Ban all Nazbols

Nazbols are trash. You can't be a leftist if you are in favor of nationalism and racism. Allowing them to partske in discussion here is like sllowing Holla Forums to shitpost here.

Ban all Nazbols.

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This is neither reddit nor a forum.

This is an imageboard
Fuck off.

Take the nigger dick out of your mouth retard

did you think the similarity was a secret or something?

they can post here but idk why they get a flag when lots of left wing ideologies don't

Fuck off, lack of debate leads to the kind of idiocy found on or reddit

That wouldn't be tolerant and progressive of us. If you ban your enemies they win.

Can someone please explain what nazbol is all about? I can't bother to read pages upon pages of Dugin.

If it's a nationalistic state with an emphasis on its ethnicity then it has been tried as the USSR please don't call me a retard if I'm wrong, but that's the impression I have from the USSR

*and left economics

look at this absolutely unique thread which is totally not here every few days
ban this kind of thread instead
nazbols will be purged during the revolution anyway

Fascism with Stalinist aesthetics

If you cannot handle three or four nazbol autists because they say nigger, then you should head back where you belong.

Russian nazis

fug you op

You can be a leftist while having stormcuck beliefs, it's just stupid. They usually end up being useful idiots for fascism and many of them are simply Russians that see it as purely a symbol of nationalism, economics be damned.

you know that's actually a thing already? kek

That's true. A lot of Russians have Soviet nostalgic because it was a superpower, not necessarily because it was a socialist wonderland

Nazbols are trash but you're worse

Well, fuck me. I didn't know autism like leftypol actually existed. It's quite funny how you need to at the "lefty" part to distinguish yourselves from Holla Forums. Anyway, both boards are autism but the sad part about this board is you actually believe in some of this shit while most individuals on Holla Forums just have a sense of humor or are just stormfags (people vary).

What did he mean by this ?

8/pol/ has absolutely no sense of humour, Holla Forums is so popular precisely because the influx of stormfags to 8/pol/ made it unbearable for left-wingers, as every pinko discussion was shitposted into oblivion
Same happened to lolberts some time later, many of them relocated to /liberty/.

You do realize Sankara, Hoxha, Ho Ci Minh and the Kims were all nationalists, right?


Fuck off tumblr I bet your just a butthurt bourgeoisie nigger


Based Marcos


why? marxism isn't the only leftist ideology

wow, makes u think


America isn't a white country. It was always intended to be a melting pot.

It's the only applicable philosophy. All the others are autistic like egoism or edgy like you or any ancap.

as for Europe?



Free speech=freezes peach=frozen fruit

it's a reddit way of talking, ignore him

It's a reddit/tumblr meme perpetuated by SJWs.

If you're a leftist country these days you're gonna have the entire global system opposing you, as it's a capitalist one.
You'll have to be nationalist just to survive.

Europe copied America as it was a success.

At least someone gets it.

Really makes u think huh


but it's true and you know it

I'm not denying that the phrase originated on reddit, but you haven't demonstrated how or why I'm wrong

Your original post was literally just autistic screeching no one claimed any of what you said ITT. Not having an echo chamber is always healthy. We allow Nazis and Ancaps to post, why not Nazbol?

I was making fun of the autistic screeching people come out with whenever the question of moderation comes up

heck off

America copied Europe (Britain) as it was a success. They moved because they wanted to impose their batshit insane extremist Puritan rules on everyone but couldn't in England.

Then stop using it or better yet, icepick yourself

OP fuck off, everyone should be welcome on this board if they want to, all they are doing is inflating our boards membership and proving how stupid they are in every thread they enter. Besides, we might convert some of them anyway.

so you can be a anarchist communist but not a nationalist communist?

not an argument.
It dosen't make the quote less true


There's a reason we're called Holla Forums.

This is the dumbest thing I've ever read.

Go back to Holla Forums you racist spookmongering douchebag. Marx wanted to destroy classes not races. It is why we welcome refugees because they are potential allies in this class war.

and thats why western working class will never work with you faggots

All nationalists must hang

We need a communist proletarian nation to compete with the imperialist ones. It's not really nationalism.


Can I hang myself on your shoulder fam ?