What personality types do Holla Forums have?

what personality types do Holla Forums have?


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Took one yesterday


Such test-taking, in this context, is for narcissists.
No, there is no irony in this being said.

Shit questions, everyone is going to awnser yes..

From what I've seen from other boards, most types of people that use imageboards in general are infp or something similar (am infp btw)

Which is why I'm skeptical to the accuracy of the test. I suspect most no gf losers who spend a lot of time alone (chan users) get similar results.

Also MBTI is pseudoscience.

I did and I regret it.

Lvl. 56 Dwarf fighter/priest with a +5 mallet of lenin

I guess I'm a faggot

i have taken the test the 2 times

got INFP-T the first time and INTP the second


i know that i'm not special.

No thanks

Only the extrovert-introvert dimension has any scientific backing, this test is pseudoscience and you should kill yourself.


do you believe in horoscopes too?

INTP but borderline sociopathic.

Why you such a meanie though?

That's not authentically INTP.

I took the test a couple years ago and that's what it said. But my psychologist (heck, most friends of mine) keep saying that I don't seem to have any sense of right or wrong. Like, I obey laws and stuff because not doing so would rob me of the pleasures I currently enjoy, and cause people I talk to to stop talking to me. But when I think of committing a crime of some sort, I have no feeling that it would be wrong to do it. Like its hard to explain. I have no emotional desire to not. If it weren't for the consequences, I would. I just literally can't see it as a bad thing, only an action like any other. Its just that this action will most likely result in negative consequences when I just want to live a quiet life, so I don't do them. Maybe that's not sociopathy so I dunno.


garl margs tier

You don't sound like a sociopath, sociopaths have a need to prove their existence through hurting others, they exist, because they make others suffers.

Seems like you just had a poor upbrining or a serious case of the autisms.

Well my father died in a car crash when I was ten, mother got conned into a lawsuit we can't win that will financially bleed us dry thanks to a sleazy contract, and my aunt embezzled money from my late father's business for several years even after his death, so that all probably fucked up my moral development something fierce.

I would advise spending time around empathetic people towards whom you can be vulnerable, to learn that morality is not simply a weakness that brings the danger of being exploited.

INTP but I consider myself neither left or right wing.

What are we if not ego?


I mean I'll try but it feels deeper than that. Like uh, lets say there's a muscle or something that controls morality and your ability to just feel that something is right and wrong. For me is like its just not there. Like there is an absence where it ought to be. I can see it on other people and I have an ideal of how it works, but all I have is an empty space where it should be. But I'll try doing what you said.

fuck spooks

How do I know what's a personality trait and what's my depression or anxiety disorder

How would I know? I've never been invited

Stirner is like the Molyneux of the left.

left and right are spooks and fuck Molyneux I'm still pissed at him for Fable 3

That you show a desire to differentiate between right and wrong shows that space for moral development does exist in you, it's just crude and undeveloped. Like you say, it's an emptiness, an uncompleteness, not a rotten core as actual sociopaths have.

I guess I'll try then

I was diagnosed with both Assburgers and Schizotypal disorder. Guess some cliches are true. I was intrested in Technocracy a while ago and read up on it. Guess thats even more cliche.



Extroverts get out REEEEE

Hello brothers

what does it mean?

Looks like it's straight out of Brave New World.

Fuck off my board

ENTJ master race.

I'm extroverted but I have terrible social skills though…does that still count?

INFP, but sometimes I get INTP. Just got a 51/49 F-T split.

Do you guys ever wonder which people and which kinds of people you've had random encounter with IRL use imageboards?


Kek yeah. If they're like me I'm guessing the quiet types

Nothing in psychology is gonna be 100% perfect doesn't mean it's 100% shit.

I enjoy talking to people and going out to have fun but I'm just not very good at actually meshing with people, normies in particular.

Fair enough. I'm poor at talking to people (casually), dislike noise but I'm friendly so I guess we're the reverse

Jungian archetypes are pseudoscience tho

These things are even less reliable or useful than political compass quizzes

Personality horoscopes are possibly one of the most retarded pop-sci garbage today.

Complete handwaving of the social and cultural dimensions of people, believing subjects can be fitted into idiotic personalities, and worse, thinking people can obtain truth about themselves from themselves.

No you aren't, sycophant.

Yea. I'm just wondering if that makes me introvert or extrovert, but the self-evaluating test says extrovert and as that's less autistic I'll take that.

Compelling argument, maricon.

You get what you give.

Whatever floats your boat.

bump :^)

INTJ masterrace

INTJ but Myers-Briggs is pseudo-scientific garbage tbh

Kraepelinian temperaments are the only real way to divide human personality traits.

ENFP represent.
I must be one of the rare ones that sometimes comes on imageboards.

INFJ master race reporting in

You do know you can't go in life without being unsuccessful. How you deal with that can make success, but it doesn't imply it exists.

How you adapt in Capitalism is what new you are bringing to the table. Many people believe they can, many people aren't realistic.

This image is fucking funny as hell simply for how many STEM degrees went down the toilet in 2008


This shit is utter shit. BTW I am suicide-tier, so help please?

You're going to gulag first.

Extroverts are why we have capitalism.


How am I wrong? Look at the OP image.

Cunts, the lot of ya.

Weird. I usually get INTJ-A on this thing.

What's ironic is a namefag making that statement.

OP's shitty mspaint image is not - despite it's iron clad reasoning, generally considered a canonical pillar of historical materialist thought.

Being social in a belief where community takes first hold is more ideal than individualized angst. The latter can make a marxist but it won't last one.


Sage for horroscope tier shit

Gay, gay, gay and very gay.

Those types.

One day I'll have a job that lets me use my mind.

I have been a salesman before…oh fuck what an awful fit that is for me.

INFP tbh

kinda. I just like it cause it feels like I'm having a conversation. I don't get out much so it's nice



this guy is right. i'm counting a whopping 7 infp and 11 intp which is by far more than any other category.

there is probably something that makes introverted, prospecting and intuitive people gravitate to imageboards.

Although from what i've seen in other imageboards, infp dominates all other categories- which is telling since we're feels

"borderline sociopathic" is not a thing. You either are or you are not.

And 9/10 times, you are not no matter how hard you tell yourself you want to be le edgy psychopath.

All communists want to do is improve the external conditions of the world around them! If anything, the brooding, introvert inventor-entrepreneur like Edison or Tesla fits capitalist belief far more.


I display characteristic of every single _NT_ depending on the circumstances, MBTI can go suck a bag of cocks.

What you are looking for is a mold so you can no longer feel is an alien to yourself, as if someone knows you from the inside.
That is false and foolish, grow up and embrace the anxiety

t. tankie

ITT: a strange mixture of a sense of security gained through belonging to a statistical fiction and a sense of uniqueness from distinguishing yourself from others.

in other words: bourgeois individualism

I like those tests because they have nice pictures for every personality.

Fairy tale books have nice pictures too. You can identify with the antagonist or the evil witch.

Well fuck you too

INTP af fam


everyone else ITT: pic related



It's a tool, use it or spook it
t. got gf thanks to that test and it really fits me match, although I know it's not an identity

my girl's a pisces :)

comfy boxes, yes?

You can use it to understand yourself, since it's based on your (objective) replies, if done correctly. Sounds like your head is in a box, not mine.



maker was probably an extrovert considering how bad it is

It's pseudoscience: the four axes of the test are based on normal rather than bimodal distributions, not discounting the fact that at least a couple of them are based on false dichotomies. The explanations for each type are extremely broad and vague - verging on platitudinous - although I still think it's a little unfair to consider it analogous to horoscopes. It's just a very, very poor model rather than utterly fabricated bullshit. The notion that a nebulous and undefined characteristic among humans such as "personality" can neatly be slotted into 16 classifications for all of the human race is preposterous. It totally baffles me that people actually take this seriously.

For a little but of political background to this, it's worth noting that the progenitor of this model was Carl Jung (as opposed to Myers and Briggs who concocted the current iteration). Jung was a guy who believed in alchemy and spirituality, and thought spirits fused with blood, the soil, and the Sun. The dude genuinely thought he was a literal reincarnation of Goethe. Despite his denials of being a Nazi sympathiser, if you read his work, he clearly thought a great deal of batshit insane stuff, including a lot of the same mystic crap the Nazis believed in. It's not surprising to me that a lot of alt-right and neofascists I see online today seem to buy into the dumb personality meme big time.

Obviously, I should clarify, I'm not criticising anyone for doing the test or whatever (I did the test a while ago and got INTP, since you asked) but it's worth bearing in mind that it's just a bit of fun: don't take this seriously, it's not real life.

I'm INFP but my depression has overtaken my idealism and I'm now completely fine with purges and brutal repression of counter revolutionaries.

Srsly, there are genuine theoretical reasons to turn down Jung, no need for this shit.

i keep this picture just so people can ignore it

these threads are always people posting their own results and ignoring everyone else and the grumpyposters calling everyone else retarded for having fun

jung is dung

can you link me to the tests you're taking?

i've done the 16personalities and political compass test

what are the other three?

thnx famalam

intp and (0,-10) or so for the p compass

I don't know.
What type of personality doesn't take part in data mining and social research threads?

I just want to be left alone under communism


Here's some tests I've done

post your filteries results, comlads

who fucking cares user, it's a simple test


Idiots ITT

I started off INTP and'd went ENFP and INFP a few years ago but yah, these tests are dumb.

I mentioned it because this is a politics board and I thought it was interesting. Of course a person political opinions aren't a good reason to dismiss their research; I never said that.

You will be better off if you try to check the entire category rather than one personality. It still works and is not as limiting and retarded


I have aspergers and ADHD.

When I was a disgusting leftie scum I repeatedly scored INFP no matter what choices I changed over the years. Now I have a steady job that pays very well and I'm working on 2-3 personal projects + studying again, and I just scored ENTJ. Suck it, cunts.

INTJ here

Took the test twice. Gotten both ENTJ and INTJ.

INTP reporting in

Everyday is suffering

so basically you just gave the answers of the person you'd like to be

this test needs honesty, goy

you also figured out why leftist betas tend to score infp.

nice flag there Holla Forums

Which one are you?
Either way, hahahahahaha!