Badiou Thread

Where do I start with this guy? Can anyone suggest his major books? Videos to watch?

Or even better, can anyone write out an outline of his beliefs?

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Don't know.
Probably not.
Never seen any

Can't help you here. Sorry.

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I didn't touch a single book or essay written by him ? is he good or meme tier left ?
And if he is good where to start with him ?


You could always start with his re-writing of Plato's Republic. It's well written and quite interesting.

Are you interested in him only because of politics or are you a fan of philosophy in general?
If the first then I don't think you'll enjoy most of his works but you could try The Communist Hypothesis.
If the second then start with Manifesto for Philosophy.

I recommend this [current year] short book for all STEMlords who think that continental philosophy = muh feels.

Badiou is a trained mathematician.

Most accessible intro to Badiou is his Ethics:

for commies, pdf related

For an overview:

Second Manifesto for Philosophy, short and straight to the point if you want to understand his ontology. For further reading I'd recommend: and even if both are written from a explicit "pro-Zizek" perspective.

Communist Hypothesis for just random thoughts on political matters. La Vraie Vie is much better but there's no English translation yet. Here's excerpts from the former and a interview regarding the latter:

For all your needs:

IMO Badiou "lost" (chanspeak) when he declared that both state-utilizing and anti-state (anarchist) communist projects were doomed to fail. Sounds great, but give us something concrete to work with, otherwise, fuck it! We go pragmatic.

What's wrong with Johnston and Geoff?

Also, for the very reason you just explained, I'm not very interested in his political project - there is none.

His analysis of contemporary problems are however quite interesting, La Vraie Vie was one of the few leftists books I've read that dared to discuss the existential crisis of malehood in contemporary capitalism.

Thanks for the mega link in the other thread btw.

What is maribochan btw?

from the fb page. I'd put quotation marks around anonymous (to my knowledge it's more or less solely run by Simon Gros) but whatever.

It's a ebook, articles and video library for the "Ljubljana School" of Lacanian Psychoanalysis and post-Marxist critique - where Zizek is the most renowned figure, and related thinkers.

Nothing! I'm just trying to address their "bias towards Zizek" from my assessment: give us something concrete to work with, Badiou, or get rekt.

Otherwise, Badiou gives us an entirely new way to talk about metaphysics so we can only appreciate his reinvention of communism.

Which one?
This one?

nice post and dubs, need a zip tho comrade


Naw, the Lacanian one.

yes, but for education, also I'll say please :^)

Also is it just me or is there actually more lectures of Badiou floating around on the internet than Zizek? Though granted half of Badiou's lectures are in French unlike Zizek's

Nah. Zizkek makes 2 interviews every month, Badiou is reclusive as fuck.

Here's a lecture with Badiou & Zizek on Philosophy & Communism

Theres no part 6 for whatever reason

Do you have the original French version?

Amen brothers.

Really makes you go hmmmmmm…..