Apparently Gamerghazi is discussing about you Holla Forums

Apparently Gamerghazi is discussing about you Holla Forums.

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He's not wrong, though. When it comes to discussing LGBT or discrimination, Holla Forums becomes Holla Forums.


Holla Forums is less homogeneous than their shitty board. The only posters that become Holla Forums when discussing anything are the tankies/nazbol retards. Image boards are by far the gayest fucking parts of the internet I've had the (dis)pleasure of browsing.

Really makes the brain-tubes bubble

This is actually fairly coherent and well placed criticism what the fuck

Pretty sure we have a daily gay thread

This really, really annoys me, not because it's irredeemably stupid, but because it's so close to a respectable opinion, yet so far, because by their own volition they are unwilling to give up their spooks because these spooks make them feel good about themselves. I can at least understand how most of Holla Forums lacks the mental capacity to understand why "identity politics" is not redundant, or won't realize it until puberty wears off. Intellectual dishonesty is another matter entirely.

They openly admit that we have a clear and concise rationale behind our attitude toward idpol. We've had entire threads where we tell off retarded cultists trying to convince everyone that race is super important you guise and we need to kill the niggers or whatever. And yet we're not allowed to criticize the concept of "social justice"? I don't even mean that as a metaphor or hyperbole, they literally cannot imagine someone disagreeing with the concept, they are so thoroughly convinced it is divine truth that they cannot even tolerate people who have the same intentions but want to achieve them in a better fashion. And where does one usually find this level of self-unaware arrogance?

You are not a socialist. You are a liberal trying to be edgy. Faggot.

Pic related when they probably think welfare and affirmative action are socialism

And yet, despite being a huge gayfag that has actually been the subject of violence and discrimination in the real world, I prefer Holla Forumss alleged "class reductionism" or reactionary opinions or whatever to the incessant pedestalising and franky offensive paternalism of the likes of Ghazi


I can already sum up what this thread is going to look like

/u/celestina_ is an idiot, no one here substitutes propaganda posters for principles.

/u/Xodima can't even be bothered to pretend they know about Holla Forums.

/u/frogmanfrompond atleast gave me a kek

The general charge is leftypol isn't left-wing enough, they envision us as hard-line, pro-soviet red fascists who support the KGB and Stasi. How does one leap so far from reality? I have never seen that type of support on Holla Forums, only from reddit and their unrelenting mention of walls, stalin, gulags, and the kgb. I suppose it is an easier phantom to hate than a bunch of guys who don't like feminism, but they shouldn't. I know for a fact reddit-commies hate liberal feminists as much as we do. maybe it's to do with "Gamerghazi" itself and anyone who really has a fascination with game journalist politics being a muh privileged liberal pissant.

Who cares what they think? Liberals.

Well they're right and if you don't at least pay lip-service to SJWs you will be kicked out of "real socialist events". That's why we are… politically incorrect.

They are too stupid for even basic economic discussions so they only try to slide the board when a topic is something their no-fun brains can recognize.

Almost like…..real socialist events in the past……..

Nothing wrong with hating women

Honestly, that's not too far fetched of an assumption at least from a distance. Holla Forums even tried to do it recently with a bullshit "alt-left" false flag site that made them sound like morons.

Sectarianism is one thing, which the far left has come to recognize. It's another entirely to invade political groups that don't even really represent your beliefs and (often literally) scream at people until they are too afraid of having their personal reputations destroyed to speak their mind.

Such is why COINTELPRO was canceled. It became obsolete.

Says the culture-reductionists.

If relatively standard Marxist analysis would result in you getting kicked out of an event, chances are that event wasn't legitimately socialist to begin with, but yet another group of militant liberals that just included socialism because of their stupid intersectionality meme.

Welcome to radical politics do you think this is new

It is in this modern fashion. They don't give two flying shits when the entire group goes to hell and eventually dissolves or fades into irrelevance. They are just boomer children with an insatiable need for their egos to be fed.

My friend, it has been this way since the 70's, and Reagan touched the collective pineal gland of White Baby Boomer Dads from sea to shining sea into a mindless cult of consumerist christian politics that ever devolves into defending the nonsensical

Honestly they scream louder. The left is in an awkward position of trying to just itself in the face of something that grows in popularity for every single awful reason imaginable, while liberals take power.

You saw this in the late 19th and early 20th century when industrialists had power.

But how much can you chalk that up to Holla Forums shitposting, and how much can you attribute that to actual reactionarism? There's no denying that Holla Forums has always hated idpol, but actual autists here will get triggered over people simply saying that they're gay. Telling gay people in the LGBT thread that "le go to gulag now for idpol XD" tells me that people need to keep their autism in check.

Really based on the threads I've seen about LGBT issues most of Holla Forums is pro-LGBT. A great many of our users and "e-celebs" seem to be homosexual or bi-sexual from what I can tell. You have a few genuinely anti-LGBT posters who are the minority then you have the majority who are skeptical of common notions of LGBT activism like breeders being the devil/inherently muh privileged and that waiving a dildo at a parade is a transformative act of protest.

pic mostly unrelated

Sure, I have seen this mentality before, but at least it made sense when neocons did it: they killed off the old-fashioned platform of biological racism that was holding them back from long-term voter appeal. The angry liberals are doing nothing that benefits them and has even helped in normalizing the aut-right.

That is pretty obvious funposting. Most threads have at least one extremely passive-aggressive "how do you do fellow liberals" Holla Forums post, it's par for the course. Of course we have a few nazbols and tankies that will plainly state that they despise homosexuality, but when have people not called them closet faggots for it?
Remember: Holla Forums is not an echo chamber. The tankies and smashies probably hate each other more than they hate fascists, tbh.

The closest most of Holla Forums got to being anti-LGBT is when we'd bully milo by saying he was gay for liking trannies. Otherwise it's largely a board that doesn't care about sexual preference or identity, aside from a few autists.

lol this board doesn't hate lgbt people, traps are beloved here

Afghanistan is the biggest traplover country in the world.

Traps are homophobic, holding the notion that a man can only ever be aroused by another man when he takes the position of a woman.

That's a bit of a stretch.

Then explain to me why the presence of traps and homophobia exist in tandem.

Do they? Traps are still subverting gender roles as much as a masculine gay, probably more so.

If they do so, they must be exceedingly bad at it because the taliban leaders that collect them in harems don't feel that they are the least bit threatening to the gender roles which their power relies on.

Ya we're such retards. The smart thing to do would be to hold class centric discussions and on some kind of anonymous medium.

Also can someone please ban that sinner for not checking their disgusting ablest p.rivilege.

Yes, judge a community you've never been to.

Eh, I'm a bisexual furfag lolilover and I'm tolerated a lot more here than I would be on Holla Forums.

bisexuality is bourgeoisie; communism won't and doesn't allow it to happen in people

Indeed, because communism will abolish child abuse so children will no longer need stuffed toys attachment figures.

Oh, fuck off.


I have a disability for example, but I don't want people to "tolerate" or even fucking "accept" me - I want material change and making people "understand" my plight is fucking retarded

Sorry I was unaware we regularly call for these people to be gassed.

Good post

capitalism needs greed; why not extend that greed to anyone with a pulse??
with fulfillment in life, nobody will need to do this filth

ayy lmao

So they are literally liberals? Who gives a fuck what they think.

The predominating opinion on Holla Forums is that class trumps identity because the only way to solve the problems inherent in identity politics is the removal of the system that creates them.

/r/socialism/communism/whatever gets immeasurably asshurt about this because they think it means that Holla Forums doesn't care about wogs/trannies/fags/gooks etc


Pretty sure they blamed Grandma Jill Stein after Clinton lost the election.

They are liberals think they are socialists, just because they love S[WEED]en.

Don't forget niggers.


absolutely fedoragendered

I have no idea what this paragraph is supposed to mean, and I assume its in English

I'd say only the T part is discriminated against and even then those threads don't turn into 400 reply shit shows because only one side is having their say. The fact of the matter is that a good chunk of leftypol are pol-refugees and ex gamergaters. It takes years for that kind of daily shit posting to unclog from your brain. Having said that i'm pretty sick of

I don't know how this copy paste started but it needs to stop

I might have to mete these cry babies with the full authority of socialist self defence, ifuknowatimsayin

And yet they know well and good to keep their fucking mouths shut.

Honestly, this argument, while correct, seems to be given too much credence and exposure over one that is much better and much more damning to identitarians pretending to be leftists - that left-wing politics should be centered around removal of divisions, be they class or identity.

That's a neat opinion, but Holla Forums's demographics are actually pretty diverse, and speaking as a tranny that left the social justice movement a year ago, I would say that Holla Forums not bringing up identity in every ducking thing is precisely what I like about it and precisely why I think real socialism would work. I would just be for everyone. Not select minorities, everyone.

it's funny because the last demo strawpoll I saw that they did revealed that ghazi is whiter, straighter and more male than the other notorious subreddit that is their archnemesis and reason for existing

It's awesome though. It's an point-of-view encyclopedia that you write yourself, and then can site as the source of your point-of-view.

fuck, they're onto us

They're totally off-base. We obviously prefer maoist posters of the multi-ethnic proletariat of the world (united in Marxist Leninism and Mao Zedong thought, natch)

For real though It's a trip seeing someone look at some soviet bloc poster and thinking there is nothing going on in it besides vaunting white supremacy and toxic masculinity.

Hardly unprecedented

They aren't even that many tankies on this board. Do these people have any idea what a tankie is?

That's how every one of those groups turns out to be, honestly. They form for themselves a small cubby-hole where they homogenize more and more until it's either a bunch of white people flagellating themselves with one or two black people who get to play king for a day, or a bunch of black people constantly shitting on white people with a few white betas to polish their knobs.

This is the only place I've been to where I feel reasonably sure that I can fish comments without knowing where the person comes from or what they are. It's so relieving.

And don't even get me started on the trans "communities". What a clusterfuck.

Someone they disagree with.

It isn't that class trumps identitiy, identity politics by itself is toxic.

how is politics even possible without identity

it's sargon of akkad level of retardedness of claiming to be non-ideological

This is what the left wing has always done ever since Hitler invented socialism.

If you are pro LBTBBQ++ and you are on the left then why are you even here?
Why not just post on facebook with all the other normies?

If you are anti-LGBT why are you even here?
Why not just post on Holla Forums with all the other reactionaries?

Have burgers really become this retarded? Identity politics is not a thing where i live, and politics here is perfectly possible.

Being ideological or having an ideology isn't the same as identity.

Ideology is a subjective lens through which objective events are viewed. Identity is confusing subjectivity for the self and treating these subjective responses as objective.

because normies are liberals and know jack shit about communism, duh.

Also memes on facebook are rarely dank.

I'm fine with LGB but the concept of gender identity is spooked as fuck.

Bullshit where do you live


Holy shit, dude. Leave America for once.

You don't need to be reactionary to hate the LGBTQ community. They love to trick leftists into liberalism. Fuck them, Castro and Stalin was right about faggots

I wish I could leave America. I'd never come back.

Do any non American ladies or moderately feminine guys need a house husband slash sex slave? Get me out of this shit hole and I'll do things your native women have never even heard of

That's pretty much why I come here. Of course that doesn't apply to all of Holla Forums but overall it's accurate. Now gimme some of that sweet memejuice

You will NEVER, EVER get that faculty research position you wanted. Nobody will look at anything you've ever written and think it's good. They'll probably take one look at your outline and say "Hmmmmm, this guy's AN IDIOT".


politics without idenity is like politics without ideology

it's the "let the facts speak for their rational-logical selves" pure ideology

the self can only be expressed through subjectivity

Actually my lecturers praised my shit to excess. I was far more pessimistic than they were. First-class honours, bitch. Suck it.

Ah yes this individual has read and comprehended whatever they have read of Marx.

Woo Hoo!


They would ban be off facebook if I posted there.

I am.
I am on leftypol.


And? Even if that were true, the subjective expression is not the self, and basing political action on such a reactionary basis is only self defeating.

Political identity is not the same as politics based on identity. The latter makes identity a be-all and end-all of politics, the former makes it a description.

I might agree to a motte that politics means cooperation for common cause means identity. But then you (or someone else) will go down to the bailey and insist that people (should) base their politics on superficial labels and divisions.

Why don't you take your shit ironic social justice memes from 2014 and fuck off somewhere that will have you then, like 2014?

Objectively false.

Don't discriminate against queers.

Now what? Where can the discussion go?

It's fucking over, isn't it, because it's not a very complicated issue.


objectively expressing the self is like biting on your own teeth

besides that, subject vs object is crap anyway

identity is the differentation and sameness between people, you know of the existence of others, so you have identity, politics requires the existence of others and therefor also requires identity

Interesting thread you've got here.

I have a lot of experience with these people, as I saw GamerGate from the very start. I can honestly say the people who post on GamerGhazi and its related boards are easily the worst people who've ever lived, even worse than Holla Forums, because at least Holla Forums sincerely believes their bullshit. Liberals, on the other hand, believe in nothing and stand for nothing that isn't politically safe. Liberalism is the ideology of no ideology. As such, it suits people with no principles perfectly - and make no mistake, GamerGhazi are liberals through and through, whatever they may claim.

What makes the social justice movement's feigned concern for identity particularly galling to me is that I'm a member of the one persecuted group they refuse to acknowledge the legitimacy of, despite literally all of the scientific evidence being in our favor. I'm attracted to teenagers. Not children, mind you, as there are substantial differences in biology and competence to consent between children and teens. However, the differences in competence between children and members of the social justice movement are much less substantial. But this isn't just about me.

Huge portions of the world are still filled with racists, sexists, homophobes, drug warriors and other such riffraff, and socialism will provide those people more democracy than they have under capitalism. Thus, in many places racism will not be solved by socialism, just as homophobia was not solved in the USSR.

And? Let's say you have a stateless society organized into equal-sized communes. If you have 100 communes full of racists and only 1 of anti-racists, then assuming parity in technology and military training, the anti-racists will get steamrolled in short order. Is that the world you want?

Thus far, I haven't seen anyone from Holla Forums engage this fact with the required amount of intellectual rigor. This is most likely due to the average intelligence of this board having fallen dramatically, what with the people who don't get all their political views from image macros and actually read books having mostly departed, with the few stragglers being drowned out by waves of shitposting from empty-headed meme-spewing LARPers.

Nevertheless, Holla Forums is still (barely) more intelligent than Holla Forums by virtue of recognizing that economic class is important, and its concern is that identity politics pushers, GamerGhazi among them, have been trying to replace class politics entirely. This concern is legitimate, but it's no excuse to ignore idpol. I have no desire to live in a society where two wolves and a lamb vote on what to eat for dinner. Tyranny of the majority is a very real problem, and if the left can't address it, the left is doomed to fail. The only reason I even mentioned ephebosexuality is that I want you to understand how fucking loathsome it is for me to agree even partially with anything the pretentious, self-involved circlejerkers of GamerGhazi have to say.

If anybody remaining here has any understanding at all of political or economic theory, you need to figure out what the fuck to do about this, and you need to figure it out pretty goddamn quick before false flagging Holla Forumsacks and liberals employ their combined faggotry to smash whatever there is of a class-based left.

As for the GamerGhazi types:

Die in a fire, you hypocritical shitstains. You're the reason gulags were invented.



Woah there bucko, that's quite a lot of extrapolation. The USSR originally didn't meddle in such affairs, but having their young population decimated they banned buddsegs.

Otherwise, your wall of text and confident tone has otherwise convinced me you are very smart.

And you're barely more intelligent than the average SJW by virtue of your """ephebosexuality""" :^)

So that would make me about 4 standard deviations above you, then.


How's life for a leftist there?

Every time I hear about your country it sounds pretty good.


Different motte, same bailey.

By which I mean, sure, it makes sense and is pretty uncontroversial as far as definitions go, but it's also not what opponents and proponents alike think of when they speak of identity politics.

Classic reddit zinger. Well done on this one.

Fucking SAVAGE dude

Hvor i landet er du fra?

Then you should use a term that doesn't contain a contradiction.


Dude everyone's attracted to teenagers get over yourself

Yes, I joined a left-wing party a decade ago, have read dozens of books pertaining to Social Democracy, Marxism, Anarchism, I am a regular reader of two lefty newspapers, joined a union, and have made several hundred posts here over the past two years, just to give mean guys a cover to bully women on the internet more efficiently.

I have to say I am a bit disappointed with GamerGate though. They haven't killed or just beaten up a single woman yet. But I'm not giving up hope. Level up and keep up bullying girls! And don't forget bullying black people as well!

Fighting Game Community is a codeword for anuddah shoah ;_;

Ah, nice. Jeg er fra djævleøen haha. Men du har ret - vi har ikke rigtig idpol i den offentlige debat.

Come on Holla Forums, at least try.

That is not what identity politics means. Identity politics refers to politics being explicitly about identity and how it relates to public policy, i.e. race, gender, sexuality. If you think it's impossible to discuss politics without these things you are beyond hope.

So what? let it be. If someone's racists but has no power to exert oppression over anyone, that's his fucking problem.
Identity politics = fascism

Kun når folk brokker sig over indvandrerne.

these groups always seem to have projection issues

Well, of course that means that their opinions are invalid, because they have not been oppressed nearly enough.

who comes after straight white men in the oppression hierarchy?

I wonder how the Holla Forums shitposters feel about this thread

I am bisexual and have a boyfriend and post on here all the time I have never seen anti oh by stuff posted on here except for Holla Forumsyps


Lgbt not oh

The pink-haired reddit """""socialists""""" are under the nonsensical impression that their artificial divisions are unification.

Never seen it besides Holla Forumsyps shitposting, and ffs this is Holla Forums.

How many people here used to be from gamergate?
I'm sure there is a bunch.

What remains of gamergate is as disgusting as anonymous were two years after chanology, if Trump or other right-winger decides to start fucking with videogames or push TPP or a equivalent they will defend it to their last breath.

I left 4chan because of gamergate, but I was never an active participant.

They still don't get it, do they?

Didn't the election show that if you put identity over class you might lose both battles with all the liberal 'achievements' being in jeopardy with Trump as the president?

Russia was a backwards feudalistic shithole full of illiterate starving christian orthodox serfs, what in the living fuck did you expect? Stalin also brought back the church and reactionaries to keep his popularity. China also mirrors this at the time by being a backwards confucianist shithole full of warlords LARPing three kingdoms while the populace in time dies from famines and being plagued by opium addiction that was enforced on them since the British empire did years before. Seriously, you're ignoring the condition those countries were before their revolutions, and the fact that were still capitalist later, would have still perpetuated and continued racism etc.

Pic source?

Reminder to kill yourself if you even mildly associate yourself with this autism.

(replying to myself)
>Fighting Game Community is a codeword for anuddah shoah ;_;
Man, I had a feeling something was not quite perfect before hitting the reply button. Moral of the story: I need to shitpost more.

wow, reddit is classcucked as fuck

Having an ideology is a good thing now?

Aren't half of Holla Forums's memes about Stirner? I doubt any of those people have read his work, so how can they enjoy the memes about him?

They probably do the same thing that Holla Forums does by completely failing to grasp the simple concept that is "spooks."

Someone here kickstarted Ancap ball, so we at least have one talented memer amongst us.


Any sufficiently radical (idealist) belief in ideology treats it's dogmas as real facts, "objective" laws of nature: "But I also don't believe that God exists Invisible hand will fix everything. I know it."

Mainstream Liberals had gone so fundamentalist they can no longer differentiate between reality and wishful thinking. Which is why they perceive themselves as "objective" in "having no ideology" - the same would be true for many Muslim fanatics. For them religion is not a "moral codex" or code of ethics, it's science, objective truth devoid of morality.

Liberalism is politically safe because it is ideology of the ruling class - Capitalists.

For all intents and purposes - it was.

They do, I'm pretty sure. 'Spook' is ultimately little more than a synonym for 'social construct' fit into the ethical framework of (Stirner's) philosophical egoism.

Just like Holla Forums however, they refuse to accept what is what is not a social construct. To Holla Forums, nationality is something essential and immutable, or a reflection of the innate characteristics of man's desire to be tribal and atomize his sense of ethnic belonging within perimeters. You can guess what social constructs left-liberals believe in to legitimize their idea of atomized individualism…

but "contradictions in capitalism" is the same metaphorical use of an object as the invisible hand is

He is wrong, but so are you.

If you don't have ideology you are limited to navel-gazing. Humans can't function without some kind of philosophical system. Not realizing it simply dooms you to some kind of shamanistic fetishism.

Ideology allows you to focus on things.

that meme actually started on Holla Forums to counter the ancap influx

But Holla Forums told me "unspooked" egotism naturally and necessarily leads to anarcho-communism (which just happens to be their preferred system).

When did you get so into Nietzsche?

You mean that you did not understand a particular conversation which caused you to draw a false conclusion.

Don't equate Marxism with Liberalism. We have DiaMat.

All abstract entities are abstract, yes. That doesn't mean they are always useless.

You don't say that "Invisible hand is a spook" - and be done with this. You (provided you know DiaMat or just are clever) say "concept of Invisible hand is not applicable in those specific conditions".

Similarly, actual Marxists do not treat "contradictions in capitalism" as a fetish. Sometimes it applies to situation, sometimes it doesn't.

This is the difference. If there is an inviolable dogma in Marxism, it's that there are no inviolable dogmas.

Gamerghazi formed in defense of companies engaging in industry blacklists and running a casting couch.

The fact that some of them pretend to be "socialists" now is comical - people like them are why game journalists and indie devs get paid peanuts.

You are talking with Marxist-Leninist, not Anarcho-Communist. I'm not memeing Stirner.

Nietzsche doesn't have anything to do with an idea that every human relies on some kind of philosophical system.

This isn't so much about it being wrong, it's that the mysticism emerging from the anthropomorphization of capitalism isn't just a liberal flaw, marxists constantly talk about capitalism not as if it just an invisible hand, but an entire mystical body.

I have no idea what you are talking about.

Translation: I'm quite certain you are a filthy liar.

The tendency to see capitalism as a godlike, anthropomorphic force whose omnipotence is reflected in every aspect of this world instead of just taking it as the fact that the prevailing economic power is based on wage labour employment.

This usually goes in tandem with making history, class or the people a big Other.

The only people who look at capitalism in that manner are the people who do not know what capitalism is eg. ancaps, liberals. That said, capitalism does shape all manner of social institutions and material relationships by being the economic basis upon which those institutions and relationships are built. One should never lose sight of the far-reaching nature of economics.

You do realize, that psychoanalysis of Marxism-Leninism doesn't actually explain anything?

It's like a statement that rockets are penis-shaped with subsequent elaboration on Freud: it doesn't actually explain anything about rocketry.

And I still claim you to be a filthy liar, btw.

We got people ranging from full on faggots to full on traditionalists. We don't want to talk about it because its unproductive as fuck and subscribing to anti-idpol means you agree that pretty little shit like "dick in ass, yay or nay" is entirely secondary to revolution, and that most racial issues are caused by capitalism in the first place.

How the hell does "i dont want to talk about bullshit but we're all colours of the rainbow and more" lead to reactionary opinions in any way?

We're going to die alone, aren't we Holla Forums?

but we'll get state issued gfs

The normies and women on our board do well for themselves. The usual imageboard crowd will suffer as usual.

mate i don't have a problem with lgb people. Just the transgenders and not in a bad way. I honestly think those people are victims of capitalism and they need help.

idpol always accuses you of bigotry unless you tip toe around every possible permutation of sensitive feelings any individual idpol is experiencing at the moment.

My best advice is just to ignore them: they feed off of responses and whatever reinforces their victim complex, which will be any word you speak to them. Better to let them wallow, cut off from their narc supply.

What in the fuck is this trying to prove?

That we need capitalism to somehow magically cause the 1 in 100 people who believe something different to magically transcend what is plausible? That if we had a state which was comprised of this group of people that it would be okay because the state legitimacy made it okay to crush the anti-racists?

We do actually :v)

I think your opinion is warped by Holla Forums's /gghq/ board, which was practically evacuated after the owner went full-autism with overmoderation, and now just harbors a small population of Holla Forumsack bootlickers. Most of GG is now on /r/KiA or Twatter, and remains primarily centrist or distrustful of Trump. GG has definitely gone down in quality from its peak, but it hasn't been completely subsumed by the aut-right.

I was mainly talking about the Holla Forums general, who has become a combination of the worst of /vg/ and Holla Forums.
I actually forgot about KiA, thanks for reminding me about them.

I think gender shouldn't be a fashion statement, and idpol should be kept at a minimum

i am dumber for reading this post

Well shit, I guess it was never a socialist event to begin with huh?


Maybe it's because all people ever fucking do is talk about intersectionality. Everyone is always worried about race and who they're supposed to fuck.

Didn't read, lol

I think that has less to do with GG, and more to do with 8/v/ itself, which is currently under siege from an attempt by Holla Forums at total conquest of all our top boards.

It's not a matter of whether your state is considered legitimate by racists or not. If the racists don't have the power to enforce their moronic views, that's the end of it. The point is that socialism will not automatically rob them of this power, since they will control the means of production directly instead of merely being the useful idiots of capital. Obviously capitalism is not benefiting the majority, and most people here are members of the proletariat, but if you want to implement socialism there must be separate safeguards in place to prevent bigots from holding power.

If you're anything like , which you are, you were already too dumb to formulate a coherent response, so nothing of value was lost.

I don't think you understand how retarded the bogeymen post-1960s idpol "movements" supposedly "fight" against are. Just for starters, here's a basic outline of how idpol oppression works:
These have been completely eliminated or reduced to a practical nonissue for decades.
These are an inherent consequence of the capitalist system, and only effect the poor. There are theoretically two ways to attack them.

The first is to try brainwashing people, stripping away every minute shred of prejudice, intolerance, and negativity in everyone's minds, whether conscious and intentional, or unconscious and unknown. Aside from the fact that this would leave the non-idpol-motivated oppression completely intact, or even greatly strengthen and protect it, this would require such an inhuman, horrifying regime of soul-crushing tyranny as to make the crimethink it fought look uttery benign in comparison.

The second is to simply lift the victims of implicit idpol from poverty, eliminating the capitalist oppression it hides behind today, causing idpol to vanish from the material world like the fantasmagoria it is.

Why do redditors think every leftist should care about social justice?

Not just overtly leftist movements!

I was pro gamergate until stormfags derailed it, and everything being a SJW plot was pretty silly.

Simply put, if people don't like a product, they don't have to buy it

What are you talking about?
Holla Forums was kicked out very earlier on, and when they were GamerGate went to shit very fast due to an over-attachments to e-celebs and an overall lack of group co-ordination.
Sounds pretty libertarian to me famalam.


Nah, GG's big failing had little to do with eCelebs, or even Holla Forumslacks. Its true downfall was a failure to crowdfund enough lawyers and detectives (internet detectivework can only go so far) to directly attack the jobs, pocketbooks and liberty of the small number of people who formed the nexus of the aGGros, and to set legal precedents that would defang the rest.

Instead, much like the nepotist entryism and extralegal false rape "accusations" that formed A+ before, the aGGros' victims all brushed it aside or settled out of court, except for a handful (all of which happened MUCH later) like Eron Gjonji, Gregory Alan Elliott, and the HBB.

Green ink letters brigades did do damage (six figures!), but that's only enough to draw blood, not a killing blows. The lack of dramatic successes beyond the initial triggering en-masse that followed GG's ignition sapped the energy from it.

The subreddit's a shell of what it once was and has reverted into a keychain for proGG clickbait.

Did you miss this part?

Because that's kind of fucking important.

It's the elephant in the room that people are afraid to even talk about because America doesn't really have free speech and never did. I've recently seen a growing number of people start to become more informed on the issue and realize that the idea of a biologically developed 15-year-old who, given the utter stupidity of the boomers and gen-X, is likely more mature than her parents being unable to consent is complete fucking bullshit, but this hasn't yet broken into the mainstream. The average Joe in America still wants you dead for even talking about it. The dynamics of this issue aren't the same as, say, racist cops killing black people. There are a lot of white supremacist cops, but the cops as a whole kill plenty of white people too, and the common denominator is that they're all poor. You don't see cops shooting at Beyonce or Morgan Freeman. But if they went against America's collective hysteria and idiocy on this particular issue, they'd still be subject to punishment because they don't fall into the category of people who are so rich that the legal system can't touch them. Even among "progressive" groups you have dipshits who still believe the mainstream view because they're only in it for their own personal financial improvement, not to actually help oppressed people.

If socialism were to be implemented right now under these cultural conditions, where other countries are slowly raising their AOC because triggered Amerifats are threatening them with being "liberated" like what happened to Iraq and Libya, here's what it would look like:

As opposed to how it should be:

Don't fucking pretend that this is somehow resolved, because it's not. Some forms of idpol are legitimate in and of themselves, depending on the overall cultural environment. I want the bigots to be completely powerless. Nothing less is acceptable after the way they've treated us. These freedom-haters can't be trusted with any weapon more threatening than a plastic spoon, and any reform scheme not specifically aimed at disarming them to the maximum extent possible can't be trusted to produce a decent society.

If GG isn't going to become a courtroom nonprofit like FIRE, isn't a clearinghouse for clickbait nonsense about the most it can hope to be?

After all, GG's greatest strength today is the omnipresent threat it poses to paranoid SJWs by its mere existence.

Why do you think a democratic, legalistic, wealthy polity would be more vulnerable to moral panics than an authoritarian, arbitrary, poverty-stricken polity? This sounds deeply counterintuitive and ahistorical to me.

Regarding AoC (and similar "moral issues" like drugs or bestiality), these are special issues in that they are not cause for legal action in any civilized country today unless acted on. This means they can be argued for without breaking the law, if society eventually decides to tolerate them.

You're literally equating your desire to fuck teenagers with a human rights issue. You're only for socialism if you can fuck your specific age group unhindered. That's funny dude, it takes real ego to craft an oppression out of it and believe it wholeheartedly. Fucking IDPOl, not even once.

I don't think a democratic, legalistic, wealthy polity would be more or less vulnerable. It would be almost exactly the same. Dumb laws that originate from popular opinion aren't any different from dumb laws that originate from a dictator.

Yeah, well, I hear copulation is a pretty big deal for human species.

Yeah, that's right. You're an opportunist ready to hitch your wagon to socialism on the condition we address your specific grievances. But that's not what socialism is about. Marx would have kicked your ass out of the international and you shouldn't expect any different here. Fuck off and court the ancaps, they'll be very sympathetic I'm sure.

Since when was free love the yardstick of emancipation? Last I heard it was about controlling the means of production.


The purity spiral never ending…

I didn't actually distinguish between ideas that come from popular opinion versus rulers, but ideas that operate under a dictatorship are significantly different from those that originate under a free society. In particular, prosecution of immaterial "crimes" (thoughts, expressions, political activities, social associations, etc…) don't happen, and laws are set/enforced through a strict process, rather than being whatever the whim of the official in charge is that day.

Being able to freely and sincerely discuss any activity or practice, no matter how reprehensible and forbidden, is a key distinction.

This is a terrible argument, and a major issue I've had with the homosexual lobby from day one. Race is biologically inherent, one is born into it, and it manifests in no conscious activity, merely in one's continuing to draw breath on the earth. Even comparing homosexuality to religion/atheism isn't really accurate, since one is ineffable, internal, and somewhat difficult to define (not to mention often tied by birth into ethnicity or culture!), while the other is none of those things.

Homosexuality does, however, much like pedophilia or suicide, serve as a good example of an issue which has at times been beyond the pale of law, but which can be discussed with no repercussion beyond social ostracism. Forbearance for this is a litmus test that any civilized society must pass.

Funny you should mention Marx, because he approved of kicking Victoria Woodhull out of the socialist movement for being involved with anti-racism. Clearly, this didn't result in racial minorities today being heavily socialist. I can't imagine why.

Also, I have to address a little more specifically:

I could go off into a long discussion on the particulars of the special pleading fallacy here, but I've done that in the past and it didn't seem to have much of an impact, most likely because anyone who's enough of a fuckwit to say what you just said doesn't understand logic. If anything, is only wrong because I'm the one getting dumber from being exposed to the waves of inanity coming from you people. I'm now going to ask you a question that I don't think you've ever been asked before, a question that's long overdue.

Do you goddamn troglodytes even read what you type before you hit the new reply button?

Seriously, what kind of fucking dimbulb is stupid enough to think something so pants-on-head fucking retarded is even remotely close to a valid argument? What kind of oxygen thief does it take to come onto a board that ostensibly exists for the purposes of enlightened political discussion and post such trash?

Now you go sit in the fucking corner and think about what you've done.

The KKK heavily discouraged it and actively worked to kill those that became socialist and those trying to recruit them.

In my town several communists were killed during a march when the KKK jumped out of their cars and gunned them down with the full complicity of the police department.

But no I'm sure this minor political scuffle from over a hundred years ago is why non-whites aren't socialist.

I'm not gay but I really liked this doujin. Couldn't get myself to fap to it though. If the boy was a girl instead I definitely would, I liked all the outfits.

Does anyone have any doujin recommendations that involve a girl changing outfits?

Personally I think it's funnier that we're on rationalwiki.

God what a smug liberal shitshow that site is.

This is more than just a minor political scuffle and you know it. It's one data point in a much larger trend of socialists doing precisely fuck all to help the situation of groups afflicted by idpol-based marginalization. MLK and Rosa Luxemburg were probably the only major exceptions to this trend. They were threatening to the establishment precisely because they represented the intersection of the interests of the poor with those of a specific identity group. If you actually want socialism, you have to learn to deal with the idea that there may be idpol groups operating simultaneously and then learn to work with (or at least around) them, because we're not stopping our liberation efforts for you or anyone else. We've put up with repressive bullshit for far too long, and it's way past time for it to stop. If you can't handle that, then maybe this whole political activism thing isn't for you.

Is this a joke? Please be a joke.


you might want to go back to reddit with the rest of the historical illiterates

It's such a shame, during the lengthy period after being a troll-coordination center for Conservapedia, and before A+ raped it into the ground, Rationalwiki was a nice clearinghouse for superstition and kookery. It's a shame the Slymepit didn't recruit masses of shocktroops at the height of GG to expunge the site.

Name one major anti-idpol movement without links to socialism. Also, reminder that (memes aside) Woodhull wasn't just kicked for idpol, she was kicked for downplaying socialism in favor of economically anodyne idpol. In other words, the eternal problem with idpol.

Is this from that hack Foucault? It's obviously a function of both…

It's from a thing where this guy takes family circus strips and substitutes quotes from Nietzsche for whatever asinine text was there originally.

Oh. I expected better from the Neech.

Reddit bans anyone who discusses the AOC from any perspective other than that of the Two Minutes' Hate, so no.

According to , the age of consent lowering movement qualifies as this. I guess you're looking for something from the past, though.

Honestly, I could very well say all of them. Socialism was not a direct driving force behind black liberation or women's rights, and by the time the gay rights movement got serious traction, socialism was considered dead, as opposed to its current undead status. The only part socialism had to play in black liberation was in providing the possibility that the USSR might funnel arms and supplies to radical black nationalist groups not out of any desire to help black people, but simply to use them as cannon fodder against the US. I can't speak to what socialism may have done in the rest of the world, but in America it did not play a major part in social movements - ironic given its name.

Incidentally, I've seen some people on this board say the very same thing about us, or /r9k/ types or other people that the American mainstream looks down on. There have been people expressing a desire to use us as cannon fodder for socialism. Let me dispel those illusions right now. We're no one's cannon fodder. So when calls me an opportunist for wanting the socialist movement to at least get the fuck out of the way of us addressing the AOC issue, if not actively help us with it, I'm reminded of these posts. It's true that I may be something of an opportunist, but unlike SJWs, I never denied that the capitalist system is a problem.


Memes aside, this wording implies that idpol is part of the reason she was kicked, even if it wasn't the whole reason. Given the way some people in this thread have been acting, this is what I consider the most likely scenario.

Unless you're writing the number 13 on your hand and going at it, it's not just your body, dumbass.
Thinking that socialism is equivalent to fucking tweens or its tyranny is definitely inane.

Blue balls ain't oppression and socialism isn't here to relieve you. Go make your case at the next pro-IDPOL event – isn't that the audience you should be preaching to? Or will they just call the police on you like last time?

I don't think I've ever seen a more disingenuous post here. In order to have consensual sex, two people have to agree to it. You want to forbid one of them from doing so, despite them being fully capable of doing so, on no other grounds than that it hurts your feelings. Whatever linguistic distortions and mental gymnastics you try to use to skirt around that fact, trying to control other people's bodies is still ultimately what you're doing.

Fucking end yourself.

I'm going to bed, which is what I should have done hours ago. With any luck, by the time I'm all rested up, this fucking imbecile will manage to choke himself to death on a pretzel, and thereby succeed where his idol George W. Bush failed. Because after all, one good invasion of personal liberties on flimsy pseudo-moralistic pretexts deserves another.

100 fam

Stopped reading right there lel

Your intentions are laughably transparent.
Good riddance.

Sad thing is he's absolutely serious.

I am all for eliminating the age of consent, but this ridiculous shit is precisely the kind of useless, counterproductive idpol that needs to die. You are not an oppressed minority. Fucking everyone wants to fuck teenagers. If you want to address that within capitalism that is your business, but it has fuck-all to do with socialism.

I don't understand why they dislike us for dismissing /idpol/. I assume that's a liberal reddit group? We don't discriminate at all, what the fuck?
Then they call us the 'alt-left', what the fuck? If anything this liberal push for progressiveness in America is the 'alt-left'.

i assume theyre angry that we get angry when people bring that crap up

In a communist utopia, could I fuck babies if they like it?

prove this case exists

I volunteer to conduct the experiments.

yo wtf


oh man, it's been a while

Haven't seen this beauty for a while.

No, reddit doesn't. Some subreddits do yes, but you won't get shadowbanned or anything, and there are subreddits that aren't authoritarian shitholes.

gamerghazi = white girl central

they just think SJW behavior is more important because they base their worldview on shallow compassion instead of political ideology

I keep hearing of these mythical non-dogshit subreddits, but nobody ever cites them individually.

They're like the loch ness monster I guess


Fuck off Holla Forums.

feels bad man

Most of them? Most subreddits are fairly lightly moderated places. Especially in comparision to traditional forums. Which subreddits do you go on?

Good. If they liked us I'd be worried.

It's a forum made up of corporate apologists, its founding purpose was to say "no problems here, please ignore the blacklists, sex-for-coverage, and outright scams in our industry or you're a woman hater!"

GG isn't great these days but it sure is better than the scabs at Gamerghazi.

We can do it, we can make these people leave our side of the political spectrum, go back to the good old days before every prominent leftist was pretending to be Jerry Falwell.

I get what you mean except I'm brown, yet these liberals just want to offer me lottery tickets (affirmative action) and condescend to me like a child and behave indignant and offended on my behalf, rather than just shooting the elephant in the room that's causing everybody our misery and strife.

I think that a lot of the weird twitter left and other prominent socjus figures that are in it for the right reasons could end up being proper leftists though. I don't want them to end up being reactionary rightists, I just want a renewed focus on the class struggle.

Anarkiddies. They call breaking windows in the shopping district "smashy-smashy."

I had a big role in editing the "dossier" a few months in.


Too bad for you I only said I was going to bed, not that I wouldn't be back.

Jesus, you're even dumber than I gave you credit for.

Which is fine because class is the only thing that matters politically. Everything else is just a personal opinion, and you are allowed to find things disgusting if you want, as long as you smash capitalism.



Reddit is pure cancer in an almost literal sense. I hope that rumor about them having lost their "safe harbor" status ends up proving true. The only way Redditors are going to stop invading other communities and acting like they own the place is if their safe space gets screwed.

On a related note, there seems to be a worrying trend towards people who want to censor and terrorize people they don't like redefining those words to suit themselves so they can attempt to seem like something other than totalitarians, in true xkcd style. "We're not censoring you, we're just enacting supposedly unrelated policies that have the convenient side effect of stopping you from telling anyone about your beliefs!" To try to address the conflict over social attitudes that's taken up much of this thread, free speech is the single most essential method of ensuring a free society. This type of crypto-censorship that liberals love would be much harder to accomplish under socialism, because it would no longer be such a financial ordeal to keep a website up if its user base is full of people who disagree with the prevailing view on any given issue. This isn't going to solve every problem that a socialist society could have by itself, but it's an important first step. I think it's also one of the key reasons that liberals hate socialism - they know they wouldn't have a near-total monopoly on the discourse anymore. Even now, after the election, their credibility is at an all-time low and they know it. Anyone who isn't fully ensconced within the MSM urbanite liberal bubble is rapidly moving to the left. They see this happening, and they'd like to shut it down.

Unfortunately, attacking them on the grounds that they don't support free speech most likely wouldn't prove to be effective considering their past statements on it.

I can tell you there are no misguided souls among the most successful figures. They're born and bred sociopaths, and the only decent course of action is to antagonize them.

Look at that @mobute faggot, for example. Darling of Weird Twitter, now appearing in national TV in order to clutch pearls over those ebil Republicans. A decade ago, he was a quasi-NEET who wasted his days writing about wrestling (not the graeco-roman kind), harassing kids on the internet and cracking nigger jokes.

the eternal goon

So you all will help me gas Jews so long as I become a nazbol?
Sign me up.

I have to disagree. Identity politics itself isn't bad, it's the misuse of it by incompetent people. The language used in idpol discourse can be very confusing, so people like SJWs and the Alt-Right end up making all sorts of logical fallacies about identity.

I left 4Chan because of gamergate but i never listen on the /gg/ boards.

Come on, even nazis are not that stupid.