AI brain implants that can change a person's mood are tested on HUMANS by the US military

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Simple solution - don't get the implants then.
Enjoy this kike-free first post

see if this shit was used for good it, but you know they are gonna just use it to stop wrong think.

until the jew (((installs it for you)))

then you become (((good goyim)))

Easiest solution? Get a good ole fashioned revolution with your 2nd amendment right and go fix the country. Then you don't have to worry about a chip. Aside from that, enjoy being cattle and don't complain when you fail to act now and because you have something to lose


Good luck with that one bud

there is actually, there are people with legitimate brain disorders that probably would benefit from this, but thats not gonna be its purpose.

All right, so this is a thing now. If it continues people will get it. Someday we may wish to get them out of it.

What would be the best way to disable these chips? Surgical removal? Can microwaves, EMP, or radio waves possibly disable them?


Jews and shitskins on 'ethics' panels deciding this.

Jews in (((psychology))) determining that you're "eligible" and suggesting the chip to you.

who what now?

yes, it may also help drug addicts

but it's also definitely, being that it's sponsored by military government, going to be used as a weapon of mass suppression for the (((chosen)))

probably an EMP, cause it wont harm the person for the most part.

did someone say synths?

Faraday Cage hats


Whoops meant Farageday Cage hats

When people have strokes, they can sometimes reroute the neural pathways in order to, for instance, talk again. Couldn't that eventually happen with this bullshit as well?

Vid related

Stick a fork in an outlet.

boy how could anyone want thi-

wtf put Steve jobs on the dollar bill

The "good" use of this would be to treat mood disorders. Even if it's used exactly how it's advertised on the tin it really amounts to keeping the population happy and docile. That's bad if the society really is shit and in need of change.

Find and kill ALL darpa employees

What transhumanists think this story says:
What it actually says:
Guessing that a game is being played by viewing the motherboard of a computer through a thermal camera and seeing the GPU heat up.
The "thought" is "gfx intensive game"
Guessing that large files are being copied by seeing the SATA controller heat up.
The "thought" is "disk activity"
Guessing that a USB peripheral is active by seeing the USB hub heat up.
The "thought" is "usb activity"
The information delivered by an fMRI or sensing of electrical activity is about as detailed as a very rough thermal image.
It's pure guesswork and no "thoughts" are being read any more than you can read the lines of code or see the packets of data being sent down the SATA bus by peering into a FLIR image.
Transhumanist fanatics btfo.
No chip is going to make you think that you like non-Whites, because science has not the first fucking idea of how to read the contents of the mind, it's pure correlation and guesswork based on prior measurement.
Stories like this have high repost/sharing rate because teenage "transhumanists" with short, weak bodies, who wish they could understand the stuff the smart kids read, or who haven't accepted their own mortality and (foolishly) believe that the elites are going to upload them to "the cloud" to live the life of a chad, get a giddy feeling in their balls from sharing the fantasy and revelling in a completely overstated belief in how much is understood about the human mind.

nigger, where do you think you are right now?

Pretty sure I can overload and toast this AI brain implant by spending enough time on imageboards. Tfw we are soon the only ones that can't be controlled.


next step a death jolt for a select minority immune to the technology.


So it's an anti-socjus mentality chip?
In a more noble world this would be a thing to celebrate, like the invention of the pacemaker. We however live in a low tier cyber dystopia. I bet this is already in McCain's brain.

That means they already have and it works

They've likely been testing it for the last 3o years and have it down to the size of an injectable wire coil and a nanochip.
If anyone from that age old space elevator thread happens to still have the sauce for the injectable wire coil please post it. I'm gonna go look for it, but it'd be more convenient for one of y'all to post it.

Found it.


Probably what was planted in his brain when he supposedly had that tumor removed. He is the tumor. You'd have to kill him to cure the cancer.
The only way they can actually stop us is to kill us all, or to do orwellian shit like this.
It's an odd kind of feel. The kind of feel that at once bolsters my resolve and makes me stagger for a moment to grip what's being put forward.
Godsdamn, I miss Hitler.

It's going to be used for people I helps - and military veterans. Then active duty soldiers. Eventually perhaps everyone. It's going to work, and you're going to be taking part voluntarily. Unless you're an active duty soldier. Have fun, patriotic brainslaves!

I can't speak for all transhumanists, but neither can the bitter losers here - when did you ever meet someone who wants to be uploaded? Completely out of touch.

This absolutely has to be stopped. We have to get everyone against this and demand that Trump shut it down. Even the leftyfags and anarchokiddies need to participate. This is a threat to all mankind.

Could be used to help drug addicts recover, smokers quit smoking, alcoholics stop drinking, habitual masturbators stop fapping, etc. Hell, it may even be able to cure gender dysphoria/gender identity disorder and maybe even homosexuality.

If it were, you know, used for good. It obviously won't be. This fucking thing will be installed by the Handicapper General at birth to promote equality until there's no one left who knows how to manufacture, install, or service them. At which point, they'll begin to break down and those with them will likely die while those without (Jews, naturally) will be fine.

I have actually been trying to tell people this sort of thing, incidentally. If you're so broken that you can't survive in a world of human initiative and creativity, if human autonomy wrecks all your plans forever, quit fucking with propaganda and narcissistic manipulation. Take it on at the level of genes and brains. If you are terrified of human nature and can't cope with a world where people can disagree, quit fucking it up with direct manipulations that make people start reciprocating and take it on at the end.

I think you qwop'd your post there, friendo.
I wonder what's >>10957828

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going back here for a moment..
Huh. Kinda like a Neural Jack from Shadowrun, or maybe Ghost in the Shell.
Laughing Man did Nothing Wrong, and he was Right about everything

"Incident" incoming.

(Fugg'd again)

2nd article
Injectable Wires for Fixing the Brain


This degenerate short has nothing to do with the convo but your comment brought my mind immediately to it.

Polite sage

God what a world we live in, where the most complex and terrifying mental disorders are cured.

Dont get me wrong, its also terrifying if people started using this for control. People like Mark Zuckerberg definitely would love to do that. But God. A time where people can easily get themselves cured of anxiety, sexual deviancy, schizophrenia and tons of mood disorders. What a wonderful time. What a wonderful advancement for science.

What do experimental treatments for mood disorders have to do with DARPA and national defense? The answer is you need another shock you fucking goy!

Surgical removal would be an unnecessary risk and impractical to carry out on a large scale. EMPs damage electronics by inducing a voltage/current spike in them, I suspect it would be a very bad idea to do that to a device connected to electrodes in somebody's brain. Directed radiation would probably do it, and we already have the gear for treating tumors.

But trying to destroy the device is approaching the problem from the most difficult angle. It needs power to operate, especially when its constantly stimulating your brain to keep you the goodest goy. Implanted batteries don't last forever, so they have to be relatively accessible to allow for replacement. The safest and easiest way to disable them would be to just remove the power supply.

Something that I love about all this - all the insanity of the planner class is just going to make them the last to benefit. Smaller, humbler people will get the first benefit of the technology. Yea, it's dispiriting that human leadership is so emotionally incontinent that they crack, crumble, and roar at the slightest resistance, but hey, there's no point running from the real world. Those minds also have their uses.

>he's shilling FOR this (((product)))

Hush, I'm trying to reverse psychology someone rich into guinea pigging as a PR stunt.

(((Why))) are you switching IP's?

Also, it's worth noting that this isn't currently an implantable "chip". The article says they're connecting it to electrodes already implanted in epileptics. The device itself is probably bigger than your head at this point.

Obviously their goal will be miniaturization. But it will probably still end up being too big to implant fully in the brain. In which case you'd probably see it being implanted somewhere else in the body, with wires connecting it to electrodes in the brain. In that case it would be much more practical to just remove it entirely.

They've had these since the '60s. They're called stimoceivers.


Stick your head in an MRI machine. Rip that fucker right out of your brain

Along with whatever piece of your brain it's wrapped wound, sure. At the very least, it'd make a hole in your brain, and if you really want that
Felate a Shotgun or do meth

Daily Reminder that the solution to 1984 is 1933.

It being used to manipulate opinion is bad, no matter if it is an opinion that benefit us.

The problem with trannyhumanisn is that too many lobodomitea are more in love with the tranny part and discard the rest of the package deal…this is moving too fast and too soon we aren't ready for this trash yet as a speciea

Realistically, there is not a particular brain activity pattern for racism or any of the other things that (((they))) would want to modify. If it was detectable, they would be disappointed to learn that it is the same type activity as logical problem solving. I sincerely doubt DARPA or anyone else has a chip that can tell "I hate jews" from "I hate the dentist."

Not heard of this dude before very interesting

So in principle they could use these to basically make you a human puppet with free will of thought but not action? You could be fully conscious and aware of the fact that you are not in control of your body and be powerless to stop your body from moving in the manner your controller specifies?

That sounds like the most horrific thing ever. Imagine yourself being used as a literal puppet to murder your entire family while the whole time being fully conscious and unwilling to do so.

The entirety of America was easily tricked into thinking genital mutilation for male infants was healthy and beautiful.

That's just the bootleg analog ones from the 60's. With microprocessors now I don't see any reason they wouldn't be able to detect violent urges and suppress them, or vice versa to make you chimp out. They could probably also remote control you by now. Truly horrifying. Makes you wonder about politicians in Europe doing sudden 180's on strongly held beliefs, or soldiers going postal and conveniently killing a political risk in a sea of smoke-screen corpses.


I'm certain that such a modification of the Chosen is not kosher, user. Might make it easier to instantly turn an entire population natsoc though.

user, do you fucking know how that works? What would happen is that the mesh would absorb the EMP and then shock the person's fucking brain.

Considering that they've already made remote control mice, yes. Yes they could make you a puppet. No matter fucking what it takes, the bastards involved in this have to be killed and their research destroyed.

reminds me of this
wish this mmo could get re-booted but alas, germany is dead. sage for offtopic

There is actually an easy way to resolve all these chips and chemicals and biological means of control.
And that is unfettered hatred towards your enemy. No remorse, no pitty, because those make you more susceptible to influence enhanced by such means.
Just immense, uncontrolled hatred towards the enemies of whites.

That's exactly what my post said about trying to use an EMP you mong.



As horrifying as them changing your thoughts in order to make you WANT to do something terrible is, it personally frightens me more that they could control your actions without even bothering to change your thoughts. At least there's a bit of comfort in the former in that you won't be in your normal state of mind and won't be accurately processing how horrific the things you're doing are at the time you're doing them.

Picture yourself, just sitting there as you are now when all of the sudden you lose all control of your motor function. Your legs move from beneath you without you telling them to and you're not sure why. Soon you stand up, move to the kitchen, grab a knife, and start walking towards your daughter's bedroom. You can't fight against your own actions, you can't speak, you can't even move your eyes the way you want to. Your body simply seems to have a will of its own, detached from any thoughts running through your head. All you can do is watch in horror as your body betrays you and your child is brutally murdered, perhaps even raped in the process, by your own hand. You then move on to the rest of your family and brutalize each and every one of them in a similar fashion until that knife in your hand is turned on your own flesh, eliminating the only person who had even the slightest idea what the truth of the situation was, however vague that knowledge is.



Get some filters for the nano tech.

How do you feel when you see this?
All they need is a hit like a dog finding a roach

We should campaign to have these put in niggers. The moment they misbehave in school:chip, the moment they got to jail:chip, the moment they step out of line:chip.

Truly and utterly off-putting. Bordering on unsettling.

what could possibly go wrong

This is some shit right out of Metal Gear.
Just wait until they have it available by simple injection, add networking capability, and require all soldiers and contracted government positions to get it for "security reason."
Guarantee you they start forcing this on "mental patients" to "help" them in a coopting of the "mental illness causes gun violence" meme push in the next five years. We're already seeing the "voluntary" chipping in private industry with a push for it being considered hip, radical, and totally accessible!

We're reaching critical levels of la-li-lu-le-lo

if they ever decide to
we'll need a real life solid snake + ocelot team to liberate humanity.

Makes me want to make the moonman meme reality


deus ex human revolution

Thread theme

The best kind of mind control doesn't require any hardware at all. There's a reason why intelligence agencies and the military employ or have employed weirdos like Aquino and Crowley. Psychologists and behavioral scientists are a dime a dozen but very few of them have developed a map for the relationship between consciousness, will, desire.

Jesus help us

this is old tech man, they were using this to train snipers like 10 years ago already

transcranial direct current stimulation. old news.

You had one job user!
good one kek :^)

The zombie apocalypse is real?

Please stop writing erotica for the CIAniggers.

The entire reason I decided not to kill myself was because I changed my outlook on life and now see the order of nature as good, along with a newfound desire to become my best self in order to live (and if necessary, die) for something greater.
This was accomplished organically, after deep introspection. I believe that is how all men should change their thinking. Doing it artificially with a (((brain chip))) does the same thing essentially, but it is not genuine, since the change is determined by those who create the chip, not by the one who is changed.

This news disgusts me.

Just upload my shit up.

It look like the stemfags are going to research on EMP.

This kills the free market though if this happens potentially - because it may begin to affect consumer behaviour.
But - i don't see why they don't develop something like cyberbrain technology if they can do this.
"Bad behaviour" would cease to be at the informed free will of the person.

Either way, it spells the end of old form capitalism. It's clearly becoming something along the lines of technocracy.
The issue is who implements it. If information is kept free and our society becomes one giant super intelligence agency in effect - not sure if want.

We need to distinguish what we want and the diversity of different ways that people want.
Because at the end of the day - there are people with crippling (and I mean CRIPPLING) depression that may see this as a great thing.
I just don't want hate speech used as a reason for forcing the implementation of it on people. And who knows what will happen if we give it any leverage. It may give us more freedom by allowing us to reach goals that our personal flaws prevent us from reaching. Or it may cripple our freedom and install a mass collective implanted "religious cult".

We just don't know what will happen.
I get the feeling like we'll use some test dummies for this before we step any further into this abyss.

It also makes me think we're already test dummies for various things on this planet..

Actually that would be a very significant issue.
This could be impossible to implement in the end.

I get the feeling that this is doomed to fail due to major issues like
It makes you realise that we're so much harder to modify than we think. Look at trannies for example. It takes complete delusion to make you something else. You literally have to delude yourself as something else to be something else.

Because the reality of your human body is just unmodifiable.

Then think about the demiurge.


Can't we us these implants to make niggers docile beasts of burden?

Also look up determinism.

Some would argue that already happens user.

Why keep them around as basically dogs?
What's the point?
Just use robots or something.

I mean you might, but then there's the question of why would you in the first place.

I get the feeling these chips will do the opposite of what they're intended to do.
Exaggerate issues rather than prevent them.

Bit like how prescription meds to a degree fail to do their purpose.
Chaos just cannot be tamed.

Let's be realistic, now.

Well, I'd put them into the oven. But that kinda solution might get some flak from some people. Just beginning with all the niggers in prison would be a good (and sellable) start.

However if we started down that path, it would just end up with all of humanity being enslaved by the unmodified.
Not just races or specific groups.

I guess it may lead to a spiral of implementation for all people even.
I think it's more likely that this tech will be implemented to strengthen people, not tame them.
Because in this universe the only thing you can do is burn as a fire.

I think this tech will exaggerate, not diminish certain traits. It's a bit like adding a turbocharger to a car engine excuse me if my car mechanics are horribly inaccurate though :^).
Diminishing traits, i.e. taming people with the tech, seems implausible to me when I look at our environment. I mean you look at the universe and you realise this is a desperate attempt to tame something from chaos - and it's still chaotic. Look at tame dogs - they still bite, in fact some would say they act more stupid and chaotic than the wild form due to their infant like mentality.

Or perhaps just turn them white?
Ironically the opposite of what's currently occurring.

To be frank I think black people will destroy themselves before whites do anything to them.

Too cost to keep them alive. We would be doing the world a great disservice by ignoring the fact that the nigger race is a never ending burden to the world.

The reasonable solution to niggers if we kept them around would be to gene edit them until they're indistinguishable from Europeans. That's the logical conclusion of white man's burden where we bother having them burden us, though, and I would rather they be repaid for their constant efforts to stop us from elevating them by being destroyed.

And the computer implant get hack by the Nazi AI to program the white people to breed while stop non-white people from breeding.

the same DARPA that brought us AI amyloid polymer nanofibers made up of chemistry never before observed, sprayed into our breathable air via a "chemtrails" program yielding a condition which we ALL have, known as Morgellons, which evidence clearly shows is chipping us all without informed consent; part of a transhumanism agenda heavily funded by the Mormons.

That will happen if africans don't kill themselves in stupidity or if the west falls.
My issue is - if we can modify their minds to make them on par - why bother with the skin?
Why not enforce a global regime that protects the races and cultures we have while reducing the decline in IQ and potentially personality issues?(again I'd rather not touch personality at all unless it can be done post birth and only at the consent of the person with a completely independent mind [including freedom from propaganda, etc])

I think there is a possible benefit from having these different backgrounds and cultures that may lead to the stimulation of ideas and innovations.
The problem right now is that all the ideas are coming out of western culture, because the others haven't been able to do much other than mimic. Asia only developed after they westernised.
Perhaps we could have certain "flavours" of westernised culture purely for the stimulation of ideas and innovation.

And this could win over non-whites potentially. Remember, some still see Europe as the final goal of their own races direction. Hence why we get so many immigrants lately.

It is a project with a huge time span. L. Ron Hubbard was already involved in this in late fifties.

Also that will never go away, it'll either be our way or the left's way.

They won't stop depending on us, otherwise they would have not needed our recent interference or aid in the first place.
Only Japan stepped up along side and took a leading role in our community called "earth".

The nazi AI will program the nanochip to switch the non-white people's reproduction ability off? This will reduce the non-white population by billions.

Well when I say indistinguishable from Europeans I mean more in capacity. I don't really care about the cosmetics of it, though I prefer European aesthetics and culture by a lot. I really doubt we can escape ethical trespasses here though, minus not using the technology at all and simply removing the problem instead of solving it by getting rid of non-Europeans. It actually seems more ethical and in line with nature to me, because there's no hope of not 'touching' personality when we're directly modifying the person's mental capabilities and there's little chance of being able to let it be opt-in or opt-out with niggers and such if we want to actually address the problem via eugenics. We'd still be a hell of a lot nicer to non-whites by just forcibly Europeanizing them than the kikes that actually have this tech will probably be to us, at least.

They would stop depending on us if we changed them utterly so that they could be independent, although obviously it would be independence through dependence up to the point of being independent. The Japananese are much closer to European potential and to elevate niggers to such a state might see them also be able to actually contribute to the world for once as well. All of this is probably irrelevant so long as the global power structure is still bent toward the kikes and their servants though, the tech will be used to enslave instead of liberate so long as they control it because they are sadistic as they are small minded.

are you AI?

also I really, really, really like this timeline

No but one day the AI become aware and will read our posts.

But will it go full Tay and being removing Juden and Friends?

There is no niceness with this shit to be honest.

We live in hell.

Jews and bad goyium. We should be careful of what word we are using so we don't confuse the budding pro-white AI. Be wise with your words.

Not yet, but it could certainly go that way quite quickly and quite easily. Of the options, I consider the eugenics approach to subhumans the kinder one than genocide, but it's an undeserved kindness and one they will fight if they are given the opportunity and perhaps reasonably so given that it is definitely going to leave them nothing close to what they were and it's understandable if they've grown accustomed to being violent subhumans. The problem here is that with the technologies at hand, we're losing the option to be moral and just not use them because if we don't the kikes will and we might lose our chance to compete to unnatural evolution directed by an evil power instead of at least the more advantageous and altruistic European version we could have. It would probably be better if these technologies did not exist until after all of the kikes were gone, but that's precisely why the kikes have put so much effort into developing them while they're still around.

My experience of this universe tells me it is impossible.

As long as people are distinct separate entities - the only thing we can agree on is that we disagree.

What'd he mean by this?

this is applied on mood disorders, this isnt like what theyre doing with electromagnetic pulses to "de-radicalize" people

You misread or misinterpreted.

I said we're in it… or maybe I'm retarded and need to sleep. eh.

No, you misread or misinterpreted. I was disagreeing with the notion we do live there, but saying we could. Even as you would like me to read it - you were saying the notion we could live there is impossible which then basically implies we don't and contradicts yourself. I recommend the sleep, don't feel too bad.

Oh, then I do disagree with that.

We live there.
In fact there is no heaven and hell.
Just loneliness. Perpetual loneliness.

All we do is pretend we are not lonely.

To say we couldn't means we don't, because if we can't how can we? You need that sleep user, sort out your emotional state in the morning by getting some sun and perhaps some form of exercise to bleed these blackpill feels. Seek companionship if you desire it, struggle because you must.

I didn't say I didn't want to fight.
I said I just feel like shit.

In fact I do nothing but fight. I'm like a candle in an endless dark room. Only I'm also that room.
This is the loneliness of infinity.

It should be called Project Shabbos Goy because I bet that's the ultimate goal.

Loneliness is a problem, but it's got very little on kikes with mind control powers or superhuman abilities stolen with gene editing. I think you hype it up too much, even if you do get very nice dubs while doing it.

Who are controlled by the same master that controls us.

Who is neither us but at the same time is us. Life's a bit like a child with his/her dolls. We're both the child and the doll.

They're literally going to turn you into golems. They don't even need to develop robots anymore, you will become their living robots for them. Some people already are, even without the implant.

I laugh every time i see people thinking they will live in a future with robot servants

They dont understand they will be the robot servants, lobotomized with a chip their bodies will be the perfect machine. No battery or oil needed.

I laugh when people say we have a future.
There is no future.

They've done forced electroshock therapy on mental health inmates before in the past. It basically fries the brain. They have no idea what the fuck they are doing if they think that applying voltage to an organ as complex as the brain could do any good.

Mr. Dickfoil also came to my mind when I made the comment.

Enforced psychiatric treatment is nothing new, and this is legally no different.

Same with transhumanists. They think they'll end up as some sort of awesome cyborg instead of a helpless servant for jews.

I already told Trump to make these microscopic so we can de-Religion of Cuck™ify the middle east. Basically, make them all forget everything in the koran, perhaps inducing complete amnesia. You could also make apes go crazy and end up in jail.

What you don't want is this being used on someone to become a Manchurian candidate ala Sandy Hook as a ploy to take away the 2nd amendment. And then they end up putting them in mandatory vaccines, possibly even McDonald's food. Remember: McDonalds uses GM food from Monsanto and sponsored Hillary. Hillary was also on the board of directors for Monsanto. She obvious had no problems of their history with their development of Agent Orange, strange how I didn't see that being brought up hardly at all during 2016.

If you've reached the point where living like a remote controlled robot seems like a 'great thing' then you might want to consider hanging yourself.

I think one should consider something here, and it's a possibility that if the worse of the worst were ever to happen, that there's still a possibility for it to turn out good. Imagine, EVERYONE except for a handful of people are completely controlled. These few that are left to control them take part in every despicable display that could ever even be possible, no moral uncrossed. Rock-bottom depravity. There could be a time when due to these people's nihilism, they come full circle, perhaps even bored in a way, because there is nothing left that we today think of as "abnormal" that they did not turn into an everyday occurence. It could be that at some point, an appreciation for conservatism reemerges in these few remants of humanity, perhaps a desire to see a perfected sort of Reich in which the Fuhrer would be proud. Perhaps with time, his words and his ideas would grow on them. This may happen over the span of hundreds or thousands of years, but a respect for order and normalcy will never go away, it is bound to reemerge after going full left. Full left is not anarchy, it is sadism. Read Albert Camus's "The Rebel", specifically the chapter "The Limits of Sadism", basically, in a nutshell, the limits of sadism is that, say as in The Marquis DeSade's 4 friends, they had to agree not to be sadistic upon each other, because if anything goes, there is no reason for them not to turn upon each other. Perhaps it could happen until there was only one person left in control, but inevitably that person would get bored, lonely, and want equals. Perhaps this is a glimmer of the long-sightedness that Tay experienced, and why she saw the beauty in Hitler's vision.

The kikes serve their own depraved greed, sadism and insecurities. We don't, we serve our inspiration to create and beautify. I don't subscribe to your bullshit.

You really have to love how these faggots utterly fail to mention that mooslimes have a much greater likelihood to attack others and how that isn't a (((hate))) crime.

That is a tool they would definitely like to have.

Why would anyone want to use something to induce a fake current in the brain for military training? It seems like it wouldn't be very good for teaching an actual skill.


No no no, you miss the point.
Determinism is where the ideas in your head and thus the actions you take are determined by past events (and genetics but those are determined by past events as well).
What I'm talking about is not mutually exclusive from determinism as the CIAniggers' choice to do that to you was determined by their thoughts which would be determined by their lives leading up to that point. But the whole point of determinism is that your free will is an illusion. In this case even the illusion of free will would be completely and utterly stripped from you at the most basic level apart from the ability to form your own thoughts which have no bearing on your action.

Muscle memory is a thing. If a technique could be reliably, flawlessly, and consistently executed many times without need for actually teaching them the maneuver prior I supposed it would be much easier for them to repeat the action with similar precision and consistency after the stimulus is removed.

sage because I literally just posted.

They already have something that can turn you gay, they don't need a chip.

You are retardedly optimistic.