I don't think we're gonna make it

I don't think we're gonna make it.

I'm sorry.

We could have had it all.

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is there any point doing anything?

should I just lay down and rot? life is too shitty

If you give up now we will certainly die.

We must fight like our lives depend on it, because they do.

Maybe the only victory left is a moral victory, so we still have to resist, even if it's hopeless.

Is there any point to life now?
As far as I can see it, I won't even get to live as a porky slave™ let alone see a glorious utopia.
Any survival advice? I live in America, far away from flood areas, and own several guns.

Maybe the ayy comrades who discover our planet's historical records will respect us

The void doesn't give a shit who was right and who was wrong.

Can't wait to see how the retards who thought this was a chinese hoax spin this.

We are not the void.

Was this released just today?

Odds are very high that they will never find us if they are out there.
As the universe expands it becomes increasingly unlikely that something would ever be able to reach us.

lol just LDAR buddy boyo

I understand that, but death doesn't care.
It doesn't matter that we were right, if we still fucking die.

They'll call it a conspiracy.

A little paranoia helps them swallow the saccharine optimism of denial.

You never know, given the vastness of time it's possible a scout would discover our planet based on some kind of scan for ability to support life


nice wojak

Honestly though shit is so fucked

Porky has nukes too. The rich will destroy this world before they relinquish it.

I think the time for socialist revolution worldwide was after WW1. I think it's too late



Hey, we gained a minute!

Such pettiness.

Nice OC.

I feel pity for everybody who still does not default to the self-destruction scenario. The faster you accept it, the easier will it be to make peace with yourself.
And you will feel good in case it doesn't happen

Lurk more

Doesn't exactly make it easy to get out of bed though…

If there had been a revolution in the United States instead of FDR using social democratic policies to smooth over the contradictions in capital, I think the world would be socialist by now. A period of fascist assault might have still taken place, but the USSA-USSR combined assault would have ended it quickly, and rather than restructuring Japan and Germany as liberal democracies, they would have been remade as socialist states. By no means would it be perfect, but it would be much better equipped to deal with climate change. The profit motive is the main reason for the low investment in renewable energy. I suspect that a socialist administration - be it state socialist, democratic socialist or even anarchist confederations - would have invested heavily in renewable energy research and development as soon as climate change was discovered. It could have been implemented rapidly were it not for our inefficient system.

self-destruction scenario?

I know I broke a dank maymay rule.
That's why I saged.
It was high quality content, and I wanted him to know it. Fucking sue me.

Thanks m8

It's not actually new but I did make it.



I know it sounds kinda nutty, but I think you're right.
It feels like everything has gone full retard all of a sudden, like the timeline split and now we're the alternate universe that is totally fucked.
Good thing we made a quick buck for porky though.

Let's be honest, if you worry that capitalism might kill this planet, then you already know it is likely or even the most likely scenario, except you are still in the stage of denial. Letting this shit accumulate is not good for your mental health

I will never see the world I have dreamed of since early childhood.

I will never see the world I tried so hard to build.

I will never see the paradise my soul screams every single moment of every single day for.

But the good news is, neither will Porky.

He is his own undoing, and he will die in the gutter with the rest of us, starving, diseased, rotting and in anguish.

Oh well, consciousness is sure to happen elsewhere.

More like the anger stage. And I certainly can't accept it.

TBF it will kill us whereas this rock will continue spinning the vastness of space.

I just hope multiverse theory is legit.

I hope somebody somewhere made it.


But it won't be our consciousness.
If this is as bad is it looks, everything we have ever done to work for will mean jack shit.
Everything we have done has been pointless.
I know that to the universe we are nothing, but if we could have established a colony on mars or the moon then at least it all wouldn't be for nothing.
We would have been better off not evolving in the first place, and being blissfully ignorant of the magnificence surrounding us.

I accept this ending if we continue to live under commodity production, but I didn't say it is the only possible scenario.

Come on, you know what I meant

There is always light at the end of the tunnel

The end of this tunnel is a brick fucking wall.


I can even guess the source of that light.


Same. There was a genuine beauty and wonder to the world, then all of a sudden, one day there wasn't.

Now there are only echoes of a lost existence that only reverberate through this dying world.

In some crazy solipsistic way, I feel like I'm the one to blame.

I left christianity for love and freedom, and cursed their god. It feels like I'm living Job's life for my choice, but the magical ember of love I did not want destroyed by obedience to an unfeeling and strict god has always made me feel like it was the right choice, but watching the world degrade like this makes me feel incredibly guilty.

That's the beauty of being a multiversal being with infinite copies. You just wake up somewhere else. I believe we check in on some of our other selves when we dream. It's not the end of us, only the end of this.

Total breakout with nature is our only hope.
Let the greenfags cry as the please tbh

We need to make a industry out of weather maintenance controlling sea level, manipulating cloud where to rain and when, toning sun ray and earth heat.


They never claimed that it was inevitable.

In fact, they predicted this.

"Socialism or barbarism" was their motto.

We have evidently fallen into barbarism.

Congratulations you played yourself

Commies have been saying the world is fucked if things continue to go this way decades before you were born.

But sometimes it's just New Jersey.

God I hope you are right.

If it makes you feel any better, it's not you're fault. Our path was set as soon as we started.




I've seen enough crazy shit to have a 90% certainty we will wake up elsewhere. Either that or my brain was seriously fucked as a child.

Not at that point, but not far from it.
When currency was established, the race to the bottom was on.
As soon as currency was created, immediately all of civilization became obsessed with the collecting and hoarding of it.

Yeah, no.

How many times have they cried,


Ocean acidification is the only fact from this cycle of our ancient world.

Our "scientists" can't tell the weather more than a week out. Permafrost samples tell us certain cycles within millions of years.

You really think humans can forecast EXACTLY what is going to happen when the planet is hundreds of millions/billions years old?

If you don't allow more humans to die, your supposed problem will only get worse.

Now go fight capitalism, but be sure not to accidentally call someone jewish.

Does it hurt being that stupid?

The Americans are waking up, everyone.

Riveting discourse.

Are you captain of your debate team?

What did the online Autism Level test assign you, 190? 210?

I bet you are a leader of men and women yearn for your worldly advice.

What time does the bus come to take you to high school tomorrow? Might want to work on your social studies homework boyo.


Can't attack an argument.

Pro-Tip, Mexico just surpassed the USA in BMI index.

More riveting discourse. Are all of you kids on the debate team winning trophies?

If someone turns in shit to a bake-off and calls it chocolate cake, would you still eat it or simply tell them to fuck off?

I'm just not stupid enough to fall for the confirmation bias logical fallacy.
Here's the Wikipedia page in case your piss awful education system didn't teach you about fallacies either.

Outside of the farmer's almanac, go ahead and tell me the EXACT days it will rain and when next year?

Another pro-tip, not a republican or American, so you can't file me away without facing your cookie cutter memes.

Pessimism is only ever useful as a cautionary tale for the future, we need to have hope, and take action to change the world

Weather is not the same as climate dipshit

You realize the logical fallacy you just posted, right? Or are you just that stupid and trusting of the givernment.?

It's not about the climate itself, since it is an effect

This has literally nothing to do with global warming, that was my point. Your entire post was

A long, steady trend of increasing temperatures around the globe isn't going to reverse overnight.


Why is there no embedding youtube on this board?

Post trophies from all your debate team wins right now, you must be the best.

Go away Holla Forums

Youtube haxes your anus.

Everything I don't like is Holla Forums


Garbage in, garbage out dumbass.

If you'd like to have a debate you could first put forth an argument.

My government refuses to even acknowledge it. You are literally defending the Zionist status quo.

If you refuse to listen to any source we cite, why should we care about whether you believe us?

And no, we won't believe you were only pretending to be retarded. Even if you think you were.

Well I can't tell you which exact tooth will rot but I can predict eating nothing but candy will give you cavities. Just because a few numbers here or there are off or ice isn't melting as fast as previously thought doesn't mean that there's no climate change. When it comes to the dooming of the entire species I'd rather err on the side of caution, worst case scenario we clean up the planet and make it a better place to live; the only ones who have anything to lose are parasitic polluting companies.

Did you personally perform the research and post it to Wikipedia?

Do you actually trust Wikipedia?


All me

So no population reduction? Endless migration and free vaccination is perfectly fine? Endless herds of cows to feed the third world forever then?

SO, let me get this straight.
America is evil
Capitalism is evil

But a website created and maintained by Americans and bankrolled by NGOs that is not accepted on any accredited college paper as a source, is perfectly fine?

Do you call your economist professor beyond saving too?

No, my victim complex just isn't large enough to assume everything that doesn't support my agenda is a Jewish mega conspiracy against me.

I fail to see how cutting back on pollution excludes the other things you mentioned. Combating climate change is a multi-pronged attack, just as how there are many factors working together to cause it.

To be fair there are faggots like NorthBySouthBaronof who was revealed during gamergate to be posting from a pentagon ISP.

Read the citations, retard. Wikipedia just summarizes content from sources you should be checking for yourself.

He said that, not me.

My mistake. Not a newfag, just forgot to check the post numbers.

At what point did I say I was a Nazi and that I hate Jews? This is a very, very poor argument friend, I suggest you abandon this juvenile method.

questioning authority and appeals to authority are now victim complexes?

How do you tie your shoes?

What is methane
What is the reason pollution is occurring, consumption and demand.


You do realize I agreed with you right?

There's an inverse correlation between living standards and fertility. Even in cases where the downward trend corrects itself, the subsequent rise remains below the replacement rate. You can quite literally kill with kindness. By distributing contraceptives, fertility can be further controlled. Education also has a negative effect on fertility, another good reason for spreading education. In a crisis situation, a one-child policy can be implemented, which was a prudent measure adopted by the CPC. The aging population will benefit from increased automation, which can be implemented via a centralized policy. The Malthusian hypothesis has been proven incorrect. In the period of transition between a feudal society and an industrial society, there is indeed a population boom, but this quickly corrects itself in the capitalistic period.

Guilt? I don't think I feel guilt nearly as much as anger.

Humanity came to be on a blue green marble, a twirling spherical rock floating in a black void, invisibly tethered to an massive hydrogen bomb that's been exploding for 4 and a half billion years. Humans are one of the 8 million some known species native to this rock, all descended from some unknowable and ancient original species. The earth is surrounded with an black expanse filled with stars and planets hundreds of millions in number, and that's just our galaxy. I was born into a universe of infinite majesty, and I have to content myself with the fact that I was born into a very stupid and primitive race, it's main virtue being it's incredible drive to acquire meaningless wealth and status at the expense of everything around it.

I'm angry that people like the retard in this thread are about as relevant as we are. I'm angry that military technology will probably soon reach the point where it will be completely able to crush any popular revolt, regardless of size. I'm angry that most people are actively more comfortable with the idea of continuing to suffer under capitalism then to even listen to our ideas.

I'm angry and bitter that humanity sucks so much ass, all things considered.


I never said that, you are strawmanning, yet another fallacy. As an American I think my government has done a lot of fucked up shit, but that we can fix it.

1. Check the articles source
2. Copy article source
3. Paste article source
Hard work.

See pic attached so you stop making a fool of yourself.

Good policy paper on this topic.

user, you were always going to die, no point in dwelling in your own mortality. do what you want while you can you stupid fucks

I want to live in the knowledge that others will follow. If not, life seems more meaningless.

Can we get some doom stein memes going

they will also die, everything you do will eventually be turned to dust and your life is ultimately meaningless, with that in mind stop giving a shit and do what you want while you can

I only got Doom Sanders.

The same alarmism was being pushed in the 70s. Turns out the ozone layer healed just fine and in a much shorter time than expected.
Frankly the apocalypse cult is the second biggest inhibitor to people caring about climate change right after the politicization.

Live life to the fullest without fucking with others you fucking faggot. I'd rather everyone become sterile children of men style and live in absolute bliss with humans becoming extinct in 80 years rather than the current trend of churning out pain and suffering for the next thousand years.

This Is my proffered scenario TBH. The best thing that could happen is mass sterilization, and maybe a moon colony if possible.

I believe in intelligence. I believe in imposing intelligence on the entire cosmos. I don't care if it is organic or artificial, intelligence must spread everywhere. Any suffering is worth this. Everything must become the mind.

Meant for:

I have never enjoyed being alive.

I am glad its ogre


The Doomsday Clock is some liberal bullshit

It's not even about climate change, just the mostly nonexistent threat of nuclear war


I'm down with this. We must bring sentience to the galaxy and beyond.

We kinda gotta do the whole transhumanism thing most likely first, since we will need to remove the need for food and sleep soon. Also what happened to the reply feature on the site?

borg go away


What's all the doom and gloom about?

how do I get wide eyed wonder like the cat in that video? I think that is the feeling I want more than anything else in the world.

We've proven we're alone in the universe though.

I hope this is bait, but wew lad, the universe is only 14 billion years old, and habitable terrestrial planets have only been a thing for 4 and a half billion years, chances are, we are not seeing any life because we are one of the first ones.


Either that or there really is no faster-than-light travel possible, and we are far away from the nearest inhabited planet.

I don't get it, where is the bad news

like a week or so ago was the 6 years, 6 months, and 6 days since his death


Please post the source. I beg you.

Actually they've been around a bit longer than that, and even then untold numbers will have had a 'head start' on the whole 'develop civilization' thing.

That no signals have ever been found, and that we still can't create life in the laboratory, speaks to us being a fluke.