Welp, ww3 here we come!


Looks like turkey is going in balls deep, erdogan says their official mission in syria is to remove assad. They mught very well force a confrontation between nato and russia this way. might be looking at the beginning of the end…

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wew, there is no justice in the world.

He's just playing to his base. Papa Putin will come down to Ankara again to slap Erdogan's peepee and he'll go back in the corner to be a good boy. Erdogan is literally a child.

What the fuck… Is this shit real?


Why is Turkey so shit?

can`t say i didn`t see it coming

Y'all seem to be forgetting one thing.

Wrong Kurdish Flag idiot, thats the ala rengin (Kurdish Nationalist flag) not the Rojava flag.

nobody expects turkey to win idiot, but the danger that the conflict could blow up into something worse is very real

Erdogan will likely wind his neck in when he realises that as Turkey is the aggressor here NATO isn't obliged to help. This could be very painful for King Roach.

what's the difference? Kurds should have an independent state anyway

Who's ready ?

Yes good lord please end it all with nuclear extermination.

I'm too tired to live.

Trump's National Security Adviser Flynn has sung Turkey praises in the past and his company is getting paid by Erdogan allies. I wouldn't be surprised if Trump stuck with them anyway


Either way NATO still wouldn't have a mandate. If Trump wanted his first act to be jumping head first into the very conflict he wanted no part of he'd be doing well to last the year. Plus I suspect he has more business with the Russians who will not tolerate a Turkish occupation. I doubt anything will come of this but if it does, I don't see it ending well for Turkey.

Thing is, Turkey could smash Syria in a 1v1. But Russia are pretty invested in Syria at this point.


Did you reply to the wrong post?

7d chess!

The people who use the Ala rengin are usually not leftists but simply Kurdish Nationalists, even right wing ones, also it's the flag of the bourgeois KRG

Destroying the kurds would seem a logical thing to do but i dont understand why they want to invade all of syria?

Neo ottoman fantasies from King Roach.

The US should just carry out a first strike on Turkey for the greater good. The roaches would probably find a way to survive, though, they are roaches after all.

what is this hurriyetdailynews? it does not look credible at all and not a single credible news source has anything on Erdogan going to remove Assad, if a "news" site is covered in 2 dozen ads, i suggest ignoring it

hurriyet is one of the biggest turkish newspapers

turkey crossed the border weeks ago and didnt do much, no news source anywhere other than turkey's own apparently seems to think that Erdogan is actively going after Assad, point being i dont think theres much cause for alarm, other than the clusterfuck that already is the middle east

I'm too tired to be a zombie anymore, life will start again with chaos.

There's way more roaches in the US though, would do more good as well.

Well it's NATO's fault for accepting a country like Turkey. What a horrifically stupid idea.