Having sex with my girlfriend in a half asleep state


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Disgusting. You are horrible people.

Did she give her consent? You know she can change it anytime she wants to. Just because she said yes doesn't mean she meant it.

Sex is bourgeois.

Something we've all done.


Reminder there are people on Holla Forums and /r9k/ who actually use this excuse for why they haven't had sex.

We're cumming, bucko.

But it's true. Sex is impossible for some people and even if it did happen the risks are too high. Not worth it. I'd rather just fap.


Stop talking to your hand.


they are

you can get falsely accused, you can get beaten up, economically and emotionally ruined, threatened by her friends/bf

people like you make me want to give up on the left. such cunts

This isn't a social issue beyond isolated cases

What makes you think it's different anywhere else? You won't find sympathies from the right.

Maybe the only place you'd find validation, ironically, is idpol if you manage to spin your buzzwords creatively enough.

All that can happen if you don't as well. Just go for it m8.

It shouldn't happen at all. It scares the hell out of me knowing I could be harmed or ruined.

I guess I was mistaken thinking people here weren't such pricks. Quite right the right wing is also full of cunts.

Not really. I never really interact with women so they pretty much don't acknowledge my existence 99% of the time. And I've certainly never done anything remotely sexual or flirtatious so there's nothing to go on.

Don't listen to these retards that don't know what they are talking about. Even lawyers that specialize on sexual cases recommend to refrain from doing ONS and save all communcation these days.

True, but it's like being afraid of going out of your house because a car could crash into you.

But that's mostly in my control

If a woman wanted to stab me in my sleep I couldn't do anything about that

Have you considered trying out benises?

I don't think you understood what I meant.

not my thing m8

I did and I do suffer anxiety and nervousness constantly. Why expose myself to any more risk than is necessary?


All you have to do is claim you withdrew your consent slightly before she withdrew hers, then accuse her of rape.

Sex needs to be eliminated under communism

Wish I could be asexual.



Yeah I have it too. It's not painful or anything but it's still something else that would likely fuck me up. A girl would probably look at it and run

Amusing how their rhetoric doesn't match the reality

Yeah, I know. I don't know if it's submissive so much as frigid. Either way, shit sucks.

what is sex like?

Maybe years of death-gripping my cock spoiled me, but it's not what I had expected. It's good and different to masturbation, but not as amazing as I had hoped.


hopefully when I have wizard powers I can meme socialism into existence


Unless you have some kind of severe mental impairment or deformity, you could really find someone who would screw you if you tried bro.

Eh, unless you mean an escort I doubt it. Doubt any girl is going to make a move on me ever

You have to make the move dumbass. Put yourself out there and try.


I'd rather he use his wizard powers to give us socialism…

yeah well that's the problem for me. It's not in my ability or personality. society tells men to do that and I can't

This is a meme

This is why we need Communism lad. Imagine a world where you had your basics needs met including sex. You can have sex with whoever and they can't refuse. No girlfriends, wives or children. Just freedom.

this is b8

I have never fucked or masturbated in my entire life. Not even joking. There is no purer wizard than I

But what if I don't like going clubbing?

Grab your dong right now.

Ahhh you must be the guy defending the family unit in that thread. Fee fees hurt?


A-are you the chosen one?


Truly, we have found the revolutionary leader who will represent the soul of the party!

It would be such a waste though. After going this long. It'd be like taking meth. I don't need it now but if I start I'll never not need it.


Sounds quite nice

What powers have you got?

Who said anything about going clubbing? I've never been to a "club" in my entire life, and I have no difficulty finding legbeards online to fuck and I've got 7/10 facial aesthetics and am fat. Lower your standards and realize you're never going to fuck those pretty girls you masturbate to, but shit-tier women will fuck you assuming you aren't completely repulsive physically and have a working dick.

Also don't listen to anyone who tells you to "bee urself", that is the worst advice imaginable. Be the exact opposite of yourself and you'll get your dick wet in no time.

My point is m8 how am I supposed to meet women? From what I've been told approaching women you don't know damn near anywhere is guaranteed failure and social suicide.

Dump her. She isn't submissive, she's a lazy fuck who's shit in bed. The relationship will eventually go to shit and if the sex isn't good you may as well be friends.

Shit thought that was the end of the chain.

Bad news bucko, you've got someone who is either boring or not that into you.

Don't ask this guy, he's pretty much humping a warmed up sack of potatoes.

Tinder is by far the fastest if you just want to lose your virginity and build confidence, but you can meet low SMV women everywhere online. I lost my virginity to a coal burner I met playing world of warcraft and ended up cucking her black boyfriend after subtly driving a wedge between them over a few weeks, and then convincing her to drive down and meet me so we could "hang out", where she rented a motel and we proceeded to fuck like rabbits.

The power of self hate
Honestly just shoot me fam

I'm so lonely reading about relationships on my favourite leftist imageboard makes me feel like shit

This stinks. I thought having a gf was supposed to be fun.

Relationships are shit, one night stands are shitter.

Fuck buddies are based.

You think someone who couldn't get a ons or a relationship could get a fuckbuddy?

Imagine how infuriatingly dense and petty the average person is, then remember that average people and below make the majority of the planet.

Now imagine being with someone you don't love, having to weigh up being alone for the rest of your life or settling, or worse yet, leave them and end up with someone worse, and realise you loved them and they end up better off.

It's another one of Mr. Bones' Patented Wild Rides©.

But a "fuck buddy" is a relationship. You're still pair bonded, just discarding the rest of the typical boyfriend/girlfriend dynamic.

I just wish I could approach the qt girl I've seen around my college campus

I don't wanna be an asshole like you user, no offense

I wish someone would care about me


And I wish anime was real, and that the women who actually let me stick my dick in them were wife material, instead of trashy cocksleeves. We both lost the genetic lottery, so either adapt and lower your standards or you're going to die a crushingly lonely and depressed, self-hating virgin.
None taken.

I just graduated college last spring and I learned to never approach a female. Let them approach you. Holding eye contact for more than 4 second is borderline sexual harrrassment and for Stirner's sake do not mansplain!

This actually happened once and I still fucked it up

Sure, relationships can be more difficult. Fuck buddies generally start out as people who drink together that get along.

Stop being autistic, user.

Don't do this, it comes across as creepy. Do the normal creepy thing plenty of people do and engineer a situation where you meet.

I care about your get

To be honest, I'm just using her as a "practice gf" anyway. I don't have enough experience so I needed to go with whatever I could get, and she initiated it. Maybe she has sensed this and that's why she's unenthusiastic in bed? Still, I got my practice.

It's impressive, ain't it?

the absolute madman!


You probably caught her on the rebound and were just another cock to hop on until she found something better, assuming she isn't already fucking on the side.

As long as you aren't actively spending money on her, then you're just using each other, so you might as well keep at it until you get bored.

I've tried, but I'm far more insufferable when I've got my normalfag persona on.



pure ideology

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