What's with all the weebs here? Is Japan/Japanese a good country and people?

What's with all the weebs here? Is Japan/Japanese a good country and people?

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Ok to be serious: Just because your intrested in a country or region, wheter it is because of its climate, landscapes or culture is up to you.

It's a very conservative country ran by a small clique of oligarchs and extraordinarily corrupt bourgeois political parties. Many of those in the ruling class have fond memories about the fascist period and want to bring it back, they want to make Japan an Asian Israel stomping security threats alongside the US across the globe.

The culture reflects feudal norms that Japan never fully-shook off intellectually; submission to authority and your elders is practically the prime virtue there.

That being said the people have great potential, there's always been a strong Left but it has never had real political power. For instance, one time Japan had more Marxist economists then any country outside the communist bloc and its student movement made its American counter-part look relatively tame.

But unfortunately, the people have not organized a real fighting communist party. What they have is a social democratic party that is ideologically weaker then the Russian commies and maybe even CIAUSA ideologically.

The culture itself, despite all the praises I hear from leftists here about its history and "culture" is, again, part of the problem. Anime, especially the more commercial moe stuff, is largely conservative Japanese ideology inscribed into a shiny new post-modernist consumerist form. The emphasis on community and friendship in anime leads many leftists to believe that anime is largely leftist because its not the Anglo-neoliberal ideology of "every man for himself" "everyone's an island" etc.

The emphasis on community is nothing more then the expression of a deeply-entrenched backwards-looking conservative ideology that has its roots in the fascist period. It is intended to artificially create a "community of interest" between the Japanese bourgeoisie and the proletariat. You can see this in many animes where the rich characters are ultimately in the end, good guys, and the poor and middle class characters become friends with them and hold no resentment towards them.

I honestly don't think its an accident or ironic that the Alt-Right has become so enamored with anime or become so associated with anime profile pictures in the popular mind. They understand that at a deep level, whatever its conceits, most anime is conservative.

And believe it or not, Japanese mainstream news doesn't run anything not approved by the CIA or anything that you wouldn't see in the states. Anime is leftist by comparison and there are leftists working within that field but overall I think my judgement on its relatively conservative nature stands, especially in the present day.

No. Anime and vidya are the only good things that come from Japan. They're a nationalistic pedophile ridden hellhole. The only reason they aren't partaking in any fascist imperialism is because the UN and America forbid them to have an army. Trump may change that however based on his last meeting with the head of state

I just like anime and capsule hotels. Nothing else about the country really interests me. Zen Buddhism is sorta neat so long as you don't get crazy with it.


Japan is so great because unlike Germany, it never underwent de-nazification and it's economy was set by fascists. This is also the reason why they barely have immigrants and Germany has millions.

1. image board culture is based off 2chan, the original image board created by japan, moot created 4chan to talk with other neckbeards about anime

2. Anyone under the age of 25 grew up watching anime or being aware of anime, toonamie, adult swim, kids wb, fox kids, all had anime blocks



UKIP literally wants Britain as it is depicted in anime.

Well thats a good analysis.

*snif* pure ideology


It's all objectively true.

It's economy is owned by fascists, but it was planned, organized, and streamlined by New Deal democrats. In particular they emulated the Soviet five year plan and various land reform schemes and that other then straight up dumping dollars into the economy and using Japan as a base to produce war-goods is the reason why their economy grew so rapidly prior to the late 80s with relatively low inequality.

Now its economy is garbage its been through several lost decades now and inequality is exploding as the capitalists seek a return to the good old fascist ways under the democratic mask.

Except their "gaijin pls go" paranoia, combined with their shitty capitalism creating massive numbers of so-called carnivores, set up a ticking bomb.
Explains why most parties, including Lib-Dems themselves, are now turbo-liberal fags.

Japan used to be a very interesting country. If you read the texts from the portuguese monk Joao Rodrigues, which was one of the first weebs wroting about how much he loved Japan all the way back to the 16th century.
Nowdays…it seems boring, since it's fully westernized. It's an US colony.
Regarding the people…i don't know, there's good people and bad people everywhere, but i believe i would find the oldest people in Japan far more interesting than younger generations.
I mean Japan uses gregorian calendar, most people in cities live in westernized apartments, they celebrate christmas. They stopped being themselves for a long time now.

Oh and fuck anime ffs. Anime is pure garbage. Japanese culture? There's lots of amazing stuff in various fileds, lietarture, painting, music, cinema. Anime isn't culture, it's entertainment, if you don't know the diference, then you're just a generic normalfag.

Look it up, the construction of Japans economic model in the 50's was done by fascists from the fascist era. Being an American protectorate doesn't change this fact.


Calling them turbo-liberal fags is like comparing the tory party from the 1850's with todays tory party because wikipedia uses the same terms to describe their ideology.

why not


Not really.

MacArthur was pretty much dictator of Japan and the economic reforms he brought were even more left than those in the post-New Deal US.

They're classcucked beyond belief but I have hope for the future

I have looked it up because I actually read books unlike Holla Forumstards. The Japanese capitalists consented to the social liberal reconstruction of the Japanese economy because they had no choice. Ultimately, they knew going along with the Americans was the right-thing, despite the war-era rhetoric, because the communist party was surging in popularity and the Soviets and the Chinese communists were literally next door.

If it was done by fascists as part of their own initiative why didn't they pass these policies when they were in power? Weird how they suddenly seemed to change their tune after getting BTFO by US nukes and Soviet troops.

This poster is completely correct. The Japanese constitution was literally written by a minor American army officer whose first draft was accepted almost immediately. How cucked can you get?

there are leftist anime but you are mostly right


Holy shit, no. Japanese are spooked as fuck and the biggest wagecucks on the planet.

That doesn't mean one can not be interested in their culture or aesthetics. I think most of their appeal derives from always being a special snowflake due to their 300 years of isolation - there is also a culture of underlying, formalized eroticism that was nurtured overy the centuries with the geisha culture that white guys are really attracted to.

This ticking bomb will probably result in increased immigrant flow if the ruling class wants to limit the economic and demographic stagnation, even now people are getting more open about this since they are aware what happens if they continue that isolationism

Nationalists of LDP(including Abe) has continously proposed tax cuts and LDP overall has encouraged austerity(not sure if they currently support it, I didn't read enough about Abenomics).

Dont forget the antiwar movement and the JCP you guys

Because their war economy was focussed on well, war.

They should have done it a long time ago then, like European porkies did in the 60's.

That's not really how I meant it.

Japan was lucky we didn't end their country,
They were fully expecting we would annex them and rape all the women and make it the 51st state.
They even made a government funded whore house so soldiers wouldnt rape the upperclass women.


As for anime, i much prefer it to american comics because it has variety and hasnt been pozzed by SJW's, of course the japs ruined it in their own special way by making everything about cute girls doing cute things

Not my fault they were too bitchy, but on the other hand their pop-culture got so strong that anybody immigrating is already fucked in head and tries to assimilate to some extent

you cant describe how nice it is to see some SJW (or something like Kotaku) complain about the contents of an anime and have the creators say fuck you.

You'd love it too if you lived in such society.

Hmmm…its almost like predatory imperialist war and fascism go hand-in-hand. Now that their casting off the peace constitution Jap-ISIS can fully bloom again. But I'm sorry, the social democratic era is over and fascist-sympathizing and outright fascist Jap caps don't want it back. Their already turbo-charging their plans to grind Japanese proles into the dirt.
But, hey, no immigrants!
few people want to migrate to an irradiated shithole with a stagnant economy and decaying culture anyway

Not really.

Current Japanese prime minister is far-right and apologetic towards Japanese empire and war crimes in WW2.

They still discriminate people based on feudal classes.

And anime industries tend to break labor laws very often.

4chan started as a weeb site and, despite a change in demographics, continued to cater to strongly those interests. So It shouldn't be a big surprise most people here either are into weebshit or are very tolerant of it.

Japan has its issues the same as any country. I don't feel comfortable making sweeping generalizations about them, but I will give it a try. Being an older population they do lean toward conservatism in a number of areas, but in other areas you could argue they are better than most. They're hardcore pacifists and have a history of leftism so even if s majority aren't into it there is a large leftist presence. JCP are a large albeit reformist party. Fuck, even the emperor is pacifist and wants to limit his own role/power continually pissing off the right wing in Japan that want to deify him.

Like any country I think you can find good or bad aspects about it and its people, but understand it is a nation made up of individuals and not some kind of hive mind.

I don't see how you can generalize anime in such a way while praising everything else. There are good and bad anime. This would be the same as me characterizing all Japanese music as trash just because AKB48 and other idolshit is super popular over there. Or if, for example, I called all American television shit just because Big Bang Theory is popular and shit. If anything the Japanese have far outpaced any country when it comes to animation. The natural result of that is they have a lot of trash getting produced too.

You don't belong on the internet, son.

Its an imageboard. They are originally japanese and mostly for anime.
No, they used to be based as fuck but now they're fucking reactionairy. Also they wont own up to war crimes.
No, 33% of them are radical pascifists, 33% are xenophobic racist reactionairies and the other 33% is closed off from the world because of the horrible capitalist exploitation there and the cultural repression of any deviance.

You attribute too much of Japanese culture to its fascist period as you call it. These values you describe are fundamentally rooted in Confucianism

but I like BBT ;_;

BBT is actually good.

Anonymous imageboards filled with NEET virgins draw weebs in like flies to shit.

I can't speak for everyone here, especially because my circumstances are fairly unique. I happened to grow up a few blocks from a Japanese immersion school, and began learning the language at age 5. I didn't know anything about anime until I was 7 or 8 and made a weeb friend. I've never been "obsessed" with anime or Japanese culture, though at one point as a teenager I believed Anime to be superior to western animation because it dealt more explicitly with mature themes. I hung out with weeb friends, and could reasonably called a weeb myself, but I grew out of it.
Nowadays, I consume some Japanese entertainment media because I know enough of the language and culture enough to appreciate it, but I assess each on an individual basis rather than holding it categorically higher than western media.
As for their government, politics, and economic system, I don't really know a whole lot. It seems pretty corrupt, but not unusually so.
When it comes to culture, I'm not a big fan. Their reverence for the freedom and possibility of youth, as well of the innocence of youthful romance, probably stems from intense capitalist alienation caused by their ruthless business practices and the unfortunate condition of the "Salaryman". Nor do I approve of the idealized chastity, shyness, and meekness in women.
On the subject of sexual relations (that is, relationships between the sexes, there's got to be a better word for that but I can't remember one), it's my understanding that they are going through something of a birth-rate crisis, with some arguing that fault lies in traditional gender roles: specifically that the role of a man as a provider for his family is largely unattainable, causing men to give up searching for women they feel unworthy to obtain, and for women to continue to demand something which no longer exists. This, of course, is at least as much an economic problem as it is a cultural one.

Japan had a pretty strong anarchist movement in the early 20th century (Japanese anarchists fought with the CNT). The reason it wasn't able to become a mass movement like in a country like Spain is probably because Japan was a country that modernised extremely fast and then went from one military dictatorship to another, so ideas that were against the modern (European style) state and capitalism didn't get as much of a chance to develop alongside the things they opposed like in Europe.

If Japan is nothing else, it is modernized and even its "traditional" culture reflects that. Most Leftists imo underestimate the impact of Japanese fascism and its persistence and even deny its existence (something that Japanese scholars themselves generally don't do).

Christian values still play a great role in the West but it would be hard to explain Nazi Germany by contrast and Modern Germany by focusing mainly on Christianity. Few would reply that fascist aesthetics and outlooks leftover from the Nazi dictatorship have little to do with conservative values, social servility, and/or classcucked culture in Germany or Italy today.

I'm not denying that confucianism or even Shinto still plays a role but these traditions are very modernized, they've been bent or broken from their feudal context and became ideological tools of the Japanese bourgeoisie where they continue to exist.

The JCP is weak sauce.
They might as well be socdems and have promised not to dismantle the monarchy or depose the emperor.

No it isn't, but there is nothing wrong with enjoying it. Even shitty television can be entertaining.

japan is a u.s. satellite whose main purpose is to contain china and dprk. as long as the u.s. is a global power with a dominion to maintain, japan is pretty much hopeless and stuck as it is

I believe Japanese workers can make a difference if they have the correct leadership. There's already some things going on like people becoming radicalized by Fukushima, shredding the peace constitution, growing poverty and forms of capitalist alienations (NEETS &Hikkomori) etc. I've even seen some documentaries where Jap NEETs and Hikikomori's were organizing against unemployment and under-the-table exploitation. We need more of that here.

maybe, but every time they try to do something significant like get rid of the okinawa base the u.s. steps in and puts a stop to it. the gov't is still very much in the hands of the u.s. and its security interests

Many Okinawans to get rid of Japan but that's another story. I largely agree with what you have to say but the Japanese Left is obviously in a hard spot nobody wants to get rid of US-militarism just to replace it with Japanese militarism, especially after how it ended last time.

is the japanese populace very militaristic though? from what i've seen there's been a pretty significant psychological change since '45; most japanese have no interest in the military or attacking other countries. it's just the crazy anti-china/korea rightists who think like that

Not im the sense that they are into guns and shit, but they are extremely obedient and formal in their career lifes. So I'd say yes - and they are currently changing their views as well as their education in that sense that it slowly starts to begin to glorify their military again. I guess it's a question of time when the so-called Imperial Guard gets also formally relabeled as an official military force.

It's not a bad thing tho, militarism in itself is neither right or left, and it can be harnessed for both sides.