Is it true that gay acceptance caused intersexual behavior between men to change to a much less physical way or is it...

Is it true that gay acceptance caused intersexual behavior between men to change to a much less physical way or is it just a meme?

Things like the Bruderkuss, holding hands or hugging or cuddling is seen as gay and therefore very much avoided.

Which is a pity imo. What should be done to combat this?

I dont mean intersexual as in sexual, but I didnt want to use gender, because wtf is even gender.

In a time where people can talk to more people than ever before in human history, things begin to melt. Especially culture in the past that conflicts with the need to talk to more.

Being more social on the internet becomes, what am I willing to ignore now.

The people who are least apt at nailing this down are usually the same people who believe in traditional gender simultaneously existing concrete and being threatened. Or most things traditional.

Simply put, just let nature take its course.

I took a shower while drunk with my friend a few times and it involved heavy body contact and playful "no homo" humping to assert dominance. I'm straight as an arrow.

You will find us men in the Nazi movement are much more comfortable with traditional male signs of affection before the kikes poisoned the well with their neurotic degeneracies

blame this type for sexualising all human interaction


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The OP asked what should be done to combat this

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You really think a game of I show you mine you show me yours is masculine. Everyone does that at fucking 4 or 5

Ernst Röhm was only showing "affection" towards his party friends. With both his mouth and ass, on their dicks.

And then Hitler had every single homoerotic "deviant" within his party and movement shot, tortured and so on.

how about we stop with the feminism that is only occupied with the academic equivalent of copy-pasting dick pics everywhere and acknowledge physical male bonding as a closeness that exists in a different realm than the sexual

Sure. Let's just say, intimacy isn't intimate.

Feminism is great moron. Destroying the patriarchy is the best way to dismantle the oppressive overstructure that divides the workers

No, the values branding homosexuality as bad are to blame.
However, modern gay acceptance is just an idpol meme shoved down peoples throats. It doesn't mean everyone is suddenly okay with homosexuality, especially not when blatant fun is practically advertised in the name of it, it just means they don't speak out against it when it occurs.

Look at past civilizations, those that have LEGITIMATE gay acceptance also don't shy away from showing affection for same-sex friends.

It isn't for no reason than the liberal acceptance for the sort of plain nature of it.

It's because real estate is dying and so is property, sell those faggots on the fucking white picket fence idea.

You'll grow to realize there's more to this than meets the eye, most of it is marketing. People fall for marketing easily, it's what makes elections. It's also what informs politics.

It's a cluster fuck.

let's just say that not everyone learned intimacy as the people who can only see it as such

you're awfully late to the party, no matter how hard i try, telling bitches to bow down the patriarch just doesn't work. really, fuck gender studies, none of that crap actually works on women

intimate friendship is not the same as putting benis into pooper :DD

hey, don't use the term "bitch". Gender studies are very useful and feminism DOES work. Women must be liberated if we want to have a shot at taking down capitalism for good. This is why the soviet union failed: they were oppressing women and forcing them into cis-normative gender roles

Deconstruction of the idea of masculinity-femininity binary, or at least the cultural acknowledgement that neither is superior over the other. Male homosexuality still is typified as more feminine and therefore inferior by some, so the solution is a long and perhaps painful process to dismantle power structures that hold traits typically defined as being masculine (being dominant, ambitious, protective, etc) to be more desirable than traits typically defined as being feminine.

As long as homosexuality is only tolerated but still secretly looked down upon by a silent majority, the battle for emancipation isn't over.

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the soviet union really fucked themselves up bcuz of communism. if it hadnt been the case they would have become a greater superpower than they already are.

Nobody gets hurt with a little bump and grind ;)

It's not bait just because I don't use swear words to sound like an edgy 14yo.
And btw, you know I'm right. If we manage to completely achieve full on women liberation capitalism will fall because it will simply become unsustainable demographically. It's literally the fastest and best way to do it, weather it triggers your MRA ass or not

pls be in Germany

Where are you in Germany? I'm a US expat in Frankfurt and I'm gay, a bit into BDSM

I'm in California, Burger States

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Gender is kinda tricky, but I guess the easiest definition is maleness/femaleness/etc separated from biological sex, ie whereas sex is a biological fact based on what reproductive organs you are born with, gender depends on the self-identification of a subject with one or another sex. It's not that difficult really, it's just that most people never had to question their gender identity and therefore took it for granted, which makes it all the more difficult to relate to people who have experienced gender dysphoria etc.

If it wasn't bait, you wouldn't have called me an MRA and shit, considering my post wasn't exactly in line with the MRA way of thinking

We don't have good boy points here.

Your posted sounded like the usual whiny crap I hear from millennial "marxists" who think that being men means you are oppressed and thus they end up as MRA retards

What are you talking about. The OP is talking about close physical contact between males becoming less common the more gay society gets.

I am in the Ruhrgebiet.

We could be friends who cuddle a lot and sometimes you suck my benis or get it inserted into bussy :DD

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