Comrades, I have an offer to study Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford university...

Comrades, I have an offer to study Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford university. Does this mean if I accept I become bourgeois scum?

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Will you get private ownership over the means of production?


Then no.

What? NO

Do it, educate yourself, learn shit that will be useful in class struggle.

ps Fidel Castro graduated with a doctorate in law

I become associated with the bourgeoise class and become a key part in the bourgeoise democracy though

Seriously? I need to look this shit up1


Considering it's Oxford university its probably going to be Analytic philosophy, just a heads up

nah dude you're a cunt

I started the process in September. My interview is in a couple of days.

As opposed to what?


mfw i got rejected

R e a d p r o p e r l y


Continental philosophy of course which is superior to bourgeois analytic trash

Also an interview isn't an offer

Actually how about Birbeck Institute for Humanities? I mean Zizek is the Director of it
and it seems like a pretty progressive place


When can I join your epic discord?

That is like going into the belly of the beast

Birkbek uni London is an absolute shitpit of a uni. I can't believe Zizek associates himself with it.


Well okay care to explain why to someone who doesn't live in the UK?

Fam, getting an offer is basically the same as being accepted, seeing as almost nobody fails to meet the conditions of the offer. What you have is an interview, not an offer. And in answer to your question in the OP, no, going to Oxford does not make you bourgeois. Go for it.

Ayy famrade I'm going to be seeing you around then. Philosophy and Theology here.


Studying economics is the best thing a communist can do.

Not OP but what is the political situation like at Oxford? Are there any leftist student groups?

Ayyyy, what college? I applied to Hertford.

Economics in uni, at least in the UK, is basically neoliberalism, and learning about how that is the best economic school of thought and all that bullshit. In a PPE you have the freedom to look at Marx and others at least from a philosophical and political point of view.


You can basically find the whole political spectrum there. Balliol in particular is famous for having a lot of gommies.

Sorry to hear that. Tbf I did it six years ago and it was easier then. I only had to get 3 As at A-level, and I'd already stored up marks at AS-level so it was a piece of piss.

Haha he missed the joke what a cunt

10 years ago this would have been a great opportunity.

But in the current year of Brexit and Trump being a global elite is not a long term career anymore.



Feels good


Studing philosophy in university with exams and grades kek, what a joke.
Just read philophosy books and do your own research. Use the scholarship for learning something you can't learn by yourself.


Jez's ideologist Seumas Milne graduated from there too.

and imagine, in the thirties Cambridge PPE was where the soviet spy ring came about, holy fuck

Watch out for toffs though and do not join the Bullingdon Club Ffs

Nice one brah

Getting educated at a world-class uni doesn't make you Bourgeois, it's whether or not you own property. Sure, after you might be a member of the apathetic intelligentsia, but there's nothing wrong with educating yourself.

Go, Comr8


How is analytic philosophy bourgeois?

do you even revolt?




end it