I see no solution to break or stop the idpol trend

i see no solution to break or stop the idpol trend.
you guys realize that we may likely be under a facist rule where millions of people will suffer/die in the next decade, right ?

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Of course there is a way. Take it to its logical conclusion, and make them include zoophilia and pedophilia.
There would be two possible outcomes, the first obviously being general outrage causing idpol to be irreparably damaged; and the other being that people actually run with it (which I highly doubt), but then we would have true equality at last.

Identity politics has been proven a failure with the DNC's humiliating defeat by Trump.

Trump is at best the conception of fascism not its birth. He is not a sincere ideologue. The real Hitler would have to come after him.

You won't until you realize that Capitalism produces individuality, which infects people like viruses, making identity politics common place in Capitalism.

Nobody seems to get individuality itself is the problem itself, not identity politics. Which complaining about might or might not inform more individualized thinking.


I just read the first sentence and not the blabberinng on where you misspell fascist and misidentify fascism to give this thread a chance.

Idpol allows us to recruit greater numbers from disaffected groups that otherwise wouldn't be politically concious.




Reactionary ideology by its very nature is doomed. It offers no resolutions to the contradictions that spur it. It might manage to maintain the desired stasis for a time, but the authoritarian methods necessary to do so will alienate increasing swathes of the population until it leads either to civil war or collapse

It will win. For everyone but the people who inform their politics on it, they lose. For people who don't believe in it but make money off of it, they win.

In the end you can't separate yourself from your economic conditions.

thats my point.
Trump is an opportunist, not a leader or someone with an actual vision, he won't fallow trough.

however, if a guy like Hitler came in his place, he would've been elected.

people don't mind that.

As long as it's kikes I'm down for it

Yeah - an election, just like Hitler. Final victory belongs to communism

It's just poor people like always. There are some jews in there, but I mean it's nothing you don't already ignore.


There wouldn't be this type of misery in the world if it weren't for kikes in the first place
They are liars, all of them lie, they will be put down

*There wouldn't be this type of misery in the world if it weren't for capitalism in the first place

its easier to keep people uneducated than to teach them.
idpol give simple answers to simple minded people.

like religion, it isn't about truth, its about faith.
they believe in it because they want to.

and just like religion, its not easy to come back from it.

I don't belong here I am sorry

How does it feel to be suicidal?



Racism is the idea that different groups of people are different in characteristics and should be treated accordingly.

At what point is this a bad thing?

I'm not and what does that have to do with individuality within economy

I don't get it.

It's a skin deep analysis that sacrifices academic specific we already know for superstitious psuedoscience and speculation, it is the post modern gossip of the internet.

Because you aren't accomplishing what you set out to do, nor do you plan to, you have set things to say you set out to do which are practically impossible in the amount of other ideas you contradictingly share.

because its not true.

even if "race" existed, the variation among individuals in one group are wide enough to overlap other groups.

polypes with their mediocre cognitife ability have a hard time with the concept of nuances.

the fact that Jews have an average Autism Level of 110 doesn't mean that they all have an Autism Level of 110 (not debating if Autism Level = intelligence, thats another story)

what you're left with is skin color.

new word filter huh.

Individual variation is irrelevant when crafting policies that operate upon large groups.

Stop pointing out wordfilters you fucking newfag. It's your own fault you don't lurk before spazposting, and pointing it out to bigger spastics is what makes you cancerous.


Behavioral differences, at least in specific regions of the world, are easily discerned from clinical, criminal, educational, and economic data.

Wordfilters are always worth pointing out as they indicate the board's inability to deal with a particular concept and resultant attempt to auto-ridicule it via wordfilter so they don't have to try (and fail) to refute it.

We don't need to refute lQ discrepancies 4 times every week

lurk more

Fuck off back to reddit you moany little cunt.

Can't get much more retarded than this. You only need to imagine yourself in a situation where another demographic than your own is in charge of the nation and considers your particular demographic to be filled with murderers, drug dealers, and rapists to understand how unjust it would be for them to decide on policies that fuck you over because of your skin colour, gender, sexuality or whatever, regardless of whether you have done anything wrong.

Your stupid bullshit is refuted every fucking day.

Woah, I'm convinced

That your faggoty idpol needs to be eradicated.

It will break its self up when the black men start telling the white women to check their muh privileged