What to do when you’ve been cucked


by Sam Kriss

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>There’s always more, no end to the monstrous things crawling out the chasm between sex and politics. The cuck-sayers are all tremendous fans of Donald Trump, despite the fact that, as everyone knows, he’s only running as part of a secret deal with Hillary Clinton, in which the two old friends agreed that Trump would present himself as the most unpalatable candidate possible to make sure that Clinton would, finally, get everything she ever wanted. The two of them share the same dream. Clinton deploying her big prosthetic Donald, long and rubbery, charging to victory on the engorged Donald that she carries between her legs; and Trump, daring to imagine what could happen if he actually won, his eyes rolling as he fantasises about birthing a new, cruel, strange America, hot streams of life and death flowing endlessly from out his broad and fertile cunt.

idk, ask Hess


but that's true

women love capitalism - they can trade their cunt for porky/chad's resources

Maybe its just me, but I find working class women to be more ambiguous and have more self-respect stemming from a place besides their cunts

Thing is more often then not their plain, so the beta incels jack it to some bougie queen who'd never touch them with a thirty nine and a half foot pole while overlooking the plain poor girl whose kinda into them.

I disagree. Working is a stop-gap until they can find a male who will trade his resources in exchange for hole access. Every honest straight woman will admit this. The problem is that it's easy to fuck an alpha, but it's not easy to marry one. This means they end up riding alpha cock until they're used up and their SMV plummets, forcing them to either settle for a beta provider after a failed marriage or two, or become cat ladies.

Or their unreasonable expectations have them wasting their fertile years sitting around and waiting for that perfect alpha male to sweep them off their feet, and then they still end up becoming cat ladies.

This, generally.

"no way weak willed women might be influenced by the commodification rampant in capitalism but not me!"


Not an argument :^)

i'm just trying to help you back to where you belong

False flagging isn't going to win you any arguments.
>>>Holla Forums

Fucking brutal.

No one really wants to work if they don't have to especially if its some porky McJob. You think I'd be working if my gf had enough money that we didn't need to? I would even shamelessly do all the housewife shit in the relationship. I'd put that kitchen apron on and love it because working to help my family is infinitely better then getting exploited by porky just so he can buy an even better jet ski.

Can only speak for myself but I'd have no problem dating a poor plain girl, so long as she was nice and trustworthy, supportive and kind

But no girl has ever liked me and I'm too much of a shy virgin to know or have a chance anyway


why is /r9k/ so hated here?

They have a shitty Holla Forums type attitude, being a sad virgin is okay but that's not the way to actually move beyond it

What is the way?

…have you actually read ocalan?

I know about democratic confederalism

nice tumblr gif

nigga if it was tumblr it would say so in the file name. second of all, Ocalan was a huge proponent of empowering women as a part of revolution, giving them their own institutions, including armed institutions, and often linked patriarchy with capitalism.

How is that relevant here? That isn't going to benefit men.

Certainly, but unless you're "dating down" and are far more attractive than her, do you see her financially supporting you while you play housewife, or leaving you and finding someone who can provide for her?

You're projecting again.

The hypothetical was if she was wealthy and didn't need someone to "provide" for her. IRL we're both proles, we both work, and I don't think she's in it for the money. If anything she gives me money since I'm unemployed rn but when I do have money she's one of the things I spend it on. Call me romantic and naive but I trust her and I don't think she's in it for the money cause there isn't really any lol

This is a fantasy. Incels aren't fucking rejecting anyone. Why must you always shift the blame to males?

Women have always tried to date up, and men are usually content with dating down. As it happens, there are men who get sex from a lot of women, and men who don't get any relationships. A lot of the times when boys get friendzoned, it's from their close friend usually in their social circle, the kind of woman that would be good for them.

About that…

Kek, remember when I trolled you to tears in Holla Forums by redrawing all the lines to all over the place to everyone but one guy with a (You)?

Good times.

Men benefit when women benefit.

I wish all these insecure polcucks would fuck off back to their shitty board.


If that was the agreement and Trump knew it would blow up in her face I will concede that he is indeed a master of astral kerplunk.

I'm sure every incel on Holla Forums will recall the time he rejected a plain girl who was into him because he was just so starry eyed over the rich girl.

Do you have to be spoonfed everything?



8/r9k/ essentially went full retard because the BO wasn't a nazi.

lol that's your source, the okcupid blog?

nazi science wins again

Sounds like you may have stumbled upon a quality woman. I really do wish you the best of luck, user.

Fixed it for you. The general sentiment is correct, but unless you're a truly disgusting, bottom of the barrel brian peppers-tier mutant, you can find a woman who will fuck you.


I give you the counterexample of the split subject, crudely articulated here

He is, and he is a slick entryist even more so than Bernie. The best part is that whatever Kriss says about Trump, whatever you can ascribe to him, is that Trump is his own phallus. He is the ultimate opportunist, and that will be his downfall.

The best part is that Trump now has to actually deliver, and he has painted himself into a corner; he either goes full on fascist and does the massive building of works/projects or he shows himself to be the deflated dick Kriss purports him to be. Either way we win: he builds a better welfare state that is restructured to actually work, like an actual National Health Service single payer system versus sweetheart deals for private insurance companies. If we get what he promised, among which is a rollback of Obamacare, and he doesn't replace it, the public will be furious. Then it is our turn.

B-but I don wanna fug a disgusting woman who would agree to fuck me. I deserve a 10/10 pure maiden ;_;

Nobody says this. It's a complete strawman

Pick one and only one.

I have multiple IRL friends in the chairforce who are kissless virgins and have actually said things to that effect


cuck is the best insult of all time, you cant own it, you cant own being a cuck.
Its just too humiliating.
And it makes people mad as fuck
Like writing some tldr about the word cuck mad

most people on Holla Forums are single…

Yes, the sexual revolution results in a bunch of incels. No, there isn't anything you can do about it beyond lowering your standards, improving yourself, or somehow getting lucky(won't happen). Don't blame women. They're just living their lives the best they know how. Instead you should spend time pursuing some dream of your own. Letting single life drag you down is just going to make things worse. Focus on your dreams and maybe somewhere along the way you will meet someone. Maybe not, but you really shouldn't define success based on your success with women.

"ha, ha, in fact i am the sex haver, and you are not the sex haver, therefore you should stop calling me a cuck"- sam kirspy creme




How fucking embarrassing does life have to be to be a straight dude

This is the stupidest fucking meme.
/r9k/ seriously believe that back in the 1500s they would have been issued a girlfriend by the Department of Patriarchy and that Chad was only invented in their lifetimes. As if their lot as a Roman slave would have included a wife, instead of being perpetually virgin and standing around watching while some Centurion fucked their sister.

Yes. After the sexual Revolution, people began to

mother of god

they began to have sex

well tbf back in the victorian era there were less women than men, and getting married was a big deal for women in terms of status. Not to mention that once married, their husband was legally entitled rape them whenever they wanted, in England at least.

I wonder what the reaction of the internet's grimy cum stained concrete floor would be to some feminist proposing restrictions based on sex to create class, from the opposite perspective.


The rich men get richer, the poor get poorer.

You're not entitled to sex. You're entitled to it as you're entitled to a mother. It could happen. It doesn't have to.

Nevertheless your entire life is dedicated to the rotting corpse of capitalistic sentimentality your baby boomer parents have. Which should tell you more about them in how you became our local no gf nazi


man some of you guys really need to go outside

i get laid and i dont even know how most of the time
i am a terrible flirt

i get lucky and have a 7.5x6 so after i sleep with one girl she gossips to her friends and i turn into a sex object that everyone wants to try once

formatting fail, how do i italics again?


I'm doing fine as a straight dude, though I've got some gender issues going on so I may not count.

His jaw looks like its about to fall off like Jeff Goldblum in the last ten minutes of The Fly

A mother chose to bring you into this shithole world instead of doing the noble thing and using birth control or getting an abortion, as such you are completely justified in expecting her to be there. Deadbeats of all description deserve to be buried alive.
Other people who are not responsible for someone's existence owe them nothing (including sex).

That's your opinion, and I disagree with it, hence why I am a NationaI Socialist.

You're probably an asshole, which women are unfortunately attracted to.

internet nazis stay buttmad

You are an extremist for the sake of defending the baby boomer way of life because you only know your childhood fondness of parental security in a world that's cold and has none.

Other people find each other. Even other people as gross as you.

And somehow you blame everyone but some conceptualization of family as center above all else in your politics.

No gf nazi never leave this board, because if you're legitimate I don't see a future for you that isn't self loathed.

stop lying to yourself anfem

I mean true, but there's extremity. We all aren't equal in that department. It scales.

I doubt you could find a single Roman senator that hadn't at some point in their life claimed their rival's wives were getting fucked on the sly by slaves and gladiators.

This is one of those "when all you've got is a hammer/Lacanian deconstruction" things isn't it

I don't defend the baby boomer way of life, I want a revolution where we have state-assigned marriage.

You're oversimplifying females. It's not just "two people find eachother"

No shit, life is going to be shit for basically everyone but the rich. Because my life is shit is the reason I want to change it