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Interesting read. I guess I shouldn't be surprised he's an idealist, but I expected a more racialist worldview.

Yo editor and anyone interested.

Im currently writing an article about using ltv to understand MMO economies, do you want to proofread the draft of the first half?

I am currently writing more on the fundamental problems caused by the economy and why it happens due to what, solutions and what does and does not work. But its never too soon to ask for feedback.

I particularly want feedback on the LTV part, to see if I understood it correctly

That's a good idea. I thought about writing something about the economy in black desert back when I played and how the economic design of the game had to be made that way to basically avoid the development of capitalism.

That sounds like a great idea! I'll take a look

Sounds pretty cool, are you familiar with any prior work by modern economists analyzing different MMO economies?


So after reading through it I think you're on the right track, although I think it would be useful to use more specific examples. Just choose your favorite MMO and describe some situations that help explain the theory.


The first comment is correct.


It's Dugin, not Dungin.



Change it quick, user. Nobody has to know.

Ill keep that in mind.

No, I am not particularly familiar with any specifics but I have read exerts and read about it in various different places.

Do you have anything in mind? My goal in this article is to not go into the super-abstract and algerbraic, but rather keep on a more concrete level, explaining relations and interactions through concrete examples rather than mathematical equations.

There is the possibility for an analysis of the mode of production in MMO's and how different modes of production affect gameplay, but thats not within the scope of my current article.

Maybe I'll write a bit on it later how most mmo resources are held in the commons and how private property in games tends to derupt gameplay. Gotta finish this one first though.



Interesting article, thanks.
While I was giving it a read I decided to do a little bit of editing. I meant to keep it stylistic but may have gone too far in places, at this point it should really go back to the author for approval.

At any rate, here it is. Please feel free to use any number of the changes. (Or not, like I said - I got carried away a bit and ended up making more changes than were strictly necessary and the final version is not meant in any way as disapproval or disagreement with the original)>>1093108

this is like an english to english translation.
Maybe you could workd as a copywritter for bunkermag

Is this good for publishing? If it is, can you stick these at the top (they're the things in question):

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