Hillary is considering another run on 2020

I don't fucking even

I hope she loses to Trump again.
If she would just die already, that would be refreshing.

How old will she be in 2020? Maybe we will finally see her die during her campaign.
This season's later episodes kept suggesting she will die, yet she survived in the season finale, not even a suicide after her loss smh

The kuru will get her before then

please stop talking like a tumblr faggot

She's a lich, isn't she?

If she somehow manages to maintain control into 2020 then the Democratic Party is finished, plain and simple.


Maybe she will finally do justice to her teletubby Kim Jong Il wardrobe.

Not gonna lie those sunglasses are cool

Trump for 8 years.

Liberals will literally never learn. Maybe the tankies are right

Then Bernie better run as an independent I swear to god.

she wants to cheat Bernie out of another primary

Too old.The best we can hope for is another unheard of candidate,prefferably young.

Basically pic related but not absolute shit.


Only someone like Warren can win 2020 tbh


Killary just needs to kill herself.

You'd think the smart thing to do would be to realise Hillary's a dead end and start building up Chelsea for a White House run in 2032 or something

How could such a cute loli have gone so wrong?

Bill Clinton.

No thats not it. Hillary controls Bill, she is the real power player.

If Ronnie Reagan can run the country while Alzheimer's devours his brain I think Bernie can run in 2020


Alright, i honestly believe there is an elaborate plot to run shitty Democrats and ensure republicans always win.
There is no other explanation, no one's ego can be this fucking big

Democrats will be doomed. This could lead to third parties becoming more influentual which whould make the situation in MURICA more democratic. Let´s hope that the lolber-party wont get to muchof the cake…

wut ?

3DPD lolis are just hags in larval form.
Don't forget it.

Lolbert party is so retarded and incompetent that they would cause a communist revolution if they came to power.

It has originated on chans you dork

Watching the election and Hillary trying to pull Republicans into her camp I expected the destruction of the Republican Party and future domination by the Democrats, but the opposite happened instead. Funny how these things work. I hope the DSA goes independent rather than try to take over the Dems, but I can only expect the worst from reformists. Wish so many people weren't flooding into such a shitty group.

I'm starting to think PR robot is all she knows, and she's just doing this weird hiking PR opportunity just outta force of habit.


This would be proof to me that Clinton was bad on purpose to get Trump in
There is no way to believe anyone could be so stupid.

The banks and lobbies have poured far too much money into the current batch of Democrats (and Republicans but that's besides the point) to give up on the New """"Left"""".

Free market economy and pandering shallow bullshit social issues.

You're underestimating Hillary and overestimating the republicans, at the beginning of the primary Trump seemed a joke candidate.

What do you mean "go wrong"? She already looks like a total cunt in that pic.

Why keep going?

Never say never a user