Really gets that noggin joggin' doesn't it?

Really gets that noggin joggin' doesn't it?

This is why you will always lose. You dehumanize the working people and strip them of stuff that they hold dear more than capitalists ever will.

Your spooks aren't important

u wot m8

If you mean stripping them of religion and private property, then absolutely. We make no bones about it.

all that's happened already and it sure as fuck hasn't been communism running the show the last 50 years

This pic is a bad strawman.

Apparently being against nationalism = enslaving people?

Kill yourself OP.

How does this follow?


Because without the vicarious accomplishments of others people like op would have nothing

Ill make sure to fullfill my ego exploiting spooked people like you


Not even close to resembling an argument

molymeme pls go and stay go

Nice to know I hurt some Nazbol's feels

The self is an illusion, constructed by the craving and clinging mind. Just like other objects, it is empty.

I fail to see a problem.
Also, anyone who talks about human capital is a liberal.

It is my emptiness


What a massive faggot you must be if you're dependent on a pre-detirmined social category as your 'identity'. Your ideology always fails because people are more than you decide they are. The human experience is so complex and multifacited that to attempt to assign people particular social categories that they aught not transgress is to deny their own status as thinking, acting, creative, and powerful individuals. Get fucked.


You are as victimized by Capital as you always were Holla Forums. That is, the upper white middle class are too, victims of Capital.

But to say you're ever going to become examples is well, paranoia on your part that you are becoming what you ignored.

Good post

Class is a spook

Yes, tell me more about how a poor people can belive to be a billionare and not being labeled as a fool in the process

Go read the book, dumb Holla Forumsyp



I love watching Holla Forumsyps flounder as they attempt to comprehend spook posting.

>When it doesn't matter if you're right or wrong because socialism will never happen and if advanced civilisaiton is still around in 50 years there will still be autistic anarchists, Marxists, and socialists insisting it's just around the corner because the coming crisis is definitely the last crisis

Feels good man

Is this the same level of denial as "Donald Trump won't get elected, trust me".

Populist outrage is only getting worse because of the internet, if it won't be a state it will be a collective.

Good job being stupid

I don't know Holla Forums, this was the board insisting Trump would never win

Must have really struck a nerve kek.

I think you mean pleasantly surprised he won.

Hate to break it to you but socialism is inevitable

They become mere commodities, utterly interchangeable in the eyes of international capital whose sole criteria is the work output they achieve for them and how easy they are to move around. (it's cheaper to force people to move than it is to move products)

Unsurprisingly the biggest porkies in the EU like Peter Sutherland and the Commission piggies are all pushing for de-homogenization because they've found that it's the easiest way to crush unions and welfare states and simultaneously push austerity on people. (the act itself undermines them and the support for them among the native people are severely diminished as social cohesion is degraded)

Sure thing kiddo

While technically true that CEOs without shares are proles, their job entails managing the firm so that the proles in it are exploited as efficiently as possible, and so they tend to be as revolutionary as the other enforcers of capital (like police, military, security agencies, etc.) which is very little and often counterrevolutionary. Even so, isn't it very common for executives to be given stock options in compensation that often dwarfs their salary? Those are undeniably bourgeois