Hey Holla Forums, name our band!

Hey Holla Forums, name our band!

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Lenin-Style Bully Boys.

Rydahbük Nigarr

The Cocksuckers.

Das Kapital

Van Gardeners

Troutsky Fishermen

The Kulaks

The opportunists

Granny Fisting Collective

Gulag Aesthetics

The pseuds.

The Stirners

The Cucks

that's too accurate for a band name.

My Property


Uncle Joe's ice picking party.

The international noise conspiracy

I don't know why, but that would be a great name for a metal band

Proper Tea

I was hoping people had forgotten this so I could use it.

Billy the hillbilly and the gang Voted most likely to be sodomized in prison.

No Books Allowed

London Death Brigade.


Brocialism in your cuntry.



Muke and the Spooks

on second thought, these sound more like football team names

The Faggots

The Attention Whores

Why is there a 40 year old man with 3 underage boys? Is he your Jewish manager promising fame and wealth if you surrender your poi pucci to him?

The mick never forgets.

They all look like they can be in their 20s(front guy later and back guys earlier)


first song -Just Memes

The old man in the front is balding and is growing out his beard to compensate for that. The other 3 look like they're still in high school. Look at their eyes! They look scared.

no that's karl marx

The Gwailo Gaylords

Tell your manager he needs to go on a 30 day vegan cleanse. Look it up. He's balding because of poor nutrition. The first week is just drinking juice and water. Depending on what program you follow. You either stay on juices or build up to raw fruits and vegetables. His hair will grow back he'll lose weight and his eye color will lighten.

sounds like a folk-indie-punk-alternative-ish band

i like it

reminds me of pic related


Another 100 million.

Also, space, muke, skinhead, gayboy, how was "bunkercon"?

who are these faggots left to right (I only know one book muke's face)

The Tripfaggots

Boipussy and the Gangbangers

OP and His Faggots

it was pretty good, we got quite drunk actually which everyone knows is incredibly revolurionary. space_ was downing pints of guinness like ive never seen anyone do before

left is space_, owner of bunkerchan

next is muke

after that is swedenista, Holla Forums mumble regular

right is me

shit left my shitposting flag on

Muke nudes when?

dont ask me, im not muke

Time to put it to a communal vote then, let the people decide:


I just happen to have a max stirner and the fact its a bad photo,

I'm 21 and atheist.

see above

Nice try vegan

Anything in German is a great name for metal bands

Is this the cast of the rebooted version of train spotting?

Wadyamean? Turtle necks are RAD

Turtlenecks are based, do you even Foucault

The Partisans

Underage kids.


Scheiße-Bernd der Pädopriester und seine Heideggerschwuchtelwichtelwichsadorniotischgehirnkrüppelkryptonaziturbotuntenbackpfeifenarschgesichtskrebsaufmerksamkeitshurenpomopickel-Freunde

The spook struggle.

The eighties were 10 years ago.

The Gender Queers

Murderin' Trotsky


Self Harm

The Illiterates

Muke almost ended up having the cops called on him for stalking, fuckmuir almost got SS'd.

I realized the valuable and painful experience of being the oldest at the table.

For the record that is a very un-neuanced description of what happened.

I did literally nothing wrong.

As if I've never heard that before.

The spooks