Leftypol convinces you to get off meds

Help me out of this guys. I have no clue what to do

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summon a spirit of great confidence

Anxiety is a spook.

Literally a spook.

Maybe figure out what you want?
Books and link might help.

1997 → 2007 → 1995



You're a fucking retard.

What meds were you on? Zoloft here brah


Are you fucking retarded?! The pharmaceutical industry is a fucking scam that's killing people. Getting off meds was the best thing our comrade could do. He can get healthy naturally and starve porky of his dollars.

That was your first mistake.
Yes goyim medication is evil because big pharma are big bad porkies and mental sanity is just a spook

Oops you committed suicide, oh well

1. Try to push through by will, knowledge, etc.
2. Take meds.
3. kys


Stick with it user. You are stronger than you know, prove it to the world.

Find a skill you enjoy practicing and invest your time into that - it will ease the transition and give you useful skills and knowledge for the future.

You can do this user. I believe in you.

Oh wait that's not going to happen because I'll either end up straight back on my meds and ignore my symptoms entirely or kill myself.

Oh no you're a little nervous! This warrants killing yourself! Stop acting like porky during bankruptcy and act like a revolutionary! How can we depend on you when it comes to seizing the means of production by force?! Live for the cause or die like a coward!

If you really want to kill yourself, what's stopping you from going to your local gun shop or pawn shop, buying a used break action shotgun for ~$150, a box of #00 buck for $10, and instantly and painlessly ending it all?

wew lad did you miss 20th century warfare

What medications were you on? Some of them cause dependency and should not be stopped cold turkey.

Meanwhile, in reality, for-profit, under-tested, genocidal big pharma fucks up your brain chemistry for life.


Just gonna put this out there, I know its a long shot, but…

Have you considered suicide?

t. real/pol/

Checked for hey, you guys post caricatures of Jews too?


lol why?
Lol, ignoring the causes of your symptoms is the reason for taking drugs.
Do it.

When, why, and how? Take your fucking medication you moron.

Stop your fucking conspiratard bullshit. Mental illness is a real, and serious thing, yes, the pill companies are dicks, no, that doesn't mean we should throw out modern medicine because anxiety or depression or anything else are just "like, feelings dude you can get over it all by yourself XD" it's wrong, and it's dangerous, fuck off.

I quit zoloft, after three years on it, because I couldn't afford it anymore. I phased out of it by having my daily dose every other day, and then every third day. It's my second week without it. I ran out of weed at the same time too. It was very painful at first, but I focused my misery on exercising more.

Now I believe that numbing my angst was a mistake, that I was and still am sad for a tangible reason. It's like without melancholy I was nothing.

Work out, mate. Go out running or do squats in your room if you must, but please, you have to get your dopamine fix.


Holy fuck.
You people are ignorant and potentially dangerous. This is why /r9k/ is how it is.

you fuggen moron

Psychiatric problems can be solved with medication. They can't be solved by reading books (books aren't magic) or "just getting over it".


we need to reach out to /r9k/

This does not justify condoning that people with legitimate psychiatric issues avoid treatment because "all treatment is a conspiracy mental illness doesn't real"


Porkies trying to get us to poison ourselves IIT

Meanwhile in paranoid conspiracy theory land you mean.
Capitalists will be capitalists, this does not mean modern medicine is fucking evil or wrong.

The question boils down to (you ignorant slave, you) to the origins of psychological problems.

Do you think that they originate in genetics?
>>>Holla Forums is that-a-way


You are supporting biopolitical genocide through your ignorance, btw.

Next time you get sick, eat some fucking dirt and branches and pray to the tree-spirits to take the pain away, Stop trying to get people with serious psychiatric problems off their medication. You've got a youtube video and a jew picture, good job, kill yourself.

Mental illness is a spook

Psychological problems are not sicknesses, you cretin.

You are supporting that people with serious, serious problems go untreated because of a fucking conspiracy theory.
There is literally nothing wrong with what was greentexted.

You are dirt. Mental illness is real. Treatment is often necessary.

Yes, PSYCHIATRIC problems are, you fucking retard.

ITT: Freudfag gets a comrade killed.

If you need the meds then get back on them mate. Don't do anything rash.

Polite sage.



top wew
>mental illness
WEW, much wew

>>>Holla Forums

still better than him suffering, tbh


I remember the creator of ADD said on his deathbed that the disease was fake. They give children methamphetamine to help them concentrate.

Oppositional Defiance Disorder could put this entire board in the looney bin.

So back to anxiety. OP is making a big deal out of nothing. We all get anxious from time to time. Meditate and workout to help alleviate the stress. Drugging yourself with porky's poison is doing yourself a disfavor.

Paxil. Only 10 mg but it was a bit difficult even weening myself off.

Why is it so hard to understand that in the amount of years it would take to change through analysis I might think it not so bad going back on my happy pills, especially in the moments when I will inevitably try to run away from my analysis.

I advocate for the power of exercise, which does positively affect brain chemistry. I'm not gonna say it's the definitive solution for everyone, but it shouldn't be ignored either.

Besides, your body must be ready for the revolution.

ALL of DSM is a fucking fake since the very methodology is flawed. They sacrifice the individual for sake of statistics. It is the typical case of pretending to be scientific while being a charlatan.

Psych- disciplines can not and will not be scientific. Deal with it.

This. Stop being a pussy OP.

Just say it. A lot of people have already said it. Mental illness is a spook.

Nobody cares. If you want to kill yourself, kill yourself. If you genuinely want help:

I'm not your fucking mother who'll get shocked by your edgy statements.

Whatever IT is.

Meds are supposed to be used while you're under therapy so you eventually don't need them anymore.
They aren't magic pills that you can depend on your whole life.

I'm more eloquent in this topic to regress into Stirner posting.

stirner is an individualist idiot, btw

Meanwhile, in reality

You calling Stirner posters stupid?

All I will say is that I do have experience withdrawing from SSRIs. It sucks, sometimes for a really long time. If you have a true anxiety disorder, especially if it is the sort with panic attacks, I can see the rationale for staying on the drugs.

Personally, I prefer being off meds to being on them, but I'll respect your choice either way.


Unless I install a treadmill inside my house, I have very limited options for exercise.

Oh, so you mean your body changes temperature like a woman changes shoes, your vision goes blurry, your legs stop working and begin to feel like wet noodles, your heart rate goes through the roof, you hyperventilate, and no matter how hard you try you can't get out a proper sentence, pretty much every time you go outside? Please, tell me again how we "all get anxious" and it's not a big deal and medical science should be disregarded because "just bee urself br0"

Mother fuckers I start hallucinating and seeing double. Shit's real.

Monsanto would love you.


Oh okay I guess I'll just go and get a job then since it's all a made up conspiracy and, undropout, and, I'll just go and take all that time as a shutin and undo that because it was all part of a conspiracy and didn't happen for any real reason.


I forgot to post condescending laugh video in my post

i bet freudposter would take away someone's crutches and tell them their broken legs are a conspiracy too

Oh and Holla Forums would love you. You have the same exact bullshit excuses for your conspirtard nonsense as they do for their "racial science"

Go to school for a real degree and get a well paying job that makes you feel fulfilled, then find a wife and start a family and live happy knowing that you are making the world better in your own small way.

Oh wait your a communist. Go steal from a bank until you have enough money to never be upset.

You can always run around the block. You don't need absolutely anything to do squats or pushups.

Try it, don't overdo it, and don't feel bad if you can't do much. We all start somewhere, it's not a contest, the point is to get your blood pumping. It's SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN that it improves mood.

You have to go back.

It's possible for many people to get to where they can manage without drugs, but most people need the drugs to get them to there, first.
Going off your meds because you don't want to be dependent on them is like a suburbanite selling his car because he hates driving. It's a nice idea, but it doesn't actually work unless you live in walking distance of a grocery store, and good luck moving to a new place without a car, if you can even afford to live there.

Conspiracy? Freudposter is pointing out how deeply entrenched the medical industry is in capitalism. Profits know no bound, and if you can profit by creating false diseases for a pill to cure, you can bet they will do it.

Face your problems with a psychoanalyst and take a look at your own unquestionable ideology, faggots.

I can squats and pushups good point. Squats are love, squats are life.

This does not mean we should throw out modern medical science as a whole, and the entire concept of mental illness.

Calling mental illnesses non-existent is Holla Forums-tier.

I'm going to call you "Agent Orange" ITT, just to piss you off. Nothing personnel.

So, first of all, Agent Orange (AO), I'm not trying to relativize your psychological suffering. And also, AO, I'm not here to tell you that your symptoms are fake. Your suffering is very real. I'd wish they could just go away, but they can't. They can't be taken away by meds (they can only be mellowed.

Oh, strange, since Holla Forums loves determinist, biological explanations – which is my opposite.

Do you realize that "illness" signifies a biological condition beyond the grasp of the subject?

Mental illnesses exist, but a lot of the time they manifest do to poor upbringing breeding a generation of think skinned faggots who don't know how to talk to people, break down and menial things

Again, this is Holla Forums-tier.


And "Holla Forums tier" is not an argument. Whatever problems an individual has with the society he lives in can be deemed a mental illness, a good tool to demean people without properly hearing them out and instead filling them with medication designed to simply alter how their symptoms manifest, instead of properly facing their demons. This too, had to do with time, since it is important for capitalists to have an obedient workforce that doesn't question or ceases working.

my cousin has legit schizophrenia, its fucking scary.

take your meds, worker

You were saying quite clearly that mental illness is not real.
(said it again here)
Now you're saying medication can mellow these symptoms but not take them away completely. This is true. This I agree with. It's still enough to get people who otherwise would not be able to make it through the day, through the day. We should not toss out psychiatry, nor mentall illness as a concept, just because medicine isn't an instant cure.

Holla Forums loves throwing out the scientific community because they're "jewish shills" and you should only trust my youtube videos!, and if they're "all paid off by porky" and you should only trust my youtube videos! Yes, I feel like you would find your place to be Holla Forums, not here.

I experience it every day and medication was extremely helpful, though not the first few I tried, oddly enough.

Thank you master, I am glad to simply roll over and delight in my symptomatic jouissance with these pills you've provided me which at least guarantee you can continue to extract surplus from me without worries.

Good. What's the problem with that? The question isn't about what she "has", really, but about her subjectivity. Different people have different developmental statuses, hence, different psychological problems they might face.

[ Ignoring reading-comprehensionly challenged autist, aka. Mr. Agent Orange. ]

I wish I could actually give you the effects of agent orange, this stupid conspiritard bullshit has hurt too many friends.




R U a psychotic, user?

It's ok!

reminds me of something

No, you faggot! Mental illness is really in the genes as opposed to race, you fucking fag!

No, I'm angry.

Maybe both?

Probably just angry. I have a short fuse, it's embarrassing.

It's not the length, but the fuse itself which is embarrassing, tbh.

Take your meds :^)

good, obedient worker!

Okay I get it, shit.


I do read. I can say for sure, reading theory won't make you less prone to sperging out.

sperging out is a medium specific way to reach enjoyment

no probs there

not even kidding, take your meds. this alex jones-tier conspiracy bullshit is dangerous.

wew, laddy, just wew.

ITT: drugged anarcho-communist tries to justify his psychological problems through the fact that he takes drugs

many such instances




I didn't convince you to do shit. Take the fucking meds, you sperg

Im a neet that has never had a job or money, and my family wouldn't take me seriously even if i told them i got brain problems.
Im pretty suspect of therapists to begin with and i hear that meds make you a zombie, every now and then i will become hyper suicidal.
I feel like a werewolf, except every full moon i want to kill myself.
I think i might be bipolar, i know for sure i am something called Schizotypal, i fit all the symptoms to a T, its describes as being the bridge between normal people and schizophrenics.
I have never been diagnosed, and i dont like self diagnosing, i really dislike those tumblr sjw's who are pretty much hypochondriacs and think being mentally ill makes them unique .

I use my depression and channel it into painting and art.

another symptom of Schizotypal personality disorder is being insanely artistic and having magical thinking.

they say a lot of founders of religions and people who worked as shamans in the old days were Schizotypal

You're a fucking idiot

Get on meds

The auto industry is porky too. Cars don't actually work.

wew, laddy, just wew

Why is it every time someone brings up lacan they're a faggot? It's this guy now, another time it was some guy trying to say de.generacy is real and all trannies are bourgeois degenerates.


Cute. The butthurt just delicious

Take your meds posters are goons gaslighting helpless anons for the lulz.

None of that can be used to make a viable claim that mental illness is not real, and mainstream medical science is false.

That wasn't the point of that post. Are you actually retarded?

It's the whole point of fruedposters posting.

Try reading what the posts you're replying to are replying to.

If you're gonna be an hero at least bomb some place for the lulz plz

What the fuck is even going on here

Mein gott

It's rather interesting how many leftists are willing to critique many aspects of bourgeois ideology and its reproduction in society EXCEPT for bourgeois ideas about the human psyche and the mental health industry

The Freudposter (is this Ginjeet?) has done nothing wrong in this thread btw

Cars work quite well in polluting the environment, I think under the DotP and communism we should transition out of individual modes of transport as it is inefficient compared to lets say using a Bus.

Except deny the very existence of these things, and psychiatry as a legitimate field. Porky corrupts everything, this makes no difference to whether those things are real or not.

Does the auto industry alter your brain chemistry irreparably, tho?

good worker


your symptoms are your own, nobody denies that

ITT: retards think they know more than trained doctors because that retard Sigmund "Everything is sex" Freud told them mental illness don't real it can be treated by just talking your problems out lol

There was a reason Freud was a crackhead.
I can't wait to become a psychiatrist and this bullshit pharma conspiracy ends. You people are the ones who are truly insane.

And YOU, you're a dumbass for taking medical advice on the internet seriously, you might as well be taking advice from Holla Forums.

those nazies liked biological determinism, and they are spooked, so therefore inborn biology can't fuck up someone

OP read The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, and do what it tells you. It sounds like newage bullshit, and some of it is, but the methods absolutely work wonders for my anxiety. I feel better than I've felt in years thanks to it.

your symptoms are your own too freudposter :^)

You should make the transition to psycho therapy more smoothly pit by pit.

While doing that step up your Lacan.

How are you different from fucking Tom Cruise?

Jesus Christ, take your meds.

and don't listen to the poster with "everything can be solved with cocaine" Freud's cigar, he doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about.

t. Goon

As in SomethingAwful users? Are you so balls deep in your us-vs-them mentality that you are willing to pretend they have been culturally relevant in the last ten years?

Who the fuck told you to get off your meds? You shouldn't listen to random fucking idiots on the internet dude. GET BACK ON YOUR MEDS AND DO WHAT YOUR PSYCHIATRIST SAYS.

More proof Leftism is a mental illness.

I pushed my mild anxiety problem aside for many years and i developed Irritable bowel syndrome and bladder problems which i'm seeing a urologist for, so far it looks like everything is fine and it's all in my head. The irritable bowel intestinal spasms can be excruciatingly painful, but they haven't been a problem in months, i've been trying to take it easy and working less hours and i was prescribed special medication for it. I tried 3 different types of anti depressants many months back and they all made me sick like a dog.

I've been thinking of going back and trying another type of medication since its feels like it's coming back for round 2, and my occasional suicidal depression doesn't help. I don't know what to do anymore.

That's not a good idea. I'm hardly a proponent of over-medication but I can tell you, as a person who went through a similar phrase of depression and suicidal thoughts, that going off meds without a good reason could have led me to actual suicide.

Don't let "lol dude big pharma" nonsense make you do something stupid.

I hope OP didn't try to commit suicide.

Anyway, if you want to change your drug regimen, go to specialized websites where they tell you how to do it safety like Erowid, subreddits about drugs and Bluelight, hell even 420chan, but not Holla Forums where some people who knows nothing about pharmacology will give you their uninformed opinion for more revolutionary cred.

You don't stop taking SSRIs and other psychiatric drugs like that. I don't know much about SSRIs, but benzo withdrawal can give you potentially fatal seizures if you go cold turkey.
You need to assess over a few days like you really want to ween off your antidepressant, and if you do, how to do it safely, and what you should expect during withdrawal. It's the same with any psychoactive drug.

And btw, I can't blame you for taking this drug, I self-medicate daily with alcohol and/or cannabis, with the occasional codeine supplement.
I try to become more sober now, but it's pretty hard when you have a pretty negative outlook on life and your family has an history of alcoholism/addictive behaviors.

jesus christ op, taking medical advice from a chan is not a great strategy.

my personal views on psychiatry aside, if you want to stop taking meds, i just hope that A. you're weaning off them and not going cold turkey, and B. supplementing the transition with dedicated time to a psychotherapist you trust

This thread is just cancer. Barely any arguments, shitposting, strawmanning that isn't even seen in Holla Forums.

Why can't you morons seriously investigate the area rather than regurgitate propaganda by organizations that make money off lying to you.

But of course this sounds too "Holla Forums" so people would rather sperg out and shitpost epic maymays because God forbid someone question my ideology slightly.

I can't believe you actually took medical advice from some cranks on an image board. The anti-"big pharma" types in this thread are retarded on the level of anti-vaxers and "organic" food kooks.

This is just an example, wouldn't surprise me if it was the same autist.

Just take your meds dude.

You realize that despite money going to big pharma meds actuallt work eight? The problem with big pharma is monetization of health and meds, not the meds themselves.

You must also realize that anx meds are a tool to make the road to working mental health easier and shoulb be combined with other efforts to reduce anx. If your psych has not counciled you on these things you should get a new psych. Remember: meds are not supposed to be permanent fix, but tool on the way. You were obviously not rdy tobquut them.

This thread is legitimately disgusting and an embarrassment to this board.

There is nothing wrong with taking a Xanax bar if you are having a LSD bad trip or a serious panic attack.
There is a problem however if a doctor prescribes you Xanax for more than one month and hides you the fact that you can become seriously addicted to them.

Don't go off your anti-depressants.


I remember when I was on SSRI's, it was pretty bad considering it destroyed your libido and made it very hard to fap. I suggest you read some of this guy's articles debunking mainstream bourgeois psychology


So the mental health industry doesn't invent "diseases" at all? It was only until very recently that Homosexuality was classified as a disease.

You mean it actually is newage bullshit and not just "sounds like", Eckhart Tolle's is a ripoff name of Meister Eckhart by the way


Even if it's new age bullshit, it works wonders for anxiety. You don't have to believe in the spiritual mumbo-jumbo to use the methods and have them work for you.



I never denied the existence of hallucinations; you are living proof the occur.

Keep putting words in my mouth, this is just pathetic.

The idea that, mental illness is not real, all the mainstream scientists are part of a conspiracy, all psychiatry is wrong, and all medication is wrong, is very much bullshit. Your arguments are pulling conclusions from where the sun doesn't shine.

Is very much Holla Forums-tier bullshit.

Unless of course you were being a faggot and only pretending to agree with freudposter.

When did I say that you fucking autistic moron?'

It has been said several times already, symptoms ARE real, but the categorization of something as a "mental illness" is an useless designation for something that occurs due to varying circumstances depending on the context of a subject. Alienation, have you ever heard of it? Societal issues like poverty, too, help. Poor children are more likely to be schizophrenic than children in good living conditions.

Wew lad.

Again, the DSM is not the end all of diagnosis, and systematically putting up symptoms together does not make it any better at tackling problems people have, because their symptoms are never developed the same way they develop for others. There's also the fact that several companies manufacture drugs to then create "illnesses" for the drug to cure.


And no matter how much you pull the "muh you're Holla Forums" it won't become an argument.

You need to face your fears and get used to them. Also sage.

When you rode freudposters dick.
All of those variables prove the existence of mental illness. Poverty would make no difference in something, if that something were not real.

Yeah, you know, when your sources are blogs and youtube, and you're saying mainstream science is made up, I can call you Holla Forums all I like because that's pretty much their speed. It's very much an argument that your sources are awful and untrustworthy.

This is the kind of dumb shit you're perpetuating

This shit right here.

I'm done wasting my time with a retarded faggot who neither bothers to engage seriuosly even after explaining the ways that "mental illness" works as a controlling mechanism for people in power. At least read the article, or just kill yourself, you fallacious idiot.

And also, I really recommend that if you don't kill yourself, at least learn to read.

Fine by me.

You mean read blogs and lacan? Nah.

Proof modern medicine is wrong: pleiadescrystalhealing.wordpress.com/

You're just shitposting now, but you should at least read the headline of the article rather than pulling the epic maymays. I forgot how autists consider truth to come only from scientific journals.


You are an embarrassment to this board.

okay doctor internet

How do you retards ever expect to spread your message this way? It's like a 14 year old in charge of a political campaign.

Psychoanalysis (including Lacanianism) in its classical conceptions are pseudoscience. Nobody takes Freud seriously these days but autists and hippy cultists with a bone to pick like

Modern therapists are much more informal with 'the talking cure'.

May I ask if you are referring to any "Modern therapists" in particular?

First list all the modern therapists in full support of Lacanianism.

I'll wait patiently :)

Do you expect people to respond as if this were some sort of debate club when you come in and behave yourself like an autistic child. And what kind of bullshit is this? Recommending a book to inform yourself so you maybe quit spouting garbage is wrong? Do you even know what kind of board this is? Holla Forums?

You are really a moron. Lacan abandoned trying to make psychoanalysis a science similar to any other science because it can't be a science in the first place, you can't generalize subjects.

Many people take Freud seriously, including Zizek, the author I posted, Bruce Fink, and there are analytic clinics in nearly every country,. Of course, if you think popularity is what makes you right then there's no helping you.

if you are still alive, read this book asap

tldr take it slow as any other drug

Existence is overrated anyways. If it wasn't for base survival instinct I would've done the deed already.

if you are still alive, read this book asap

tldr take it slow as any other drug

Making me less likely to read your propaganda, not more likely.


Scientism at it's purest.

Then don't, I wasn't responding to you anyway.

I saw to it that there wouldn't be an /r9k/ anymore.

I was on antidepressants for about three years.

Is my brain permanently fucked up?

Toppest of keks


I've got some suggestions, but keep in mind that I'm only basing this on personal experience. We are different people, and what works for me may not work for you, and I'm not a psychologist, psychiatrist, or anything of the sort. Also, YOU should only stop taking your meds if YOU want to and if YOU feel comfortable doing that.

If you just got off your meds, get back on them and make an appointment with your psychiatrist and tell him/her that you want to get off them. Be persistent about it and they should help you with that. If it was a while ago that you stopped taking them, you might just wanna try and get through this(If you feel that you can).

As for ways to deal with the anxiety without a regular medication, a lot of the anons itt have good suggestions. Proper diet and exercise really can do wonders, and it's good to have a few strategies to deal with a panic attack. What really works for me though is having a Xanax or something similar on hand at all times, and I only take it when I really, really feel I need to. Benzos are addictive as fuck, especially for us with anxiety disorders, but they really can stop a bad panic attack in it's tracks. Just having that means of escape has actually made me have less anxiety.

Sorry if this is kinda written badly. I'll be watching this thread for a while, so if you want me to try to explain anything better I'll give it a try.

Ahh fuck, I meant that to be in bold, not italics. Sorry bout that.

go find a cognitive therapy, seriously.

i used to be like you, even worse, i was agoraphobe and wasent able to leave my house without getting instant panick attacks at some point.

went to various psychiatrists who just put me on pills without even giving a fuck about what i had.
i'm extremely sencitive to them, and they turn me into a zombie with suicidal thought (which i don't usually have), i end up thowing that shit out the window after a week.

one day i decide to go to a cognitive therapy, i wasn't really expecting much.

no pills or anything, he/she will try to understand where tho problem is, teach you how to manage your anxiety properly.

after just a month i was already able to control my anxiety and go out again.

i'm not a normie yet, but i can live again, and its improving.

you can do it too bruh


thank you

stay off the meds OP I got off mine over 6 months ago and I feel fucking great

Meds indeed are shit. Can't vye for psychoanalysis (Lacanian or otherwise), but I can definitely vye for stopping and talking to other human beings instead of staying on that garbage. I'd rather feel like shit and learn to deal with it than feel nothing at all.

Are you shitting me?

Yes, it's not like those meds fuck up your brain chemistry for life, or anything?

Which drug?

At least he honestly grappled the question. [Current year] psychology is a faux claim for the scientific status (while committing biopolitics).

Lacan did not claim that psychoanalysis was science.

You should critically approach DSM just like you would with any other disciplines claiming status for science. DSM, apart from being the child of neoliberalism (melbournelacanian.wordpress.com/), in its practice is the equivalent of statistics taken to its biopolitical conclusion: genocide.

Most likely psychosis. See pdf:

In what way?

"Work" in what way, genius? Do these pills abolish the reasons for these problems or they merely blunt the symptoms?

Just kys, dude.

Taking medical advice from a field specialized in maximizing profits of a certain (med) industry is much better. Believe me, even my PHD claims it: your psych- problems are due to your genetics and not having to do anything with your subjectivity!

Why not? OP is clearly in limbo. If he can't admit that he needs help, he might be better off killing himself.

except, you know, evidence:

I'm taking strattera. Should I be worried, and why should I be worried exactly Doctor Freudposter?

That medicalization exist doesn't mean every ailment is made up.

Isn't Lacan charging exorbitant rates for non-sessions exactly the neo-liberalism you accuse DSM psychiatrists of?

Is Psychoanalysis the Science of the Unconscious or just merely meta-psychology?

Neither; it's bullshit.

if it's not science it's not worth pursuing

why not just inhale ozone? it has as much empirical weight behind it as your shilling :)

No, you shouldn't be. You should be aware, however, of its objective effects. The thing that should make you skeptical about its usage: does this drug terminate the real causes of your problems or does it merely soften the symptoms?

In all honesty: you are capable for yourself to "measure" your own problems: do you honestly believe that your symptoms are due to biological causation? [e.g. do you buy into (current year) ideology?]

If not: well, you know… maybe get to the bottom of it?

Neither. It is not a science of the unconscious. Psychoanalysis is a discursive discipline (as opposed to science). It is not psychology, either. Psychology claims that from statistics we can recreate an objective psyche.

Psychoanalysis is entirely different from any kinds of psychologies. It's main themes are: the individuals personal history; enjoyment (jouissance); and the individual's personal fantasy.

Psychoanalysis isn't 'meta,' for it actually precedes US/UK psychology.

t. expert

Yah, just like "democracy" or politics. If it ain't science it ain't wort pursuing, amirite?
Similarly, it ain't have an effect since it ain't science, aimirite?


(ADHD is an ambiguous and discredited medical category)


But this book claims that psychoanalysis is a metapsychology

Maybe read the books by the most widely acknowledged Enlgish speaking Lacanian practitioner who is an authority on the topic and not some random google-searched results?



lel freud cigar



Get back on the meds moron

Mind altering meds were the best thing ever, I wish I had them before I dropped out of university, ritalin has made me a very productive manual labourer, it's bitter sweet but still sweet nonetheless.

Plato's Republic is that-a-way: →

ech, read a book, nigger

Go back on meds.


I choose to read the publications of real psychologists, not pie in the sky French psychohippies from the 1960's who cared far too much about dicks (just like you).

Never cease a medication regime based on what you've read off of 8ch, fools.


So is that a yes?

>real psychologists
As opposed to… not real psychologists? I'm gonna TL;DR you on this thread: psycho-[anything] can't be a science.

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Yes to what? If you are taking drugs to counter your depression you are not addressing the real reasons behind your depression.

I stopped taking them having taken them for three years. Did I do permanent damage?

Mate you've got a lot to learn in this life

>Results: We included 70 trials (64 381 pages of clinical study reports) with 18 526 patients. These trials had limitations in the study design and discrepancies in reporting, which may have led to serious under-reporting of harms. For example, some outcomes appeared only in individual patient listings in appendices, which we had for only 32 trials, and we did not have case report forms for any of the trials. Differences in mortality (all deaths were in adults, odds ratio 1.28, 95% confidence interval 0.40 to 4.06), suicidality (1.21, 0.84 to 1.74), and akathisia (2.04, 0.93 to 4.48) were not significant, whereas patients taking antidepressants displayed more aggressive behaviour (1.93, 1.26 to 2.95). For adults, the odds ratios were 0.81 (0.51 to 1.28) for suicidality, 1.09 (0.55 to 2.14) for aggression, and 2.00 (0.79 to 5.04) for akathisia. The corresponding values for children and adolescents were 2.39 (1.31 to 4.33), 2.79 (1.62 to 4.81), and 2.15 (0.48 to 9.65). In the summary trial reports on Eli Lilly’s website, almost all deaths were noted, but all suicidal ideation events were missing, and the information on the remaining outcomes was incomplete.

>Conclusions: Because of the shortcomings identified and having only partial access to appendices with no access to case report forms, the harms could not be estimated accurately. In adults there was no significant increase in all four outcomes, but in children and adolescents the risk of suicidality and aggression doubled. To elucidate the harms reliably, access to anonymised individual patient data is needed.

as opposed to

as opposed to?

Have fun denying reality with your Jewtube link equivalent to what stormfags produce when questioned about human genetics.








ipeg-society.org/userfiles/files/IPEG 2016-.pdf#page=55



ITT: retards who think just because they haven't experienced something, it musnt be real

Heil… uhm… saging friend!

So your basic thesis is this: mental problems are in fact due to genetical differences.

So… Are you saying that any person's problems are due to his/her DNA?

Can you corroborate this ridiculous shit, tho? :DDD.:Dddd

behold, Holla Forums debate standards

when you've stopped relying on nonsensical strawmen to make your argument I'll be waiting

>ipeg-society.org/userfiles/files/IPEG 2016-.pdf#page=55


Autism is the status quo here but this level is unusual, don't pay him any mind.

If you are open to making your own case in writing I'll be more than ready to answer. Dumping links and posting "LEL BTFO"-tier shit I will not reply to.


I'm not sure if the fact that the pharmaceutical industry is corrupt necessarily means that discontinuing your anti-anxieties is a good idea in a vacuum

This isn't some SSRI zombie bullshit, it's verified medical science. In fact I would argue that medical companies dislike ADHD because the best meds for it are technically controlled substances and therefore less profitable because of all of the legal bullshit involved.

something tells me that this guy may just be a mentally ill person in denial blowing up because he never got treatment of any kind

Plus the medication for ADHD is mildly addictive at best and with few withdrawal symptoms.

I'm on a prescription but if I ever had to pay market value for ritalin, I'd just go cold turkey and live a less pleasant life than cough up the extortionate amounts that they'd have me pay.

I've gone over a week without ritalin before because I forgot to chase up a prescription and it wasn't so bad, I was grumpy and lethargic but I survived.

I don't think it was ever implied one should just quit them cold turkey (remember: these things fuck you up heavily), but that they should ASAP and as safely as possible stop (which usually means reducing dosage over time until a stop, because close to all meds function on being a % of your blood count). In my case, it took a lot of talking to finally get a psychiatrist to give me a reducing schedule and I was often dissuaded with very vague notions of 'it's dangerous', never getting any further indications as to why.

Nah, he's absolutely right. He's just an asshole.

Medical companies LOVE the fake category of ADHD, in some US states up to 60% of prepubescents are "diagnosed" as suffering from it. Take into account the fact that statistical data proves that the worse the educational standard is, the higher the occurrence of so called ADHD! Which basically translates to: the shittier the educational service, the more bored the students!


denk you

Wonder what's behind this!

ITT: people who take drugs for their unrelated problems without even looking at wikipedia

As opposed to people who know actual shit about drugs, on Erowid, Bluelight and drug-related subreddits.
Hey, most psychoanalysts I've seen are crooked old men who charges you 60€ so you can talk openly to them for half an hour, and then they tell you that maybe you want to fuck your mom but that he isn't totally sure so you need to come back then you two will "make progress".
You see, psychoanalysis isn't inherently superior to psychiatry in regards to ethics. We have some Lacanian old farts in Europe who are making loads of money out of academia or upper-middle class housewives, and don't give a fuck about the recent developments in clinical psychology because they don't need to.
Convincing people to stop using psychiatric drugs while disregarding any adverse effect their withdrawals could engender is irresponsible.

Have you been to Lacanians? One could argue that they are the true inheritors of the Freudian legacy.

Yeah, no psychoanalyst would do that. You are just bullshitting.


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lel, stubad woman, they are so easy to scam, :ddd

Yeah, well no one does synthesis of this stuff to sell on the illegal market, unlike amphetamines, so that's not surprise.
People only consume Ritalin in the USA and Canada, it seems.
It's pretty crazy though, that your country gives amphetamines to kids but still managed at the same time to declare "war on drugs".

Then what would be the point of encouraging someone to get off them ASAP?

For the Average Joe? Nothing. Average Joe is convinced that his true source of problems are taken care of.

How about the Unavarage Jane?

Unavarage Jane goes to a psychiatrist, gets some meds prescribed, takes them for months, and eventually realizes that the drugs don't solve her problems but makes them blunt.

Unavarage Jane realizes that she's been duped and she wants to address the real causes of her problems and not just to satiate them.

I have a script in the UK, it's very hard to get one, you need to be a good candidate to justify it's use, basically someone very intelligent but a complete loser at life (ie precarious employment, low paid jobs if any etc) which is why I got green lighted.

The 18mg pills apparently go for £1-£2 each on the black market and I need at least 36mg to feel any noticeable improvement in behaviour.

It's basically stress in a pill, it makes you give a shit.

Tell that to the voices that my 2.5mg/day of Risperidone keeps away.

Well, my limited experience with psychoanalysts was during the first year I started studying psychology in uni, and our clinical psychology professor was a Freudian/Lacanian who was always talking about…I don't know, mythological shit that seemed to have a total disregard to any kind of epistemological consideration and scientific rigorousness.

He never mentioned once cognitive-behavioral therapies or any other type of clinical psychology during his classes. He was in his 19th-century dreamland, and kinda convincing young students that his way of healing people was the only way there was because he was a charismatic man.

Maybe that experience felt me bitter towards psychoanalysts, even though I must admit that when I listen to Zizek, sometimes his Lacanian stuff makes sense, sets him apart from other Marxists and makes him notice other things from a situation or an event, so I guess it's not totally useless and bad.

But psychoanalysis feels a bit like a pseudo-science to me, from what I've seen.

I have a schizophrenic grandmother who used to think that gameshow hosts were government officials conspiring on how and whether to confiscate her dog among other batshit insane stuff she used to think (she used to hear dead relatives telling her reasons to be paranoid)

Not to mention she was very violent and temperamental which led to her being sectioned and medicated.

And now she's a completely different person, a sweet old lady who you couldn't imagine lifting a hand against anyone, she's not devoid of her mind nor is she a zombie thankfully.

I'm glad they have drugs for people like her, it's not all a matter of reading a fucking book and having an epiphany.

lmao, I think this what awaits me in a very near future.

I bought some Ethylphenidate a few years ago for an exam period, and it was the same, this powder always left me jittery as fuck.
I've heard that if you snort it, it's has an euphoric effect, but it also corrode your nose so I flushed this shit down the toilet.

I'm sorry about that, I'm torn between the understanding that you've been duped by a shit-tier prof, or you've been an idiot in said courses. I have no way to tell, tbh.


Yeah, that's totally non-Lacanian. That's basically ego-psychology (ie. "follow my true ego, and you'll be fine" kinda shit).

If that was your experience I can honestly relate. It was shit.

The uniqueness of Lacanian psychoanalysis is that it has ontological consequences on philosophy. Badiou calls it anti-philosophy; Zizek wants us to internalize it.

Lacan spends a lot of his early period on trying to find the proper space of psychoanalysis. Eventually, he states that it is not and can not be "science."

Please consider reading the sources I've cited to that other user.

srsly, dude


Yea my meds kick my ass at night, especially Risp. I'm a goddamn zombie, but during the day time they keep me from being super paranoid about relationships (not police or an "other").

I have a voice that sounds like my wife that tells me that she wants all kinds of dangerous fetish stuff. I like the kink, but when there's a voice that sounds like your wife telling you she wants you to legitimately hang her, you go for meds.

Still worth it. I've tried other drugs.

That's where you dun goofed

gl hf

Okay, well I guess that's why I became more attracted to cognitive (and social) psychology.
But maybe it's interesting to study for an other purpose than to treat mental illnesses.

I've tried risperidone once after I have found some pills in the streets, I felt tired and shitty, and I've discovered that dopamine antagonists have terrible long-term health effects, but at the same time, if you are psychotic, this is one of the only things that can keep you functional and not being entangled in paranoia and thoughts of potential conspiracies.

Maybe try to see with your psychiatrist with you can have a lower dosage or another med like Seroquel ?

The fuck are you talking about. I have schizoaffective disorder. My dad had it, and his mom had it.


Any psychoanalysis isn't going to help with inheritable physical issues. Whether it's brain chemistry imbalance or neuron abnormalities, you can't think you're way out of it. At least I have a decent prognosis.


…is garbage for me. The zombie part is right before bed. I out of the worst of it by morning.

sorry, your*

If they fuck it up for life, wouldn't taking the amount needed to ween off of them just be a few more drops in the bucket? For a lot of people, the withdrawals from quitting cold turkey could be enough to make them decide to stay on it. Just because Unaverage Jane realizes she's been duped doesn't mean her will's strong enough to plow through that mess.

Don't argue with freudcigar, just let him stew in his crystallography from the 60's.

pic related:

You wouldn't know an oxymoron if it hit you in the FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaace.

In most of the cases it isn't about the 'strength of the will.' It's about the unbearable nature of their suffering. Most people who go on meds still suffer immensely, albeit while high…

Question, do you think that anything can go wrong in the brain that's physical?

Naturally. Take for instance lobotomy or electroconvulsive "therapy."

Question, would you agree that 99% of the time when we talk about "mental disorders" or "dysfunctions" the real cause is not physical?

I didn't mean trauma. I meant people born with brain abnormalities.

99% is way to high. I feel it's more like 30-40%

Are there some that can be helped by hundreds of multi-year talk therapy sessions (psychoanalysis or otherwise) without the need for medications? Sure, but if there are meds that can also help immediately then why not use them?

It could be part physical, but I still don't believe the answer is lab created pills. Try new nutrition, rest, acupuncture, yoga, etc. then herbs.

But never pills. That stuff is garbage. Like trying to become a more beautiful aka healthier person through rhinoplasty.

There are more people getting brain trauma postnataly than pre-.

Do you have clinical experience with people with mental suffering? ofc not

If the cause of said suffering is not physical then the meds are perfectly useless and amount to a well placed band-aid.

But for that you'd need some kind of theoretical background to prove that said suffering is caused by X and not Y, which of course you are totally prepared to present.

And cherokee hair tampons too.

pic related

Holy fuck. I'm not talking about traumas, I'm talking about genetically. Can a human be born with brain abnormalities that are genetic?

Then you ==do== allow for physical abnormalities?

Then you should present the same background for the cause being Y and not X. Because you are asserting Y is the cause of the suffering.

Naturally. Now what percentage of them falls under the clinical (as in psych- sessions) category? Close to zero. Look at OP. He clearly doesn't suffer from a genetic abnormality.

the rest of your reply

Yupp. You're right. Those wont solve willful ignorance.

Ok then, prove this assertion.

Better yet, prove this for me personally since you did not like my usage of "disorder". I do consider it a disorder. It's disturbing to hear voices attempt to seduce me into hanging my wife, attempt violence on my kids, or that when I make an attempt to make a friend that they are just out to use me. It's the opposite thing I want to do.

If I shun my medication enslavers and ever give in to those siren calls, what then? Go sit on Freud's or Lacan's couch covered in my family's blood?

No thanks, I'd rather not take any chances and just be a zombie for an hour a night before I pass out.

There are no widely accepted theories, maybe a hypothesis or two, about generalized anxiety, acute anxiety, or other anxiety. Sorry, there are no ==data backed== theories that explain disturbed anxiety.

I'm sure Freud and Lacan have a few, but so does my devote christian aunt Mary who thinks it's satan.

From one of those books on the megashare, the first words in the preface…

"Psychoanalysis is not a science. Not yet, at any rate not in the sense in which "science" is currently understood. Unlike the "hard" sciences, it is a praxis constituted by certain aims, ends, and desires."

There is no such thing as science with a desire. If it has an aim or an end IT'S NOT FUCKING SCIENCE. If it's not science then as I saw elsewhere on Holla Forums "then it might as well be theology"

oh fug :DDDDDD

That enthusiasm is inspiring, despite the fact that he's a right wing conspiracy nut .

I have actual clinical experience… But since this is a Japanese manga squeezing board it amounts to nothing.

I don't know you personally, I don't have contact with you personally, and thank fucking gawd for that.

Because there is a "normalcy" in your view from which people can deviate from. 19th century is that way →


Yes, because drug induced certainty is totally okays.

I agree.

What is your fucking "data" worth when every case is radically different? (pic related)

not from me, fam

If you are psychotic as you bredi much make the case for, then you by definition can not have desire, can not know desire.

Look fam, just fucking spend 40 minutes of your life on this clip and tell me after the first 15 minutes it was bullshit, k?

Are you now happy you psychoanalysis spouting fucks?


Happiness is an ideological category. I'm happy when I have the time to read theory I want to read.

much reason

You have no idea how much i hate you and people like you. Your solution to mental health issues is "you were obviously abused as a child" and then people kill themselves and you go read Freud and feel smug. It bogels my fucking mind the hoops you will jump through to defend shit that can never be proven.

Really? Where did you work?

Psychoanalysis is not a science - that does not mean it lacks empirical support.

No, that's exactly what it means.

No - empirical support is based on success with patients, you can search up studies that back psychoanalysis - there are many. Not being a science means it can't make the prediction that "X will happen when Y".

Dude. Kill yourself. What the fuck do I care?

Hate me, maybe it's justified, tho you are on an indian puppet mastery board, so expressing emotions like this is pretty silly.

Says no Freudian ever IRL. were you, tho?

Good. So?

Can democracy be proven? Can politics be proven? Can gossip be proven, you positivist moron?

denk you

No but actually Freidposter, what clinical work have you done?

I didn't ask for your experience, don't wiggle out of this. I don't give a shit if you are Lacan himself.

I asked for you to prove the assertion that the amount of cases that need a physical intervention, like drugs, is near zero.

Tell you what, give me a breadth and depth of case studies if you feel that statistics are the work of the devil.

No I don't believe in normalcy, don't put words in my text, I do believe in not wanting to harm the people who I love. If that's normalcy then, yes, I want it.

I'm not saying that, quit trying to force words in my text. I said there is a higher chance of it happening due to brain states, and hallucinations.

So your implying I'm on the drugs that I am just because I like the high, the side effects sure are worth the stupor.

Oh wait, no. The fact that I no longer hear the voices is good enough evidence for me. The fact that my dad bashed his head over in over on the floor, requiring staples from the blood blister that accumulated on the top of his head when he stopped taking his meds is further evidence. When my dad's mom turned the gas stove in her house because the voices told her to when my dad was young and caused a house fire when she wasn't able to be on meds is evidence that the drugs do good.

Another assertion here, every case is radically different. If you say something, you need to back it up with some data or else you're just pontificating.

So being afraid of dogs, being afraid of spiders, being afraid of social interaction, or being afraid that an authority is going to "get" you aren't statistically significant fears people have?

No I'm comparing your ideology to theology because you have yet to give me data. As I said, I don't care who you are, I care about the facts you present. You have yet to do this, and are hurting Lacanian ideologies in the process. You are making assertions, back them.

First of all, why can't you stop with the meme talk and talk like the fucking grownup you say you are with clinical experience?

Tell me your definition of desire, and don't use instincts that even invertebrates have.

Watching it now, will report back. That'll give you real time to respond.

>prove the assertion that the amount of cases
Which part of "every case is unique" did you not understand? Making generalizations, statistics based on these cases inevitably leads to hindering the very uniqueness of said patients. Your retort is basically this: "Why don't you pretend to be science?!" – well we don't, and for good reasons.

Again, you illiterate baboon, depends on your theory – can you make your case?! Do you believe that mental suffering is due to genetics? Do you think that these "genetically malfunctioning" persons should be medicated? If so, state it.

Psychoanalytic theory, clearly, takes another road.

Statistics abolish the individual. You know, the fucking patient you are supposed to work with, listen to?



I'm not doubting that your anti-psychotic medication stopped "the voices." I'm doubting that said medication addressed the causes of said voices.

Actually, I'm not the one trying to bring in science, but since you went there, how is this proper causational logic? answer: nohow

Psychosis is a very special case as far as human subjectivities go. You think that it was "inherited" from you mum and dad through biological means, and completely disregard the obvious factor that you were brought up by psychotic individuals.

>this is just another assertion
Dude. Did you speak with people, like, you know, IRL? Each and every one of them has radically differing problems, modes of speech, etc.

Show me 2 people with the "same" fears or social anxieties. Give me 30 minutes to talk with them and it will be evident that they don't have the same motivation, same speech patterns, same phobias, etc. behind them.

Are you a software, tho?

The facts are, when it comes to human subjectivity, that no two people have the same fears, same phobias, same reasons behind anxieties, etc.

Just because you claim that >muh science deals with facts, the REAL facts of human subjectivity remains unchallenged: they radically differ.

So are you? And let's call your assertions by its proper name: you are reducing humanity to types of personalities, as if there was a pool from which we all chosen or got to be chosen from.

Idk, maybe have a conversation with someone sometime?

Desire is the desire of the Other. For a psychotic (such as yourself) this does not make any (empirical) sense because s/he has no such internalized operating fiction of this kind of structural category. In other words your subjectivity does not allow experiencing the Other. For you there is no such thing as desire, law, superego, etc. The very fact that you can and did undergo a psychotic breakdown shows that you lack the developmental barrier that safeguards you from such.

Understand that this reasoning is like talking to a turtle and trying it to understand the experience world of a dolphin. It simply can't be done directly, but you did experience it indirectly, since you live in a predominantly neurotic civilization.

You wonder why "normies" do ambivalent shit, for example. You can't find reasons for it based on your experiences.

IMO it is a really good intro for psychotics into psychoanalytic theory of subjectivity. Looking back for your reply on this one.

This is an ok video, but all it's saying is that health care professionals need to spend more time with helping their patients. I would never argue that point.

I would also never argue that people should only use medicine and not talk to somebody. If that's what you have been saying I would agree with you, but that's not what you're saying. This is what you said:

By the way, this video addresses nothing about drugs being a bad thing to perscribe. Leader even says within the first 15 minutes that he's not against using drugs, then goes on for the rest of the video describing ways that medical professionals can be clever in helping people. I'm all for that.

Did you sleep over the content of this video? Maybe watch it again. It clearly debunks the DSM kind of thinking over psychosis.

(ie. your thinking of your own condition)

ffs, dude, just read these books and call me a moron after:

How does Oedipus complex even make sense though? Aren't most of Freud's "successes" lies?

It doesn't, really, and more radically: it can't, really. Yet we organize "the basic unit" of our society around it. For Freud (keep in mind: early 20th century) this was the Daddy-Mommy-Babby triad. For Lacan the biological aspect is completely taken away. For Lacan it's not about who's who's or this gender-that-gender, but the linguistic and logical spaces the babby becoming in language occupies.

For a really crude mapping:
do you want a psychotic child, like this user:

Let him not be separated from his first caretaker. Let him not realize that his body is separate from his (typically) mother's. Let him not be able to be able to detect a separate category – his very own desire, separate from his mother. Make him not understand that there's a so called Law by which we abide, etc.

These children will be radically different from the typical neurotics, not having an inherent sense of morality, desire, law, unshakable ego. These children's insecure standing in language and thus in society will allow them to experience a so called "psychotic break" wherein the very connections and logic of the signifying order (you know: I say "cat" and by that I mean that feline being) can break up.

I could go on for eternity, really.

Read these books, nig:

ITT: freudfag memearrows back to his own posts 20 times

Regarding psychosis, I was reading this history of Western Phil book written by a Jungian, and he talked about the "double bind" theory of schizophrenia or something like that. Thought it ws interesting. I'm not completely sold on psychoanalysis but I'll read the books - do you recommend seeking out psychoanalytic treatment for my own depression?

I know nothing about you, so I don't. The whole question hinges on this thing, really: can you ask for help, can you articulate your own suffering to another?

If you are too proud to admit to yourself and to others that your suffering, then maybe kys. If you can, then look for help. Cited books will help you identify the kind of professional that can really help you and give you really good reasons why it is the only method that can help you.

On another note, if you do a "deep reading" of these books (take your time to self-reflect given every and any opportunity, meticulously take notes, etc.) you can – by yourself – emancipate yourself from some of your self-caused mental suffering.

So what I recommend is reading those books → deciding for yourself → maybe going to Lacanian psychoanalytic session (and judging yout analytician by the standards given by those books).

gl hf or, you know, maybe, rather kys

Any questions?

No, then I'll never see communism. I can get a little defensive about certain parts of my life - at least based on my experience in cognitive behavioural therapy. I'll read the clinical introduction to Lacan and do a session with the Lacanian in my city and see what happens.

Let's hope your planned course of action gives you a proper choice worth considering: changing your life, or ending it. ;^)


So you don't pretend to be science but then are prescriptive to people? There's a word for that it's called psuedoscience.

I'm only stating that medicine has clearly helped people, and in bigger numbers then 99%.

There are many reasons, as I'm sure you know, that brains break. I'm claiming that some of them are genetic and can be helped greatly by medicine.

Fair enough, and if the problem lies in a heritable defect in cognition or a physical abnormality?

As soon as you are prescriptive of what people should do with their health you cross the line in to the realm of science and thus need evidence.

Because she also experienced voices which stopped and while she was on them lived a happy life.

Holy. Shit.

Yes, I do. Yes, they all have different problems etc. Doesn't mean statistical analysis isn't a thing. in b4 statistics dehumanizes

They still have the same fears though and while they are being helped by a person, they can also be further helped by meds.

No I'm not. I'm lumping people into pools of statistically significant groups who are similar. Statistics can only ever get at generalities, but I'm not arguing that statistics is the only answer. I'm arguing that using both personal care and medicine can be symbiotic. However, I'm focusing on drugs because you are. "99%"

I don't even…. If this is the accepted way psychoanalysts talk about having a concept of other people and the fact that they have wants and needs,

No I understand why "normies" do ambivalent shit, because they also have wants and needs and sometimes don't know how to express that. They make half-decisions and half-truths for themselves.

But I'm sure that I'm wrong about "the desire of the Other" because I haven't been indoctrinated into the Freudian/Lacanian worldview.

It does no such thing. I would say it clarifies from a psychoanalytic worldview what is going on in the minds of people when they have episodes and opens up new ways to assist them. For example, having the patient make their own clothes is clever but it's not world altering.

additionally, he says very early that he's not against using drugs for treatment.

I'm not reading thousands of pages for something I consider to be more harmful then good (especially if it supports your 99% claim).

Which as an aside is something that bothers me about the left in general, "Go read these 10 400pg esoteric books about this subject" is not something the //Average Joe// working class person can do. Even if they may be able to grasp many of the concepts in them.

By the way, thanks for all the ad homs, you are great for converting people to your worldviews.

Excuse me, this should be


It's 4 am here I need to goto bed.

Who said that being brought up by psychotic parents is more of an abuse than being brought up by, say, neurotic parents?

That's right, no one.

You are somehow fixed on this fantasy.

"I want help"

Okay then, aside from Bruce Fink, Darian Leader & Zizek who are some Lacanians who have written good introductions to Lacanian psychoanalysis?

That's because Freudian/Lacanian autists are obsessed with childhood and children.

I honestly think the lot of them are pedophiles trying to project their fantasies onto adults.

I think he was "debunking" the DSM view - the entire video is him putting the disease in the context of the individual and the larger world, whereas the DSM just goes "he has x and x wrong with him" like a failing pancreas or HIV.