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Looks hot tbh.

Fascism should be commended for giving us the most symbolically castrated aesthetic possible tbh.




I'd seize her means of reproduction if you know my meaning




they can do it so much better than the sjwymyn

can anyone link the source for this guy saying dna showing that all civilizations were european?

oh lol didn't even notice it was varg

What is it with porn stars and far right ideology? Seems sightly hypocritical?



Which pornstars are?

Tips tequila

Tila, god damn it

The aging attention whore? When did she do porn?

She's disgusting could not possibly bang

Oh, is she not a porn star? I thought she was.

Not really

I was thinking Tila Tequila, this chick, and that crazy anti-vaccer woman


Varg actually hates civilization and considers it the invention of mixed-race people because they're "weak" and not "well-adapted.

That post doesn't sound like something Varg would say.


Sorry tila

Isn't she a liberal who divorced her husband over his rightwing views?

but there's plenty of left leaning porn stars.

Valentina Nappi is a rampant example but I don't know how much of what she says is available in english.

she isn't a politician tought


Mercedes Carrera is not necessarily right-wing but she is a big anti-SJW and against modern feminists.

Shit taste tbh

oh i see i forgot to ad

When was that playboy released? Marine Le Pen is in her late 40s and that magazine shoot looks well over 20 years old. Circa early 90s.

Honestly, can they call others liberals.

I did some research. That was Marine Let Pen's MOTHER. In 1987. Her mom was born in 1935. So that means she was 51-52 during that nude photo shoot. Seems about right. The woman in the Playboy looks old. I figured it was Marine in the 90s. But Marine probably didn't look that old back then.

I guess this makes Jean-Marie Le Pen a cuck. His wife posed nude and divorced him. The ultimate humiliation would have been his wife doing an interracial gang bang with BBC and Muslims.

There was a qt (in a homely Slav kind of way) Russian Neo-Nazi that was outed as a porn star.

Not to go full horseshoe theory but I think extreme ideologies tend to attract the mentally unbalanced, like porn stars

Zizek is right again, the new fascism will be a fascism where extreme fun and decadence will be allowed.

We worship the female form and do not wish for it to be covered. The kikes invented covering women up.

Praise Wotan.


her ass is so weirdly shaped


You see Holla Forums this is why the Jews and blacks are winning

what have he said about new Fascism?


Varg is like a funny, crazy uncle.

wew, from which man's kitchen did you crawl out of sugertits?

and sadly in the same breath then blames the jews for inventing porn. you wanks are so dense it can be rather interesting at times.

prob drinks mead while larping in a wolfskin about how viking you are and how all nords were aware of their "racial identity" never mind the fact nationalism wasnt really a think until after the founding of the nation state.

also, "paganism" based on bad historical sourcing and accuracy … kill thy self for the sake of humanity. we will surely not miss you.

mercedes is based, i still talk to her every now and then on skype.

varg is fucking awesome. i might not always agree with everything he says, but i would love to have a jam session and talk about black metal.

Fascism promises physical relief but will deliever the repression it always delievers
The fascists themselves will be the biggest victiems of any upcoming fascist dictaship

I honestly feel bad for Varg. He's spooked as hell but is at least trying to have a more nuanced worldview and all of his jewtube subscribers are just freerepublic normies screeching about white ge-NO-cide.

She is? Source? Okay I feel rather wierd fapping to her a couple of times, thanks user

It would seem that shes marines mother.




I think she deleted her old blog, I used to follow her a bit when she was still living in italy, now she's more famous and I guess all she cares about is her job. Also yeah there's jack shit in english i think the best you can do is try your luck with google translate.

Anyway i remember about her because during an interwiew she was told "a pornstar sells her own body" and she replied

that was pretty based and de-spooked, but fuck i can't find her old interviews.

Also if you're interested in other italian pornstars Ilona Staller and Moana Pozzi actually managed to be elected in the italian parliament in the early 90, they were championing some pretty progressive ideas, not full commie but admirable.


how is she not a meme with a face/name/prediction-abilities like this?

Just more proof that the aut-right is idpol too


Thanks user for making me feel weird for fapping to her I guess, I'm not sure what to say lol

My own you larval offspring


she is right tought

Basically the "literally shaking" of the alt-right. It's a never ending source of amusement to me that they genuinely believe the difference between left and right is that they think while we rely on our emotions.

Is she /our gal/ ?

Her ass is what your average white female's ass looks like. Your views on the female body have been warped by porn.

I may yet live to see it.


doesn't Vargs have an Autism Level above 140 or something?

There is a comic, the private eye is set around that same time, the main character lives with his grandad who is a guy from out generation. he still plays cod and his old tablet is a plotpoint.

At least real whores work for real money, instead of white-knighting for fedora tips.