Wtf i hate trump now

wtf i hate trump now
also, flag-burning anarchokiddies on suicide watch

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guess we'll switch to burning living americans instead

his baiting is getting weaker

like everyone doesn't know he's just saying crazy shit to take the heat off his establishment cabinet picks



Like Petraeus and James fucking Mattis?

Those dudes fucking scream ESTABLISHMENT to me.

this is like cartoon evil dictator tier bs now

8D Chess.

you have to be fucking psycho to propose this kind of stuff (or Killary)

Yeah this is worse than Castro wtf






One year for flag burning seems pretty deserving to be honest.

wtf i hate freedom of expression now ::DDDD

Trump doesn't even understand that this is so unconstitutional that it would be laughed out of court.

Pretty sure daddy played you and wants nothing to do with the useful idiots that put him into power. Keep deluding yourself.

Flag burners do not respect the Constitution in the first place.

Anyone who doesn't respect the Constitution yet wants to be protected by it deserves to get in jailed.


You know what else is spooky? The freedom of expression.

Did you know that burning or even defacing money is illegal?

Well, at least now you know. Now fuck off and get out with your "muh constitution" bullshit.

This is just to take heat off of him for picking Tom Price as head of HHS. Privatized Medicare is a 99% certainty now.

So he's gonna repeal Obamacare?

The thing that people want him to do?

They're also going to turn Medicaid into a block grant and then drastically reduce funding.

Most Americans want a single payer system. That isn't what Trump is going to replace Obamacare with. What Trump does to healthcare, particularly Medicare, is going to destroy the republican's base and any prospects for re-election in 2020. Good, I say.

Well if you insist, we have other options.

of course they don't, otherwise they'd be idiots.

You realize that that law wasn't invented to stop me from burning a $100 bill, right?

Burning a flag =/= taking large amounts of cash out of circulation/shrinking the money supply of the country. I can burn all the flags I fuckin want without hurting the US economy. In theory, if I "burned" enough cash, I can fuck with the money supply. Which is why we have that law.

Also, Trump used you to get to power and now he's gonna shill hard while getting cucked by the same people he promised to get rid of.


If you insist…

Death is the only thing you'll get then.

Thanks for helping us create a proper authoritarian state btw. Your sperging helps our cause a lot.

Because that flag represents the Constitution.

You know what Trump is going to replace Obamacare with?

Such as?

The people Trump appointed are his loyalists.

Trumpcare. It will be great. It will be the greatest health care in the world. Big league health care. The best.

…and if it manages to be good?

It will be Obamacare with some cosmetic changes. Stop kidding yourselves, Holla Forums.


OK, brah, because the guy he's appointing really does not like Obamacare.


Why does he keep throwing around "loss of citizenship" as if it's an option? Legal citizenship is not something that you can just give and take away willy-nilly, it's tied to the UN, and to the rest of the world. If somebody is not a citizen of the USA, and they were yesterday, and they have no other home, they fall under UN protection, because they need to have a passport, at that point. So the UN has to go around to every fucking country, and find them a home.

It's not some joke issue, like people make it out to be, and it's not a small issue. It's not something that a president should be able to do, and he needs to stop acting like it is.

fuck off. The american flag also has a spooky value, a really high value at that (not in shekels). The constitution allows you to burn money.

So far he has only been going to the extremes…

But it is something he can do. Despite what you or the UN may think of this issue, Trump doesn't really care.


Your USA citizenship can be revoked and you can be deported.
Means jackshit to the US.

The flag represents the USA, which is a constitutional republic.

The insurance industry doesn't give a shit what Trump or the HHS thinks about Obamacare. They will only allow cosmetic changes, enough to convince the impressionable dipshit Trumpenproles that it's a completely different law when in reality it isn't. As far as Medicare and Medicaid goes, they want it to be gutted too, so that's definitely going to happen.

Stop deluding yourself.

If it can be implemented, it can be taken away, as seeing it's an inefficient system that is bad for all sides.

If the insurance industry wants to jew, private healthcare is best.

Yes, it's a symbol of the US, but how is that related to constitution?

The US is a constitutional republic, it's defined by its Constitution.

It's literally the symbol of USA. Dollars are also symbols too, they don't have inherit value to them. You can get back value for exchanging them.

If it's illegal to burn one symbol (money), then why is it illegal to burn the other symbol???

There is NO INHERIT VALUE to the paper that you call a dollar.

What if they don't like the current country but like the constitution?

They shouldn't burn the flag because it represents the fucking constitution, even more than the country does.

What's there to like? It's a shit bourgeois document for a shit, bourgeois country.

That documents gives you the right to say shit and own arms, so you better watch your fucking mouth.

makes me want to burn a flag on purpose just to loose my citizenship.

he said he would bring back the draft and loosing citizenship would be a good way to avoid it. permanently.

he has been getting some neo-cons to run the government after saying he will "dry the swamp". and if there is another stupid useless war for american imperialism as neo-cons love to do, i for sure dont want to be apart of it.

i dont care if i am called unpatriotic, traitor or what ever. just sick of all these useless wars.

Now that he is elected, he can afford to pander to people that most of his constituents don't like because if he gets on their good side, they will always blindly defend him, no matter what.

Same thing with Democrats and gay rights, though the people actually benefiting from such legislation aren't their concern.

1. Flag represents the country
2. The country does not represent the constitution
Therefore flag does not represent the constitution

Go on, burn the flag.

Despook thyself

The flag itself represents USA as a constitutional republic, as such the Constitution plays a big part in it.

Do it.

RWDS are coming

Why does he hate the First Amendment? I thought he was American?


It's a cumrag stained with porky jizz. They all should be burned.

here ya go m8s

pacifism is a tool of the state

Despooky yourself first.

Yes, yes it does.

Go on, burn all the flags, see how it goes.

That's not you.

Only as a country, without stating the model

It's a piece of cloth until you give meaning to it banning flag desecration is nonsense

Not really, the American flag represents not only the land, but also the ideology behind America.

And that piece of cloth has meaning now. And you yourself give your own meaning when you burn that flag.

Right-wingers are precious people.

being able to burn the flag is what the flag stands for

When you burn the constitution, the constitution does not stand for you.

Where is that part written? Any state documents saying that?

Indeed which means the flag of course means different things for different people this is a rather arbitrary concept which would make it hard to ban
Are we also to ban the burning of all of the variations of the flag, What about the US Navy flag or the previous American flags that had fewer stars?


No, i'm here for the meltdown of lefties. I don't give a shit about the flag, I'm not a burger.

I just can't wait for Trump to go all authoritarian on you.


I know… I put the gif since it is related.

1st - I want to wait for him to make and suggest the law that removes citizenship for those who burn the flag to congress. I will actually ask him to. If he reads his emails.

2nd - Once that is actually law. Then I will go buy some cheap chinese made american flag because the USA doesn't even make their own flags.

3rd - And burn the flag.

seriously though, its just a cloth m8s. a chinese made one at that.

Like he went all authoritarian on Hillary? :^)

Dude, if you burn american flag in presence of americans, prepare to get your shit dunked.

And yes, any variant of flag, because you don't know if that american is infantry or marine.

seems basic bitch republican to me m8. not really afraid of a orangutan.

*throws peanuts at it*

This is still an interpretation not contained in any of the documents authorized by the state.

That piece has a symbol to it.

When you burn that cloth, you burn that symbol, you are sending a message, and I don't like this message because it says "Fuck America".

Good thing it's the american people who care, not just the state.

It's not the reaction of other Americans i'm talking about it's the ability to enforce such a ban it would next to impossible

Doesn't need to be enforced all that well.

If any flag burner is witnessed and reported and sent to jail, the job is already done.

Flag burner needs attention, nobody cares if they don't know.

It doesn't matter, since jurisdictional branch is controlled by the state, not by amerifats' feefees

Good thing amerifats have guns and can take laws into their own hands.

You're just burning cloth you spooked idiot

Which flags are we talking about for a start if I was to slightly modify the US flag would I be premitted to burn the flag? If one of the stars was coloured slightly diffrerently for example

if it's a constitution, it should be resilient and above anything i could do to it. are you spooked that showing 'disrespect' by burning a flag would lead to a decrease in the integrity of the constitution? if anything it adds legitimacy when it doesn't react by punishment. ever heard Canetti's distinction between force and power?

No, you are burning a symbol.

Global pariahs don't do so well in global trade, which is the only thing propping the US economy up right now. Dumping your troublemakers on "somebody else, lol" is the quickest way to turn your nation into an internationally despised entity. You people need to think shit through. You can't muscle your way past international relations. It didn't work that way for the thousand year reich (which lasted 13), and it won't work that way for you.

Lol do you even know what spooked means

Lurk more you massive faggot

No, the constitution protects your rights.

If you don't respect the Constitution, you shouldn't be protected by the Constitution, pretty simple.

If americans are seeing you burning something RESEMBLING an american flag, prepare yourself, it's that simple.

You can weasel your way out of it, but that's up to you.

I would tell those veterans to take a seat and relax. but i can see that several of them have brought their own.

only the symbolism that YOU yourself has put upon it.

any other reverence to it is just spooks lad.

and i still dont know what a fucking bloody tampon in a tea cup really means, dont need people to tell me what the fuck it means for me not to like what i see.

the thing i really dont like is blind worship to shit. puts strains on the will. and my will is above all else. including a flag

The constitution doesn't protect shit you idiot. It's just a piece of paper with a bunch of bullshit written on it. You might as well believe Abe Lincoln protects your rights from his laser fortress on the moon.

Except state has the monopoly of violence, so if shoot a flag-burner, then the state will jail you for trying to play judge.


The US is blessed with enough national resources to be self resilient, so we can say fuck the world.

I sometimes wonder what kind of mind does Hillary has. She often does this kind of shit, is conservative, and she uses a militaristic language when she speaks (muh troops, muh american exceptionalism(, but she's also for globalization so she can't be a nationalist or a patriot in the traditional sense.

What, you are telling them that while you burning their flag?
Yeah, and the veterans' fists to your faces are also spooks.
Your will does not mean shit really.

why's burning the flag ultimately mean they don't respect the constitution? they're embracing rights found within the constitution to do what they're doing which implies an inherent respect despite potential for distaste

Liberal egoism-opportunism with intersectional feminist characteristics

The constitution protects my rights because it defines my rights, and I and other people believe in it.

Would gladly go to jail for that, who cares?

Because that flag represents the Constitution.

When you burn that flag, you show disrespect to the country and its ideology, and thus the country does not need to protect you.

Ah yes, the Juche argument. We don't need other countries, we have tons of oil! And coal! We'll just make everything ourselves! Very smart, until you slam into the problems of money and time. It takes time to set up these factories, which would have to be automated, and it takes money to sustain an economy, and build those factories. The federal government does not "do" central planning, so that money would have to come from the Capitalists. If you think they're going to move back to the USA, just because the USA has gotten too fascist and overbearing for the rest of the world, you're wrong. And very stupid.

lol are you trapped in a loop? Are you capable of critical thinking?

So your unable to actually put a law into practice then i'm not talking about what some americans might think i'm talking about how such a rule could be inforced and as you haven't answered this I can't really go anywhere with it.

Who cares about the capitalists? Because I don't.

Talking about the Constitution would it kill ya to read over the 1st amendment

What loop?

The constitution protects your right, if you does not respect the constitution, the constitution does not respect you.

This is why trumpenprole lives have zero value.

The Constitution is a piece of paper. An inanimate object doesn't care what you think of it.

If flag burning rustles so many jimmies on an ideological level, you effectively admit that it is purposeful behavior.

What other magical powers do you believe it has?

except it still does if we hold the social contract to be true. whether i hate the constitution or not, I'm thrown into a society where I find myself in a contract I have not willfully accepted yet hold when I pay taxes etc etc they would need to protect me in order to prevent concerned of legitimacy on their part no matter if I am a spooked nationalist like you or not.

no, why would i even bother telling them anything. i am just minding my own business burning a flag. these marshmallows cant melt themselves you know.

>Yeah, and the veterans' fists to your faces are also spooks.
well going by the veteran affairs data. i am not really afraid. fireworks are great to cause ptsd attacks i hear.

alot stronger than theres. i dont blindly follow shit, and more over, i take a shit on things that people think have value but dont. my thirst for tears knows no end brother.

Nobody really, but that would mean USA does not agree with your interpretation that burning a flag is desecration of a constitution.

I can practice it fine.

If I know you are burning flag, I am going to report you.

If they are witnessing you doing this, prepare for a beatdown.
Let's try that.
Maybe your thirst for fists might know an ending.

Not really, the constitution defines and protects the rights.

If you do not respect it, it does not respect you. Thus you are free game.

That's fine because I don't go around burning flags lad

And we care about it, thus it protects us.
It is PURPOSEFUL behaviour, you are sending a message by burning that flag.

I'd hope actual vets wouldnt be that petty and childish. Not everyone is like you.

oh like romney
or cruz
how about the deranged guilliani

honestly though trump is going to ruin the right
sieg heil/gracias

I don't have a picture appropriate for legislative wizards imbuing a constitution with magical energies to protect its citizen's rights. I imagine George Washington riding it like a magic carpet

Uhm please try to burn flag in presence of vets.

Please do, and find out for yourself.

Romney is an actual bad choice. Cruz is reformed and Guiliani has stood for Trump an entire selection, he deserves his bones.

again, i will be ok, i can defend my self just fine.

while i sit here and write. talking to you has made me think of something… oh yeah!

that copypasta of the navy seal….pic related

OK, brah.

Prove it to me you can defend yourself just fine, go burn a flag in a veteran meeting.
Shouldn't you be burning flag to prove yourself?

Where is such thing written in the legal code of the American state?

not true. I'd think you'd understand how business works in that you ultimately do not have to respect the person you're doing business with in order to bring about an outcome such applies even though the citizen finds his or herself in a contract that he or she did not freely choose to be born into. I don't need the constitutions respect to be entitled to my rights as a person.

I believe George Washington himself lives with the Constitution.

Not needed to, it's a thing of the american people, which trumps the state.

This is not business, this is respect.

You don't respect me, I don't respect you.

Legality of the action on the territory of a given country(be it burning flag or saying constitution is retarded) is set by the state which maintains the monopoly on setting and enforcing the law, if you don't like it, then feel free to start an insurrection and see if will of the american people really trumps the state.

Yeah, maybe I will.

The constitution gives us the guns to go fuck the state if the state does not respect us.

hmmmm, there is some rustling about!

except if you're a constitution you're an inanimate object and even if the constitution included a design that took away all my rights or failed to grant them to me, I am still entitled to them regardless. I'll respect you enough to acknowledge your existence but I can still criticize you in whichever way I find suitable

The state does not think saying constitution is gay, which probably means it does not respect your feelings. So tell me, when you're ready to overthrow the currently existing order? :^)


Ah, not going to do it then?

If nobody believes in the constitution, the constitution would stop be a thing.

If you don't believe in it, it's already stopped being a thing for you.

Yeah, I'm just going to punch you when you say that.

*thick russian accent*
do you respek me brat?

Fuck off to reddit.

What a sad looking group of pussies.

Yes, there's nothing you could legally do, I'm glad you've finally understood that.

Vets, no, faggots currently serving? Yes.

Gladly. Protip: a country that treats its veterans like garbage loses the respect of its veterans.


All this jock talk…

pretty sure vets know where their country is when they are messing a goddamn leg.

you can keep your stupid flag and citizenship. i see how it has benefited vets. leaving them without legs, a job, and posting on a board.

i seriously just came here to shitpost since i am actually on holiday, and in this short amount of trolling, now i actually legit feel sad for your pathetic existence. no seriously

but since you muscle heads think that you are sooo tough because you were in the marines. i mean boy scouts. luckily they have such training. they are going to need it for the massive amount of unemployment and homelessness afterwards.

look i dont care what you think. my opinion stands. its a cloth. and the fact that americans put more value on a stupid cloth than the lives of their own soldiers says it all…

thats why i gladly burn the fucking cloth. because if that is more important than there health or well being i think that shows how blind some of them really are.

the spook levels are off the charts!

"American" military interventionism and the petrodollar are globalist assets.

Good fucking god, what Saturday morning cartoon did you get that nonsense from? How does an inanimate object protect you? Believing in Constitution magic does not make it into a real wizard.

Vet here. I'll beat down the lard-asses that try to stop them.



Burning a flag is edgy dumb anarchist teenager behaviour.
If anything, it will make people more repulsed to your special snowflake clubhouse ideology, so go ahead and become even more socially ostracized.

The so called "Confederate" flag wasn't their official flag. It was their infantry flag and it didn't represented anything else though.


Antifa on suicide watch

Why does the right always sing this song?


Your masters trained you to be an obedient slave. lop Tel.

It's a false flag.

what are they going to do, hurt me for exercising my rights? fuck off, chump.

transgalactic meta-metaphysical post-ironic deci-dimensional chess

obviously states and private businesses can do their own deal with their products/own symbols, but lets not be so obviously partisan.

Where in the constitution does it affirm my right to kill the police and bourgeoisie oppressers constantly shitting on the proletariat? It doesn't? Well then it's useless and belongs in the trash.


But is it illegal?

Showing that you're too weak to fight people on equal terms doesn't make you look good.

They took down war memorials. Never mind who you side with in a conflict, removing monuments shows a lack of respect for history and removing a war memorial shows a lack of respect for sacrifice.

Source: http:// entry/louisville-confederate-memorial_us_5726c167e4b01a5ebde5fb96

Who gives a shit? It's a waste of materials. Think of all the cars or houses or electronics that could be built with those materials. I'm all in favor of tearing down the statue of "liberty", not only is it misleading, but it could be better used elsewhere. Not joking.

I don't mean to defend the antifa, but fighting in a 1 vs 1 against a cop is hardly an even match. They're not only trained in martial arts, but also have at least blue equipment while the anarkiddies have whites at best.

Confirmed for devoid of culture.

Confirmed for thinking that houses and electronics are made of the same materials as monuments.

Confirmed for edgy.

I don't think the guy in the photo is a police officer, but I might be mistaken.

I also remember that a while ago Antifa attacked the Traditionalist Worker Party in America, 4 vs 1, and lost.

well It's not like I worship it as a holy document but lol

Confirmed for spooked.
You can't make houses, cars, electronics out of copper or other metals? Holy shit, my entire world is turned upside-down!
Meme buzzword


itt: spooked polyps masturbating to spooks

It's this attitude why we can't have great things.

Fine. We go full guerrilla mode and start to use so called "inhumane tactics".
Those policeman would start to look under their vehicules everyday in the morning when they are leaving to work. Only natural, after some of their coleagues were blown up.
But their wifes and kids still aren't safe…

Let me give you another perspective.

If an American shows the flag of a foreign nation that isn't from Western Europe, they are assumed to be untrustworthy and disdainful of their country.

If an American shows the flag of an illegitimate political entity that committed treason against the US, they are just proud of their heritage.

People don't call you anarkiddies just because is funny, you know?

How is deconstruction "taliban"? Do you think construction workers are terrorists or something?

Why don't you go join the ancraps with the rest of the human trash?

Even if you didn't have that stupid flag, "letting outside influences determine who you are" is so fucking vague it applies to everyone.

Currently reading En flyktning krysser sitt spor and Njals saga.

Got me there. I had a brain fart. Don't know what the fuck I was thinking.

Confirmed for knowing he's the edgiest guy around. You're quite cool, you know that? I bet you smoke pot as well.

Like this.


Egoist anarchism leads to anarcho-communism
Obviously you don't know about satanposter, anarcho-nihilist posters, or pirate posters

The only resource wasting cunt here seems to be you.
Tearing down a statue just because it's misleading. Who the fuck cares? It's just a statue, it's history.
But if you want to be like the retarded chinese that destroy their own culture and history to build western post-modern garbage than you are part of the problem and not part of the solution.
Now fuck off back to Holla Forums corruption lover.

But you were implying that any time you deconstruct something it's an act of terrorism

That means tearing down houses is also terrorism according to you

No, it means destroying historical landmarks.

You retard, if you don't bother to utilize resources then you're being wasteful.
This is both ironic and spooked, are just shitposting or Holla Forums?
Nice try Holla Forums, no one here gives a shit about culture, it's all spooks

Why should they have any value? They have no significance, just the bullshit you're ascribing to it. It has no value. Get over yourself.

You were implying that we should destroy the Statue of Liberty, a great gift my country offered to yours.
It's a part of history, it's something that allows us to remember or least imagine how life was before we were born and think about human evolution

Border are spooks you idiot, why are you trying to hard to identify with abstracts?
Meaningless sentimentalist crap.
We have textbooks for that

You said I was
This is incredibly vague. But further more, do you really not think that being an anarcho communist means that you have outside influences contributing to who you are. Marx, for example. Although he isn't the only influence for Communism or Anarcho Communism, he is clearly one of them, and thus, indirectly, an influence on you.

I have much to learn, it seems.

Yeah, nobody should give a shit about what Kropotkin said before, we should recycle his books into paper bags to be more nature-friendly :^)

Because we're not primitives that smash everything that isn't theirs. They have value in their history, cultural significance and showcasing of culture, art and craftsmanship.

The individual is the creative nothingness which cannot be described, all outside identities are not of himself (and so are not his property) and thus infringements on his unique essence. Read Stirner.
tbh ancomism is just what flows from ego-an, but until we get an ego-an flag this is as close as it gets I guess.

Do i look like conservanon in this thread? A book is a book. Besides we have e-books anyway. I don't care if you use it as a coaster or something.

Nice dichotomy
U srs?
But that's all just meaning you ascribe to it. It has no inherent value aside from what we can make and use from it.

"All things are nothing to me"

*Not property of him, but rather he makes them his property


Yeah, so I guess we should recycle every Rembradt paintings because there are some textbooks who describe them then ?

Yes comrades we must destroy all evidence that there was anything before the glorious revolution. We must remake the people according to our ideology and that entails the utter destruction of their history, customs and culture.

Literally 1984 tier.

Opinion discarded.

Are you seriously suggesting that value can only come from consumption? This is dystopian.

Epic emptiness.

If it was the same case as the statue of liberty I would say yes, provided as long as a snapshot was taken to be uploaded to the internet, but sadly you can't really recycle something like that I think.
History is to be recorded, but the artifacts of that history are to used.
George Orwell was a socialist. Lurk moar.

Aren;t you consuming something yourself when looking upon art? You care only for it's use to you, as the egoist does. Now you're getting it.
Creation, dissolution, ad infinitum

social constructs are downright concrete compared to the invisible spooks that have cucked pol

No, though this might incomprehensible to the stunted man who only relates through consumption.

No, just emptiness.

I've burned about 56 flags in my lifetime

And to the frenchfag that posted in this thread; fuck your ancestors, not only did they gift us a fuckhuge waste of metal, AND make our american ancestors put it together themselves, but they also chose one of the ugliest designs I have ever seen

Deny your ego no longer!
the ego is in a constant state of creating itself and dissolving in itself, even the ego is not above the ego.

If you haven't burned at least 1 flag in each state there's no way you can call yourself a true anarchist.

Ok, let's play.

So let's say that Noam Chomsky is elected supreme chancellor with absolute powers in the USA and he decides, thanks to your wise advice, to dismantle the statue of liberty (of course the bull of wall street has been already melted into anti rape whistles).
Now, how do you think the statue will get dismantled? And no, the mind powers everyone will have once the anarcho-sindicalism hits the USA isn't a real answer. The real answer is with machinery, workers, engineers and experts in said subjects.
I imagine that while being in a anarchist society the concept of money wont be present, but that doesn't mean labor would be an unlimited thing. All those human resources, along with the material ones and the space and time that will take to tear down the entire thing would be justified if that was for something useful and that justifies relocating all those resources into that work in particular.
But wait, are you telling me that the statue of liberty is an "ambiguous" symbol? So isn't like the thing is the ultimate symbol of capitalism (like the bull from wall street) or anything like that, is just that you feel a little distressed by the thing, so they definitely should spent all that time, work and resources in taring the thing down so they can use the materials for something useful, right?
But wait, there's more. Let's say that you have your god damn liberty rubles and now you want to reuse them. So there's 27 tons of copper, which is good because copper is kind of scarce and can be used in houses, electronics and cars. And certainly the 113 tons of steel could be of some use too. Now the problem is that you will need to melt them in a recycling center to make use of them. Now I'm not an expert at that subject, but certainly those centers must have a capacity of how much they can melt. So it's not like you are putting new materials into that industry, but more like you just gave them a bunch of rubble which you obtained by locating plenty of human and tech resources that could have been doing something better instead of using the other tons of waiting to be recycled steel or copper, just because you found the statue of liberty too excellent.
I wonder what sort of efficient society individuals like you would make if you were given the chance. And no, i don't mean by "individuals like you" actual anarcho-communist that knows the complexities of our modern world, I'm talking about anarcokiddies who thinks that the world just works by the virtue of some magical force and they are entitled to their fairy society in which they will be able to slack off and smoke weed everyday.

You should go to Amsterdam one day and go to the Rijksmuseum one day.
It's expensive for what it is, but you will see the proof in real life that a JPEG can reproduce every nuance these paintings have
Artifacts like history books from the past ? :^)
Orwell criticized Marxist-Leninist movements who wanted to erase the history and build a new culture out of nowhere.
Being an egoist doesn't mean that you can't appreciate the art of others and that you necessarily don't want to preserve it.

Do people think the wallmart bought 2$ cheap fuck flags are art.

Give them to the homeless for the winter.

Problematic is filtered? Or is just me being sleepy?

How does one stop me from microwaving a flag on fire in my garage, huh?

It's simple

You can't.

You should go to Amsterdam and pay a visit to the Rijksmuseum one day.
It's expensive for what it is, but you will see the proof in real life that a JPEG can reproduce every nuance these paintings have
You should keep the artifacts on the contrary, so everyone can be able to reconstruct history with the same elements.
The study of history can't be totally objective. Are you sure you aren't a tankie ?
Orwell criticized Marxist-Leninist movements who wanted to erase the history and build a new culture out of nowhere.
Being an egoist doesn't mean that you can't appreciate the art of others and that you necessarily don't want to preserve it.

Ridiculous. The moment your parents speak to you, you are irredeemably influenced and without escapatory from the symbolic world. Why do you think you speak? You came to do it automatically?

I don't see this flimsy psychological mysticism as a reason to blow up everything that we can't consume.

Even more reason to burn it

u 'avin a giggel m8?
It'll get dismantled if the workers want it dismantled, as for me I couldn;t care, I was just saying a state of affairs in the world in which more goods were produced from destruction of the statue is a better state than not doing so.
I'm saying it has no meaning. Do you even know what egoism is?
Ok now you're just being a jackass.
The ego is entitled to all it can take.
Good thing I'm not an ancom them :^)
History is objective but the study may not be, And to answer your question, no.
That's not what I'm proposing though.
True, but that's not my will.

I don't think you understand what identity means.

We both know this is a strawman.

Oh, I see. So you're retarded.

Both a strawman and an egoist are made up of carbon and hydrogen molecules, the rest is spooks and those aren't real.

Not an argument. Stay spooked.

btw you forgot your downboat.

Your desire is the Other's desire.

Says the guy who thinks history is objective.
Oh, and btw, if you're an actual egotist you shouldn't be using the ancom flag.

Others have no relationship to me; if we both want the same thing, it's a coincidence, not a connection.

So you're telling me the sun didn't rise yesterday? That didn't happen?
I could say the same for you since anarcho-nihilism isn't even a real ideology. But ancomism is a consequence rather than my cause, so It fits for now until we get an ego-an flag.

Arguments are spooks, they have no inherent value.

The thing is that : if history is objective, but its study is subjective, how can we obtain studies that are the closest to objectivity, despite the constrains and limits of the human mind ?
Certainly not by destroying artifacts from the past.
Well, my ego and the egos of countless of other historians disagree with you. So don't fuck with us m8.

It doesn't.
Cuba had a Communist revolution and kept the flag.
The US could make Trump president for life and keep the fucking flag too
It represents the country, not the constitution or any other law.
Money isn't a symbol.

You're just digging yourself a bigger hole.

islam/quran symbolism is uncanny

Wow how much of a snitch bitch can you be?

I didn't knew historical materialism wasn't classifiable as a spook.


I'd like to see you try bitch boy.

Are you the same anfem who used to bully some cuck in highschool?

Are you the same cuck who complained?

I'm just quoting son

Burning is the proper method of retirement for a flag that has been soiled by tyranny and oppression.


S-sorry a-anfem-chan

How does it feel I've literally used small sized star spangled banner as a tampon before

Which comes to a more interesting point.

There is novelty American flag toilet paper. Do you just make that illegal too?

What about Kleenex?

If you eat pancakes with red white and blue whip cream, are you violating United States law?


Every night, I pray to my flag to bring me the American Dream. And every morning, I shit to the tune of our Anthem, a small painting of Jesus nodding in approval.

Ok, so what makes burning so special if the issue is flag being soiled. I don't understand how the fuck anyone can care about a burning flag if there's everything from tampons to toilet paper in the flag variety.

For fucks sakes get a grip

Because the burning of a flag is a performative action showing hostility.

Stop being autistic.

So if I buy my flag toilet paper and wipe my feces all over it, I'm doing my part as a citizen of the USA

Hostility to who exactly ? No one is getting harmed in the process.

Hey, it's you. Nice to see you. This is so awkward.
How have you been anfem-chan?

Let me guess, Germany or Scandinavia?

I want this semester to be over; procrastinating studying, shitting my time away

Why do you get so butthurt over it? And ironically it's pretty much always right-wingers. Why do you care when you think the government is controlled by reptilian Jew commies anyway?

What do you study?
Also as a 25 y/o NEET without a degree I would strongly advice you to study. You don't want to be in my spot, trust me.

Are you trying to say that half the country is an illegitimate political entity?

Psychiatry. Trust me I know I have to study but.

Only twenty more minutes man, I swear :)

All is forgiven

of course you can't, unless your a dumbass that records and broadcasts the whole thing…

What the fuck is the point of soiling a flag if nobody is watching

Just a waste of time.

I wonder why nobody has tried to set the white house lawn on fire with gasoline.


No, for that you also have to stop being autistic.

The libertarian notion that hostility only exists as direct physical action is pure ideology.

Reptilians, jews, commies… the flag remains, untainted. It's a matter of respect, I'm not butthurt by seeing it here, anymore than I would be horrified if I googled "car crash victims", but when seeing it in front of you, the immediacy does certainly strike a nerve.

Oh, I just remember when I was a med student. Med semiology was quite fun tbh. I wasn't made for that job though. In fact I wanted to specialize in psychiatry before I dropped out, so I know a thing or two about the subject.
Are you more DSM oriented or your approach is more humanistic?

Why are you calling me a nut case for domestic abuse?

]Might as well call all our cops and troops nutcases, that wouldn't be very American

Listen Hank Hill, stop calling me autistic when you're the one who says "yes shit all over my flag, give me your anus bruv, the toilet paper is yours"

But when it comes to burning its a hostile act.

No shit it's hostile, what the hell are you going to do about it? Make it illegal?

Fine I'll have to make use with all the American made flag products that are for bodily function usage.


It's..a little bit of both. But I tend to be more DSM oriented for the fact that I want the career upwards. I'm actually aiming beyond 4 years into doctorate territory, but that's a far ways away, we'll see.

I don't want to shake the boat this early. I just want to do what's academically safe this early in four year, then work from there further down the line.

It's about perspective, it comes with the sense of respect. If it takes toilet paper with an american flag printed on it for you to wipe your bum, I'll let it slide.

This is your brain on American consumerism

I'm just being empathetic and accommodating, a good patriot, so to say.

A good patriotic thing to do, would be to burn the flag.

Okay, but you haven't specified who is targeted by that 'hostility'.

Come and take my flag printed bed sheet.

Real Americans.

The Middle East gets upset at Muslim objects being burned. Americans get upset at Patriotic Wall Mart products being burned (not toilet paper not tampons tho it's ok)

Why are you fighting, can't you all get along that you share sentimentality towards useless cloth?

War criminal, Stop the Iraq War, War criminal

t. not a nutcase

War criminal

nice meme 9/11

I am a real American, fight for the rights of every man

It's time to stop posting.

B-but the DSM is evil!
Well, at least is based on reliable statistical data and isn't manipulated by big pharma, right?

Jokes aside, that's quite a good plan. How do you plan to "shake the boat" once you have the PhD?

I think I'll think about it along the way, I don't think just shitting out controversial papers is a good plan. Probably at that point I'll be more able to critique than anything else.

I won't stop

ocd autist confirmed

It's not that I can't stop. It's that I don't want to stop. Because I like it here.

look at the filename.

Not even. His view was mainstream less than 10 years ago.

It's called neoconservatism