Tfw getting interested in left communism


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take the good ideas and leave the bad

trying to fit yourself into an ideological "identity" is spooky as fuck

I did not say I am trying to fit myself into an identity.

welcome comrade


Is there Right Communism if there is Left Communism?

Which "left communism"?


Bukharin would be an example. Yugoslavia and Soviet Perestroika - practical applications.

Leninism back in the twenties, though we could now expand it to Eurocommunism too.

the NEP?


Mutualism is the final redpill


Are we talking about Dutch/German leftcoms aka crypto-anarkiddies or based Bordiga & friends?

Lenin needs you ;-;

Going to read works of both, but I'll start with Bordiga due to shitposting on Holla Forums.

Italian or dutch/german?

yes, its called Marxist-Leninism and its different continuations

I'm not familiar with all the leftist pokemons, but "left communism" is basically a catch-all term for any communism disagreeing with Leninism, is that right? So how can this even be something to center your ideology on?

Italian leftcoms are staunch Leninists. Bordiga has been described as more Leninist than Lenin.

What all leftcoms have in common is an opposition to parliamentarism and any kind of reformism (i.e. non-revolutionary trade unions). They all emphasise internationalism and the impossibility of socialism in one country.

So no different to Leninism then.

Lenin advocated working in parliaments and reformist trade unions.

Hold up, what about the NEP?

Lenin argued for playing with bourgeois politics, he even wrote an entire book shitting on leftcoms.

He mostly criticised dutch council commies and other quasi-anarchists.

For a Bordigist account see