Is libertarianism dying out?

Is libertarianism dying out?

It's gotten more and more hated and ridiculed among Holla Forums, especially since THAT cringeparty debate and the ancap memes.

Moreover, people have started praising Trump's protectionist (anti free market) rhetoric under the guise of nationalism.

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Libertarianism as a grassroots political movement cannot survive a genuine long-term crisis of capital. People have started to tune them out because its obvious that what they want economically-speaking is a more radical version of what mainstream politicians say they want or put into practice.

Holla Forums is dying out. It is turning into nothing more than Lee Atwater's extra-chromosome republicans now that it has purged both the ancaps and the nazis. Pretty soon it will just be Tea Party 2.0.

"An"-cap ideology is very self contradicting, and is just a masturbatory fantasy, just like nationalism, and both tend to attract the same people, so they'll freely change opinions to fit whatever fits their current fantasy

If I were a Libertarian I'd be licking my lips right now waiting for a Trump presidency to further split the Republican Party. But the opposite could happen, it could become stronger. A lot of libertarians weren't really libertarians, they just had a hero (Ron Paul) and jumped on a bandwagon after they could no longer defend Bush. Then a bunch of them, even the "open border" guys within the Libertarian Party, jumped on the Trump train because of racism reasons (surprise, surprise).

So I was on Holla Forums back when it was peak libertarian (2012-2014), and also saw it reject the libertarians and move into Nazism and general authoritarianism. What was /pol and /news like prior to 2008?

no, it's just that Trump represents success to them and all the other gullible conservatives. They fetishize entrepreneurship and wealth, two things Trump claims to represent to an extreme.

/n/ was mostly libertards and classical liberals. The idiots thought it would be a hilarious joke to link the board to Stormfront's forums which started the WN scene on 4chan.

Unfortunately Johnson got more votes than Stein by about 2 to 1.

What the fuck? imkampfy, therealmoonman and heil (BO) have been permanently banning anyone who goes against their NEETsoc narrative for months.

Are you high?

How is Stein relevant? Bernie is much more relevant than her.

He might be referring to the "Trump is a Zionist shill, and probably Jewish too :DDD" Nazis

trump is a zionist shill though Holla Forums in constant denial about being an establishment republican voting bloc

Johnson`s ancap kind probably
but the kind thats personal will stick around for long time, were talking cultural libertarians/constitutionalists/federalists etc
Remember these ppl are the closest to the original founders, thats shit has been around since the start

I'm glad, I'm also noticing an increase in left wing astroturfing on half/pol/ too.

They'll rear their ugly heads when Trump fails.

If he fails. His infrastructure programs may just as well turn into a success simply because they'll come after years of austerity, tax cuts for the rich and general shitting on the working class.

trump met with John A. Allison, head of the cato institute and atlas shrugged fan, today

oh yeah, here's the article:

Libertarians and an caps inevitable have to choose between their ideology's contradictions by either turning to the left or going full fascist. There's been an ongoing fad of libertarianism and ancapism for several years now, and a lot of them are now having to make that choice around about the same time.

I think this video pretty much describes the history of the libertarian party.

I suspect that you are right about that. Have you noticed an uptick in the number of mutualists, pirates, and snek posters here lately?

this. seen Marxist Leninist threads there, wew

they'll probably double down on the fascism

how long till they start doing things in the real world?

it will be making a comeback under Trump, as a reaction to round-ups, stop and frisk, and other civil lib stuff
nobody gives a shit about protectionism and free markets here, now
fuck china

No, but libertarianism requires a more serious commitment to some intellectual first principals. Trump is going to kill it because he's going to ignore those principles without even acknowledging them. He won't talk about free markets when moves against NAFTA, he won't talk about states rights when he moves against sanctuary cities, or speech rights when he moves against the press, he'll just do what he says he wants to do— what this means is that libertarians will have to defend their ideas to the right as well as to the left. It will squeeze out the unprincipled part that doesn't care about or understand the philosophy.

china is the good guys


libertarianism is a dead end philosophy, there's a reason why so many lolberts are happy to go over to fascism when it becomes convenient.

It's more alive than ever.
Without the internet, just about nobody would even know what Austrian economics is.
At best you can say is that anarcho-capitalism is now dying out, but then you have to consider that it basically never lived past the fringes like all anarchist ideologies.
I'm assuming you are talking about 8/pol/, but just about every ideology other than Fascism/National Socialism is hated there.
As for 4/pol/, libertarians are now the majority.