Right wingers with victim complexes are the funniest shit ever

Right wingers with victim complexes are the funniest shit ever.

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Fuck it, it's too small.
Here's the source.


I like her a lot from what I saw.


This is great.

Wow. The most ironic thing is that she sounds exactly like the crazy bitch in the hugh mungus video. youtu.be/RzA4dCT4X0I?t=57s

I think you have found the roots of this behavior. Crazy and bitch.
Same coin, etc…

Oh like you're doing right now.

Lol butthurt

Kinda sad tbh

and then they cry about safe spaces…

Honestly I think right wing politics in general is just an exercise in hypocrisy, self-delusion and acting

Exactly dude

White conservative women between 18 and 22 are the fucking most cretinous vile fuckers on Earth

Don't get upset I'm saying this, you already know it's true. That blonde bitch on her way to church looking nice as possible is satanic.

I want her to dominate me

Shut up virgin

this, they're naturals, authentic instead of the usual i'm a pagan goddes worship me my pronouns are blah blah and blah

She has done it before, too.


Typical classist entitled bourgeois whore.


No I mean that black women don't get in the most cat fights.

Blonde christian conservative young adults do.

They are a dangerous combination of vicious, ideologically proud, and stupid.

t. smelly nigger

Wait are you a white girl

so the reason you wear a pink wig is because a white girl pulled all your hair out when you tried checking her muh privilege

got it

I don't understand

high meme density

Black hair actually, it's nice.

No but I've cunt punted a few christians who called me gook. They're quite vicious at first but they're easy to wear down, "low energy", one might say.

Wrong type you're looking at. You must be looking for Holla Forums.

They can argue with you all night about Jewish muh privilege

Why is it when I tell you the truth you focus on the meme flag?

I worked retail for almost 10 years and this is nothing compared to some of the shit I saw and experienced.

Retail workers are some of the most disrespected and disenfranchised laborers in the country.

So some cunt makes a fool of herself and spergs out for 10 minutes? I think we may have found nogfnazi a gf.

What's worldstar?

My favorite part is when she proudly declares "I'M A CONSUMER!!!!"

We are living in parody

World star focuses on rural black communities.

Trust me, there really is no hold bars for some of these "oh sure darlin'" type women.

Which isn't to say other races are cruel, I'm just making an observation they have no code and go for the eyes because half their motivation in any fight is fear.

only with curls

and you'd just happen to have a layer of blubber absorbing all their punches, wearing them down that way. smart move, tricksy asian

Anfem poster is my comrade

117 pounds. Used to be around 125ish for a few years, started working out at home.

Not every feminist is an obese stereotype. I think a rule for the internet is when you sperg out on being called fat and unattractive as a man, you shouldn't use the logic back as catharsis.

Used to work in a movie theater concession stand in Philadelphia. During my 2nd week on the job I was assaulted by a man who thought I was taking too long to get his popcorn (his movie had already started). I'll let you take a wild guess at the man's ethnicity.

Not Holla Forums, but my point is that people of all classes seem to view retail workers as the absolute scum of the earth and treat them accordingly. This also only seems to happen in the U.S.

Americans are raised to view "consumer" as a badge of honor. They're entitled children. Sad!

i'm just doing my part in combating thin-normativity, sorry if this was overkill, as an ally, i know i still have a lot to learn

The reason you hate white girls so much is that theyre much more desirable, and you can only settle for some beta yellow fever dude who settles for you.



this. white girls are the most boring shit.

t. white girl

is that mgtow fag wearing lipstick?

That's what I thought too…..it could be he doesn't give a shit about himself and his lips are just that dry idk

I mean, I'm a kissless handholdless celebate pedo, as well as on again off again neet, and I think to myself "Damn, glad I'm not that guy."

pretty accurate, tbh.

How many layers of ideology do you have to be under to unironically prefer white chicks?

The kind where you're mentally ill enough to want to get into a relationship for the purposes of getting your partner pregnant because you think you're an endangered species. Or some shit like that

white women are pretty awful regardless of age

It's what decades of class repression does to them. Having to deal with your bosses shit for so long, that the moment someone below you fucks up you can release your anger.


Listen I've been called every single got damn name in the book, if Sally can't handle it she can give me head.

How's the wifi in Michael's?

Both those girls are attractive though ya numpties.

d a m n

Gulag or guillotine, comrades?

I just don`t get the american race politics. I probably never will.


Forced collectivization of her reproductive organs for collective use.


I really want to post that one tankie whenever I see a tankie poster, I wouldn't be much surprised if it's the same one.


At this point giving head just means oral in the first place, as in general. It's melted into both, it's just slang for oral.

I like it more thane eating out, that's corny shit. All the euphemisms for this are too cutesy.

what the he mean by this?



You weren't there…?

What is it with Asian men becoming trannies anyway?

Lack of testosterone?

Honestly I'm ok with trannies so I don't see this as an insult, some are pretty damn hot.

My god. new tankies are getting worse by the day. But technically that comrade is not in the wrong trough. We should build up our authoritarian (market)socialist state to status of global superpower and overthrow the western/american hegemony before we can even plan to end capitalism.

But Holla Forums, or some other sperg, is going to make this all about semantics and transsexuals now.

That's not going to happen, the solution is the one you're using right now. The internet. How we use it? I'm not sure but it's a lawless state of being, and I think organization can occur on some level in a commune. The greater incentive, the more people's interest would be in it.

Think about, cyber crime. It's new. Cyber theft certainly isn't, but someone could hypothetically hack millions from a bank in a transaction between nations. If you spread that money around equally, somehow without getting spotted or traced back

It sounds stupid, but I honestly think that fighting physically is a hopeless battle, and fighting digitally is a frontier we've never even attempted at trying.

I find myself on the libertarian (socialist, obviously) end of things, but if Marxist-Leninists will purge the anarcha-feminists then I support them


I don`t see this as realistic means to combat capitalism, since capital would only revert itself into earlier state before e-currency(as in pre-internet banking, finance etc.) rather than leave itself to be destroyed by random anarchists.

Capitalism is doomed going into the future anyways for a number of reasons. In the future to organize without state would be wise, using the darknet or what have you then.

Anything they do at that point would make the situation worse, if they make banking pre-internet in say, 2045, they would be right fucked more than they already were at this point.

The point I'm making is it's best to take their money while their vulnerable, without the need for any state. And naturally, watch the population come to us, as Capitalism offers them less and less.

Optimistic to be sure, but I think there's some realism in there. Capitalism isn't going to do good in the near future, and it's not likely to stop its downward spiral.

I can't wait until commrade Sanders is sworn in and this girl becomes an object for the proles

jej, I'm not even a grill

Mental illness and Sanders support after the election go hand in hand don't they

You could always have closed networked banking.

I would say that you lay heavily on optimistic side. Seeing organized attacks by masses or large enough numbers of hackers to disturb nor even attempt to crash international banking is simply not realistic. It would end up hurting themselves and people will never be enough class aware to act this way(without proper education provided by socialist state but that is besides the point).

*puts dick in ur bum*

I never said large scale, this is simply by the numbers small to not raise suspicion. After all, it could be just say, some international criminal. We've had cases in the past where vast sums of money are stolen in transaction, and the perpetrator isn't caught. It's just blamed on international terrorists.

What I find damning is that international terrorists can even do that and get away with it.

If some group were careful enough, to "walk in rhythm", so to speak, they could fool anyone into being another group entirely.

When Capitalism begins to rend later this century, I think planning like this is going to be ideal.

This time there would be no state to declare cold war on.

I don't get it comrades

Michael's is an arts and crafts store, and

I'm not going to explain the joke, it writes itself

so>>1099333 is a white woman doing stereotypical white woman things?

No, it's just a joke about white girls.

Only white girls shop at Michaels?

Worked at Michaels before, can confirm

Old bitchy white women

Not only………but………….


Apparently, the video was actually taken at a Michaels store.
Go figure.

Anfem got it right. I intended it to be a roast on white girls, but I realized that the video was shot there before I posted it. Basically, I'm playing 4D joke chess.