First Worldists BTFO

You LITERALLY can't debunk this.

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Didn't Unruhe make the same exact video last year?

Fuck, I knew it was bad, but I didn't know it was this bad.

Reformism in the first world, revolution in the third world.

Delicious capitalist mudpies

muh accelerationism

it's also part of an african tradition of geophagy, and the dirt may contain butter.

This. It's just their culture, you sinnere.

How is that accelerationist?

I don't know what I expected.

Yes, it's terrible that some people are forced to eat dirt cakes while others engorge themselves on clothes and consumer electronics. This doesn't matter in terms of Marxist class analysis, though. They're still the same class because they hold the same relation of production.

Though, I'd like to point out that this is less and less the case, as the Western proletariat is impoverished each successive Christmas is more and more sluggish, and makes Black Friday, a day when many retail outlets put massive discounts on their goods, more important for those who have had the squeeze put on them by neoliberalism and yet want to continue to participate in the gift-giving aspect of the holiday (as they are pressured to do)


Pretty much.


Really. makes. you. think.

To be fair, most schools of Leftism are feels before reals.

Two years in a row.

Literally same footage.


How would Communism fix this?

fuck of jason, no one want to hear your shit

By providing those Haitians with food and real jobs.

Is there any proof Jason posts here?

he used to but got banned constantly for advertising his shit.

Jason Unruhe is completely wrong if he thinks no one in the 1st World challenges capitalism. Capitalism is being challenged all the time in both the 1st and 3rd worlds, Jason and his LLCO friends just don't see it because it doesn't follow their Stalinist orthodoxy.

Workers are constantly going on strike. People are constantly demanding higher wages and more democratic control of their workplaces (and the state). Just because they're not following the lead of a vanguard party doesn't mean these acts of rebellion don't exist.

Hell, one could even say voting for Trump was an act against capitalism since those who voted for him did so in their class interest.

Please explain the logistics of this kind of charity effort in a communist model.


I'm reporting this video for promoting terrorism. Who's with me?

Thanks for outing yourself

A communist model is meant to entirely eliminate the need for charity to begin with. And even then, extremely few charities are actually altruistic non-profit organizations, they just sell people guilt relief, buy personal property with the money and file it as expenses. Even worse, some of them are facades meant to legitimize Western corporate presence in developing countries, which would otherwise be resisted or even scandalous.

Unruhe is just a fat edgelord retard, but still.

If communism eliminates the need for charity then please explain how.

I don't think that's much better.


Read a book.

Not even being condescending, it'd be easier for both of us because I'd be rewriting it but badly.

Dirt contains a lot of nutrients, it has to in order to be fertile for plant life. Historical human societies ate dirt for the iron and B12 - both of which being very difficult to obtain in diet without the consumption of meat.

Also, everyone ITT has eaten dirt from fertilizers on vegetables.

Bullshit propaganda. This video is literally no different from Zionist propaganda which claims that Gaza must not *really* be suffering because it has a shopping mall and water park.

More like: nationalism in the Third World, terrorism in the First World.

Am I the only one who thinks Third Worldism is just a neoliberal ploy to gaslight would-be anti-capitalists in the West into accepting shitty jobs and meaningless existence?

Its too obscure for that to be true, third worldism is actually a rare stance and is only really well known because of Unruhe(and to a lesser extent RAIM and the LLCO) getting negative attention. Most Maoist orgs in the third world actually aren't third worldist.

I've heard the LLCO are cops. Do you think that's true? They produce nice propaganda and rumor is their leader (Prairie Fire) is a former drug dealer.

Under communism, machines will do the job of providing basic needs for people, therefore no need for charity.

Maoism Third Worldism = anarcho-primitivism with a red flag

FYI these are the poorest of the poor in Haiti.

tfw the first video is britain

Looks pretty AmeriKKKan to me.

it's an asda ;(

doesn't this mean we can't have communism now but in at least 100 years?

No idea how this is anything but classist poor shaming.

Pure revisionism

From the comments:

So, third worldism is basically Nazi mysticism?


>>>Holla Forums

Based Jason

How come every video contrasting the First and Third worlds is always reminiscent of a Holla Forums meme?

Yes. Compare the language of third worldists with the language of Fox News and you'll find some interesting similarities.

Sultan-Galiyev was a proto-TWist and arguably proto-Nazbol. He was a pan-Turkic nationalist who believed Muslims of the USSR constituted their own unique class, were inherently proletarian because their culture and religion were inherently proletarian, and wanted the Bolsheviks to form a Pan-Turanist state in the USSR run by an Islamig Gommunist party.

Of course, Stalin found his proposals to be too nationalist and class-collaborationist, and Sultan-Galiyev became one of the first victims of Stalin's purges.


TIL slave societies in Arab World, China and India no real.

Is he /ourguy/?


No LSR is our guy

Unruhe has a fucking meltdown:

Go away, Satan. You can't trick me into following that idpol scum.

literally who?

What's wrong with cam?

Libertarian Socialist Rants

He truly did nothing wrong.

Who? Stalin or Islamo-Bolshevik?

More gems from Unruhe:


Hi there Harpal Brar.

He's very much /r/socialism tier.


That "Eshu" guy in the comments section seems like a bigger crypto-Nazbol than Jason.

Except that's wrong you fucking retard. This situation is sustained by international legal barriers that are objectively real and economic.

The RELATIONSHIP is what matters, idiot.


Pick one.

More like, Pol Potist in denial.

shut the fuck up

Please give a good example of African civilization.

Nubia, Ethiopia, Egypt, Mali, Benin.

Sub-sahran, excuse me.
Those ones you named have been destroyed and replaced numerous times anyways.
But I meant to talk about the ancestors of american blacks

Fuck the third world. Call me a Randian, but I'm in communism, for my own self-interest as a worker. You'd have to be literally retarded to be a proletarian and not be a communism. All this faggy muh crying over third worlders is just an inversion of Holla Forums hating on them constantly. I literally don't care about them, they aren't revolutionary in the slightest. All third world revolutions just produce retarded feudalism that thinks it's communism. REAL revolution will take place in the advanced capitalist countries like Marx said.

Workers of the world unite means workers of advanced capitalist countries who can do something about it. No point wasting your energy on people eating dirt cakes. Calling first worlders labor aristocracy and not real proles is just fucking reactionary. Jason Unruhe is a plant.

I don't think Unruhe is a plant (given he's Canadian and has a retarded-level Autism Level), but his LLCO buddies almost certainly are.

i can't believe Holla Forumsyps think this poor quality falseflagging passes for bait on their shithole

What's wrong with you prole?

Actually, Holla Forums cares tremendously about nigger lives. It's pretty much all they talk about.

Seriously though, if you focus any energy on the third world you're actually letting your desire to invert every Holla Forums position distract you from building first world socialism instead of focusing on dead ends like muh imperialism cry for muh brown babies. Most people don't give a shit, and not in a Holla Forums way, but in a do not give a shit way.

I mean, are you literally telling me that if I go to a left wing meeting, I have to watch some slide show about refugees and be lectured about opening my heart and if I don't like it I'm a nazi?

This is why I don't network irl and just stay in my room. I want to talk about proletarian revolution in the country I live in, not trotskyite shite about waiting for muh world wide uprising, or third worldist bullshit about opposing the right on refugees.

At some point I'm just going to go vulgar workerist and fuck theory.

That's what Untrue doesn't get. His brand of third worldism is anti-psychological, because, according to him, the only way first world leftists can redeem themselves is by picking up a gun, going underground, and committing acts of violence solely in the name of third world revolution. No one in their right mind is going to risk going to jail for peoples whom they've never met and with whom they have no relationship. Unruhe complains about "communist nihilists" when his very ideology requires some kind of nihilism.

On a gut level I kinda get it though cause most normies won't give us the time of day and the working class is so beaten down and disciplined that strikes are a rarity. The struggle gets confined to the day to the day, small things, like whether your boss will give you your legally mandated coffee break and whether you should send a complaint to the state bureau of capital labor who I guarantee you doesn't give a shit. Or whether they can really make you lift those heavy blocks when your back is acting up protip: if you want to have a job they can.

It's not enough to do your job well for low-pay you gotta be happy to be there too, you gotta have that upbeat attitude.

Sometimes it just all seems so disconnected from communism when your just trying to hold on. Meanwhile, millions of people are being killed in the war on terror and liberals won't do anything cause they have a president whose pro-LGBT. But even that is a drop in the bucket compared to the deaths caused by poverty.

For a time I sympathized with the Third Worldist point of view it seemed like a nice escape out from toxic first world identity politics but what I didn't realize is tailing the Third World bourgeoisie is identity politics. Jason doesn't realize that yet but he will one day.

Revolution is something that you build–you just don't "do revolution" as Jason simplistically puts it. I admit that I don't know enough about how to build it, especially under "First World" conditions but I want to learn more.

Try talking to Jason about any of this (as many of his critics have) and he'll give you a sour response or a hand-waving. He simply cannot justify his views very well, which makes me (and others) think he's merely speaking out of emotion.

I remember one of his former friends telling me the reason he became a third worldist to begin with was due to his frustration over being de facto exiled from the online Marxist community due to his use of homophobic slurs and unruly behaviors, and refusal to apologize for either. This is what lead him to picking up LLCO-type third worldism. In his view, third world comrades were the only people capable of being "true" communists because their extreme poverty and circumstances meant they weren't wasting time on "frivolous" things like idpol and language/behavior policing. What Jason may not realize is, in Asian nations behavior standards are typically very high; you're literally not allowed to be a rude, arrogant douchebag. Honor and shame are serious things in China, India, southeast Asia, etc., and bringing shame on to yourself and others is a huge thing that could fuck you over. I highly doubt the Naxalites or NPA would tolerate Jason, even less so than most western Marxists would.

I can see the appeal of third worldism especially now that it's becoming more and more obvious western culture is toast. Everyone is too consumed in their video games and social media to do serious, real-world organizing.

It's even worse when you consider the trend, for the most part, among the modern Left is that we're no longer fighting "capitalism" - we're fighting "the west". Anything that's perceived as "anti-western" is considered pro-socialist by default. Even if it's done subconsciously it's still there and you can see it in all the little mainstream leftist academics talking about why socialists should embrace bourgeois or religious nationalisms from the east on the basis that nationalism from easterners will be inherently socialist because easterners' "traditional" cultures were strongly collectivist and communal (Asiatic Mode of Production and all that). It's dangerous thinking, because history shows us how neocolonial leaders have also employed nationalist and religious mythologies to further their own agendas against the will of the peoples they govern. Unless the communist project is at the forefront things could very well go to hell very quickly.

Nazbols seem to be the biggest Pol Pot fans on the left, much bigger ones than vanilla tankies and Maoists are. Pol Pot was a racialist too.

Well, look at India-Pakistan, I their objectively worse then Maoist China I have my own criticisms of Maoism not only in economic terms but in human terms. Rapes, lynchings, bourgeois terrorism and literal genocides in places like Kashmir and Bangladesh etc. I mean jesus christ India looks like paradise compared to how Indonesia turned out and they were once the most promising bourgeois nationalist country.

But Western academics refuse to acknowledge what Chibber pointed out which is the class interests of post-colonial ideology. A lot of the groundbreaking post-colonial academics and popularizers are Indians and thats not a surprise, India was the main "power" leading the NAM movement aside from Yugoslavia.

It's really no surprise why Indians love post-colonialism it vindicates the idea that they have a democratic civilization, that judgement on the political project of the republic of India has to be postponed due to hundreds of years of colonial wrecking/indoctrination, and it justifies religious mysticism which their ruling class needs to pacify the people. To say nothing of the weird period prior to the 1980s where it was allegedly a "socialist country" but somehow their "socialism" did not match with any type of socialism invented by a rational mind or put into practice anywhere else.

For similar reasons, you see a lot of (bourgeois) Arabs and Muslims taking up PoCo: it's a means of vindicating their traditional societies from any kind of Marxist criticisms by western leftists. "Oh, we had a GOLDEN AGE where we were inventing science and math without a hierarchical mode of production - that means OUR principles are superior to whitey's!!!" It really becomes nothing more than a justification for Arab-Sunni chauvinisms that have plagued the Middle East for centuries.

The Haiti video reminds me too much of the "save the children" videos put out by fake Christian charities.

Here's a good explanation of what PoCos and third worldists get wrong about colonialism:


It technically still is, it's the dream and ambition, well it's just a dream at this point. Only the rich appear to be gaining anything out of India's growth.

I can attest to the horrible destitution I've seen there, people starve in the streets and dress in unwashed rags whilst the middle-classes aspire to never end up on those same smelly streets.

Feudalism is still alive and well effectively, my own father owns hectares of land over there (even though India outlaws foreigners owning land) and reaps the "rent" from those who farm it for him. He plans to sell it off to property developers eventually, he assumes that there won't be a property bubble over there.

I don't stand to inherit before anybody calls me bourgeois, he's estranged and has a second family. Plus my retarded brother will be inheriting as he won't have any means to look after himself.

India was never feudal. The Asiatic Mode of Production isn't feudalist but communal.

you wish 50 cent army

the whole continent is classist and has been for many millennia

Fuck off PoMo scum.

Who is this "Marie Allore" and why the fuck is this autist spamming the comments?

How is a line of hierarchy whereby a divine chain in which peasants (the vast majority of the labour force pre-British rule where craftsmen peaked) swear fealty to their nawab who in turn swear fealty to their sardar who in turn swear fealty to their raj who in turn swear fealty to their maharaja with a social contract, obligations and taxes paid not imply feudalism?


Can someone please explain how Maoist Third Worldism is anti-Marxist?

how much is the CPC paying you per post