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(cool bee ~)


Fair enough.
Good luck with that.

6.84", eh~?

mislink x_x

fuck you, Luka.



Where I'd be living in this new job

Am I on the good list now?

I plead the fifth.


You jinxed it now.

Don't ruin it.
It'll just end up with shitty yuri~ spam.




Seems way too suburbia.


Luka if you don't post an image this thread I'll buy you subway

Tsuchi, pls. I've seent your donger. Is that your length or what? How did you measure down to the hundredths place?!

Let's murder that new /lewds/ shitter.

Honestly, I just said a random number that I new would be smaller than one Yoghurt.

There's a bad list?

It is entirely suburbia

I went to a Mexican restaurant when I was there for my interview and they were clearly Mexican but acted so whitewashed

It was so surreal


Ooh. Well, I'll just lightly pencil that into my dick diary in that case.

Christ, fuck me.

Not literally.



I dunno, is there?

No meatball subs for you

That's the worst part: when they act like how they think white people will see "real" Mexicans.

I kind of forgot I sent you that.
I'll just blame alcohol like I do for most of my horrible decisions.



I doubt it.

And I'm pretty pasty, bro.

It was horrible

I just wanted some decent enchiladas but all they had was this horrible bland garbage that was stupidly overpriced so I just got cheap street tacos

im boring, lame. i don't have any fun lists.

;~; brb eating my luxurious spinachi chikn lasagna. :P


This art is so blatant lol

Those harsh shadows outlining her crotch and tits

god damn I can't wait til my computer gets here.

That sounds like I was calling you a horrible decision and that was not the intent at all.

I kind of hate Dallas for that.
All of the Mexican places in a part of Dallas you don't feel like you're going to get mugged in are that horrible whitewashed texmex shit.


No you are not, hush


im sad


I have not yet experienced Tex-Mex. I feel I should be grateful for this naivete

just trying to re-study for my drivers exam (again.. rip) 25 right, 11wrong, out of 50total

It was alright... the sauce was a bit too harsh for my liking, overpowering the whole dish. but it was okay.

yeah dude, i need it to get a boner lol

im not going to ask because i don't care

will give cummies for subway

It's not bad if it's not "Mexican food as Americans think it is" and more the true "fusion" kind that is mixed from Southwestern food in the valley with Mexican immigrants.

i actually had a meatball sub from subway today while at work



You just didn't answer 6 questions or..?

And umm... overpowering in what way? Too much tomato? What was too strong?

I dunno what that even is, Mexican food here is either authentic Mexican or whitewashed Taco Bell garbage

should I go to bed

TexMex got it start as Mexican food that immigrants made and picked up elements from the southwestern food of the area (which is like white mixed with native type food that's generally seen as "cowboy food"). It was Mexican food that picked up American bits, not whitewashed garbage.


Ah, okay. Sounds like the various Asian fusion foods that exist in LA where they mix like Korean and Mexican

The tomato.... tasted... cheap, underwhelming bland.
and only the meat offset that a tiny bit, with texture alone.
the cheese helped... but there wasn't enough cheese either.



dont wake up

Try adding some spices, Italian ones are especially flavorful

Also cheese is generally cheaper in blocks, buy one and grate it into your food

melatonin here I come

didn't sleep last night until like 10am or some shit

I want new piercings but I don't want to turn into a Moogs x_x

kek is real
he is the one true god

What piercing tho?


Either "shark bites" or Dahlias.

The names on these things are absurd btw.

Leaning toward the former cause I think they'd match my tongue ones best.

maybe i'll do that next time for the other frozen lasagna i bought.

also no... cheese brick are insanely expensive....

do NOT get sharkbites

that WILL make you look like another moogs

Yeah, but moogs died.

And you're my enemy now apparently so why should I listen to you?

because i want a good fight

and if you put those in you'll look cringy as fuck, nobody will like you, you'll suicide, and ill win by default

just like moogs

My coworker has sharkbites, they're pretty hot and I don't even into piercings

I say go for it

Really? Huh... here pre-shredded cheese is more expensive because people pay for convenience

Uguu. They are, aren't they~?

Plus, like... it's 4 needle stabbings. hnngh

why are you being such a dick, i never did anything to you faggot

$10 here
for a Mac an Cheese sized box, brick, of Any white cheese.

Mhmm. Just don't get those gauge earing things holy shit

Nah, I don't like those.


Huh... well, look for the cheapest option then

Thank god. That same coworker that has sharkbites also has gauges, and they'rea major turnoff

You need surgery to repair that shit


forever i hope

maybe one day.
i don't think i have a grater tho.

Past a certain point, yes. I'm pretty content with just the regular traditional ear piercings ;3

I think I'll treat myself to the sharkies for when I get my car all squared away. Responsibilities and all that jazz



why the fuck is ezio i na fighting game guy

SC always has guest characters.


I blame you, Tsuchi.


im up in the spot
fuck the cops


Time for bed... now sleep forever!

Yeah, car definitely comes first

I wish I had that level of restraint lol

Does that usually hurt?


So much yes

I feel like Amy was an underdeveloped character

i liked amy....
she was my BAE in SC4

Every character in SC is underdeveloped.

You will learn it one day. I belieb in you!

Nini, Colby

Oh right, that might explain it. Sorry I just woke up from a nap.

Talim was mine :3

I mean comparatively

Amy was a special character and didnt have the significance of the main characters

We can only hope. Sleep tight

No worries :p

Speaking of which, I'mma g2b. Nini

Have some great dreams.

i miss SC4

Sleep well colby! :)

Ahue, now I can hunt Goggles all to myself~

...I mean hug.

I miss SC2's weapon master mode

And I'm not going to bed!

oh... Lawl
i thought everyone was telling you nini


yeah i liked making Amy custom characters in sc4 and fencing online back in the ole days... it was fun. she had great sword stuff i felt.

i want you to hit me in my nose as hard as you can

no thnx

Naw, I was just talking to Elma who was going to bed

Amy had Rafael's moveset, I honestly preferred link's

Amy in sc4 had her own moveset.
that's why i chose her base over rafeels when i created custom chara's

why not

because i don't attack.

Oh right, in SC3 she had an identical moveset but in 4 they changed it

you're attacking my fucking sanity
because you're bananas

rafeel became vampire moves and kill set

and amy became elegant and lovely agile dps

eat a banana then...

You keep posting my waifus. I will kill you one day.

try it i dare you squiddo

my name is amy and this keeps confusing me

Her timing was so amazing everything, holy shit

Kill him



I do not get you

I can understand most people's personalities fairly quickly, but you are incomprehensible

The fact that you lied to me extensively i our first interactions probably didn't help


say I got a big chunk of money. not an ACTUAL big chunk, but more like a poor person's large chunk. say like 10k

should I either


the long term beats out the short term in this case
get a nice place

The latter



The compliment!

A nice place is infinitely useful

I live in a shitty place but I've made up for it, the opposite would be so much easier

You like being incomprehensible?

a trip to japan could also be gotten later in life, you have plenty of time for it

shut up colbert

This too

Make me, you underaged bitch faggot


I will push you into a well.

Still a bitch.

thats it
im quitting the threads

whats up

Well sure, who doesn't?
It's great when no one can even hope to guess what you're really thinking.

pro level~

Most people don't. Subterfuge is not a natural human interaction

Watching tv

you jerk off on the couch at all?

Most people crave understanding, hence most major religions

Religion is alright. Just don't kill people over it

What!? No!

fuck that
i'd rather have people not understand me
it makes me laugh

why not man
jackin off on the fuckin couch is tight as shit

Where in that post did I even vaguely insinuate that religion was bad?

Fucking baka

Nowhere, I'm not being argumentive. :3

Maybe not for lesser humans.

fuckin scarlet ass nigga

I've never really had a good room... we always moved around so much I never got the chance to fill it with memories and make it feel like my actual home.

I think I will. japan trip is expensive as fuck and I won't have much after that. I'll be getting like 1300 neetbucks a month, that should be enough to sustain myself with a roommate or two. it's gonna be shit for me until I get it but after that my life will be more stable and less pf a trainreck. I'm going to try and get a degree in something even if I don't work. I like helping people and taking care of them. I'd like to be a nurse but that takes like 7 years, a CNA takes less time (like 8 weeks) but it's the worst medical care profession if you get unlucky because you gotta do the worst of the stuff (like cleaning up piss n shit). Nicest person I ever met was a CNA who was on suicide watch for me and a heroine addict across the hall who was going through withdrawals. I talked with him for like 3 hours and he helped me out of an anxiety attack. nobodies done that for me before.

I'm getting a nice room, Gonna be just the right size! I-I want to share my games with my roommates but I also want them in my room, what should I do with that?

S-sorry I rambled on for a while, kinda just came rolled off the tongue-keyboard thing

I woke up from a nap
Is this whom I think it is?

religion is terrible.

think of the millions of lives that would not have been lost, or the thousands of years of technological advancement that would not have been suppressed

as often as I want to believe this, if it wasn't for monasteries, it would have been a lot longer til we knew about DNA

Chyea brah, baby steps to getting yourself on track. Next thing you know you'll get yourself a good gf and then she'll b ur wife and won't cuck you.
I'd say do the CNA thing, it sounds like that guy helped you a lot, and it'd be a great thing to pass that kind of help on to some people who really need it, just like how you needed it.

nah probably not, I'm baka, I'm new here

yeah man, fuckin sandniggers

You reminded me of neko tbh
Who R u

A good Protestant work ethic is good for the mind

except the dark ages of scientific repression would have never happened, so we would have probably learned about it in a year equiv to 1100 A.D. or something

That's rude I'm Arabic
Please take it back

To each his own

Good, I'd much rather interact with people on a friendly level

Because it's.. Weird

maybe much, much earlier, if we had NEVER looked for answers outside of science.

cause have been cavemen in labcoats lel.


idk who neko is
I'm baka I'm the fuckin man, dude

yeah but dude
think of what we learned from it
we learned not to repress people like that
and we really didn't lose that much progress in the grand scheme of things
but if we did shit like that in the future
it will be tots fucked

aw dude I'm just makin jokes man
I'm saying that "yeah religion is bad... the religions I don't like!"

fuck yeah

no it's not
dude i jack off on my recliner all the time
it's comfy as fuck
why is it weird dude

Ur alright Ian I think ur name is

You didn't take it back
I'm gonna really cry now man
The blood of the Levant runs coarse through my veins

you can't take back whats already been said man

I'd love to do that. I need some time to heal understand myself, learn how to live, but until then I'm gonna have to survive off of NEETbucks.

We can't really KNOW, but yeah it is a possibility that if religion was never a part of humanity we might be more scientifically advanced. then again, religion was part of how civilizations started.

You don't have to be the one to tell me

You don't have to be the one to let me down

That is indeed my name

Because that would imply is in your living room

La illah muhammadur rasallah

in the grand scheme we're gonna die out and that's fine

don't expand your frame of reference too much

the entire course of our evolution has been stinted by looking for answers in all the wrong places

i mean, like, in early, early times, we worshiped the sun and stuff, which to be fair was kinda logical at the time

but just imagine if instead of hypothesizing that it was locked in an eternal chase or some shit, we had hypothesized that there be some mass-generated force tying everything into this cosmic ballet, like we understand it now

literally millions of years would be condensed into a few hundred

What unknown face now breaks the silence?

What tipping force disturbs the balance?

Swift and sober comes a voice, offering a bitter choice

we could have been torturing people by pelting them with gravitons, instead of reaching 2016 A.D. and still trying to prove they exist

True, then you should do that and then when you're ready and able help. I think I'd only be right.

what's in my living room?

i don't know what that means
"He was the god of Muhammad Rasal"
I don't know what that means
That didn't help me at all.

Of course we were looking in the wrong places, but we didn't know that.
First you have to try the wrong thing to realize it's the wrong thing.
Try to look at civilization as if its a person, during those times we were teenagers, and we didn't know any better. Now that we tried it we know better.
Just think of what we could lose if there was a dark age in the future.



yeah, duh, i'm just saying

imagine if the first guess didn't have any spirituality behind it

if religion as a vague concept, worship, was never a go-to

imagine a dense stream of gravitons fired at your nipples

Your recliner?

erin ilu


we wouldn't need prisons

we could just quantum entangle the atoms of the prisoners nipples and keep them in their home


i love you too babes. sleep tight xxxxxxxxxxx

idk about that dude

Imagine if you were born a chad or a stacy.
It's a nice thought, but it doesn't help anyone with anything.
Just put your mental energy towards something productive, now that you have the chance.

fuck yeah dude
my fuckin recliner chair


proof it

we could have ray guns that force quantum tunneling in the nipples of your victims, make them stick to things

you can't prove it or disprove it dude!
it's fugging bananas!

idk about that dude

ur bananas ;3

imagine, a gun, and when you get shot with it, it's like your nipples become rare earth magnets and stick to your shirt

flesh is squishy and not particularly well knit together

they'd meld with the fabric

the pain

i will blow your brains out faggot

are you high


do you think about this while masturbating


hi scar

"less lethal long range quantum nipple tunneling device"


have no fear
ive got my avatar from my home computer
no more watamote.........

hey man what do

i should make a game based off weapons that cause quantum tunneling in target material, and graviton beams, and long range quantum entanglement rifles, and shit

watamote is good

suck me

Now that I think about it, someone's room is a really good expression of their self-worth. It's why depressed people's rooms are messy as fuck (mine is a fucking sty right now), and getting myself a really nice room would probably help get my self-worth up.

not as good as miya

my room is a fucking state, i just sleep in my living room. which is also a state.


fuck you puta

i care about myself kinda but if i got in an accident and died that'd be fine

once my new desk arrives i will probably use my room more.

and when the guy comes to install my broadband on tuesday, cause he'll be putting the new phone line in the living room, and if i stay in the living room while he does that, it will be almost like i'm hanging out with him, fuck that

antes de que existiera el EE.UU., antes de que existiera el Reino Unido, antes de que Alemania o Rusia existido y en un tiempo fueron Francia todavía tenía reyes y los otomanos estaban a las puertas de Viena y los mongoles todavía tenía un agarre en Europa del Este, estaba el español Imperio, generando todos los continentes de este planeta, navegando en barcos eólicos viejos, lentos y asalto a todas las naciones con nuestras espadas, rodelas, picas y mosquetes primitivos torpe.
Somos un demonio del pasado, y las voces de nuestros muertos aún resuenan en cada rincón de este mundo, reclamando venganza y el retorno de nuestra gloria que le corresponde y poder.
Hemos esperado antes, fuimos traicionados una vez, y durante 800 años hemos preparado, que crecerá más fuerte ... y luego tomó al mundo por sorpresa. Podemos esperar. Ahora descansa en su trono de poder, creyendo que su gente está a salvo, pero cada uno de nuestra generación es más salvaje, malvado y despiadado que el anterior, se alimentan por la rabia, vergüenza, confusión y frustración de sus vidas y de su existencia, alegando para un propósito mayor que unirá a todos los hispanos en una sola superpotencia.
Puede pasar sin tocar en su lecho de muerte, sabiendo a ciencia cierta una cosa simple, que el futuro nos pertenece, no importa lo que hagas, no importa cuánto se demora es cómo o golpes muchos que tirar de nosotros, no importa cómo parece bien las cosas pasando hoy en día, al final vamos a prevalecer.


yeah, I'm done living in livingrooms. I need my privacy, I need a sense safety, and mostly I just need a space to call my own.

i wanna hang out with the guy in the carphone warehouse yesterday, he was fucking cool

we talked about apple stuff at a million miles an hour

it was pretty clear he was also enjoying talking to someone who knew what they were talking about, as opposed to the regular retards of this city

i have a two bedroom house to myself, so i have perfect privacy in any room.

i'mm go back and see the carphone warehouse guy today. get my new phone, and some free banter on the side.

I want to have a room-mate, but I need to make sure I'm cool with them. my last roommates... well I had to leave the house a couple times to get away from them.

what the fuck
dude this isn't insulting
i don't understand

e s p a n i a

You can clearly see between this thread and the last thread that I kinda have a split personality

i like living alone.

i don't even like windows

in fact, there is a door from my living oom onto my veranda, and i recently put up new curtains in front of it, cause even though the glass was opaque and you couldn't see through it, it bothered me that if someone jumped the wall onto the veranda, they might be able to see my silhouette

this picture shouldn't describe me accurately
but it does

I might try living on my own, but I feel like I might need someone there with me in case of emergencies or some shit.

i call it the great wall of curtain

cause the whole wall is curtain

this image describes me

i used to need a carer cause i couldn't go out, but i'm doing a little better, so living on my own is fine.

trust me independence is a great confidence booster.

dick > muslim

We have the same brand of curtains with the big ass metal rings

thats p gay tho...


i thought when i was buying them they were the same as the ones i already had, but the old ones are thin and the new ones are blackout, lined velvet, so they don't really match :/

i thought the curtain rails matched when i was buying them too, but the new ones are much thicker and the balls on the end are enormous

at least i tried


are u saying ur gay.. o.O

I mean, I might NEED a carer, I don't know what mental state I'll be in when I've got my things in place. but I'm also thinking that I only am going to have 1300 a month and having somebody live with me might help me have more disposable income.

Well, look at it this way.
The only person it's really gonna bother is you.

If someone else got upset that you got mismatching curtains you might have bigger problems on your hands.

i have no idea what i get per month. idk what my housing benefit is, or what my flat costs, all i know is it covers the rent so i don't need to worry about it. to spend i get like £500 per month i think it works out.





it bugs me that this is the official video

and "come now" is written as "come out"

the line is "come now, surely we can be friends"

you are fucking music producers

learn the damn music


Baka go back to /lewd/

fuck off

league a shit

also I finished the uh, fuck, I don't know what the "saving rukia and P O W E R I N G U P"arc is called, but I finished that so I'm taking a short break from rewatching bleach and I'll go back to it after I finish the new season of OITNB and catch up on game of thrones. I'll probably finish the next arc before I leave for crazy land.

Another ichigo aesthetic I loved that was only on for one episode was him when he stops the execution.

oh ur from lewd
thats why ur familiar

yea why did you go on there

like any time i can get dressed and go get a new iphone

oh boy

this is so scary

i've had my phone for almost 2 years, i'm scared to loose stuff, but i done backups and everything


this is simultaneously terrifying and exciting

you never know how much you can invest in a phone until you own an apple phone and learn how much of your life you put into them

WTB Anti-Muslim invisibility cloak

and do i use the icloud backup or the itunes backup

they both save and lose slightly different things

i think itunes

ya im a MOD
*bans u*

wats ur name on there

would die laughing if that's magi







but yeah

pls calm

post cock

ur sick kid..

i swear, when i have to wipe my phone and hand it over, the few minutes with no phone will be fucking terrifying

im waiting

i might actually have a panic attack

i should really wait till i pick up my diazepam script on monday and i can do this all chill and tranquilized, but there is a weekend only deal i wanna get


how broken do you have to be to where a phone makes you take pills and get a panic attack
it's a fucking phone nigga jesus christ


if they didn't say it I would have


not gonna happen loser
maybe if u win a competitive vape match with me
but ull lose sry

its just me sucking the banana so don't clicc if u no want see







drop that base

where'd you make this webm friendo

y u no peel the banana... you know those r food right?



I'm thinking I'll go for getting a roomate. I'll need someone that can help me in emergencies, and more disposable income is always better. No clue what the situation will be right now, but the best case senario would be a girlfriend that I live with.
Nurses are usually a bit older than me though since it takes so long to get through schooling for it.

screen recording with Quicktime, audio feedthrough with a soundflower multi-output aggregate, converted to webm with miro video converter

anal sex
fuck the world

im going to bed i hate all of you


Well that's about the 3rd gayest thing I've seen this week.

I'm fucking impressed.

sleep is for the weak...

the only slightly confusing part is the multi-out, after you install soundflower you have to make that yourself.


I woke up at 2pm today and it's only 3AM. technically I should be up for another 3 hours.


see Baka... you dont suck and lick the banana

you bite and chew it. silly Baka

yeh, im good on the same clock til 630am

you arnt

You're either very good at sucking dick or you don't give a flying fuck.

u play overwatch?

I aint sleepin til I'm done with this season of OITNB.

and watched the latest game of thrones.


actually now that I think about it each episode is an hour long and there's 11 more. I aint up for that shit.

I'm just surprised at my macro game and aggressiveness right now.

i have never actually watched a single episode of game of thrones...

the compression on webms is actually astounding

turns a >100mb .mov into a 1mb .webm


game is difficult

youre weak...

I'm more surprised that smiles got Silver 1 after her provisionals.


no hello or kittens or even a huggle, I just...

do u tank?

...dammit Luka I demand satisfaction!

I everything



What ever happened to my healer in overwatch. She died or something.

i only play mercy

ill heal
but ull have like 1000 ping wont u


I'm winning pretty convincingly in soloq.
couldn't progress further in aura kingdom story because I couldn't get the necessary amount of people to do a dungeon with at this time of night.

Nah, the lag ain't too bad on US servers for me. Only when I like, dash as tracer, I'll get lag glitched back into death.

It's a good thing I main Reinhardt.

yeah. i think she got mad when i called her one earlier


ok ill heal for u i GUESS

no one protected me, when winston camped me and focused me while i was trying to heal team RIP gg

fam the sleepier I get the more frequent my convulsions coupled with paranoid delusions get. The real bitch of it is that I can only sleep when I'm physically exhausted to the point of inability to perform regular motor functions, so I can't even convulse. tourettes sucks. Also mental illnesses latching onto it sucks.


Wonderful you are truly based mercy

Sounds like you have shitty teammates.
I deal with it often on Asian servers.


...dont look at me like that. look at me like this

consider alcohol... and cocaine

i cant log in till my nii wakes up since its his account and idk his password

we'll play later tho
do u have steam

I had weed and xanax up until i had to move back in with my mom...


yeah... bad randoms that don't know coordination.

cocaine is much better...


I haven't tried but I'm not interested

Of course I do.

i picked up a box of fresh ones... want one?

got them to juice em... so good

I've been reject 30+ times in my life, never a single yes.

fuck i'm depressed

Hey everyone

have problems falling asleep.. just never sleep = problem solved

well holy shit

i'm fine thanks.

when I go 48 hours without sleep I turn into a walking seizure basically.



What's good Sama?
Fuck this so much

i feel like i should hook tokai up with somewhere he can get HRT

he's so far down the road now, time he became an endocrinological she


hi menma


mrw tokai

maybe just meth then...


you know things and stuff... supwitchu

are you ZezXion on battlenet?

ew, fuck meth

d-don't bully

why have they said no so many times? :c

That's real Gayo.

I am.

i know.. it seems so basic


Awake when I shouldn't be. Got work in like 3 hours, but woke up and couldn't get to back to sleep

it's a Cortana quote c:

why is cirno clipping out of the cup o.O

So that makes you menma then. iirc she said that was her battlenet.

dont toy with me.hot pants..

...i got out of work very late and havent tried to rest yet

dunno, probably just an ugly autist.

who cares i guess, pls don't patronize me

clipping? i don't get what you mean, she's just ice for the whiskey it's a joke.

Miya is best girl btw

whenever I talked about wanting to do xanax scarlet would literally just say "Just do heroine, it's just dirty morphine. Just do meth, it's just dirty adderal"over and over like a fucking retard, then I get xanax and whaddya know, it helped me!

i struck a nerve... sorry about that

lol calm down

see her face is outside of the glass

Well considering I have no idea who that is, I doubt that.

Yeah if I wasn't doing 6 day work weeks I'd probably be napping so hard right now

Any plans for the weekend?

Well I could always be wrong. Odd though, how I already have you on battlenet. Mind if I add you on steam?


ahh i see, i know you're trying to be cheeky but it's just to show her face. don't you want to see cirno's cute face?


im not being cheeky
look at it
i saw that image 1000s of times before i realised that

yessum... work tomorrow, off sunday. domestic chores aside I intend to be inebriated through most of it

Yeah, no clue how you're on my friends list, I don't remember adding you.

Go for it.

there ya go doing it anyway... tease

it's diacetylmorphine, it's around ten times as potent as morphine

it's N-alpha-dimethylphenethylamine

it's around ten times as potent as amphetamine

Added. :^)


After work today I might go get boba with a woman. Need to hit the gym tho and also trying to meet up with another woman. Might end up drinking tho

I wish I could be there and force him to get clean, but I have to be across the fucking country.

apologies user sama, it wasn't your doing, just my own frustrations.

also I swear ultra casually so it doesn't mean I'm angry at all.

can't wait til you get hooked on meth too :^)

i see, did you see the fedor fight yesterday?


Don't make it weird, man...

i got some etizolam
what should i expect benzogoddess?

im not addicted to either

Alison: yeah she did xanax every day, basically an addict

sounds like you're the one addicted, i haven't done anything in a week and im fine :3

also i saw that note u left on the whiteboard at home, u change ur mind about that?


so you and I are doing shots sunday...

its cool man :)

ok bae

a washed up mma fighter who's over hyped. he's kind of a russian idol so his promoters always make him fight shitty western fighters to keep his image up. he's a fat old man

people on these places always seem to do drugs, any good drugs for the poor working man?

meant to reply to my mistake

I'm sorry, what did I do that was weird to you?

yeah do krokodil its the working class russian drug

serious answers please, krokodil took my mother's leg don't want to think about it

dont do drugs then

it is *technically* not a benzodiazepine. the benzene ring is replaced with a thiophene ring, and it has a triazole ring like xanax, so technically, it is a thienotriazolodiazepine.

the thiophene substitute makes no functional difference though, and like with benzos, the triazole ring makes it more selective for a2 and a3 GABA subtypes, so it's slightly less sedating than a classic benzodiazepine.

relatively long lasting and somewhat unpredictably metabolized, anywhere from 4-12 hours half life depending on how well you metabolize it personally, and an afterglow lasting 6-24 hours.

it's basically a longer lasting xanax in effect, you decide.

really though, you wanna get out of triazolos if you're taking them for fun, unselective benzos are way more intoxicating.

just go get some shrooms and trip your ass off

so its less intoxicating xanax
no black outs ye
thats what i heard

eh idk im just gonna try like half a pill
dont rly like benzos

it was a lie, i'm just bored trying to keep up conversation.

anything on your mind then i guess?

i heard they're disgusting, but psychedelics always interested me. what's the general feeling like? visuals aside, cause i don't really want to feel nauseous for 4 hours

How about don't do drugs ya losers

Anime and video games are all I need to trip

xanax is also triazolo, less intoxicating than traditional benzos

Just wash it down with orange juice, it speeds up the process and gets rid of the taste. It varies from person to person honestly. If you're happy and calm you'll have a nice trip and see shit. I felt colors in my last trip. Everything else within 20 feet of me melted away and paintings were dancing. Crazy shit.

whats ur best ego-death anime

no im just bored AF
also shrooms are pretty intense, don't do them alone but dont do them with strangers either
never do it when ur in a bad vibespace

xanax is the only benzo ive ever taken that makes me black out
thats weird then

welp, i have made backups of my phone, and unpaired my watch which forces a backup, gonna go do my makeup, and go get a new phone

pants be shat

Oh god damn sounds fun
What do you normally drink?

What do you mean by ego-death amime.

scotch... sometimes tequila... patron or quervo.
I enjoy beer as a chaser

what anime gives u ego death
im gonna go with k-on

maybe you have only ever had triazolos?

the quick tell is if the name ends in olam instead of epam

i've seen like 500 titles, got kind of bored same with manga and comics. just getting into movies and music now, generally higher quality but not the same type of fun.

what's a good "dosage" for a beginner? kind of interested now with the feeling colors thing

i've had anxiety from weed before, but i could kind of handle it. you just have to rationalize that it's a drug maybe? none the less i'll look for someone to do em with.

He doesn't want to tho?

God damn it sama why can't my friends drink like you
If I do shots it's normally vodka or whiskey. No chasers besides more

Going to actually try to squeeze in some more sleep. Hopefully I'll catch you later for some shots man

Take 4 grams of that.

I've never watched anything that really did that to me... Perhaps Jojo...

I just like watching people get fucked up in 2d

if u get anxiety from weed dont do psychs lol

ive done only done pams besides xanax

jojo is DEF egodeath anime tbh

rest well... heres to sunday

you are weird then


im off to bed aswell... where I might have moist dreams of luka where I awake alone with a soggy a pillow.

...k bai

the message was really only meant for ui and allison.

after my bad trip I had to relearn everything and reevaluate my current life, and I realized you were a destructive force for me.

k, any who what's you up to? i'm trying to get back in touch with people here, talking to myself all day is just bad mojo

WATCH MMA! I don't really like sports but it's the shit, anime sports and awkward fights can't compare. Unless it's Jojo, jojo is cool

i have to, it's just too interesting not to do. how can you pass up the chance to feel colors and smell music?

it was?

oh i guess i cant read

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh glhf

It reminded me that no matter how swole i am, i will never be jojo

Rest well.

I'm playing league right now. On a 3 game win streak too.

if u habeeb u can be anything

You could if you use gear.

hopefully i don't eat my ears

sweet, i used to play dota but i sucked at it.

just dont listen to steelers wheel - stuck in the middle with you

and i think you'll be fine with the ear thing

maybe some day....

what kind of gear

Same. I stopped spending most of my free time playing league a while ago and lost my touch on it. But now I play for fun and win too again.

test, tren, var, primo, npp

okay! i'll pretend to know what the first thing means

favorite hero or what ever they're called, i played before with the blue pig tails girl who had a shark gun cause she was hot.

Not sure which one that is.

it could be cytochrome related

like, you're a CYP3A4 knockout or half-gene, so you metabolize xanax particularly badly

perhaps yeah


scarlet gets pretty bad on xanax.

I love it, it just lets me sleep, which is very difficult for me to do.

Jinx qt

i had forgotten this song existed, sweet

right, learn your own biochemistry, i have to go and sell my soul (phone) for a new one

get an LG


iphone 6s plus 128gb in rose gold

already chosen

but Life's Good With LG™

life is better with apple

grow up


now i kind of have to, look what you did i wouldn't have even thought of that since i didn't know the song.

Nini erin!

but LG™


w-what happens?


how about death grips

how much african do u have in u?

if its more than 25% u'll be good... otherwise


Oh I thought you were talking about dota. Yeah jinx is a qt.

my african-ism should be under 2% unless my ancestors were cucks.

then what should i listen to?

white people music
like stuck in the middle with you
wait fuck


Ghost in the Shell

black haired ichigo is NOT approved!


oh i forgot to get back to you on what we were talking about earlier just like all of the other girls you talk to
so how're you?

do NOT

they're friends, just wouldn't suck my dick unfortunately.

i'm good after a few beers, how about you?

o-okay geez, does Miya have her own route in any of the games for amagami?

idk vns are for losers

still a virgin then, i take it. i really did want to know what the cause was and not have you get all depressed. if you think youre ugly than you can work on it unless you're deformed

i'm alright, laying in the rain at 4:44am

Yes it is.


try grisaia, download it on the porn part of nyaa. it's got few choices so it's easy is somewhat entertaining. tried that "nekopara" series? it's pretty entry level and just takes an hour or so to finish for a few decent faps scenes.

d-don't bully, and i just keep to myself aside from occasional conversation with women so it must come out of nowhere to them. and i'm not really one to leave a good impression. i'm trying to hone my conversation skills but don't know how.

w-well I still like fullbring ichigo best

i wish photonic induction would make more videos


That's fine.

ive only played dont take it perrsonally babe it just aint ur kinda story

mb ill download this

i-is this in reverse?


The author of don't take it personally also made the Analogue series on steam.

i couldn't get into anything else she's made

I remember playing Nekopara with nude mod in class with a friend. We couldn't stop laughing at how retarded it was.

"I'm looking for books. Books about cat girls"

Fair enough.

My only interaction with Nekopara is these two images, actually.


His face is creepy.

well i'm here to help you out!





are you?
so freaking kawaii omg

scoob pls

the white cat is such a smug, i want to squeeze her stupid cheeks

i was confused but apparently it's a vn? i'm nervous to play any visual novel by someone who has hair like a power ranger but isn't a cartoon. kuro is pretty qt btw

what's the plan rabbi?

I am.
Rin, I mean.


:3 thought so! not many are as cute as you

well I didn't think my computer's shipping would be delayed. I'm okay without my reaction images for 3 days but now that it's been 5 I am afraid.

ya she became an SJW
the vn is alright tho

Ehm, thanks.
I still don't see it, for the record

Youmu is my only folder that is always readily accessible.

i must be some variant of pervert for enjoying this so much

what about?

are there ero scenes?

you are one cute online anime girl

You're back in da states?

I even pay for it


There is nothing wrong with wanting to pinch a cute girl's cheeks.


You're back in da states?

You wish.
I'm using a VPN right now.

I'll be in the states in a few weeks, actually.

Dropbox gives me 50gb of cloud storage.
and I haven't spent a dime on them

Mhm did you and Swedish... uhm... you know..?.. yeah?

Will you stay? :c

worst fuck. only did it because I wanted attention.

why did u come back to the us traitor

Why do you wanna know, you don't even talk to me on steam.
I won't be, I'll be there for like 2-3 weeks.

ehhh.... i really shouldn't probe about this subject, but my curiosity is killing me...

I forgot my keys, I'll be going back to mother Russia soon

Is Swedish fish a good lay?


I like talking to you but I have a lot of stalkers on Steam...

howve you been anyways?

good luck gommie

you'll just have to deal with my compliments!

anything you want! is there.. anything you wanted to talk about?

Not too shabby, you?
Nearly time for summer holidays

remove them

Come with me? We can stay with my crazy uncle

Already done.

what part of russia

I only remove them when they get too aggressive

Far east~ next to Alaska

more than a little bored, ive got 4 months of doing fuck all if i cant find a decent internship. at this point i just want to graduate and be done with it.

you got much planned for summer holidays?

Kamchatka area?

My entire relationship with scarlet was just me not wanting to be alone. I learned not to lower my standards.

I've been told I give pretty good head

then i don't see how they're a problem. when will you give me another chance?

Oh well, guess we can't talk then.

But you are the lower standards, from how you talk about yourself.

I don't know just come with me

Scarlet is pretty high standard, though

You really didn't like her?

I don't know... i'm cold

Scarlet if you agree to have sex with a couple of other people I'll pay for all your AX expenses/hotel room

Nothing much, work, festival and that's about it.
Ah those final year blues. Know that feeling

i have a blanket on my bed we could use ^^

I have to ask you something... Is Angelic okay?

I'd kind of be whoring you out for money tho

last year actually looks fun, but it doesnt start for another 4 months. my final year project is on AI tho :3

Use imgs

why even life?


i need to know
but alright
are we crossing at Alaska

and i never rly wanted to do anything lewd with her, she did tho but like she said just cus she wanted attention. thought she'd get sad

ya i have p high standards but not if i care about someone tbh

Why use me to ask your personal questions? I'm sure he's fine. Doubtful anyone likes you there anymore though.

fiiine gimme a minute to unrar that folder

-hugs you- i want attentions too... and Russia is bone chilling cold, I'm going to get you some bear skin

Because you're the only Alicefag I can trust now...
I feel so bad... I don't care if those losers hate me, I just want Angelic to know I'm sorry..

No use anime

Rin you wouldn't be able to handle that many dicks
Scarlet is a huge fucking slut so I know he'd do it

You're supposed to say yes

I didn't find her attractive at all.

how cold
in freedom

ditto tbh


Oh, okay.

Why not? :/

Chutok scum

Au? What you doing on that. Some Nathan ExMachina shit?

I'm a lipstick lezzie

It's so cold you can actually feel your eyes shiver

Did you fug Scarlet's gf then?

think I should probs go to bed soon

either football simulation, or an actual raspi powered robot that attempts to locate and capture an actual ball

It's 8:30 AM ._.

grab me that bear skin

im a shota

she sucked her dick a few times
ally didn't know what to do lol

That sounds really cool
A lot of coding

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Sucked her dick a lot for a little bit, but after I found out she was in the same situation I was in (forcing myself to be with scarlet) I stopped making advances on her. nothing more than that though

we're goign to have to kill a bear together and I'm not good with guns... Do you know how to use one? Shotas are cute af v.v
And oh my... so lewd..


playing lee sin has got me so hyped