What does leftypol think about Euromaidan and 2014 Ukrainian revolution?

What does leftypol think about Euromaidan and 2014 Ukrainian revolution?

Garbage. And not a Revolution.

Why do they keep talking about it?

It's not a revolution, but a right-wing palace coup.

i mean it wasn't a communist one, but it was a revolution of some sorts

mfw liberals found themselves supporting right-wingers (again)

It was the same sort of "revolution" the CIA brought to Chile, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. The USA installed literal fascists to spite Russia and now it's threatening to lead to war between NATO and Russia. That is if the fascists in Ukraine don't start a war with fascists in Poland first.

Not a revolution, because a revolutions outcome is a change of the economic system. Ukraine was a right-wing coup backed by western allies and lead by Poroshenko and his gang of bourgeoisie's that wanted and successfully got rid of Yanukovich and his gang of bourgeoisie's

Because they are right wing.

3G coverage

mass unemployment

Pensions and wages cut to absolute shit

What? Where? How? With what budget?

Cannot win the separatists

Pretty good actually, but i doubt it will happen

Cheaper one way ticket to central europe to work as janitors and all that

Yes when you will be called for conscription to serve on the eastern front there will be less paperwork to do.

Ukraine is just a shittier, more nazi version on Russia.

UKKKrainians have always been fascists. They despise Jews and communists, and Aryan racial theories are very big there.


Slavic fascists amuse me

this. Honestly the place should just be nuked and annexed by Russia once and for all

hello paid RT posters


The grievances of the Ukrainian people against the crooked Yakunovych oligarchy were real, genuine, and valid.

But the United States, in alliance with far-right Ukrainian forces, hijacked those grievances into a "revolution" which installed a new, worse oligarchy and empowered the country's domestic fascist movement.



I here al those people saying that they're fascists, but how are they practically more fascist than Putin and his mercs in novo-russia?

He's about as close as kleptocratic post-Boris "Shell the Duma" Yeltsin gets to Western-style bourgeois democracy. The West and Putin have some spats but when it comes to domestic political practice, their social base, and their ideology–well, their really not that different.

Agreed there are some far-right tendencies and they accept money and training from Russian imperialism but the people of this region was driven into Putin's arms when the West spent 4 billion dollars to overthrow a democratically elected and install a government that was openly pro-Nazi that promised to enact racist policies against ethnic Russians. Also if its a question of whose "more" fascist I haven't heard of people in the Novorossian side burning trade unionists alive and strangling pregnant women like the Ukrainians did in Odessa.

There are some left-wing tendencies, and look I'm a bunkerist I think most of whatever is there is revisionist, but I'm wondering if anyone can recall that communist leader who died for Novorussia? And wasn't there also a black communist fighting with them?

I think the ordinary people of that region have great potential they want socialism back but the problem is putin and the leadership of the peoples republics don't really want it back.

Azov Battalion are open neo-nazis

A kleptocratic fascist surrounded by kleptocratic fascists is still a fascist, not even just authoritarian anymore, but totalitarian even.

Yanukovich was a mafia stooge, if there was any democratic mandate, he'd long spoiled it.

They never did enact or plan any such policies, only one act regarding the use of Russian as official language of the whole country.

The Novorussian side carried out mass executions, a terror campaign and kidnappings. The only difference is that they see the soviet union as part of their national heritage, in practice, there is none.

There is no practical difference with the fascists of azov and the fascists calling themselves anti-fascists, because fascism to them means "enemy of russia".