Trump to Accept Inauguration Funds From Corporations and Big Donors


What the fuck is that supposed to be?



I miss the times when the feels guy was an empathetic figure, a guy who hugged you during moments of distress because he knew how it feels.
Nowadays, he is always the victim of Pepe's mischievous plans. A poor and frustrated sobbing guy.
We stopped empathizing with Wojak and started to see his distress as something laughable, we became bullies without realizing it. No wonder why the world is as bleak as it is today.

I've got your back comrade.

Top notch memeology

Usually the President is poor on entering office so they give him some money to tide him over until his president salary starts.

How much money does a president need for a period of few weeks to be funded by fucking corporations?


memesters are incapable of compassion or empathy

It was a joke fam.

Wojak has always been better than Pepe

Greatest meme of all time

why can't I be both?

I sincerely hope Holla Forums drops the idea that he can't be bought out by corporations


I fit 6/9 for Wojak and 4/9 for Pepe

It's a very lame excuse used by retards




I know plenty of idiots that got into universities by rote learning and memorisation. A lot of people who were much smarter than them at younger ages fell by the wayside.

I started off well in secondary school but got worse as the years went on due to many things (bad subject choices, loneliness, depression). At a pretty shit university now.

So studying makes you stupid but dropping out makes you smart?

intelligence isn't some immutable spook, you become an intelligent person by making intelligent choices lad. Those idiots who got into college by rote memorization are smarter than you think, and much smarter than those geniuses who fell by the wayside.

I'm not that guy but, is that really what you interpreted? That's either dumb or dishonest.

Let me clarify his point:

intelligence =/= motivation

No, but the education system rewards a narrow type of studying. Beats down creativity and rebelliousness and encourages training for tests and exams.

It's quite easy to tell who is gifted just through conversation. No matter how many qualifications these people have they're completely vapid.