Is violence sometimes necessary in the revolution?

Is violence sometimes necessary in the revolution?

Is penetration necessary in a sexual act ?
Do we realy need weels on a car ?
Honesly breathing is overrated

It would be nice if war was fought with rifles only but nowdays we have nuclear armageddon just around the corner.

There is no choice here, you clearly have no idea how this planet works if you're being serious. Every action you take is a political act, and every political act is one of violence. Liberals are the only people in history naive enough to think their political philosophy is peaceful even when it supports violent states.

Yes. Reactionaries have no qualms about it, neither should we.


if theres a violent crackdown on your movement, yes

No, because sometimes capitalist and fascist see the errors of their way and give us the means of production voluntarily.

When attacked violence is necessary. Its just bad propoganda though. Normies are either pacifists or don't like the boat being rocked

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it's necessary, inevitable and unavoidable

"normies" can be "pacifists" because they have an armed mercenary class that does violence on their behalf. they're also perfectly happy to see "the boat rocked" in foreign countries

I'm not denying that but its the way they are.

Unless you can show me any kind of leftist militia network I think we need to pursue other means than insurrection

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not talking about voting by the way

Anarchists say it's all good, especially against innocents who vote for right wing parties

Yes. Our enemies need to vanish like Kanade Tachibana at the 13th episode of the angel beats!

die, collaborator

The liberal stigma against violence is always funny since liberalism itself became prominent thorough violent means

I take it you woulda killed most of the population in germany during the 30's?

it also remains prominent through violent means. but the average person is too stupid to appreciate that

"pacifism" in the face of imperialism is ok. everyone should refuse to join an imperialist war

obviously class war is different though

Duh, Agency honeypot OP.

it wouldn't be the goal but it wouldn't be verboten

So you're saying it would be fine then?

yep. most people feel that way, since they support the atomic bombings on japan, and the carpet bombing on germany

Again, let me hear you again. You're saying you'd have no problem with massacring millions of people, because of ignorance and lack of knowledge?

i'd have a problem with it, but that doesn't mean i wouldn't begrudgingly allow it. just like those "ignorant" millions feel the same way about attacking their enemies


you're welcome Holla Forums. maybe i can get a screencap of americans admitting their support for nuclear holocaust against japan and russia. oh wait, i don't have to, since that's consensus opinion. lol

A revolution without violence is just a costume party or a parade