Nick Land: "The Alt-Right Is Dead"

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So what, they're just isolationists white nationalists?

Man, imagine Richard Spencers salt


You can't kill something that never existed in the first place.

Bowie was satirizing it though.

Was it really necessary to even elevate the group considering it consisted of at most a few thousand satirists, neo-fascists, and bigots?

Yeah, sure, dude used to hang out in germany with nazi occultists.

Fasicm is really in tune with anesthetics and appearance

Not only being strong but looking strong,

hmmmm, whats that flag there behind bowie

didn't he sing about the golden dawn ?

that really disappoints me, tbh

Like can you imagine, a couple decades after ww2, walking around europe wearing a swastika shirt.
That was back when punk rock was actually Transgressive

He said he was high as fuck on coke back then, he eventually stopped being a nazi and married some black chick.
He was still an occultist though





I think he means Atlantean in the terms of the Atlantic relationship between the UK and the US, not as the descendants of a mythical land

It was satire. Anyone who takes The Thin White Duke seriously is a moron.

You mean the very old Hermetic occult order which has absolutely nothing to do with Nazism and/or white nationalism?

so, will i have to be the one to tell this nigga about neofolk



Holla Forums memes are very weak and unfunny. they lost the magic tbh

They never had it. Most of their memes were taken from /int/ or recycled from /n/.

They don't have the magic of polandball but pepe was pretty good

butthurt detected

you yourself admitted he was so coked out he didn't know where he was. now you're telling me he was a crypto-nazi despite displaying no racialist tendencies throughout his entire career?




Just stating facts. Being a newfag you could use a history lesson.

No you just are wrong

Like the altright isn't satirizing fascism…smh…thought there was supposed to be smart people here…

They reveled in being found out as single men who masturbate to anime and went to great length to assure Cuck Wilson that he was absolutely correct in his assertion that they were. There was no recoiling at being found out.

This is why you keep losing.

I hate the pistols so fucking much

Mosley achieved nothing except getting fucked over at Cable Street

Educated(indoctrinated) people always believe they are smart and make a point of lording their smartness over others.

You wish. They actually are pagan barbarians. No one buys Richard's lies about irony and a spirit of "exuberance."

Bowie was coked out of his mind and into the occult back in the 70's. Not a good combination. By time the 80's came around he repudiated all of that Nazi nonsense.

We're still pretty young

K, I can understand Bowie but the Pistols were being edgelords for the sake of it, you reach this conclusion by watching almost any interview/documentary.

Pepe was never a Holla Forums meme though, they stole it from Holla Forums and /r9k/

It is true. Books are the paper Jew, and you must be careful of reading any Jewish knowlwdge.

Why, to read a text by a Jew is akin to letting a negro into your home and eagerly watching him pleasure your wife. I would even say worse, as the mind is more sacred than anything else.

Nah… come on you trolling.

But what if they're just telling you that to keep you from the using the Jew knowledge Jews use to control the world for yourself


Nice try, kike.

"The Alt-Right is dead" he claimed, as their president is inaugurated.


I think after all the bullshit that happened at the NPI conf. people are kinda backing away from the alt right. First Ramzpaul and now Nick Land.

One thing is to troll and use dank Holla Forums memes and another thing is if everything looks staged and got way to cultishly stormfaggy.

Trump used them like a fucking $10 hooker and they are still here thinking Trump daddy will always be there for them.

They are sadly mistaken.

free memes and propaganda while he appoints cabinet members that are 99% approved by Holla Forums


I'm glad the alt-right is dead, we got Stephen Bannon in the white house!

I'm pretty sure Steven Bannon does not care about alt-right even if he said he allowed Breitbart to have an alt-right angle.

Yeah, Steven Bannon is just a harmless cuckservative brah.
Watch this Holla Forums

Is he having rough nights or does he just look shit without makeup? Someone should JUST him.

Delete this!

Lightning bolts just look rad, dude.


aren't most of his cabinet just neocons and other establishment politicians he said he would drain. Thats hardly Holla Forums approved.

Holla Forums confirmed for normies.

he is quite right thoo
proper fascism in any english speaking country looks so degenerate.
because c'mon guys, you invented racism, your ruling class was basically white supremacist for a large part of the 19th and the 20th, your reactionaries dont even need that stormcuck shit.




what did zhe mean by this?

I don't see how using GNU Social is inherently "leftist".