How does it makes you feel that Castro was actually a bull?

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So le weed man praised Castro because it's his real daddy?

Pretty much


full article


She was a whore. Could just as easily be Jagger's baby. Cute, but I doubt it will lead to anything.


Well the Elder Trudeau and Castro also look like brothers so it's hard to tell.

Well that would be Hillarious, but Trudeau was born in 1971, so this wouldn't be possible.

Does this mean Trudeau is /ourguy/?

Maybe she fell in love with Fidel and he mailed her his semen.

Could somebody edit the Holla Forums speech at the bottom to something positive about the whole case so i can share this with my family?

This is a meme right people don't seriously believe this shit do they?

They also left out the part where Pierre banged chicks left right and centre.

Holla Forums seems to think that open marriage = being a cuck.

that Castro photo is shopped unfortunately

Dr.Castro i am Canada


they still look very similar

Do straight men actually think they'll go through life without being cheated on

This is one giant game where you're all losers


you certainly made your point

They can't imagine a relationship not based on ownership, which is bizarre considering so many of them have never been in relationships. The concept of self worth not being tied to the conquest their partner or material accumulation send to just baffle them. Every time the abolition of marriage is brought up all the lurking poltards sperg out about how all the Stacies will just accumulate around Chads. If it hasn't fallen off the board yet, just take a look at the hysteria in the last thread about family. It borders on the absurd.

Everyone gets cheated on once in life. Humanity is full of the most popular insult on the internet is going to be an amusing take away from this point in time, going forwards.

Jokes on you I will remain a virgin forever.

Your own father was a cuck once son. It's time to admit this is just an uncomfortable layer to reality you have to accept, just as once the idea you had to get here through your parents fucking was.

By isolating yourself you give the phenomenon of humanity's urges more merit then they actually have, and said hypothetical partner.

Besides, it could be you. It could be anyone.

Get back to me when you have a DNA test, until then, you've proven nothing.

Sage for low energy thread.

Could someone polish this?

the cuban cannot be resisted

Proving once again that cuckoldry is quintessentially leftist.


not half the face of castro and twice the hoe

It's quintessentially human. There is not a chance you won't be cheated on in your lifetime. Your dad was a cuck, your mom was a cuck, grandpa? Huge cuck, Great Depression wasn't a time for marriage.

Americans and Europeans are cucks, so are Asians and so are the tribes of the Amazon Rain forest. Past was filled with cucks.

There is no place on planet Earth to escape from yourself.

I think you mean liberalism

Capitalism created more cuckoldry than any time since Rome. Fact.

What the fuck is even going on here? Which man's happiest day was ruined? Why should anyone but a beta not trust a man who cucks betas? Low energy image.

You're right, cucking liberals and rightards does seem to be a leftist gig.

Stupid cuck, I'll never be a cuck.

t. bitter virgin

When anyone tells you what happened to America, red blooded white America

Just remind them that Benjamin Franklin rp'd as a woman through correspondence at a young age and fucked a bunch of hookers and got an std, and Thomas Jefferson was an adulterous whore.

It's the Southern Strategy that's so traditionalized American at this point, lack of education on our Nation's history combined with propaganda made a potent mix people don't want to go.

because aristocratic decadence was actually an age of social liberalism

next thing you're going to tell me is that afghanistan is a queer state because harems of traps are a celebrated tradition>>1095566

If you mean leftists are the ones cucking then it seems you're right m8

No. I'm telling you the very fact "adultery" has existed for so long means it isn't a problem that can be solved by simply ignoring its existence with individuals all to blame. If we blame individuals, what happens when you become part of the statistic throughout time that has been cheated on, or perhaps, cheated on another.

History is a tale, narrated by the cucks of plaent Earth.

If there is one true thing about the human race we can rally behind, is that we are all, equal in our ability to deny my wife is cheating while I bone the neighbor.

that's a weird sentence

Dude even on a chan this is a pathetic level of autism.

I don't give two shits about your fetish, but pretending it's "human nature" to be cool with your gf being dicked down by other guys is just pathetic.

People in general are cheating whores you dipshit.

The mythical chad, alpha, daddy or whatever cucks like you call them is they're normally overly confident retards who never realise they get cucked.

Sage because replying to an idiot normie or over opinionated virgin.

lyl stay salty cuck

Kek I've cucked "successful", "charismatic", "smart", "savvy" cucks like "you" many a time and even shook hands with you giving the most idiotic explanations. You are just too stupid.

Shame you're also one of the rare actual successes in life that has time to browse the car crush of manure trucks that is Holla Forums, but if that's what you porkie losers do in your spare time it's no wonder I'm fucking your wife.

Sage because you're actually a kissless virgin.

d-delet this

anal hurt cuck spewing salt online


This is why honor killings will not be abolished under Islamic communism.

Bump for virgin deflection :^)

sage for virgin projecting )^:

Virginity should not be seen as negative trait, rather it should be ignored.
This bourgeois cultural hegemony along cultural norms that have been influencing western culture since 60`s are full of fun.

Sex is not commodity, nor thing that you should have with strangers or people who you barely know.
Sex is thing that should be ideally reserved between lovers, to strenghten their relationship, an intimacy shared by only them. Also, all research indicates that sex does help in emotional bonding with person you´re having it with.

All of you sick fucks who still support this cesspool culture of "sexual liberation" set forward in this capitalist society to make it commodity and norm make me sick.

Our modern culture in this regard is destructive both for mind and spirit of my fellow men out there.

This culture that is fed to masses by capitalist class via mass media and mainstream culture is destroying our views on sex and society.

There should be no reason to tolerate this degenerated culture and not to strike against it via counter culture.

Truly, only the virgins are able due to their purity become the ideal revolutionaries.

Really makes you think.

Learn to math. Trudeau would have been conceived in the spring of '71, sometime about April or May.


nice meme

I like this new meme.

So leftypol is now doing genetic comparisons based on facial characteristics?

Pierre Trudeau was a legit cuck, im not joking.
There was always a rumor that mick jagger fucked Margaret Trudeau


calm down. sex is fun but it's not that big of a deal.


Just admit that you're a virgin and be done with it

Can we stop using "cucked" in place of "being cheated on"?

It's not even a fucking verb.

Killing muslims should be legal tbh.


I don't see whats disagreeable about that part unless you're some kind of normalfag.

There is quite a pattern indeed…

oh, look, tumblr is here

cut your last sentence and I'll agree with you. Sex is nice, relaxing activity. Nothing more.

this is your brain on cuckoldry