The fact that you're all socialists proves capitalism right

the fact that you're all socialists proves capitalism right.

one of the main tenets of capitalism is that individuals when left alone will pursue their own personal interests – this is why the free market works.

socialism is one brand of idealogy that is available on the free market of political ideas. the people who have already have a good job, have a good house, have a good future ahead of them, have a lot of money, are alpha, are happy and content will stick with the current system. because they're doing well it would be in their self-interest for this ride to continue on.

while the bums, the perpetual losers, the college drop outs, the college graduates who did stupid retarded degrees (most of you here in here), the unemployed, the beta males, the disabled, the fat and unhealthy, the feminists, and the people who are not doing well in the system will vote for a system that will make all their problems go away. they want a big daddy state to take care of their health, take care of their debt, give them a job, tuck them to bed at night and say that everything is all right, the world is all sunshines and rainbows. they want a utopia.

so basically you, the bum, will vote for socialism for this reason. because you care about your ownself-interest just like capitalism says you couldn't care about the collective even though you delude yourself into caring about others to virtue signal how good you are. you know you can't compete in the competitive environment that capitalism creates because you have no marketable skills and you're contributions aren't great enough for people to pay for them, you're too stupid or too lazy or too incompetent so you want to get rid of the game altogether and you want another game where you're all fucking winners. typical leftist beta loser mentality. this is why you're a socialist. and this is why capitalism wins again.

Really sets the synapses ablaze



You are right. I am a fat, stupid bastard who wasted 4 years and $60,000 on a philosophy degree. A lot of people here are too afraid to agree but I'm not afraid. My only question is what will you do when Bernie runs again in 2020? Trump will lose and Socialism will run the land. Enjoy your four years because your family will be lined up and shot fucking Chad cunt.

I remember when I was hopeless when I thought I wasn't going to get a job I was attracted to socialist ideas. That's when I was most open to Marx. And that's when I read the socialist thinkers. It's amazing. But it's understandable. I was going after my own self-interest. I wanted a system where I could be a winner all the time and never lose. I could be a broke bum and the state will continue to feed me, the state would fine me a job, the state would take care of my health care. But when I finally got my first good job, saw my first good steady paycheck, I gave slowly gave up on those ideas completely.

Socialism is just a loser's mentality. It's about want to burn down everything to the ground. It's about getting the rid of the game you know you can't do well in. Similar to a child who sets a tantrum and rage quits when he knows he can't win. This is why socialists are so resentful all the time. This is why they want to burn everything to the ground.

I hope some of you grow up and stop being losers and broke bums and go out there and make something of your lives. Improve your self. Go out there and lift, read self-help books, read business books, go get a STEM degree, start your own business, etc. Help your fellow man, invent a new drug, come up with a new website or app that helps many and you will be rewarded in this system. The opportunities are literally endless.

Yeah you are right, just take a look at Holla Forums, so full of happy and succesful people.

convincing imitation Holla Forums

Socialism will not make your life better friend. It will make it worse. Far worse. There will be more suffering and pain. Look at the socialist countries. They're all failures. Every single goddamn one of them. And you want this to happen in your country just because you hate the game.

You have a philosophy degree. Why don't you start a YouTube channel teaching philosophy, or write online children's books about philosophy.. The opportunities are endless you just have to change your mentality and open your eyes to the sea of opportunity that is out there.

Holla Forums are fascists and white nationalists. They want a very similar thing to you socialists except they want to do it based on RACE instead of CLASS. Both you and Holla Forums are big government authoritarians who think if only the government got rid of the bourgeoisie or the blacks then everything would be better. You're both equally dumb and stupid. While you blame all your problems on the ruling class and the capitalist system they blame it on minorities and globalism.

Classical liberalism is where it's at.

I can admit my faults and shortcomings. It's like emptying your mind so it can be filled. As for you, you claim to be wise because of all the books you never read but heard people discuss on this board. You never lived so your ego puts up this revolutionary front so you can look in the mirror without wanting to vomit at the failure that it sees.

I'm fat.

I'm broke.

I'm stupid.

But I am me and I accept myself and focus on how to positively change my environment.

I believe it, Holla Forums.

Nothing's better than good old trolls trolling trolls

Congratulations, you don't know what socialism is.


Socialism is not muh big guv, recalibrate your shitposting

You've got some latent submissive homosexuality going on there bud.

I mean I'm no Freudfag but it's plain as day.

Capitalism is an economic system based on private ownership of the means of production and their operation for profit.

Whatever rationalizations you come up with after the fact are yours alone.

I know and I'm ok with that. I lived a very muh privileged life and I would like the less fortunate to have the things I was blessed with. Food, shelter, education and income should be provided for all.

Will it kill productivity?

History says yes but I think if we make some different changes we can succeed. Sweden was doing very well until recently. I know people blame it on Muslims but I blame it on integration. They haven't done enough to teach them how Swedish society functions. Not all Muslims are bad and I think the criminals should be severely punished then rehabilitated.

Something with no scarcity can be considered a market? And which markets are "free"? The markets that require no effort because consumption is so provocative?

HELLOOOO Holla Forums

Congrats, you actually manage to be even more cancerous than him

Oh? And I suppose you're 6'2" Chad who comes from a wealthy family. What's that? You're not?! How surprising! Because OP just said the disenfranchised like us would band together to change the system that favors Chads.

I can be honest with myself but it's obvious you can't. Grow up.

They literally intentionally selected lumpens for immigration so they can keep them on the dole and feel good about themselves for it.

Sweden was a great place before it took on too many Muslims. The criminal Muslims made them all look bad. A bad apple ruins the entire barrel.

I can't wait for the free market option to hang commie faggots in the streets sans trial. And I'm gonna use rope - I have many bullets, but they are too precious for dirty communist filth like these.

All muslims want non-muslim women raped and men dead. Get your head out of your ass so I can hang you.

I admit, I chuckled, have that last (You), You deserve it

No it's a cultural issue. I was backpacking in Thailand when I got beat up outside a bar by 3 Thai men. They stole my travel phone, wallet and copy of my passport. On the outside you might say I was mugged. However inside the bar I was sitting with my legs crossed and the sole of my shoe was facing their direction. In Thai culture that is very disrespectful. I remember one of the guys pointing to my feet and saying something but I didn't understand so I smiled and laughed. I didn't deserve to be beaten but had I been educated and spoke the language, I could've avoided it.

Those are the radical ones who've been taught the wrong form of Islam. If you been taught hate all your life you would be hateful too. Only love and acceptance can change that. Remember Martin Luther King Jr's quote.

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate. Only love can do that."

It's true. The current system favors the wealthy and leaves the rest behind. We can also compare that to our sexual marketplace where it favors Chads who can have any girl they want.