Wake up, wake up

Wake up, wake up
This is no hallucination
This is what we have become
This what dreams are made of

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we're goign to have to kill a bear together and I'm not good with guns... Do you know how to use one? Shotas are cute af v.v
And oh my... so lewd..

I can't wake up


Sucked her dick a lot for a little bit, but after I found out she was in the same situation I was in (forcing myself to be with scarlet) I stopped making advances on her. nothing more than that though. I wish things didn't have to be so complicated. I'm done with being with multiple people.

I don't see how you 'trust' me then talk about me being a ringleader to Alice's cult. He'll never know unless you tell him yourself. For that you'd have to get back in.

I don't know what she looks like, so.

I need to go find a qt slut

oops i just posted that by accident

yeah i know how to shoot a gun

need a high calibre gun to kill a bear though, we'd have to take it out from far away with no chance of it seeing us

they can climb trees remember

oh.. i dont have any..

It took so long so you ate some more
You did too much man, you did too much!
Come on, come on you've got to wake the fuck up

Had some broken sleep last night lol

she's just not very feminine and I only really find myself attracted to feminine girls or very feminine guys.

nah, i learned prolog, which is really nice because it means i can just give it ways of solving the problem and let it try and find the solution itself, sort of, so its not all that much

i wrote a chatbot in it and its like 135 lines of code, including whitespace

i AM tho
im a boy dummy

Oh, that sucks.
Did you get enough at least?


prove it fgt

Oh damn it

She could have killed you for intruding on Scarlet... that girl is a serial killer
You have to find that one good pussy and just put it on a pedestal, you can't give up

I went in there last night and apologize... and he told me to fuck off..

Bears are scary... may I have the skull?

Hurry the fuck up

Guys, am I a low life

be honest

like what exactly is a low life?


*whips out willy*

i suppose
do you know how to skin and de-gut an animal?

i can teach you

hunting is fun

i've seen bears get killed by only 2 shots from an ar15

give me some, love

i cant see shit fam

Shit sounds good, very well thought out. I'm intrigued

A scum bag who will engage in seedy underhand acts of gross deviancy

Ye but neither are you, I thought.


Well, what can you do then? Just move on, it's not like you really care that much.

Oh yeah I'm fully rested. Got enough REM luckily
Actually about to head to work in a few minutes

Fuck I love you babe x.x
So yesterday we had an audit and I had to leave during it. Was thinking too much about your beautiful tight pussy and how deliciously pink it is.Ended up getting a nose bleed

really? ive seen them take multiple shots

other times ive seen them get fuckin 1 tapped

really depends on where they get hit and if ur a good aim


*whips out willy n wagles*

Don't become a cat.

Nuu... I want to watch you do it first. I know how to do it to a human, though. Did you finish inside her mouth?

Find a waifu and post as her

I really loved him though... I regret doing it v.v


You're not really

yup. life's a bitch. I'm semi butch and only into fem girls, who are all either straight or unavailable

scarlet pls

you won't give me any new pics though..


I mean a 2D waifu


its the same concept basically


what, would you prefer i replaced bear with person?



traded in my 6 plus, new 6s plus getting delivered on monday or tuesday



Hahaha that poor cat. Nah I wear gear and we are just cleaning an painting today

Hmmmmm we should go on a date next weekend. When are you free?
My balls are so swallow from not fapping.. Like seriously wtf

That not even that bad since Im paying for all his shit for AX and his room

Its a give take kinda thing, ya know?


I guess you really are mai waifu

did you finish inside Swedish's warm mouth?

i don't have any, baka

i imagine that webm was you when you read thatcute


You didn't love him, you didn't know him. I don't see why you feel the need to pretend to care.

Also keep posting lewds.

But I am real and not 2D

this is the chatbot

each x():- is a way of satisfying x, each thing(ayy,lmao) is a relationship, anything starting with an uppercase letter is a variable, and the program attempts to satisfy your query based on the definitions it has in the source code. basically i take a sentence, then break it down into noun phrases, which i then break down to find out who is doing what to whom.

Good job, loser



Go to the Trump rally later, baka


I guess. Lol.


lol u need to calm down man


With acid?

As a Canadian,
I fight bears with my bear hands.

pics or gtfo


We known each other for two years!

Girls are fucking boring


-runs away-

A bunch of fucking retards will just block the roads out there
Kiss me before I go ♥
Also date night Saturday at 7 or 8 your time

No aid today
rip bears

thats degenerate

fuckin slut man i tell u

ta ra mu pu

-kisses you all over your face-

Just beat them up :/

why do I do this

you gotta ask why you would shoot a man before throwing him out of a helicopter

ur degenerate

i can't start until you give me a folder!

Girls can be boring. Some are fun.

I highly doubt that, but you clearly left a shitty impression regardless.

Bears deserve it for getting in the way of me and my wall to filthy illegal aliens.

I couldn't decide what to say

a.) You are also real cute

b.) more like real pathetic lmao

L-lower too geez....
I'll talk to you later babe

Bbl later
Will bring bear pelts
Blood-chan best waifu 2016
Swag 100 fuck your shit thai fukboi

uhhhh o.O

what did you kill it with

how many shots

did u take pics

did u eat it?

keep the skull?

oh yeah you're supposed to only choose one

-hugs- don't feel sad...

Your waifu has to choose you, it'll happen but you have to keep watching anime

I'm the nicest person I know... -sighs- I should go too... bye..

I'm leaving now... I can't take it anymore

-takes your big dick into my mouths and sucks happily- mmmh!

now post pics

it's strange, it's almost like I want to be sad...

See you, Whitey.
Have a good day!

I didn't actually kill a bear

See you.

bye weirdo

talk on steam sometime when ur not noided


anything that proves your claim

Sure you are! Also

Super fucking gay.

Think I might start looking at psychology.

give me more anime to watch then. bye

what would

why not

That made me laugh

Shiro has a dig bick


dunno fam, thats for you to figure out

I'm voting to remain in. After the vote I am going to create a local militia to round up all right wing elements and liquidate them.
Savages deserve savagery.

Could be useful for work


ur the one that wants proofs
u gotta say what is proofs

it is done

6 plus traded in, 6s plus on the way for monday or tuesday

Wew lassie


at a school?

lmao no

im sleepy

I fukken for real
Also maybe


alright, I'm going to bed, hopefully next time I post here I'll have my real computer.



it cant hurt i suppose

I need to engage more in the political process
Rip Jo ☹️

yes. i think. depends if it turns out i lost anything important when the phone comes and i restore the backup

When Brexit
When Trump
When Front Nationale
When PVV

Kinda wanna see the world burn.

It plays in the season finale of rick and morty and me and z would watch the show together and... well if you saw the debri on my desk you probably know how I feel about him.

Im totally protecting that smile



honestly at first i thought it was a good sign, i sign that people care enough about the EU thing to kill, but sadly it was just some nutcase attacking a reasonably moderate mp

UKIP is the shit ikt

Don't talk shit on that

as if foreigners know about nigel farrage

do our politics make news in your countries?


Pls eliminate VVD first

If you think brexit is worth killing an mp with 2 children over then I think you are a little warped

Wilders is best buddies.

in this case, no, the killing wasnt justified, but a little bloodshed every now and then isnt such a bad thing


Why stop there

Why not round up and deport or massacre all colored people in the UK :D

i think in the scheme of things it is totally worth some deaths

just the MP's death wasn't necessary

Jesus christ qt

Ideally all ukip supporters blood. Preferably drowned in curry

I miss living by myself though

I can't just blast hentai on the TV while I have dinner anymore

i mean, there are a fuck ton of humans, and we die all the time anyway, we can't ALL be necessary


Proof the right are vicious, nasty little xenophobic warmongerers and social vampires.


*pulls out passport*

well, no phone for a few days, sorry snapchatters

i will have to make do with watchmojo top 10 videos.

If Farage ever came here I'd brick the cunt so hard

i'd smash him with a helicopter

flash backs

pretty much this

im sure if you went looking you could find more than a few MPs whos killing would be justifiable in the face of losing national sovereignty.

we live in a fairly safe world, a few more deaths isnt anything to grumble about really



Tbh, a good quarter of the world populace could do with culling. Preferably India, China and South America

Going through my old phone makes me realize I have upgraded most of my shit in this past year

my old phone had some shitty camera so I couldn't get pics of Ian blackout drunk showing off his money to me in HD

just have them all immigrate to the UK :)

or was it a small plane

I'm kind of sore.
I think I slept in a weird position.

Filthy mudcunt


wouldnt even be necessary to cull a lot of them, just stop supporting their unsustainable ways of living

i think it was a small plane


lmao I was such a fag sending pics of my stomach to people at that time


Get rekt cunt

remember when people weren't insane


Pretty sure people've been insane since before I was born.


They say "don't stick your dick in crazy"
What's the Spanish for crazy?


the worlds safer than its ever been, no need to get too upset over one womans death



Oh. I thought it was loco. I could have then made a loco dick joke

I bet her kids are pretty fucking upset

Quick, what game supports wheel input with good FFB and can do Initial D cars and maps

Knuckle dragging ukip voters do us a favour and kill yourselves


my dick


But hey ho, death to traitors and free Britain


No. You just make bad choices from time to time.

Brown people OUT


thats them, not me

I do.

ISIS is the shit though

Like have you seen their videos? These niggas got like GoPros now and we see everything in HD, like these niggas are innovators


Mio is so curvy x~x


tfw no qt gf to watch JoJo with or spot your lifts



that would imply Democracy :DDD

Lenko just come out already


Bet you believe in individuality you shit

She'd only be there to 'spot' me man, let's be real.



2 years ago I took Ian out for his 21st bday to barhop in LA and he got so fucked up he passed out at a starbucks

I tipped the baristas 5 dollars if they took a pic with me and all of them with Ian passed out

It was so cash


Then you really are brain dead

the school of life
brave wilderness
pbs idea channel

You shouldn't really need a spotter on lifts, if you're doing what's within your limits.

But having a girl spot you is asking for disaster to strike. There is no way she is near strong enough to pull up the weight you're lifting.


Oh you watch watchmojo too?



with combined strength one would assume she could be very helpful as long as you're not stressing yourself


i think i'll only give myself a few hours of rest now.

at least i had good dreams yesterday...

ive watched some


If you're gonna get some rest, rest well.
Dream sweet.



lol youre so poor

females have no strength unless they take steroids lmao

or unless they build it up with proper diet

I prefer shemale spotters

At lmao

of course you do faggot

That is super fucking
g a y

Le ecksdee homo post

kill yourself scoot

I prefer crossdressing spotters.

Dat Chihiro tho.
I'd hit him with my dumbbell if you know what I mean.

need to try harder manlet

you. are. shorter. than. me.


You. Are. A. Manlet.


You. Are. Shorter. Than. Me.

Lenko needs to lift and stop being a sissy homo manlet bitch. Go run along.




K bye

nobody will miss you

Be my guest.



gee, what an asshole



Gee, sure hope you never ego lift and hurt yourself.




Gee, I sure hope I grow up to be a big boy - lenko, 2015

i wanna be able to lift like 120lbs

how should i start /fit/ ?

I do know what I'm talking about and men are naturally stronger than women. What qt3.14 gf are you going to get that can spot you on a 225 bench and even be able to lift it up from your chest? Please tell me.


lenko's roid-swollen ego is like the least attractive thing these threads have ever seen

and they have seen soto's dick cancer


Lenko is s pseudo manlet

Well considering 120 is not a lot, that should be easy.

Why are we still arguing about this.
No one wanted the girl to actually spot them.


Would it be uncouth to text someone to wake up at 15:46 the day after you got their number?

yeah okay lmao

Beats me, idk why I bother with scoots or any other shitter as such.

that among other things, you're downright creepy if you do that shit

where do i start

i dont know what i can lift now

i know that holding an FN FAL hurt the fuck out of my left arm because no muscle which is 9 pounds

right arm is tough though :^)


Yeah, don't.

So go to the gym and start lifting. Start with 20, then just slowly move up till you know your limit.


i guess ill buy some dumbbells

how long will it take me to be able to lift 120 tho

no, go for it

It's as if this community had mental problems

Why not go to the gym? Maybe you'll get checked out.
Depends on how weak you are, and how motivated you are/how often you lift.

Hurt do you even lift shitbrick

u have to pay for gyms
waste of money
even 10$ a month is gay
thats netflix or brazzers my man

I'm getting mixed signals here.
But it seems more agreed upon that it's a bad idea.

You're going to seriously text the person whose number you got the day before to "wake up". Literally in the afternoon too. If that person isn't a NEET like you then chances are they're awake.

Bye Felicia

So they might actually not be awake, got it.

that's just wrong

You're texting another NEET, aren't you...

Why would they be asleep at nearly 4pm..?

Pfft, it's like you don't even want to get laid in the gym.

How is it wrong...

bye again

Neets are pretty much cancer

not interested

Actually, now that I think about it, he's probably awake.

Because there was that thing he was going to do today.
Thanks for making me think about it.


NEET is a horrible drug.
Not even once.

Texting tokai lol

It's like you know me, Scoots.

Literally drove to the store kinda buzzed cause there was a sale on tequila and they just opened


You will never see massive gains without a gym.


I'm not mad. I'm just disappointed.

i just wanna be able to princess carry

That I didn't think about it well enough to remember sooner?

princess carrying is ezpz if they put their arm around you

That's pretty simple. Most girls I've dated were under 105 pounds.
Not sure about you.
Princess carry is easy, you're distributing a pretty low amount of weight over 2 arms.

That you seem obsessive over a guy you just met.

What do you say when you ask to hold them like that?

I'm always obsessive.
Really I just get bored easily.

Tell them they're cosplaying your waifu and you want to princess carry them


Do you still have the one where you were lifting the one girl, and her boyfriend is just a salt factory to the side?


That makes it so much better, oh my god.

I used to be so dark

So you get obsessed then lose interest?
Quite strange.

It's easy to do anything with girls at cons.
Usually they're all very lonely and have simple wants.

It's less that I'm actually obsessive,
and I just get bored easily, is what I meant to convey.

So I'll just arbitrarily hit someone up regardless of social conventions to try to alleviate boredom.

Where SD at ;~;

It's 17:29 for him.

Your guess is as good as mine.


Whats another good series this season?

I tried out Bungou Stray Dogs and its pretty shit

oops that was supposed to be towards subtle

You're not the droid I'm looking for

Kiznaiver is nice
Flying Witch is relaxing and cute
Kabaneri is pretty cool

Kiznaiver best of this year

Bitch don't worry I replied anyway

tfw soto is cucking desu

M-morning threaders~

Do you guys think I'm a lowlife?

I mean, you are here, aren't you?

The lowest


I am but Soto isn't???

Damn ;~;

Soto is his own subgenre

No, you're an Elma. ♥

lets get married so it could even out

thanks bae
no wonder youre my fav cybering buddy


sabs post blood sugar test

But darling..


Sabby, I...

I heard me


mornin welms

I liked it better as "I heard me."

Oh, hai qt. Long time, no see~

How's it been?

If you post here then you are a fucking scumlord and need to check yourself

We've never cybered


That's not nice

not too bad, been doing uni stuff, moved in with the bf and that


Ur mums not nice


o-oh wow you finally did it, proud of you ^^
We must play together today And skype again


It's been good.


good to hear

hows work and stuff?


Did what? o.o
Okayyy but I will go the gym again today and my arms might be dead

It's fine. Still the same shit every day. I get Saturdays off now.

Oh, but thanks for reminding me that I ganked a couple cookies last night ;3

I would consider a lowlife someone who goes out of their way to make other people and themselves miserable and/or is cruel to animals.

That's not you. :3

Happy Saturday, Mistah Soedoe.


No biccies no life


Why live? Makes me want to kill yourself myself


Not anymore at least!

That was so adorably Britbong of you~

Wasn't that screencap the beatmap you were streaming last night ?
Can I rub your muscles when you come home


Elma, what kinda cookies did you sneak? I gotsta know.

i know, ill just have to drown my sorrows with burgers later

biscuits are pretty nice tho, no home is complete without them, and no tea complete without a dunking or two

nah fam, its the sainsburies quad choc chip ones you want

Are you listening to yourself, custard creams are the daddy

We just have chocolate chip. They're really good when you get them all melty in the microwave :p


And why the heck is "melty" not a real word yet?

I bet Sabrina likes the tex mex burger, fucking immigrant

custard creams are ok, but theyre not exactly shortbread tier

i should buy some biscuits in

Anything is a real word if you meme it alot

It isn't?

Shortbread are reasonably high in the tier system

Yeah, I finally FC'd it after a long time
That's what you meant
I'm dumb

"Melty" is in the Oxford English Dictionary, so it's a real word. A yummy, gooey word.

I bet you drink Worcestershire sauce straight from the bottle.

It's ok darling you have your moments sometimes
Thank you for denying me pleasure master

Just because I did it in our Skype doesn't mean I do it that much.
Bet you can't pronounce that correctly anyhow

How else are you supposed to describe cheese!??!

Just like the way you make me feel

Thanks for the update! Now my squiggly red underlines need to get the memo~

I can think of no other way!

and that's my day so far
how about yours user

Better get o your local gay bar, get it popping

She was the best thing about ORAS.


It's okay, Daddy~

I think ill just buy some eggs to make breakfast with

you know it


Also a good choice


Speaking of cookies and red squiggies, I was trying to describe the way Cookie was acting yesterday and Chrome didn't think "élan" was a word. It still doesn't! Gotta add it to the dictionary I guess.

Whassa madder, Mr. Grim?

Kinda want to skateboard but it's gonna be like 91 and there's no shade there. Also I'm frail now.

XD nah it's wuster or wustasha sauce

Colbs, if you're still around.
What's Toan's favourite food?


To be fair, that one's a lot more fancy than melty.

I think it's the floaty e thing ;p


Sabs I would take you out on a date so hard, you dont even know


But I also did too

"Wooshtasheer" sauce in 603

Would you ever consider vocaroo'ing that? I have a feeling it would break the internet

I don't wanna get cybered




Ah, you were right! It doesn't like the accent! Silly Chrome.


Let's go to one of those hard-core go-kart tracks and race to the death.

Since you asked nicely, I'll try to do it when I get home.

Don't do it he's gross

anime traps are the best

I think Swedish Fish is going to kill herself....

Good riddance.

Ye. On everything bagel. If we have avocado's ill slice them up and add those too

Eh. Felt pretty lonely after the actions of some of my friends. Looks like I couldn't sleep it off.
It's an ongoing thing. I sometimes get these horrible bouts of sheer loneliness. It's been a long time since I had my last one, though.

Sorry for leaving so rudely, last night. I was just done

I don't think so.

brb lunch time ^^

That would be so cool. I like hearing American attempts at British things. Naturally you get one free scooter vocaroo coupon

Ok I'm doing it

Avocado boss

You will not

Oh come on, do you actually think I was interested in you?
Out of all the posters I could cyber why would I choose the one with bad teeth and weird looking ears

No fuck that
Lets go to the beach and smoke weed and listen to this song while we watch the waves

Not cool

You don't even care

Never mind.
It says in the description.


how lewd

you're back


Mmm. Best fruit.
Sorry to hear about the loneliness. It can be very difficult to shake, especially if you feel like maybe your friends are becoming a little distant.

Soda, if you're not willing to try to run me off the road and watch me explode into fiery, gory chunks, maybe this isn't meant to be.

The beach does sounds nice, though. I've never seen the Pacific.



How's your day? You seem in a infectiously good mood :)

I get really confused when you post such cute pictures with comments like that


I like pour milk on cake and eat it


Oh, it's fine. I was hardly listening through all the cutting in and out anyway.

Fool kinda bored me with that weird butt-teeth story tbh


please stop that doesn't even sound good

I kinda wanna take you out for a date out here in Cali but I feel like a weekend isn't enough and not to mention you also have responsibilities

Show me your tummy

you haven't lived life until you pour ice cold milk on fudge cake

i can't ...


I was kinda grumpy when I woke up 'cause I didn't get much sleep, but I got the marina early and got some morning sunshine, so it was nice. Now I'm feeling pretty good.

How are you, hon?

Mmm, tres leches.

If I can ever save up some money, I'd like to take a road trip along the West Coast. :D

But Ice cream on fudge cake is better...



I like to pour acid on people too

Yuk... you're sick

I'm sorry for disappointing you v.v

Reasonable. In a decent mood but a smidgen subdued. I also had a dodgy evening sleep.
Just thinking, working.
How's the day, it gonna be warm on the marina?



You're the one pouring liquid onto cake... How delusional can one person be.

Mmm, xenomorphs.

Poor sleepy Doodad. Why can't we sleep when we're so tired?!

It's going to get into the 90's F, and there are HUGE skeeters everywhere. So I'm staying in the office as much as possible!

lol i made a square moving vidya gaem



Mozzies? Spray them liberally with flamethrower 😂
Well I don't know, my brain must've wanted to do an update or something. Then I was getting kitteh paws in my face at 5am

Him. I'm in the mood to watch bladerunner. Him. Also I had a shoddy but half decent chilli dawg 🌭 Last night
Sharing is caring

What's Blade Runner?

Really? This isn't a goof?

Sabs, has anyone sung to you that you're a goofy goober in recent memory?

What the fuck am I reading is that a real question

ice skating


im leaving the thread... I hate cute things..


Ad hominems don't work on me




Nah, only have heard of it *shrugs*

It is. I don't watch stuff. I know it's a movie.

Was worth a shot.

Suppose I'll take my leave as well. Later threadlings.

Y-you hate me...?

Go watch it i good

Blade Runner is a 1993 American sports film directed by Jon Turteltaub, and starring Leon, Doug E. Doug, Rawle D. Lewis, Malik Yoba and John Candy. The film was released in the United States on October 1, 1993. It was Candy's third to last film of his career and the last of his films to be released during his lifetime. It is loosely based on the true story of the Jamaica national bobsleigh team's debut in competition during the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.[1][2]

I love you loco

It's a science fiction movie with Harrison Ford about the meaning of humanity in a world with sentient androids.

It's slow at parts, but has a really good aesthetic.

Loco are the rumors true?

are you really gay irl?!

DOHOHO now a blue guy chases you


How long is it?

If it's more than 40 min. I won't finish it.

Hmmm, yeah no :( Sorry.

We can neither confirm nor deny the existence of the information requested but, hypothetically, if such data were to exist, the subject matter would be classified, and could not be disclosed

He nairs so he must be a fag. js

If you have ADD or something you're not going to be able to sit through it, yeah.

With a response that gay there's no doubt youre a fag

I don't think it's ADD. Just don't like watching movies all too much.




A part of me wants to return to my old self - the one that was fine being in solitude - but I dunno. I feel like that'll take away my ability to really connect with people like I do now. It sucks being a social person.

Fucking faglord


I listened to so much of them in HS
pls no bully

Sofa song was nice

T-take a shower wif me and I'll m-make you feel better~

It's not that shallow, lmao

[calibrates lewd output module]


Grim why dont you take a shower with her, come on man


I mean, pros and cons to either way of life, but Iunno. You seemed a lot better when you're friendly.

I always kinda wanted to give head while taking a shower with someone that way it's like bj action AND being waterboarded. Seems fun.


nigga stfu

Have you ever been waterboarded?? It's such an interesting feeling.

No, I know it's a form of torture that simulates drowning.

I can't swim, so it would not be fun.


Nope. Cookie keeps calling me goober lately, though.

Yeah, stupid blood suckers.
Aw. And we had chili dogs earlier this week. Mom got a random craving for them. What was shoddy about yours? Was it from a convenience store?

It's a sci-fi/noir movie about Harrison Ford tracking down a band of escaped replicants - artificial people with no human rights. It's beautiful and sad and full of heavy themes. Very good.

This is pretty much how it is. Sure you haven't done it?


Seems like it would one of those needlessly long movies...

And no. Just have thought about it a lot lol

It wasn't in an appropriate bun that was about it really, an authentic Texas dawg sounds superb about now. Homemade? :3

♫♫I'm a goofy goober.
♫♫You're a goofy goober
♫♫We're all goofy goobers.

I was just talking about you!

It's a stylish detective noir, so it is slow burning. You have to be in the right mood to watch it, but it's worth it.

Mostly. The chili was from a can, bit it didn't have beans so that's authentic Texan enough.

o boy!

I dunno, Sabby...

There's different moods for watching movies?

I know. That's why I entered like that.
Perfect timing, no?
How ya doin'?

Lol so to be authentic Texas you need beans in you... W-will you fill me with your beans x.x

Kinda wonder if Rin got more manish or girlish in these past years

a new day begins

Well, there are for me. My favorite movie may be Amadeus, but I have to be in the right mood to sit and watch it.

Blade Runner isn't something you pop in to casually watch on a lazy afternoon, imo. It's one you're reminded of late one night and watch in order to ponder its implications.

I'm ok. Trying to find busy work to do on a slow day. You?

Texas folks always say "real" chili doesn't have beans in it. I couldn't care less, and actually like beans in my chili.

bend over

I see...

Welp, gonna shower, be back soon~

Im kinda scared Sabs isnt really a girl irl tho

Kinda feel like thats a bit shallow of me but like I know Im shallow so its all good

haven't had a chance to record yet

Ehh, just bored. Gotta do groceries in a bit, but no hurry.

This sums up the Soto.

oh baby -bends over-

Hm I wanna try all the American food ;-;

elma, nick told me he wouldn't feel cucked if we fucked

That's just what a cuck would say


i had forgotten all about it.

would nick feel cucked if I came on your face?

Have fun!

What's shallow about that? I don't post photos of myself here, and you have no idea if the old one I sent Colby is really me.

Fuuuuuuuuuuuu, I gotta do that too. -__-

You gotta come try a pit smoked brisket and some fajitas. You'll never want to leave.

you would know


You know my love if enchiladas and fajitas and burritos ❤️
Lucky ducky

The fact that you sent a pic to Colbs makes me kinda jelly tbh

How often do you do groceries?
I go either every day, or once every two days.

lol it was your own damn fault for trying to have a smart mouth


i go once a fortnight, once a week at the most

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