Is it possible for a white person to not hold racist ideology?

Is it possible for a white person to not hold racist ideology?

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That depends.
If by 'racist' you mean some bullshit feels>reals shit then probably not, but if you mean something legitimately bad then obviously.

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Yes, yes it is, because idpol is everything Holla Forums doesn't want to hear.

No, it's because you specified "white", as if being apart of a certain race potentially somehow changes your ability to be racist.

You're right, we don't want to hear about how inherently evil we are and how we must REPENT by uncritically accepting liberal platitudes as fact.

Being white is a social construct and doesn't exist.

It kinda does because you experience ideology in a different manner.


Exactly my point.

but i have meditated, and in that meditation i saw the europan oversoul herself, the very essence of european people's consciousness and qualia, and she called to me to save the people my soul belongs to

Elaborate on how this the case please.
Black people can be adapted Not Socialists for example if they wish to be.

If whiteness is a social construct that doesn't exist why is blackness presented as a "fact" according to Fanon and idpol academic types. This discrepancy has always seemed odd to me tbh

*National Socialists

Non-whites are almost always treated as either victim, instrumental device or purely identitarian. They don't have the fullness whites are granted, and certainly not in socjus either.

There is no such thing as white people. Point on the map and say 'that is a white country' please.

It is not possible for people to not hold prejudices, sorry.

There is quite a step from prejudice to ideology. Nothing force you to build your whole worldview and political actions around a prejudice.

Is it possible for OP to not be a faggot?

White racism has a material base. Namely it allows white lumpenproles to live marginally better than minorities so they will defend white supremacy to the death since they don't realize there's alternatives to capitalism

So genaerally no, white people arent going to stop being racist without being forced too.

That's why I don't get triggered by idpol, it's much healthier to be a tumblrina then keep that tramatizaion bottled up.

Power over someone else is never yielded to the powerless with out some material force

Oh, well under that rule, I would say… absolutely. Acknowledging prejudices and confronting them is key.


Which would mean that every non-white is a tumblrina inside.

I very much doubt that.

I think if you are white you would have to be really blind or ignorant not to think you were the best race in the world at the moment.

Sure chinks are catching up fast. But in terms of outperforming and dominating other races, the whites are way ahead at the moment and have been for a few centuries.

Im native American so im not being biased towards any particular race.