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*rebel media
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I can't wait to show people this shit 4 years from now when Trump has been little more than Bush 2.0


What a moron.

I hate millennials who shoot themselves in the foot.

God I hope this isnt' Gavin.
I want to shoot that fucker in the face

don't under estimate people's xenophobia and tribalism.
they feel like people are stealing their stuff and they would prefer to destroy it than give it away.

they truly believe in "anuddah shoah"

i lost the small bit of hope i had for humanity recently.
i don't think we're going anywhere, we're gonna die on this planet suffocation under stupidity.
i'd give humanity 150 year tops

you're dumb af fam, china will inherit the earth from the incompetent west's hands.

btw stop giving views to this junk.

wishful thinking.
we're all in the same boat, we'll all be affected by climate change.

Nah, we still have a good amount of time left to reverse this damage caused by corporations. The boomers are going to die off in the next decade or so, and they make up a large chunk of climate change denialists. You're just being cynical and depressed because you want to be.

Too little too late.

its like crashing your car then say "well, i'll go slower now"
but its too late you rekt it.

the problem is much more profoud, its not just about the boomers.
there is a large chunk of the population that is stupid
even after the boomers the problem will remain

They can be as tribal as they like. That's not going to make Donald Trump any less of a Bush 2.0.


a Bush 2.0 is the best case scenario.
i fear that it won't happen
Bush was actally a politician who also sourounded himself with experienced politicians.

Trump knows shit about politics and to make it worse he surrounded himself with people even less competent than he is. even loony like Bannon and the guy from Infowars.

a Bush 2.0 is the best thing we can hope for but its really unlikely to happen.

there is no precedent, it has never happened before.
he will most likely be the worse president in the US history