Am I safe here?

Holla Forums banned me because I wanted to discuss politics from a furry perspective. I'm fucking tired of this infuriating oppression against us for no fucking reason. Am I safe here?

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How did /furry/ grow so fast in a couple of weeks? Where did they come from?

/furry/ is being spammed right now by a bot satan

Just curious: why do you assign yourself the "furry" identifier above all else?

why not

It's been my one consistent interest and hobby for well over half my life now. It's important to me. I wish everybody could feel the joy I do about it. I want to redistribute that joy here

furry communism is the only real communism

How autistic, please leave before you are sent to gulag.


Half this board is closet furfags, I know crossposters from this and /furry/.

Kill yourselves.

The hotpockets here are extremely relaxed compared to Holla Forums. As long as you keep the shitposting to a minimum I can't see you getting banned at all, let alone p-banned like you'll get over at Holla Forums for disagreeing with imkampfy.

Compare the two:

Hatred of anthropomorphs is a spook



It's unrelated to political discourse, and therefore irrelevant.
I think you are all degenerates, but your fun is your right to practice as long as it's consensual.


People are misinterpreting OP.

He wants to discuss from a furry perspective. Not discuss and go be a furfag elsewhere.

Dima, get the bolt gun.

fuck off pol

That's strange.

It seems that many among /r9k/ , /cuteboys/ and /furry/ share their fair deal of ideas with the alt right,despite being generally considered genocide worthy by Holla Forumsacks.

Is it masochism what drives these people to adhere to an ideology that actively seeks to extinguish them?(or at least loudly LARPs in that direction)

You've got it backwards.

NEETsoc LARPers share many ideas with the alt-right, but would happily purge the majority of them simply based on what gets their dick hard.

the furry alt right are doing it for the provocation i.e making media figures roll around names like "Adolf Kitler" for the jollies

none of them believe in it because they know the camps are waiting

They would get the gulag just as quick as the oven and don't even try to deny it



Nazism is a spook but the act of fucking off is objective therefore he can fuck off but not as a Nazi punk.

Fite me

Don't make me spook you

You still think swastikas look cool
The real nazis run your schools
They're coaches, businessmen and cops
In a real fourth reich you'll be the first to go


I'll save you a spot on the cattle train comrade



You know how I can tell you're a false flagging Holla Forumstard? You're still spooking in a no spook zone.

Spook is a meaningless term with no basis or practical use in reality.




Let me educate you Nazi boi. Anything subjective is FAKE. Race, family, religion, culture, gender, etc. Is FAKE because it is not based in reality. It is all opinion and superstitions.

Only things that can be touched, things that are real and can be observed are objective and therefore real. So take your Nazi ass back to Germany and YOU GET IN THE FUCKING OVEN!


You need to be more subtle with your false flagging.

He might actually be one of yours

They cannot because science has proven many times there are no differences between race. Just because I see clouds in the morning and a clear sky the next day doesn't mean there are differences kn the sky. The sky is the same sky just as a the human race is one race.

Fuck off!

yes we can all tell that you are very conscious about your penis size

I'm a Holla Forums refugee, and that is obvious satire/false flagging

Scientists have actually proven the average penis length is 5". The chances of someone being less or more than 5" is extremely slim.

Metaphors are not substitute for scientific evedince.

I'm glad you see the light Holla Forumstard. Sit down, shut up and let the adults talk politics ok kiddy?

Is that what you tell yourself?

Thank you for providing evidence of your intelligence Adolf. LOL! Argument over.

lmao i want hitler to have my aryan babies XD

You're pathetic

nice falseflag, Holla Forums


I'd rather take the time to distract from how shitty op smells, to why Holla Forums believes it isn't full of /d/

How can you even discuss politics "from a furry perspective"…? Why not from a philatelic or A+ blood type perspective while we're at it?

This is just pure identity politics

You wanna bet?

agreed, sister. furry fandom worships inherent tribalistic strands of consciousness within the human psyche and therefore it is inherently masculine.


please, no.

furry isn't a class, it's an "identity". jerk off and dress up how you want, but don't bring idpol here.

but that's not you user

are you retarded?

Furry communism NOW

Drink some bleach Redditor.

Must everything be viewed through your stupid hobby?


Hasn't idpol killed the real left enough already? Do you really need to sperg out so hard? OP plz.

Furries are pretty hilarious politically. Used to be pretty conservative, sort of typical tradcon republicans if you can believe it. Mostly just middle aged folks with a lot of nostalgia for "funny animal" cartoons and comics.

Changed in the late 90s during the fag tsunami when the demographic started skewing much younger and became a hookup scene for socially awkward gay boys more than anything else. Politics skewed heavily (american) liberal after that.

Now it's mostly what you might call tumblr SJWs calling most of the shots and a smaller group of subversives publicly adopting outrageous right-wing personas to troll them.

come at me bro

I'm curious, what do you think differentiates a furry perspective from other political perspectives? Liking or dressing up as or spaning it to funny animals is pretty apolitical, I'd have thought.

What he means to say is, he wants to discuss politics while posting irrelevant furry pictures with his posts.

Well I don't see why not.