" or "people" pisses me off. Always obsessed with race. They are racists beyong belief, even more than many stormfags out there.
Those capitalism apologists cunts at reddit are cancer.

Too my warnings.

I'm some asian chick

I prefer a different look but I am white.

I prefer skinny teenage boys tbh

I like stronk women aktualy

Won't find that in a white girl. Slav is exception.


But are you obsessed with images of white muscular laborers? This is the important question.

This is actually an imageboard for our obscure fetish of soviet muscle daddies

Maybe….but they aren't men >:v)

all white men are evil dont you see, even the homeless ones and impoverished ones, and laborers, this way of thinking totally wont breed resentment that will be taken advantage of by a demagogue.

10/10 post

Except the vast majority of white men of any income bracket prove they're selfish, short-sighted, violent evil dogshit whenever given the chance. Look at this fucking election cycle. Literal fucking terrorists took over public land and tried to steal it for private profit and the jury of their white peers just let them go. That's ONE example that's way over the fucking line. If those people had been ANY other race. ANY. They would be in prison for decades at least.

Excellent taste

I prefer images of qt brown grills with booty.


Yeah, everybody's shit, what's your point? Problem is, white men have power. That makes them worse by default.

Oh must have missed the last time I got to decide that my job at a chinese owned firm was terminated.

I challenge you to not be awed by the lantern-jawed proletarian man, the man of the future, the hope of the world.

Yep, every last one of 'em

What does that even mean?

This is going to be a great thread I can tell

"white men" is a social construct

thx I didn't know

The social construct is a social construct.

You know, telling some guy who lives in a trailer with holes in the wall and had his job outsourced and can barely feed his kids that he has white muh privilege.
Totally wont give trump a second term
Keep doing it.
It worked last time.
I love president clinton

your opinion is a social construct

Your existence is a social construct

It means white men control the dominate strain of modern society, however badly they wish to whine that others are getting a sliver of the pie. Frankly, all humans are garbage, but no group in human history has done as much damage as white men. This isn't debatable. And no, it's not some fucking badge of honor that you were ABLE to, because if you weren't subhuman you wouldn't have.

Not for long, fortunately.

Yea they are shit and probably also honorary aryans praise hitler tatcher

I dont know man, the mongols raped the whole of asia and ended the islamic golden age.
Sorry, im not a tribalistic idiot who thinks in black and white

I'm not talking about fictitious "white muh privilege". I'm talking about actual white male BEHAVIOR and specifically that behavior in a group dynamic (cancer).

Oh, this is the "white males are disproportionately represented among the upper echelons of society, ergo they must be implicitly working for the interests of white men everywhere, QED" white muh privilege bullshit isn't it.

Next time, read what I actually write, instead of trying to play persecuted majority.


Now everyone will know, you dork!

Quick, delete it before tumblr catches on!


Please stop defending the decision making of people who agree to participate in the American political process

Maybe stop thinking in emotional racial terms and realize that cletus isnt your real enemy, the CEO's, land owners, wall street, silicon ally, you know the rich people who control everything, and use idninty poltics to divide the lower class, are

It's poor minorities who will suffer the most as liberals fail to form a functioning coalition and never again enjoy electoral success.

im gay and trans

im red with plans

that's a cool story comrade

Not exactly, because that's only partly important. It's more what I've already said. When one person believes stupid shit, that's one thing, when a group of stupid people of the same demographic believe the same stupid shit, it's societal cancer.

Can't fucking imagine for the life of me, really. I mean you're a white man and you don't have any concern for right or wrong or introspect or see any flaws in yourself, so nobody else should either, right?

You're the one being emotional, you dumb fucking hick. If you just take an objective view of history, the white race and specifically white men are visible on the world map as a cancer eating all life. This isn't some fucking view I arrived at by some strawman of college classes you made up to make yourself feel better.

Who elected donald trump, huh? Who keeps shilling for reaganomics and worships the rich? Would that be fucking Cletus and Jimmy? Yes it would, friend. Yes it fucking would.

Okay, let's settle this. White people (specifically middle-class, milquetoast bland-ass white people) have cultural dominance in society and as such have benefits other portions of society do not. Even in Asia, South America and parts of the middle east white normality is a commonality in advertising and business. White culture is normal culture, worldwide.
With that said, this is not the primary fight you should be fighting and if you think it is you're probably missing the part where the reason this happened was because of capitalist imperialism taking over countries and then releasing them as business partners rather than slaves.
tl;dr class always comes first, the economic situation defined the cultural situation we have today

dude Holla Forums lmao

May i direct you to my other post


a white man is not white men

Where do you live? Pleasantville?


This isn't mythology, you faggot. This is realword, on the ground reality.

Yeah, exactly. Which is why the world is literally being destroyed without anyone putting any brakes on. I know most idiot whites don't have a problem with this, but I happen to have a triple-digit Autism Level, rather than the standard issue room temperature one.

So explain the election. I'll wait.


No. Land is not people. There is zero evidence the same people voting for Obama voted for trump's retarded ass.

Everyone in this thread is LITERALLY not rhetorically retarded. Not responding anymore. I've laid down enough reality. You fags want to live in fantasyland. Good. All the sooner for you to end yourselves.

I live in the world. I'm also not retarded and think that literally every white person benefits from this cultural dominance - just look at , a smug, probably white liberal who shits on anyone from the south. There's an entire market for teaching people to get rid of their southern accent and sound like a 'proper businessperson', does that remind you of anything else?
Simply put, the world is more complex than fuck white people and economics are still the most important thing to deal with, but that doesn't mean I can't look at what's considered 'white culture' and realize it is dominant worldwide.

People were willing to vote for someone who declared that there were economic issues in America versus the one who didn't. Hillary still won because the middle class isn't completely dead, but she figured it was a shoe-in and didn't bother to fight for votes in places where the working class is fucking done. It's all economics with a little bit of reactionary frosting on top.

Yes, goddamn those evil whites forcing Third World countries to industrialise and have above-replacement birth-rates!

Why couldn't they just languish in subsistence-farming poverty like they did before?

You are cancer. People like you don't deserve be alive.
You must be killed alongside porky.

God bless the word filters

Yeah and it just so happens to be total coincidence that they ignored all the glaring evidence that he was a lying piece of shit to do it. And what does he do IMMEDIATELY after being elected? Why, he walks back every single promise he made at the speed of light, just like trump shills were told he would. Wow, so surprising. Whites voted for trump because they thought he was pro-white just as surely as blacks voted fro Obama because he was black. And Hillary was just a plain terrible candidate. All the republican lite """""""""democrats"""""""" are now. The entire party needs gutted with fire.

Wanna know how I know you're retarded AND irresponsible as fuck?

You ARE fucking porky, you dumb nigger.

Welp, spent about a day on this shit board and I clearly see this is almost identical to cancer/pol/. A bunch of middle class white boys from the suburbs who act edgy by playing red army instead of playing Wehrmacht. Fucking kill yourselves, all of you.

you're making precisely Holla Forums's argument concerning demographics and crime rates, except substituting voting habits for crime and white for black

phenotypes were not the determining factor in how these people voted, their political identification and class determined how they voted.


Yeah, Holla Forums is actually right about demographics and crime rates, you fucking moron. It's one of the few things that board ever got right. But like I said, it's clear both boards are fucking mong-level retarded and suburban soccer mom tier delusional. You people need to want. To be forced to go without. You're all the bourgeoisie scum you all rail against. Fuck I'm not even a communist and you all disgust me with your affectation and fakeness. If anything, this board has reminded me of the absolute necessity of wiping out the white middle class so it stops spawning such comfortable, weak little troglodyte assholes.

r/socialism just go away pls

Okay user, feel free to come back when you turn 18.

yes, they are, but what i'm contesting is the causal relation between being black and committing crimes, just as i am contesting the causal relation between being white and voting for trump. political self-identification is far more informative in the latter case and class is far more informative in both cases.

Wrong. This is abject bullshit. If they ever bothered to visit, they would see that Holla Forums is very gay, effete and bourgeois. We also have plenty of semi-literate third worlders posting here.

If plebbit wants to have an inclusion-off, I say bring it on.

Because African nations were so civilized before the white man came with his social constructs, right?

Is any human NOT delusional?


Also, class has ZERO to do with why people voted for trump. The rich cocks voted for him because they would get more money and all the other whites voted for him because they thought he'd bring back their absolute power (he won't). Whether any of this has to with "self-identification" is almost totally irrelevant.

What are they then?

Western countries do so love to bring "civilization", don't they?


good job outing yourself, Holla Forums. you can't even successfully imitate r/socialism lmao


Obvious shill OP is obvious.
Shills shilling trolls trolling shills.

God damn I hate buzzwords.


Now matter how old and cranky I get, this always amuses me.

i love how they can be so spooked by race and somehow know all of leftypol is white through words on a screen


yeah you seem real amused ITT


By that comment.


boy this person looks lovely


Then I'll take that loli if you don't mind.

Circular wordfilters yay!

People who cast protest votes and who didn't vote at all are equally guilty, didn't you hear?

We too don't like idpol and assorted spooks, comrade.

Especially with that ongoing mass immigration of racist rednecks to desolate rust belt towns I keep hearing about in the news.

So much projection and self-hatred.

With a sprinkle of pure unbridled irony.

why are people so obsessed with race?

why can't we just be cool with each other?

Shallow people have shallow perception.