There are people who think le pen will win


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I dont know anything about french poltics, but things are clearly working in favor for anti globalists across the world.
Trump and brexit are signs of this.
You also have bepe grillo in italy, le pen in france, corbyn in the uk, wilders in Netherlands,etc

any frenchbros here?
redbull me on le penn

I hope she wins. Her wining will mean France leaving EU and that's an amazing thing.
Don't care about anything else, what she does afterwards it's french people's problem.


Le Pen will be talking all about strengthening the French welfare state, cutting immigration and de-radicalizing islam because she's literally cut all other issues out of her platform.
Fillon is an uberporky social conservative Catholic who wants to privatize it all, gives lip service to immigration issues, ignores islam and thinks the EU is more important.

The Kicker?
Fillon needs the vote of the French Left to win against Le Pen.

If you're telling me you absolutely know how this election will go right now I think you're even more full of shit than most political pundits are.

Like Trump and his wal… I mean fenc… I mean metaphor?

Trump was never more than 10 points behind in the polls. Le Pen is 20-30 points behind.

He literally wrote a book attacking radical Islam.

dunno man, Trump did won.
anything can happen.

Le Pen basically means more cops and less freedom, and sadly, Fillion seems to want the same things except the part where we leave the UE.
I remember that I saw a sticker on one of my mom's friend's fridge a decade ago which said "The problem isn't that the FN might get elected one day, but that their ideology is already in power", and I think it summarizes quite well the current situation in France right now.


Well with the same scores, Trump would have lost in France.



Regardless of if you supported Trump or not, they really got it wrong.

any horse to back for the Left?

Varoufakis has been on the inside of the EU meetings. Towards the end of the video he explains how Merkel has Hollande and France with their backs to the wall, not allowing France to have any say in EU decision making because France would literally be sealing their economic death if they leave the EU. Apparently Merkel keeps a "Get out of the EU" card in her purse and all she has to do is pull it out and Hollande and his henchmen concede. All of France's debts are through German banks, and they can call on them to pay whenever they wish. If France leaves the EU, they will be literally enslaved to German banks even more so than they currently are. The solution isn't to leave but to try to enforce change from the inside, which may be as equally futile and hopeless as leaving the EU. The situation is fucked, don't delude yourself into thinking an exit would yield a positive result.

So if le pen wins and the world becomes more nationalist, how do we fight back?




Not by the margin Le Pen would need.

what i have heard is that she has no possibility to win this election but she can win the next one. Is this true?

tbh even the next one may not be sure, she's starting to face opposition in her own party. for not having internal elections (primaries)
the Front National is more of a family business than a political party.

Why are we even allowing political parties like this? It should be illegal to have any far right ideology.

Yes, because banning the far-right will totally make it go away like the skeletons in your closet.

Oh wait no they just take up arms and radicalize, I forgot!


What should be the right-most ideology that remains legal?

Anfems are so fucking boring, but I shouldn't have expected more from a woman


The one that doesn't disagree with me so much I feel raped

Economic conservatism. It's porky as fuck but at least they don't constantly spread fear about brown people invading the country.

So, Canada?

Does he have a chance?

Don't count on it too much. He has quite a chance to beat the suckdems though.

Because letting in brown people have worked so well for France so far, huh?

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i cant believe i am defending a fucking anfem.

but back to pol you go faggot

Mélenchon is pretty nice, he makes some videos on Youtube nowadays about the news that get like 100k views, and now that I think about it, I don't think I ever saw any other politician doing that before.
However he still has very slim chances to win, and I'm afraid that if he ever does, he would go full Syriza® France™.

Nevertheless he would still be better than Marine "I swear we're gonna leave the EU guys " Le Pen and François "We need to find the perfect balance between the free-market and tradition" Fillon.

Well, you know, France colonized a big part of Africa, and some parts in Asia, and well, now, some of these subhumans want to go to France to do something else than being a poorfag in Africa.
Who would have expected that, really ?

Who is she running against? If France runs somebody like clinton, Blair, or renzi, then la pen will win

I was here since the beginnning and I'm not planning to go back to those right-wing retards in any foreseeable future
lel newfag

We just need to revive Robespierre and restart the terror

Judging by current opinion polling, Fillon. So more Thatcher than Blair.

I'm hoping a left candidate can make it into the second round this time.

literally used 4chan since their early years and later joining in the exodus to glorious Holla Forums with gg and the lot. and defending Holla Forums during the great meme wars and tumblr raid…


Holy shit la pen is going to win
Democracy was a mistake, I think I should just become a Leninist

this is your brain on ideology

Yes all the French are directly responsible for that. They are all aristocrats and bourgies and equally share the original sin of colonization, forever.

It's not about being directly responsible, but that it shouldn't be very surprising that Africans who speak French want to get out of their shithole and go live in one of the richest country on the Earth since they happen to know its language.

So I'll take that all immigrants from places that weren't colonized by France should leave?

pure ideology:the shitpost


It's a political choice to let them in, it's not an inevitable consequence of colonisation.

Okay, but what else should we do, social-nationalism ? :⁾)

the FN is by definition Not Socialist, they're pretty open about it.
wether or not they decide to go for an ethnic clinsing after they get elected is another story.

FN is the most popular party in France by a factor of 2, stop kidding yourselves

i remember a few months ago there were threads on here that says the exact same thing about trump

there was even an anfem poster who said she supported hillary because "we're all going to die might as well watch Holla Forums cry"

i'd love to taste meself some leftist tears when le benis wins.




Are you the rice nigger from the other thread?




The only consistent thing with the FN is the anti foreigner aspect, they were neoliberals in the 80's and 90's when it was in fashion, and now they're full on protectionism.

And for their popularity, they don't really progress in raw numbers of voters, but the other parties get a big hemoragy from people stopping voting. Which could in the end result in Le Pen winning.
My bet is she will lose this time from a close call because of two round voting system (dunno how you say that in english), but unless the next president unfucks things up (which we know won't happen), Le Pen will win in 2022.
And then she will fuck up like everybody else and things will start to get funny.

not an argument

The EU is truly the Fourth Reich.

the polls had trump within the margin of error. they werent wrong

Nationally, yes, but the national vote doesn't matter, or Clinton would have won. The polling in some important states was badly wrong.

I've noticed a concerted effort in the media to pretend that the polls weren't wrong, both with Brexit and Trump. With Brexit the polls were arguably even worse; there was a spread in the final polls between Remain +10 and Leave +2, with the result being Leave +4.

mfw the right thinks it's wins are sustainable

Le Pen and Fillon are both pro-Russia.
So this may be one of the fairest elections in a long while. Because other results would be shady as fuck.

She will