Stimulator: How To burn an American Flag

Stimulator: How To burn an American Flag

Comrades: don't do this.
Donald Trump's tweet is obviously bait. inb4-4dchess, it's totally unprompted, and inciting people to burn flags will only alienate you from normal people. People who like flags. Don't burn the Flag, carry the Flag. We are Americans, and We shouldn't let any reactionaries forget it.

Pic related: it's a photo of the Lawrence Textile Worker's Strike, also known as the bread and roses strike. notice which side is carrying the Flag?

You should carry the Stars and Stripes at every protest you attend in America. In fact, if you can only carry one flag, banner, or sign, (and as far as I know, you will never have to make this choice, because there is no shortage of sign making material), it should be The American flag.

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U.S. Code Title 4, Chapter 1, Section 8, subsection k:

So what do you do with all those used up flags that've gone ragged from protesting? :^)

thats ok


Wow, you're really smart, I didn't know that. Got any more hot facts for us?


Gooood morning slaves

Carrying a rifle sounds better than carrying a piece of cloth

Nice dodge.

Any protest movement you make should burn flags out of respect and custom for the banner you claim to represent. If not, you are worse than idpol.

go back to Holla Forums, you're not subtle.

Open Carry protests can attract the wrong type of attention, but if you think so, then carry a rifle and a flag.

nah, I've been burning flags and will continue burning flags.
It's fun.

I stopped watching Stimulator a while ago because I just assumed that he probably got too fixed on Trump and that's where his idpol shines through.
Was I right? Is his show full of idpol now?


Stay hurt, trumpet.

Can I still burn the US flag if I'm not an American? I just want to get a permission from an American in case someone objects.

I'm not some idiot who gets upset at people burning flags, and I'm against nationalism philosophically, but I agree with op.
If anything, leftists need to be waving American flags and red socialist flags
The left should be the ones claiming patriotism while the right completely serves the interests of multinational corporations
But we're fucked

I'm okay with victims of Imperialism in Palestine and Yemen and so forth burning American flags.

Stimulator put out a video on Syria claiming that the USA "doesn't want to remove Assad," and that the YPG are committing ethnic cleansing against Arabs. He basically picked the most retarded stance possible, support for Salafist rebels.

Stimulator is a CIA shill or just a plain retard.

If anything we should be making a big pile of fucking flags and torch them.

You make progress by drawing attention, not by playing by the rules.

What ideology do you ascribe to? your world view interests me.

fuck the flag

Sounds liberal but ok

I don't live in America. I can do what I like to their flag.

Or an edgy liberal.

He made like 4 videos on Trump during the waves of protest after his election, other than that he didn't change at all.

Seems pretty accurate to me, just because linking the cantons is a good military strategy doesn't make it justifiable to force arabs into their ethnostate or worse, force them to leave.
Very anti-anarchist indeed.

I'm OK with carrying US flags as long as it's alongside commie flags.

this one is also pretty good.