Leftcom for the developed world and Maoism for the third world?

Leftcom for the developed world and Maoism for the third world?

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Why do you have to control the entire world? Why not just your fair share of it?

Because communism cannot exist in isolation.

Maoism is literally historically obsolete, it's basis was the predominance pre-capitalist peasantry.

Even more, Maoism could never produce communism, because the colonies never had an interest in it in the first place - they just wanted a seat at the big boy table of international politics.

Maoism was and remains mere nationalism, but for the industrialized world - where it was just a sad mess of irrelevant cults.

What would you suggest to our third world comrades who lack the productive capabilities to do in the meantime?

Because that is the whole world.

First Worlders' souls are weighed down by gravity

What is leftcom?

Rebranded Stalinism.

A mental disorder


Marxist tradition historically defined by its opposition to the USSR. Heavily influenced by Luxemburg, Bordiga, and Pannekoek. Opposed to nationalism, peasant revolution, and the left wing of capital.

*infantile disorder

So they're just regular socialists with a silly name then?

Least recommendable quality in the leftcoms tbh

This letter explains it rather well. Not a leftcom because I'm not a marxist, but they're really the best marxist tendency by far.


anarchism obviously.

Pol Potism.

Because the world is mine

permanent revolution where they carry through democratic measures and industrialisation while receiving support from advanced socialist nations. Any revolution in the third world can't survive by itself, not economically and not militarily.

A consistent Marxist

sounds like Trotskyism

Trots are mostly just Marxist-Leninists who are anti-Stalin

Are there really people who call themselves Maoists? You know how many millions were killed by Mao?

Fucking unreal.

The difference is that Hitler genocided his enemies while Mao genocided his own people. The fact that people come here and call themselves Maoists without being called out on it is one of the reasons why the left is seen as a joke these days.

No. Market Socialism for the developed world and Stalinism for the third world.

don't forget workers councils fam

Is this really what passes for political debate? One word buzzwords thrown back and forth in a thread with absolutely nothing else?

I'm disappointed in you all.


Fuck off reformfag


Yes, but they also have the "ultra" tendency, meaning "completely useless".