Why are statists allowed on this board again?

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How can states ever solve the problems of hierarchy?

How do you fend off counter-revolution without repurposing the tools of the state for the needs of the revolution?

How you make a global revolution without a state?

Why are theoryless children allowed in this board again?


What has hierarchy to do with having a state?

IDK, a state line is just that, and I honestly think that, with careful attention, we wouldn't need to empower the state governments as much as we do. If my state wasn't in charge of economic and social policy, same sex marriage would have been legal a while ago, and maybe the fucking highway department would actually finish something…

Asking why statists are allowed on leftypol is like asking why capitalists are allowed on pol.

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hierarchy, delusion, hiveminds, taboos, wageslavery, war, spooks. All of these things are a product of collectivism, collectives exist to oppress the individual and force group thinking. What is beneficial for the collective is serving the collective, you like to buy pretty outfits to feel like you're someone but you're not someone until you stop serving others. Individualist anarchism is the complete freedom of the mind, no more brainwashing through the use of "western values" or "eastern values" the only values that matter are your own. By attempting to prove your worth through servitude and bluepill conformity your are destroying yourself and become part of something corrupt, if you want to become someone you have to take back your self.

100 years gulag

Animal Farm sums up my thoughts on left wing authoritarianism. Real revolutions don't have leaders, their lack of leader defines their revolution. Replacing a master with another master is only the start of a fresh oppression.


Cherry picked webms aren't arguments, they only make you look lazy for not coming up with your own.



How is this even relevant? I hate collectivists and communities. There is no such thing as an anarcho-individualist town by definition but keep memeing those steriotypes and I'll keep memeing all the left wing steriotypes you guys are sick of, sound fair?

I mean that's your right but

Hierarchy and bureaucracy is inevitable for simple creatures like men. If you honestly think a factory or a city can be run without some kind of bureaucratic leadership you are simply insane. Anarchists need to either admit your opposition to government is largely a farce which serves to make you feel like you have the moral high ground or that your entire philosophy is the political equivalent of a 10 year old's temper tantrum.

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Well said

wew lad, we have pol.acks, ancaps and much worse too

Best post in thread. You've just described why leftism will not rise from the crypt. Read Novatore y'all.

leftcoms think men are literally ants and they need to be the guiding hand in the antfarm

why would I ever go for such a spiteful and all-consuming ideology that relies on "you're too dumb for your own good" logic?

this isn't /anarcho/

you guys should go make that board active

false prophets hurry to your university class
the liberation of the workers is the affair of the workers

If the stqte exists as an absolute necesisty, then we must aim at limiting its power
Keep in mind that other hierarchies will arise anyway, and that millenia of human history have taught us the state is not the solution

Oh wait that's what anarchists want

anarchokiddie communes never last a more then a decade

Its almost as if humans belive they have the ability to rule over others out of magic, while most species have shown to be able to live in anarchism

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Hey hotpocket, why do we not have IDs?

Not hotpocket, but there was a big debate about IDs a few months or so after the board's founding. I think that most posters in that thread were for them, but BO was really against them for some reason.

No anarchists will respond to this

Weird. I get the wordfilters as an easy way to out hit and run newfags, but without IDs, it's so easy for one person to disrupt an entire thread through sock puppetry and samefagging.