Communism is heating up on Halfchan

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Maybe I just don't have enough patience to sift through the bs. But it seems most users are hostile

Half of you are crossposters to halfchan and other boards on here anyway, in addition to your disgusting Reddit excursions. There's more people here now then there ever has been. Why are you surprised it's resulting in backlash against what is now the stiffing alt-right 'majority'?

They'll probably eventually get bored. There's been a contiguous general for the past few days, and it seems like the level of shit has gone down ever so slightly.

Because pinko opinions being popular among chan unsers has never happened before aside from /lit/ and maybe /his/

thread just got deleted

Guess someone didn't like that too much

I don't think I can handle this right now

Why? You handle it every single day on here.

You always had a vocal minority on cuck/pol/, but they were typically under attack on all sides whenever they revealed themselves. 8/pol/ used to have a lot of you as well, until they started permanently banning quality posters that dare say anything that runs contrary to the NEETsoc ideology. Those bans are driving people here (myself included), so now is your chance to start convincing disillusioned anons if you want your numbers to continue to grow.


When a Democrat is in US office, rightism becomes the new contrarian hideout. When a Republican is in office, leftism becomes the new contrarian hideout.

Remember the Neo-Nazi movements of the 90's and compare/contrast with how the Bush admin was received.

Kek. So much for free speech chan. I had my commie thread I set up yesterday archived by a mod as well.

I wonder who he was referring to..

But there's a sizeable amount of people here who tell them to fuck off.

The difference, comrade, is one of volume.
I only give insightful replies to boilerplate arguments. Far too easy to get swamped on the Holla Forumses if you attempt real discourse, unless it's like 3-9 AM

we's operate now

So is Holla Forums going to end up like our East Germany?

They'll still fetishise European culture, etc. but from some sort of bizarre socialist perspective?

You can be a traditionalist in lifestyle while not wanting it shoved up everyone's ass by force.

We were doing so well, but they just deleted the new ML thread

I'm on the discord, someone is making a new thread.

I made the last thread before it got deleted

So much for free speech

Was nice to see lots of leftists there

Yea, good work comrades.


I agree with this as long as we keep the Stalinists/Tankies out from making the threads

You mean desinform and indoctrinate.

It's infighting like this that prevents us from accomplishing anything. Leftcoms, Trots, Tankies, Anarchists, everyone should work together toward a common goal in this case.


Holla Forums caught on fast and is now beginning Hiro + friends to delete every marxist thread on Holla Forums by sight.

Fuck off, you double niggers

Good, may Pinochet grant you a free helicopter ride.

You people are fucking delusional.

Holla Forums isn't a safe space they said.

Sorry I only accept left unity along principled lines, and one of those principled lines is anti-stalinism



Why do you people worship a CIA puppet and claim to be anti-elite?

Yeah, back to the drawing board, eh, retards?

Back to halfchan you all go, filthy Holla Forumsyps.

I'm firmly anti Stalinist but his imagery is good for memes and annoying Nazis.

Nope. You brought this on yourselves. Enjoy.

Hey Pridelanders,

My name is Mufasa, and I like every single one of you. All of you are honorable, witty, proud mammals who spend your free time of their day looking at funny hyenas and turd. You are the sense of humor that lacks in the circle of life. Honestly, have any of you got a spiteful brother? I mean, I’m sure it’s fun making fun of fellow animals because you are so witty, but you all take it to a whole new level. This is even more awesome than the elephant graveyard.

Don’t be a stranger. Just laugh with me too. I’m pretty cool. I was the editor of the Morning Report and started my own family. What funny activities do you do, other than “having fun to Rafiki's drawn caricatures”? I also live with my pride and have a modest wife who is now a mother. (She just taught me how to pounce; Stuff was SO complicated) You are all awesome who should gather at a big party by the waterhole. Thank you for listening to me.

Remember me: It’s me and my wife.



How is starting commie threads breaking the rules? We aren't "raiding", if we go there it's for discussion. Have fun in your Nazi torture chamber. 4pol used to actually have free speech, but I guess you get to have TWO now.

Someone wants the gulag badly.

Countering copypasta with Stalin


Gezz, Billy. What could go wrong!?



commie threads confirmed for entirely within rules

Holla Forumsyps about to burst





Now that we've established our foothold, we HAVE to hold and exercise our right to post in half/pol/ or it isn't going to matter.


Nobody gives a shit about Holla Forums. Fuck off. This shit stinks of a falseflag attempt.

Since all the commie threads are currently archived on 4/pol/, I'll just ask this here. In the OP post, someone said
Can someone give me proof of the CIA infiltration? I can only find a single CIA agents confession, and not any official statement. I'm not trying to shitpost, I'm just trying to understand.

The CIA didn't admit helping the Indonesian government murder 1 million commies, they aren't going to "admit" something so small formally. That being said, there is a Reagan administration document that says they will work to "promote market economics" in Yugoslavia.

CIA had less to do with Yugoslavia's collapse and more the IMF.

they will submit, in time.

Just to remind you guys that 4/pol/ allows embeds and shit so don't forget to give them something to watch like some zizek or wolff

Zizkek is one of our big guns.


I got banned…

Just cum on my face comrade~


Alright, thanks for clearing that up.

International monetary fund? Could you give some reading as to its involvement?

I don't really think they will. I think they're so paranoid from CTR during the elections that they've overall stopped debating any issue. It was sort of always like that, but the boards gotten so divided that someone's going to call you a shill no matter what your post was arguing for.
If you all do manage to convert the board, I'd be pretty impressed.

What for?



I don't have a collection of RD Wolff webms but i think that some of them would be right up their alley for easy to digest baby steps. Anybody else?

Tl;dr yugo got in a huge amount of debt and couldn't pay it off ANALYTICAL GUIDANCE - Third Tier.doc

IMF's 'relationship' with YU is pretty well known.

Alright, thanks for the material.

Friendly advice to anyone making the threads on 4/pol/: it's a lot easier to have a discussion if you install 4chanX and filter the spam posters ID or images.

Alright try convert me then. Someone in the 4chan thread brought up this

Okay so everything to the left sounds great -

But why reject racial nationalism?

Would a society you're proposing still work with segregation laws?

This whole idea works in Norway for example, but they are mostly racially homogeneous and oil wealthy. And most Norwegians are pretty proud.

I don't understand why this shouldn't just be Not Socialism. Homogeneous communities work better and have higher trust and happiness levels then multicultural society's even with similar pay and lifestyles. It would be easier for a homogeneous community to share wealth around then for a 50-50 mixed town for people to share happily.

Different cultures and Races act differently to each other Asians to Whites think differently about outlooks on life and how people should behave, and people prefer their own kind. If people have read up on anything but propaganda about Fascist states they would see that the workers are not simply exploited and everything works for the betterment of the Nation. The rich are punished and are unable to influence people via the Media or rigging election polls but the Human desire for betterment is still there. There are courts that will represent the workers if the company is found to be exploring it's workers.

Shouldn't a doctor who went to university for five years be payed more then a toilet cleaner with minimal to no education who just applied?

If we cannot agree on these parts then so be it at-least it was a civil discussion and we can both dislike Rich Capitalists exploiting the people.

No one legitimately says that a doctor and a janitor should be paid the same. What is most often prescribed, at least from what I observe of this board, is that is that everyone is guaranteed a minimum ability to live a dignified life free from the fear of hunger or lack of shelter and that anything after that is based purely on the social value of the task that they are doing.
I might be wrong on this but there.

Honestly, it's working with stalinists for the sake of unity that killed Spain. Trots, leftcoms, anarchists, whatever, can get along while disagreeing and move forward, but stalinists are the cancer.

But eventually that would create yet another class system, yes the poor would have basic things shelter/food etc but there would still be a class divide with doctors being able to afford more then Joe the Janitor

The thing is though is that the doctor is not exploiting the janitor for his surplus value so there would not be a capitalistic class divide where there are the exploiters, the owner class, and the exploited, the worker class, plus the example that I gave would occur most likely in an early stage of socialism where the monetary system is still cash or maybe some kind of labour based voucher system.

You are all hilarious. The few of you that make it to Holla Forums get btfo every single time.
Your ideology is weak and you have no force of will to back it up with.

eh, let 'em. getting too quiet around here anyway


The nation does not exist in physical reality. It only exists if enough people believe it to exist. As an idea it benefits only a certain few while harming the others. Fascism requires an intense amount of conformity and self-discipline that is used to further the power of those in charge of the nation state. While in some cases this can help the dispossessed and the poor, it also reduces them to cogs in the machine. The entire country is conscripted and everything I enjoy (sex, interesting art, philosophy) is either destroyed or forced to conform to the service of the nation state.

Communism is NOT equal pay for everyone. Socialism is NOT equal pay either. It is merely removing the exploitative parasites that take some of the value created by that labor for themselves. In fact in a socialist free-market society, a doctor would actually be paid more than one in a capitalist society because their labor would not be exploited. Not to mention schooling would be cheaper and there would be alternatives to the current licensing system that determines who can practice.

Quantify weak bitch.

You had one war to ensure your survival and you lost.

We had the entire 20th century, and hundreds and hundreds of works dedicated to the subject.

If anything I think we're pretty strong. We managed to make America lose two fucking wars it thought would be over before dinner.

Not to mention that we still have the People's Republic of China and Democratic People's Republic of Korea going strong. Suck it nazi scum.

Everyone laughs and shitposts at you while you try and defend or deny gulags and purges to appeal to the moralism of class struggle.

Which is simultaneously why you are weak, because after one hundred years of communist experimentation and advancement, the world knows what you are.

Heads up! There's a relevant thread on /trash/

No such thing. It's nothing to do with morality. Gulags were worth it.

But you can't appeal to Normie's by telling them most of them will go to gulag or be very generous comfort woman for le red army

we also aren't talking to normies right now fagoot, we're on a freaking chan. we can joke about gulags with a human face all we want.

Most won't go to gulags. Only class enemies and capitalists who refuse to embrace socialism.

Chans are gulags with chinese characters, if you think about it

And what about when the time comes to actually talk to Normies?

You don't think that quite a few people, especially in america, wouldn't want to partake in you experiment?

Would anybody happen to have the red-chart meme comparing the socialist movement, the "new left" and the far right on different issues?

Everyone laughs and shitposts at you while you try and defend or deny the holocaust to appeal to the moralism of ethnic cleansing.

Then we talk about bread and butter economics issues, capitalist crisis, corporate control of government, ect

Obviously, America is the centre of wordl capitalism and imperialism. They'd fight to the bitter end, but communism is still in the interests of 99% of humanity.

I agree the nation is the people without the people there is no nation and that there is a parasitic class. However I believe that parasitic class is hugely made up of people of Jewish decent who benefit from the destruction of White homogeneity nations as this secures themselves in Positions of power much easier as historically Jews don't have much going for them in European relations and their Arab neighbors loathe them so they need to secure themselves a safe place to "survive". They have historically done this in almost all European nations. Of course three still are rich old folk that oppress the lower class but the Jewish ones have far more influence ie: George Soros, David Rockafeller. What does George Soros gain from donating $650,000 to BLM

George Soros is heavily involved with the past coup in Serbia, The Ukrainian revolution the Arab spring and now BLM

49% of US Billionaires are Jewish despite being 1.4% of the US population

Look at this chart of media executives and owners overwhelmingly non White and the mainstream media shits all over your average White person.

That's why a strong moral society is needed you'll find in the words Not Socialism unsurprisingly the word Socialism the rich capitalists have no power nor do the radical communists who sought to severally change Germany. IE Socialist Bavarian republic and 9/10 commanders of that large uprising were Jewish.

I hope this is still a conversation and won't turn into a fuck off to a Gulag scum or something along those lines. It's a very interesting topic

And skip over the mass murder stuff

6,000,000 Jews were not killed, many rediculous claims have been made.
As far as ethnic cleansing goes, it can be very moralistic. Moralism and pragmatism being qualities the right embraces.

No, it is only in the interest of the bottom 50% of the world at best.
It is probably bad for 90%+.

Why? Who enjoys being a wage slave?

Ahh very funny wordfilter there give me a chuckle

Homogenous communities can do, yes, but multicultural is certainly different to multi racial. I'm European and live with my Asian friend, we enjoy the same food, watch the same movies, and speak and understand one another. We share the same culture and share similar life experiences and struggles. Compare that to someone who is also white, but doesn't share any cultural similarities to me. This other white person owns while I work, and lives an entirely different life with different economic interests and goals than mine. The class divide is a much stronger variable compared to race, but we are conditioned to accept it, while you are trying to condition people to reject racial differences. You try to pass cultural differences off as a product of race, like all Chinese people eat different food and have different tones for speaking with people in certain circumstances, but these are just a product of society. My Chinese housemate has none of these stereotypical traits since the society he was raised in was not in China. Despite even these different cultural lives, we still share more in common with your average Chinese person who gets up in the morning to commute and work all day, joke around with work mates and friends, and then go home to rest, fuck around on the internet or play a game, and then sleep… Than you do to a billionaire capitalist who shares your skin colour but none of your daily routine other than speaking the same language and believing in the same imaginary god.

Why accept racial divides and nationalism? It serves the interests of the capitalist class who you share no similarities to.

Its not slavery. It is division of labour.

He is only the same in you because he was raise in the society created by your ancestors.

If enough of his people come into your country they will no longer be the same as you.

This is just a meme, r-right guys?

I have some bad news for you user

No comrade, is real

yeah feudalism was just a division of labor guys! Somebody had to be the lord!

Straw man

Goy you fucking retard

The division of labour refers to dividing small tasks up within a larger outcome, rather than having one person do everything. 10 people making shoe soles, 10 making the upper, 10 making laces. That is a division of labour compared to 30 people making a whole shoe each.

Being a wage slave means your entire life revolves around your need to work for a wage to survive.

I think for some reason you thought division of labour meant dividing working class and ruling class between one another.

the same situation applies. the function of the capitalist can easily be done by the workers themselves, there's no need for someone to own a business simply by possessing capital

That can be abolished under communism. Alienation comes from the division of labour.

that's not a practical solution though, we should focus on what we can change in the immediate present

However there will always be a slight disconnection. If it was your brother you watched the same movies with had simile goals you would obviously feel more connected. That is why there is a concept of the Anglosphere the English,Canadians,Australians,New Zealanders all come from the same genetic line and are more likely to be more friendly/employ/help since you look more similar both Racially and Cultually then a German or a Chinese person

With his point we can already see this Sections of London,Paris,Berlin,Sydney are not of their European counterparts not even culturally we have mosques going up because these people did not assimilate they were migrated in by Jewish owned media sites and Politicians to disrupt the nation

Anyway just because people are of similar wealth doesn't mean the KKK Black panthers or 10000 + years of Human evolution is going to disappear because you both have the same TV.

Yes exactly. It has nothing to do with race.

If Chinese working class people come to my country I still have more in common with them (despite minor cultural differences) than I do with capitalists who share my skin colour and nationality.

they were based though, not racial supremacists like the Klan

They were literally black nationalists

To be fair they did eventually move away from black nationalism even fi that was their starting point.

Initially, but they abandoned it quickly and embraced socialism, anti-racism and anti-fascism.

They had people of all races involved. No wonder it terrified J Edgar Hoover, called them "the greatest threat to the internal security of the country"

Except it is more than possible to feel no love for your family, and feel connected to friends of a different race instead. You feel connected to anyone who you spend a majority of your life connection with, and your family usually fulfil this task, especially so since they raise, clothe, house, and feed you. If I was raised as a white person in an Asian family I would feel more connected to them than my biological family whom I had never met, for example.

I just told you I connect very well with my Chinese friend. The biggest reason for people being more likely to be friendly/help/employ etc is because of language differences, not racial ones. A person of chinese descent who speaks English as their first language fits into an English speaking society (if they were raised there) perfectly, while a Chinese speaking person struggles. All the issues you have with foreigners are based on culture/language not genetics, and are therefore not concrete or unable to change.

Just how did Jewish owned media ship in foreign workers? And why do these politicians want to disrupt the nation? I'm sorry Holla Forums, but the reason mass immigration is a thing is because of capitalism's need for cheap labour. You can blame it on Jews or race traitors or whatever, but in reality it's economic reasons. It's those same calpitalists who you only share skin colour with and nothing else, that are flooding the labour pool with the intent to destroy unions (hard to have solidarity when you are competing so hard for jobs, and you can't strike if you can just easily be replaced) and drive down wages. It's not a Jewish conspiracy to destroy white people because… Jews are evil, it's just profitable for capitalists in numerous ways. Mass immigration hurts workers, but basing your reasons on a racial divide rather than class interests helps capitalists who cause it.

Guess the thread died. How often are we going to do this? Think it should be a good idea to keep a general going. Eventually Holla Forums will become accustomed to our presence.

Yes, let the true "RED pilling" begin!

Gulags were a Russian thing and they don't have anything to do with socialism, no one takes them seriously besides tankies. Oh, lets not forget Americans too since they have even bigger gulags than the Soviet Union.

pics very related, kek

That exception in the 13th amendment allowing punitive slavery sure is handy huh?

A-and you are lynching negroes!

yes of course you would love your "family" but you would have a even greater connection if it was your real family that looked like you and had the same blood running though you. No wonder Forster children go out looking for their real parents they want to find their real "blood" parents. You would also of adopted the cultures of the Asians who were parenting you if you were in China. You would of never heard "You have your mothers eyes" "You look just like your dad when he was your age" and other lines like that. The blood connection going back generations also attaches you to the land and your family history that's why neo Paganism is being picked up by Far right people ignoring Hippie witches who just use it as a excuse to start a fire dress up and dance around a fire half nude. Don't underestimate just how much coming from the same bloodline can have on a person

People will always prefer their race and culture in their country, there's a reason chickens kill different chicks or Crows kill White Crows because they do not belong to the same genes. If you import a heap of Brown people into a White city the minority whites (give it 150 years) will then be oppressed or disliked by the now majority Brown people.

I'm guessing you believe in evolution and if that's true then Humans are bound by the same primordial animistic natures. Be it a greater control over them, who would you rather hire someone White and likes the same things as you and lived in the same town or someone who's black and hates the things you like. Unless your a bleeding heart liberal your gonna hire the person you can chat too and connect on a deeper level too. This is basic human knowledge

It's human nature to dislike those different from you, the greater the difference the bigger the chance for bigger conflict. The biggest dividers being Religion,Race,Culture and yes economic differences. Just because one Asian has been surrounded by Whites his entire life doesn't mean suddenly 1 million militant Arabs coming into Germany will do peace for the country.

Jews are the biggest capitalists and benefit the most from the capitalist system and lose the most in a Fascist system.

If they Import cheap labor they save on profits and destroy the racist white nazi nations. If you give them citizenship they will almost always vote left because why would they want to go back "home " let alone lose benefits for simply being black.

Then since Jews own the media if they push irrelevant shiting and white guilt everyone in only a few generations you can be from White people and have a group of people with ZERO connection to the land and no nationalism at all. Thereby securing yourself as the leaders of the nation

Funny how the words Jewish muh privilege never come up despite being 49% of the billionaires in the US

How do you know I would? Because you're asserting that? People having falling out's with their families all the time.

People will always prefer their race and culture in their country, there's a reason chickens kill different chicks or Crows kill White Crows because they do not belong to the same genes. If you import a heap of Brown people into a White city the minority whites (give it 150 years) will then be oppressed or disliked by the now majority Brown people.
Because you're asserting that?

I don't know why you guys bother arguing with Holla Forums, they're so spooked they wouldn't know a ghost if it hit them right in the face. Entire post of assertion after assertion, warping scientific concepts like evolution to fit their needs.



I love that you guys have never been able to make your own propaganda. Always gotta rip off the left.

Well alright we'll agree to disagree I think Commies are almost there but suddenly don't want to know anything to do with Jews or mass immigration since that might spook their world view. I'm gonna fuck off now I respect your opinion over some dumb Libertarian but leave with one question

Why are huge amounts of collage students turning into Communists or die hard Socialists when these collages are owned and operated by Rich Capitalists be it Jewish or not the same with the media who benefits from the youth becoming deeply triggering and problematic?

That cloth and hat combo looks awesome. I need to learn how to do it

You seem to think you know what everyone else necessarily thinks. This suggests that you lack the ability to empathize with others, with is a sign of autism

They're absolutely not. They're turning liberal and SJW. Because liberalism and SJWism are devices of class rule.
We oppose idpol for a reason


we need to decide on a name

I've seen /left/, /mlg/ Marxism-Leninism General, Holla Forums General etc

Can't do Holla Forums general without risking a ban for advertising. I think mentioning Holla Forums is still an autoban. I think /left/ general or something like that would be best.

I second /left/ so that it is generic

the "fake board slashes" for thread titles is so fucking retarded, don't do that

Stay the fuck off Holla Forums with your shitty memes and jewish ideology.



the jews made everything, especially fascism. You see it was all a Jewish plot to have millions them killed so they could get isreal from the brits to they could uncover full luxury communism to fight the reptilians

Little did they know….

What's gonna happen is this. You're gonna shit up our board, we're gonna btfo of you, I'm gonna get banned from here because the marxist faggot mod doesn't like free speech and I'm gonna go watch SJWs, marxists, gommies and atheists get run over by cars.(USER WAS BANNED BECAUSE THE INVISIBE DICTATORSHIP DEMANDS A BLOOD SACRIFICE )

you think you're joking…

Just a reminder that capitalism is the true way.

I think Jews are just attracted to extreme ideologies overall.

For every Friedman, Rand, and Caplan there's a Trotsky, Chomsky, and Kun. That's not getting into the neo-con crazies that managed to flip from Trotskyism to "bomb anyone that might be a threat to Israel"

And no, I wouldn't really categorise Marx as a "Jewish communist", since he didn't seem to have the upbringing that the rest enjoyed

Which company are you a CEO of?

You mean the central banks run by central bankers that would be gulaged under communism?

I'm not, yet.
My father and my mother are.

A few days ago, there were constant communism threads being spammed.

What's funny is they're doing this because Holla Forums and communist subreddits don't have anywhere near as much influence as Holla Forums. They've finally crawled out of their own assholes long enough to realize this, and are trying to come here and steal our thunder, and try to "convert" some of us.

Basically, the're butthurt and jelly because they can't meme as hard as us.

Its true though. You see the Jews are the last of the pure blooded humans, the rest of us have mixed with the reptilians, making us susceptible to the central intelligence. The Jews have been the only ones fighting back, so they created all of the dominant political ideologies to the reptilians and the mixed breeds busy why they attempt to establish FULL LUXURY COMMUNISM to fight them back to their pits once and for all and purify the human race.

Just remember who hijacked and shit up Holla Forums first

What's to deny?

I'm not a tankie. I know gulags happened that's historical fact. So did Slavery, so did the Spanish Inquisition.

So did the Holocausf.

History is not pretty.

I'm just saying you rose up once lost and nothing ever happened while 20th century history was the ideological battle between Capitalism and its antithesis.

You simply do not matter in history.


B+ for effort
D for execution

You won't get banned so long as you don't derail or shitpost. Our board has a lot of right wing anons that stop in to debate or just talk about shit. We're actually a lot more laid back than 8/pol/.

Well you are acting in your own interest.

But for 99.9% of the world capitalism only exploits them.

Oh no, god forbid we cant Meme as hard. Why even live. I bet the Jews did this.

Yeah really we copy means you don't you just re edit Ben Garrison political cartoons until you become the Reddit everyone warned about in 2011 relying more on jokes than conversation.

You copy everything and your entire ideological progression is the product of think tanks

I forgot there was this image that went down how much jokes Holla Forums stole but I need it.

the 99% either don't live with capitalism or aren't selfconcious enough to play the game.


That says "That feel when no gf" in Chinese. Just so you know.

Every country on Earth is capitalist.

Also how do you play the game without capital?

underage b&

praise the mods

Go spray paint a shitty swastika on a bathroom stall door and call it a Hillary-backed false flag again.

You will never make headway on Holla Forums but we will grab some of yours.

What? We actually allow debate on our board. You'd have already been banned on 8/pol/. 4/pol/ is more of an echochamber because dissenting threads/opinions get spammed to shit. Hell, you came all the way here just to bitch about us existing. 4/pol/ will be a better place for political discussion if we're allowed to actually exist.

You will never, EVER, have sex with a live human girl. I will never look at you and think "hmmmm, that looks like a guy I want to fuck". In fact, when I look at you, my pussy shrivels so far up into body it drags my ass with it.

ok then. Have fun spamming "its the jews i tell ya!"

I love that this autist thinks gore would in any way faze people here. As if most of us didn't browse Holla Forums before it became a normalfag board.

still has good porn sometimes tbh


Nobody wants to fuck rainbow haired fat dykes anyway.

I usually stick to sadpanda and the occasional JAV. Not sure regular pics would do it for me anymore.


We're anti-idpol if you weren't aware.



I ment the webm's, theyre usually pretty dece

Oh boy oh boy, here comes the Jew.jpgs
Don't be so hard on your mother, shes trying her best.–19

Nice try faggot.


I kind of feel bad for him. He doesn't realize we've been through this routine on a daily basis the past few years.

This burn.

Hey, some of us have lives you know. I only check leftypol every 2 hours now, unless theirs a lwed alunya thread

The only leaders were Liebknecht and Luxemburg. And there was no "communist revolution", the Spartacist revolt was a tiny incident in a much larger revolution.

Juicy thread here

OP here. Oh shit I got screencapped! And I had nothing to do with any 'raiding' either. I just happened to check 4chan for the first time in a few days and some commie threads were at the top.

I'm honestly curious what drives you people to antisemitism. Amazing how you gobble this up.

I have been spamming your shitty threads and will keep doing it. I only stop to work. I will keep spamming them to death. If you want to keep banging your head against a wall more power to ya

Well I think that's it for me. I was the leaf in the thread, I can only deal with so much Holla Forums before I start to go insane.

Said the fucking communist


Disabled children are doing more with their lives than you.

Sounds like you're afraid of free speech and open debate.

this is Holla Forums y'know

Yes because the autists endlessly repeating themselves on a half chan board as a vehicle to impotently spread their dead ideology are in any place to measure anyone elses lives.

That's not a nice way to talk about Americans.

sounds like the aut-right. although they spread their cancer everywhere

That's an easy one, antisemitism has had a foot hold in Europe for hundred of year, when problems arised of any sort a scape goat was needed, and what better than a perceived other, a foreign presence. Pogroms happened all the time, killing hundreds and thousands of people and displacing more. It became a tradition of sorts, blame the foreigners and the Jews because they arnt exactly like the rest of us. Now that carries on for generations, eventually becomes political doctrine in order to divide people so that they are weaker for the master classes to conquer, reinforce that with generations of propaganda and whenever the people need a new enemy BAM it was the jews (or other group) all along that are to blame.

Leftists are inherently poltically correct, your spam will be met with spam.

This better?

What does that mean

Also, what point is the image even supposed to be making? Communism is bad because shitheads who are actually capitalists and like to wear Che shirts go to Starbucks?

Cancer is just another word for creativity. Maybe we need scorching fresh images like

You truly live a miserable existence user, i would pity you if you weren't an asshole.

Said in a thread where you want to autistically spam a pasta thread several times a day for ultimately no reason.

Low effort post.

Yeah, im the asshole, because im the one spamming your board.

You can't even properly define socialism. Which goes for most people.

Marx and any actual leftist worth a shit has studied capitalism deeply too.

We don't want to spam. We just wanted a leftist thread so we could start discussing politics on 4chan again. Holla Forums used to have commie threads in the beginning.

No, not really.

Why do Holla Forumstards have folders full of supposed left wing figures? they spam the same ones constantly on 4pol

If its true what you said, then your life must be incredible shit. The fact that you myst attack anything you don't like endlessly and, as you said "i only stop to work" then your life must be truly miserable if thats the only thing you do as you do it for what i assume is enjoyment otherwise you'd do something more constructive. Really, thats just sad.

It's a cry for help.

I find it hilarious that you faggots demand a platform on Holla Forums yet don't want to here from one of the average Holla Forumssters who reject your faggotry.


if people wish to ask questions and debate sensibly, great. but spamming memes and shitposting is not.

I don't want nothing from you, cuck.

And it will never happen again. Stay here where you belong. Or at the very least drop your generals

What do you think Holla Forums actually is? This is basically Stormfron't legacy for board quality.

We will keep trying. No reason we can't have civil discussion so long as you can contain your autism.

I know, but there are some sensible people there

what do you expect from people so weak that anything outside what they think they have to shit against relentlessly. Either theyre scared that people will stop believe their bullshit or they just cant stand the fact the people think differently from them, either way its truly pathetic.

dumping an molineux

user, your on the wrong board

I don't know. I just miss 4chan and hope we can make Holla Forums a little bit of a better place to discuss politics.

Their is no decent place to discuss politics on the internet, all discussion will ultimately boil down to the most attention garbing aspects because those are what most people will respond too. Why debate when you can call the other position a bunch of whiny faggots and be content with yourself that you've won?

It's not about winning. You'll almost never convince the other person. It's about bringing the bystanders to your side. Also good practice for answering more general questions people have about leftist politics.

I never said it was about wining, but people arnt gonna read a well thought out post explaining a political position or why an opposing one is wrong, they're gonna read the one that's getting bumped the most or the most controversial one because that's what most people are drawn too.

How do you think the storm fags got so popular to begin with? They spammed and spammed and called people kikes and nigger until people had no choice but to respond or watch the car wreck, that's how they got exposed to so many people and why so many people ended up listing to them, because they flung shit the hardest, its a simple propaganda technique, controversy gets people to watch.

We've won some people over on Holla Forums. Even if I don't get anywhere I'd rather give it a try rather than give up. Besides, if we have a decent space for leftist discussion the anons from others 4chan boards might be interested and join in.

Their has been decent discussion on here and other places before, i think weve all had some decent experiences, but those arnt the norm. Most of the time it comes down to ideologues fighting ideologues over divisions in ideology, and some times its just shit flinging. I dont think this is anything to o with the platform really, but kinda the nature of human discussion where all party's can talk non-consequentially, theirs no lasting impact for your decisions on your discussions, its part of the problem with anonymity when it comes to debate, if your not doing favorable you've go nothing to lose by spamming faggot till the debate stops.

Honestly look at the way you run this place. Can you really blame us for not wanting you to set up generals?

▶Anonymous 11/30/16 (W>>1100039
Honestly the schematics game is so tiring. It's another reason why debate against you is so pointless to the intellectually honest and why you deserve what you get. Communism is a pipe dream , and muh workers controlling the means of production is lighting in a bottle rarely seen outside of spain. Even getting a small share hardly means joe blow and the other proles get a cut.>>1100079
Why don't you just go there and debate? What is even the purpose of a lefty general for fuck sake? A safe space while you whine about Holla Forums being a safe space?>>1100045
Hey im just doing my part to clean up the trash. You fags will eventually give up again like the invasion attempts before>>1100028
Maybe pick up the book the jewish century, leftoids. They are not the innocent people you think they are>>1100062
It's not even that anyone is scared of you autists. Before 8/pol/ it was fine, but this board bagged about "colonization attempts" and so on. Leftists have pretty much every other political site and even most chans, yet it's not fucking good enough.

Final thought: why not just argue postions from a leftist perspective instead of a silly "leftwing general" or "marxist lennin general"? Maybe you would catch some flys instead of just vile your current tactics deserve?

cry about it faggot

Forgot pic

Honestly I will just keep reporting and spamming your generals

good. i report every post on this board made by subhuman classcucks, and i laugh every time one of you pieces of trash gets banned

Because that has been effective thus far

it's been effective at making you bitch and cry

If you call laughing at leftist faggots flailing about and whining about how mean 4ch is than yeah


Hmmm, turns out the faggot who got banned for posting this dumbshit post is actually from cuckchan

Dude you're owning this board.

You jest but the thing is I really am as they try to escape this shadowbanning cesspool

cry harder classcuck

Why would I be crying? My politics is on a winning streak. Yours is stuck in places like indian jungles for fuck sake.

cry harder classcuck

Sure it is

Top kek

Spot the triggered leftoid. This place is too easy to fish for you's

cry harder classcuck subhuman


Did he? are you really getting your news from CNN?

Doing a 360 out of here

Yes because the media has been so accurate with predicting his cabinet before

Kurds, Arabs and Assyrians make up for Rojava's population

How many layers of chess is he on now my dudes??



So when does CNN say this guy gets a spot?

I knew you stormfags were politically illiterate but this is just sad

You just keep saying these based on your own feelings. People hate differences because you hate differences. People feel connections to their own race because you feel connections to your own race. It's nothing to do with "human nature" or genetics, because not everyone shares your assertions, and all your racial preferences are in fact created from environmental reasons.

All the things based on supposed "human nature" are susceptible to change. So why base your ideology around emotions and feelings that rely on social reinforcement?

And all your Jew stuff; what about Jews that aren't capitalists? What about capitalists that aren't Jewish? It doesn't make sense that you would target Jews and not all capitalists.

I can literally point out reports of arabs being treated like second class citizens there. You are completely deluded. I guess as long as they are not white

i don't care if you fucks call jews porkies, but do you really fancy yourselves as smart while eating their drivel?

A few anecdotal reports of Arabs being treated like shit to discredit the YPG doesn't change the fact they they have diversity quotas for government.

Take the true redpill and see how far the rabbit hole goes

i don't care which side you take dicks fucko, what i want to know is why do you believe the media is telling you the truth? or is your whole life a shitpost?

A porky black man is still a porky. No amount of "check your privelege" and BLM bullshit is going to stop us from calling him out.

Why do you believe everything that Holla Forums tells you?

I don't trust the guardian or the huffington post, but I'm certainly not going to trust the dailystormer or the rightstuff/ the daily shoah

Yes faggot, I am an anarchist that does not agree with capitalism yet trusts the media, thats what I am

Truly retarded


you are assuming i got my beliefs from Holla Forums and not that i simply found a place on the internet with similar beliefs to my own

I think you may need to see a doctor pirate-kun, your memory seems to failing just as hard as your political beliefs

Sorry didn't read


Far are the times were I had compassion and love for human beings, if anything, my ideology is winning, as opportunists and neoloberals are going to end human civilization as we know it soon

sorry i didn't know you were a edgelord, maybe you should dial it back a little least you go full black pill and i am sure that even if you don't care there's people that know you that care about you

Sorry, I am not a kid

underage detected

i am not the one that is banking my hopes on the le HAPPENING meme, maybe you should stop being a roleplayer

maybe you should stop being a fag lmao


Matrix kiddies don't know how good GitS(1995) is.

nah Holla Forums was always like that. They had JIDF flags for fuck sake.


One day

I just love to trigger stormcucks of halfchan's Holla Forums.

But for some odd reason, I can't post to halfchan. It says my IP range or country is banned?

A few ISIS sympathisers being jailed does not equal an Arab holocaust you dumb fuck.

Are you from Venezuela? Someone from there told me they ban CANTV IPs


This is just retarded.
More anthropologists outside of the west believe in race realism than otherwise, and the only country with an actual overwhelming consensus on the matter (China) believes in race realism.

good sasanach!

Also here's a chart related to the matter.
It clearly demonstrates that cultural standards and expectations are deeply embedded in science.



You didn't give one.
You just showed your pretty graph.

Yes, I know.

Also race have different meanings in different parts of the world.


Also I forgot to mention that it incorporates the idea of "different meanings" by having separate categories in one section.
Still, the idea of existent subspecies is the most dominant view in Eastern Europe.

I think its hilarious that Nazis advocate for ethnic cleansing and mass killings all the time yet feel the need to deny the holocaust even though its what the ideology calls for.

You can say the number wasn't 6 million but to deny that extermination didn't take place is just dishonest.

It's called analyzing the evidence and trying to be objective.
They don't, they claim that death camps didn't exist.

no, from Greece.

Absolutely nothing objective about denying documentary, photographic and testimonial evidence under the guis of a grand conspiracy. Holla Forums is known for being experts in all things pseudo - psuedoscience, pseudohistoriy.
No, they claim no extermination took place. Most of the Jews were exterminated by death squads.

Prepare to get schooled by Holla Forums then, because most jews do die in concentration camps, just that they are work camps and not death camps.

They die from malnutrition and typhus, not through any systematic extermination.

Yeah, I'm going to get schooled by Holla Forums and their complete absence of mass transits out of any of the AR camps - something which no ""revisionist"" has ever been able to provide.

They stay and work in the camps, brah.

Where else to go, when the Soviet push them in the East and the Allies bomb them in the West.

You are completely wrong and have no idea what you're talking about. The Atikon Reinhard camps were death camps - specifically death camps. No one ever seen gong into Treblinka II was seen alive again. Treblinka I was a small work camp that housed about 2000 people. The primary thesis for what the AR camps were since so many people went to them to never be seen again, is transit camps. In order to prove this they need to provide at least as much documentary, demographic and photographic evidence that the believers have. They have provided nothing but dubious claims.

Or as said, they stayed and worked and died.

Stayed where? These camps weren't work camps, they had small parts that housed a coupe thousands workers or in the case of Sobibor - no work camps at all except for the Sonderkommando. Simply going "but what if they just worked to death without having any documentary, testimonial, or photographic evidence of this "work to death" " isn't an argument. Go back to Holla Forums friend, you're in over your head.

OK brah, as said, they can be stuffed into these camps and died, and that's still not proof for systematic extermination.

For that, you need concrete proofs, which are hard to find even now.

This is correct.

I have photographic, testimonial, documentary, demographic and forensic evidence (with the GPR scans of Treblinks and the archaeological dig at Sobibor). What the fuck do you have retard? Just your edgy contrarian position?

I read until this and stop reading:
Yeah, dude, go imagine yourself.

And this is why I don't take the Holocaust "historians" seriously.

Do you have the plan of the nazis to systematically kill those jews?

Maybe you should keep on reading.

Yes actually

kek. That doesn't mention anything about anyone "imagining" shit. Just the timeline the Jews would've seen. Why don't you finish reading? To hard? This is how we determine events from witness testimony - by looking for a convergence.

I stop reading because it's pointed down to assumption.

Have enough of that with any Holocaust literature.
Sound like deportation, not extermination there, brah.

Maybe you should keep reading, because it's more than assumptions.

It's funny that you are willing to believe single pictures made with mspaint rather than all of this.

Well, it is imgr.

You don't say.


you're a bluepilled faggot like the rest of Holla Forums has become these days. Go back to your establishment Republican voting bloc.

You are as stuborn as a fucking mule.

Unlike you, I provided evidence for my point. Denying to read them doesn't prove you wrong.

Unlike you, I provided evidence for my point. Denying to read them doesn't prove you *right*

OK, brah, it's always easier for the denier, because all he needs to do is providing doubt.

The Nazi's used euphemisms to cover up their mass murder. Such as "special treatment" or "delousing van", "transportation" is another. Anywhere. here's a bunch of letters that detail Nazi's murdering people.

No the denier has to provide an explanation with at least as much evidence as the other explanation has. You have provided none. You are a retard m8.

Έτσι ρε κερατά, να μην μπορείς να σκατοποστάρεις τα κερατιλίκια σου

Δεν πειραζει, εδω ειναι καλυτερα ετσι κι αλλιως.

Ayy lmao

Για τον πέο είναι βασικά. Πολύ αργά μπόρντς. Και πολλοί αριστεροί

Ρε μαγκα μου, αυτο ειναι το μοναδικο μπορντ που δεν σου πριζουν τα παπαρια οι Holla Forumsacks. Το υπολοιπο site ειναι τιγκα.


Μάγκα μου δώδεκα χρονών είσαι;

More Heat:

"Fags" ηταν ολοι ανεκαθεν. Newfags, oldfags κλπ. Ουτε ηταν αναγκη να ησουν μαυρος για να σε πουν "nigger". Απλα το λεγαμε-λεμε. Μετα ομως, απο εκει που απλα κανανε ολοι πλακα, πλακωσαν κανονικα φασιστακια και γαμησαν ολη τη φαση με την γαμωπολιτικη τους. Τωρα εχουν καταντησει στο Holla Forums να τριγκαρονται πιο ευκολα και απο SJW και να κανουν τις ιδιες κωλοτακτικες που καποτε χλευαζανε. Ειναι πλεον alt-rightists και SJWs τα ιδια σκατα, απλα οι μεν εχουν ονειρωξεις με εθνοκαθαρσεις και οι δε απαιτουν να εχουν χοντρες λεσβιες πρωταγωνιστριες σε ταινιες-παιχνιδια κλπ.

Αυτο ειναι το προβλημα με το Holla Forums. Πλεον δεν μπορεις να κανεις πλακα, γιατι τριγκαρονται, και αν πεις κατι διαφορετικο απο την κυρια μαζα εισαι απο το reddit και το tumblr.

Καποιος αλλος ειναι 12.

Did google translate get that right?

lol no.

Which part is that?

I dunno I'll just post. It's fun trying to decipher.

That's crazy and it auto-formatted it for me with the '>'s

that makes no sence, I'll translate

After that I just explain how alt-rightist get as triggered as SJWs and how they have the same tactics ect.

At the end of the day, google can only translate as much. In cases of greek, italian, spanish ect it usually fucks up.

We all know Holla Forums is hostile territory right?

Makes sense. Not to mention Black-Flaggers.

Την στιγμή που η κουλτούρα των τσανς απέρριπτε τον πολιτικό κορεκτιβισμό στις απαρχές της εξουσίας του βασιλέα-αράπη ομπάμα, είναι πασιφανές πως είτε είναι πράγματι ρατιστές είτε απορρίπτουν εξ ολοκλήρου το κόνσεπτ του ρατσισμού ως κάτι αρνητικό.

Μπα, το πλέον αναίσθητο δημογραφικό κομμάτι του ίντερνετ είναι το /πολ/. Και αν πραγματικά πιστεύεις πως τριγκάρονται, γιατί λοιπόν δεν τους τρολάρεις τότε; Ακόμη, δεν είναι όλοι "δεκατέσσερα/ογδονταοχτώ βάλτε τους οβριούς στον θάλαμο αερίων", υπάρχουν πάρα πολλοί κεντροδεξιοί. Τέλος να είσαι δίκαιος, και οι ες τζει νταμπλιγιου φαντασιώνονται εθνοκαθάρσεις, κατά των δυτικών όμως.

Σου είπα και πιο πάνω, γιατί δεν τους τρολλάρεις; Το τρολλάρισμα δεν προσμετράται στην πλάκα για εσένα; Τι θεωρείς πλάκα και με ποιόν τρόπο σε σταματά τι μέσα στο /πολ/ από το να την κάνεις; Ακόμη, δεν μπορείς να υπερασπιστείς την άποψή σου; Εάν κάποιος σε κατηγορίσει για ρεντιτορ, νίκησε την αντιπαράθεση;

Μπα. Εσύ μου κάνεις για 12

There is no photographic evidence of gassing or the mass burning of gassed bodies.
Completely unreliable, most accounts are "unaware" of the existence of the alleged gas chambers.
Not proof.
Found zero traces of mass graves, hence why only a total of 6 bodies have ever been uncovered at the site.
Massive media hoax, no actual evidence of uncovered buried gas chambers.
It's called innocence until proven guilty you fucktard.

lmao stormlards are the most naive creatures on planet earth for people who trick themselves into thinking they're "redpilled"

So Russia hacked the US election too?

Also I'm pretty sure the country of Germany didn't just grow legs and started walking around gassing Jews.
See "The Air and Ground Photos of Auschwitz in 1944"
No they aren't, there are hundreds of testimonies from different Nazi's including those that came forward themselves after the war. You're going to have to prove that claim faggot.
Why not?
Because you say so?
The GPR scans discovered three mass graves and they were strictly indsutructed not to perform invasive archaeological work. Sobibor archeological digs have shown the existance of masses of bone and ash all over the camp.
Because you say so?
Show me mass transits out of the AR camps or stick it up your ass, and I'll expect you to have just as much evidence as the "believers" do mong.

Also forensic analysis of Auschwitz for gas chambers:

You do not even have a modicum of the evidence to prove there mass transits out of AR that the "believers" have to prove they were extermination centres, and this is why Holocaust denial will forever be restricted to Nazi torture chambers on the internet like the one decrepit creates like you come from.

Unless I'm mistaken, there wasn't any photos of gas chamber or oven use, so I don't see how that's photographic evidence.
British and French courts obtained confessions which were particularly detailed on the alleged 11 gassings at Ravensbrück, despite the fact that there is no building plans or remnants of any operational gas chamber available at that particular site.
Quite clearly these confessions were either forced or they were made in order to avoid further prosecution.
I don't see how someone deciding to make a movie serves as proof.
No, but because there is no proof that it was the result of any holocaust.
It's like saying that the Homo Neanderthals died out because Homo Sapiens decided to gas them. There is no proof that it actually was the cause and it could have been the result of something else.
Show me images of the scans.
Because they knew their little fantasy story would be proven wrong.
Of course there is going be tons of bones, it's not exactly like people didn't die in the camps, however the amount of bones doesn't even remotely match the amount that allegedly died.
There is no mass human ash piles in any of the pictures in that link.
Show me pictures of the uncovered gas chambers then. Good luck given that even the people working on the site hadn't confirmed it fully.
Fine by me, innocence until proven guilt after all.
Germar Rudolf blew this shit out of the water a while ago.

just like this board triggers you enough to make you leave Holla Forums and make pathetic, inane comments here. fuck off tourist

disgusting. Time to double down with an anarchism general

That's every other thread

Holy fuck you guys are really a bunch of autists


thanks for the traffic tbh fam

illiteracy ?

I always find it amusing how so many weebs are far right.

and NeetSocs/libertarianism aren't memes outside of Laotian frog enthusiast forums?

then leave
fuck off

Eugenics is pretty much only espoused by the far right these days tbqh fam

It isn't that weird considering jews are extremely overrepresented among the elites, banks, media and entertainment etc. not saying i support it but i find it somewhat understandable

You people are genuinely fucking stupid. The lot of you. I grew up in the Soviet Union….the horror stories. All of you are deluded children attending college dreaming of an impossible reality.

Sorry nobody told you guys while growing up that not everyone wins. Now you scream its unfair and cry. I had 200 dollars when i came to United States.

Stalin killed millions….and you portray him like some kind of GOD, yet you don't believe in a god, just the eternal state.

Blindly accepting communism or pure socialism is suicide. You have no idea what you are inviting on your heads. Funny thing, you hipster cool cutting edge people will be the first to get put in the Gulag, just like the loud ones back home. I left the nightmare to live the american dream, now im starting to see you pigs rear your heads. It is good blessing america has 2nd amendment.

kill yourself classcuck scum

tits or gtfo

Prove any of your background.

Many here don't believe in statism.

I have this fear too but I'm also a disliked market socialist minority here.

Marx also didn't want guns to be taken away from workers you know.