Arranged marriage = communist marriage

Arranged marriage as practiced by Orthodox Jews, Muslims, and Hindus (and, once upon a time, the West) is a much more socialistic form of romance and child-producing than modern capitalist marriage. Arranged marriages bring the community back into love and reproduction compared to capitalist marriage which is solely about fulfilling individual consumerist desires.

Most arranged marriages are not coerced like the media tells you. In fact, most of these marriages last longer and are healthier, because the couple feels the need to make it work rather than taking their partner's love and respect for granted. Also, we can look at the average Muslim family or Orthodox Jewish family and compare it with the average modern western family and see how the children in the former two are often quite healthier and do better in school. Communists should take note and promote arranged marriages over "pick and choose" relationships as part of our change to culture.

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Communism won't force girls to like you pol

I want choice over my life partner. I like things different to how my mother and father like them.

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Again, arranged marriage is COMMUNAL compared to modern romantic relationships which are individualistic and capitalistic (as they sprout from a capitalist economic base, L2 Gramsci). In practice, it preserves the community as it's entirely done for the sake of the community. And no, i'm not a nazi or nazbol.

But how would such marriages be arranged? By local party committees and such?

oh really? you're a different user? This guy whom we call nogf nazi constantly shitposts about how arranged marriage is communist and that he deserves to marry the girl next door and that women will always choose dominant unintelligent men so letting women choose is like reverse eugenics.

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I don't see why not. As long as those committees are localized and know the potential bride and groom well enough I don't see a problem.


There is nothing wrong with individualism.

Marx was literally against bourgeoisie arranged marriage

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At the beginning of the week everyone puts their house keys in a fish bowl and the one you draw out is your spouse for the week.

Against EUROCENTRIC and BOURGEOIS arranged marriage. Did Marx know any Muslims or frum Jews? I guess not.

I live in a muslim country. It isn't actually arranged marriage, how it works is the man first approaches the parents and gets vetted. If he passes he can meet the girl and if the girl likes him they can get married.

So it isn't really arranged, the parents just act as a mediator between the guy and the girl

Pls leave monogamy is the future.

The point is, it's superior to capitalist marriage because it's not individualistic. It also kills the nuclear (capitalist) family because it ensures that the children are raised communally and are not alienated from others.

It's serial monogamy mi familia.

There is no point to marriage unless you can legally bind your lover to you semi-permanently!

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Why do we even need marriage in a communist society? Let's just do the hippie free love or Plato's children of the through bullshit.

Because it strengthens community ties and makes love a communal rather than individualist thing.

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In the future, sex and marriage should be abolished

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How can a bourgeois lifelong bind between two individuals be more communal than everyone fucking each other or women bathing in a jizz trough?

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Every community stays together through obligation.


Arranged marriages like they are done in Japan are apparently very successful. Forcing someone to marry on the orders of their parents is fucked, but meeting someone with the expectation of marriage(to make sure they're okay) and just doing it sounds okay to me. Not sure the term "arranged" is the best way to describe it though.

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Couples in arranged marriages don't marry the one they love, they love the one they marry. That's the beauty of it: they don't take their spouse for granted and try to make it work rather than just assuming it should work on its own.

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Arranged marriages were never about romance or any love they were entirely about poorer people obtaining money by selling their children and to further carry on their family lineage.

But they promote communalism. That's the point.

FYI Hasidic marriages aren't necessarily "arranged." It's more like, a matchmaker who knows the groom and his family will match him up with a bride whom he thinks will suit him.

I'm with this guy.

an arranged marriage sounds nice, much better than what's in store for me now (which is nothing, ever)

Marriage is a spook.

Communism != communalism, you reactionary piece of shit. Communists are for free association, similar to the sort that existed prior to the advent of civilisation and class society (though updated for a modern industrial context).