Defend Castro to normies while acknowledging I don't like his tankie elements

Fucking end me now

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Can I just gulag my entire family

Your brother gave me cancer.

Both can be true, and are. Cuba's basis of subsistence rests on major big Othery.


In America having a nuanced view of Castro is defending him.

Naming his pros is basically defending him in the West.

I guess you are seeing what you like to see here, but liberals such as Obama, and Trudeau and the EU jew literally offered condolescences for Fidel Castro.

I understand Putin did it because he was a russian ally, but come the fuck on, the fucking President of the United States weeping for a communist dictator?

The only thing Obama was sad about was that he wasn't able to take credit for killing him

He didn't weep. The US is currently trying to normalize relations with the country. It's a diplomatic move. You didn't uncover the secret Jewish plot to turn America into Cuba.

Oh really?

Most lefties already realized that Obama's way of subverting Cuba was the best: to play 'open' diplomacy and make local support for his policy attractive. Republicans never understood that playing hardball with Cuba only backfires as the people become sympathetic for Cuba, a lesson they never learned from Vietnam and still haunts them.

Not the US.

The right in the US still fucking hates Castro.

It's just Obama and the liberals.

Why are you wasting your time defending tankies?

But Cuba is already leftist, what are they "subverting" here?

What did he mean by this?

Their economic system and the revolution. They want them to become a client state like every other Latin American country.

So leftists are eating other leftists, what the fuck is going on?

So Trump is right in calling Castro out and kept distance from Cuba after all? This is weird as heck.

Reading comprehension, my dude?

Lefties (by which I mean the non-left neoliberal lefties, which Obama isn't) realize Obama's way of subverting Cuban sovereignty is much more effective than the other tried (mostly Republican) methods and tricks. You will lose the war of hardball sanctions and diplomatic/military posturing against Cuba, but you will win it with an open arms foreign relations policy.

He didn't know that Castro is gonna turn on Che and his ass is getting assassinated.

He meant that he was based and we shouldn't buy into porky propaganda.

American liberals aren't leftist. They are capitalists.

So shouldn't leftists be against that?

Shouldn't they be against Castro instead of shilling for US-Cuban normalization?

Dope meme.

But that guy just said leftists?

Right. He thinks Obama and the Dems are leftists. That's one half of the leftists he's referring to.

They are.

Half of the left already is against Castro or at best only stands with him against the US on an anti-imperialist basis. The other half unironically glorifies his efforts. A small minority, which is growing, realizes Cuba is a lost 20th century cause that not only sucks in spite of what it has against it, but will not stand the test of history whatsoever and there is little to learn from it on the left besides what not to do.

As always, the worse enemies of leftists are always themselves.


And? Where is the betrayal? Che wanted to export the revolution abroad. That was his own decision.


How do you think I feel being around his sorry poli-sci major ass all day.

Ok. They had disagreements and eventually parted ways. So where is your proof that Castro betrayed Che?

Yes. As Zizek says: communism was good guys promising good things and bad things happen, while fascism was bad guys promising bad things and bad things happen. This is why the left's failures are always much more tragic, and that the best way to be anti-communist is not to add more offenses against it. The only thing salvaging left wing experiments and their legitimacy is the fact that the left can point to right wing interference and claim that its failures stem not from primarily its own inability to account for them, but from outside interference. This is why Cuba under Obama's US presidency lost the most support ever internationally: there was nobody but Cuba to look at. The left is growingly realizing not only this, but that its support for things like Cuba was, from a certain point on, not worth it at all.

He forced Che out to be an international fugitive.

Yeah, really.

Doesn't sound like it, brah.

That's all speculation. There is literally zero evidence surrounding what happened. It could have been a mutual agreement or something Che decided to do on his own before causing too much turmoil for Cuba. Like I said…dope meme.

OK, brah.

That's enough for me to see that Che was having an ideological dispute with the USSR and he didn't stand to suck Castro and the Soviet's dick anymore.

This creates more than enough reason for the USSR-friendly Castro to dismiss him, because he represented a thorn on his side.

US-Cuba relations didn't normalize till a year ago. That's hardly enough time to lay bare the sole faults of the Cuban revolution outside of foreign influence.

Believe what you want but you have no evidence of a betrayal.

That normalization is the result of over 6 years of Obama's foreign policy with Cuba. It would have never happened within a day's calling with the Cuban secretary of foreign affairs, let alone a week, month, year or two years. It was a long term effort that started paying off the second Obama changed US policy with Cuba, culminating into there ultimately being an embassy in Cuba again this year.=

Oh piss off, so apparently Castro revealed the formal letter but not Che himself.

I guess Che is like a fucking anime hero who leaves by dawn and left behind a letter.

What? Like he's hiding in a birthday cake and pops out to surprise the crowd?

Look dude neither you nor I have any clue what went on. There is no evidence either way. Maybe they thought a big public goodbye would be seen as a sign of weakness or bad PR. I'm not denying Che and Castro had their differences which is what led to Che's departure but saying it was a betrayal on Castro's part is simply speculation.