Another shooting in Ohio

Another shooting in Ohio

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I'm surprised these even make the news any more

Did they change the article after you posted this? You know it says he didn't have a gun right? He drove into a crowd and then stabbed a bunch of people.

Welllll since this was done by a Somali refugee…

Pro-immigration is anti-union.
Immigrants stand with the porky against the workers.

Yep, they did change it. When I first heard it, it was a shooting but since then they said the college announced the attack as the wrong thing and it was a stabbing.
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really illegal immigration that's the problem, since companies can pay them less.

if he was white Holla Forums would be ecstatic for harming a bunch of cultural marxists

is the beta uprising going down?

lel, the universe really does love trump

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Almost. He was shot to death by a campus cop within 60 seconds of getting out of the car and didn't have enough time to kill anyone.

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It's stated that he completely lost his mind and tried stabbing people with a kitchen knife… but it's somehow a planned terrorist incident?

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I'm curious to find out why he did it. Maybe he told someone before hand.

If from what little I can gather is true he transferred from Columbus State and didn't have many or any connections at Ohio State. It seems unlikely that he would be able to join up with a "cell" or whatever if that was his intention.

In reality this is probably an incident of someone just… going crazy!!

Holla Forums keeps pointing out his appearance in "Humans of Ohio State," where he complained that tOSU doesn't have prayer rooms like Columbus State did.

Yeah. He literally couldn't find a place to pray which indicates to me that he didn't have any friends there.

At the same time this means that he COULD have become radicalized if he fell in with the wrong crowd… but I mean nobody heard him shout Allah Ackbar. This isn't a joke. He didn't say anything while stabbing people.

Also I bet you the person writing for Humans of Ohio State prompted him with some question about being a Muslim and praying, because Humans of _ is all bullcrap.

Lastly, and I don't know about Somalia, but Africans (big place I know) tend to experience the worst culture shock when moving to America due to the fact that everyone here is dramatically less hospitable than what they are used to.

It does seem like an obvious case of mental breakdown, but no one wanted to talk about Asian American culture after the Virginia Tech shooting. University is the kind of place that can break people.

I know I feel broken, but I think my issues started before going to college.

Humans of Ohio State doesn't appear to be too formally connected to Brandon Stanton; it's just a segment of the school news that probably has permission to use the name.

Nonetheless, it holds onto the name by promoting neoliberal idpol, as do the other Humans Of _.

i stoped caring about these news ._.

Can the people who are blaming material conditions for this explain to me where all the Vietnamese and Filipino terrorists are?


No, Holla Forums would have another schizophrenic civil war over whether the white man involved was a hero for killing cultural marxists, or a jewish mind-controlled agent sent to bring further disrepute on their cause

There is literally an Islamic insurgency that wants to secede in the Philippines

First of all:
We don't know if this was an act of Islamic Terror lol. There's actually no proof that it is. All the evidence people have is that he's Muslim and he wanted to pray.

This isn't the Orlando shooter, I'm not in liberal denial. We need some kind of declaration something from this guy. Until then, the most plausible reality is that it's a lone man who underwent a mental breakdown.

Second as the user above me points out the Islamic terrorism in the Philippines is the only thing keeping out military bases in that country after their president called us sons of bitches and threw Obama's ass out of the sea.

*keeping our, not keeping out

It was most likely a mental breakdown as opposed to safalism.

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Exactly. Trump is way ahead of the curve on that.

It can be spectacularly alienating, and on top of whatever other issues people have this sort of outcome really isn't surprising.