Do you guys have similar memes to these about us?

Do you guys have similar memes to these about us?

lurk more

I never lurk here because I'm not a leftie.

Who are you?

These were made on Holla Forums. There's a couple reactionary/right wing ones floating around.

Yes, the fact that you refer individual pictures as memes already imply you're a facebook faggot.

You have to go back.

image macro

Holla Forums

Post the ones about us

I Facebook Occasionally yes.

No, post memes.

end thyself

just stop being a faggot and lurk more.

Honestly, I wouldn't mind posting them no matter what ideology you represent, but I'm not going to do it for some normalfag who does not even know the meaning of as basic word as "meme".

holy shit THIS SO MUCH

I keked at a few of them but these are pretty disappointing overall. Just the same tired bullshit about Cold War dystopia caricatures and "never been tried" straw men.



hot off the presses


Is this even real life anymore

You know the problem with conservative/fascist humor is they think disagreeing with something automatically makes it absurd to everyone else. Like that stupid video of MDE at a Bernie Rally. Going somewhere and sarcastically agreeing with people isn't a joke or a take down. This would also be true if I did the same thing at a Trump or Jeb rally.

A lot of these are just "things I disagree with, must be dumb." I think anarcho communism can be stretched and made absurd a little with a joke and tankie ideology definitely can, but these are just a paragraph of what someone else believes with the laugh track missing. WHERES THE JOKE?

the ancap ones were the dankest tbh

Where'd Yugoposters anti-soviet ones disappear?