The far right's No.1 daily read has released a new chapter.
The Adventures of Christ Chan is an ongoing Holla Forums based comic series started in mid 2015.
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lol how much did this comic cost pol


Did you uh, take a wrong turn somewhere buddy?

Can you put negative numbers for donations on patreon to take a withdrawl from their funds? That would be great.

I think you could report it for being hate-group related. I've heard of people's patreons getting shut down for similar.

But then pol would stop wasting their money on this crap!

It's funny how much doublethink these people are capable of.

Don't support this ripoff!

They truly are the establishment now.
Now go back to tumblr

What terrible art.

Firstly the face is lopsided. She's missing her right ear and the right side of face is much larger than the left. Maybe when she was punched in the face by the local anti-fa her jaw structure was permanently screwed up.

Also her hand is giant. It's obviously traced but has been so badly traced it's completely out of place in the drawing. It's obvious when you compare the quality of the hand and sections of the face to the writing on her cap - that most of this has either been traced. Her expression is also terrifying. She looks like she's in-between sobbing and soiling herself. A cringing expression of pure terror and shame. Maybe it's because she's realised she's the masturbation fantasy of 20 year old ethno-nationalists - a sexual and domestic servant who has no free will of her own.

Or maybe she's realised Trump was a big scam.

Or maybe she's seen her hand.

Or maybe it's due to being punched in by the local anti-fa, and how her jaw is locked.


It looks like it was done by somebody who got their stylistic training from one of those bargain bin "how to draw anime" books.

Is there a joke I'm missing?

Nice refutation of my central point, oh wait.

Vasari literally warned us about this shit. Why didn't you listen?

Sorry If I wanted to read shit I would read Evola

Post-impressionism is "degenerate" but this pathetic excuse for a DeviantArt OC apparently isn't. Really makes you thinkā€¦

Our comic is a million times better


I've never seen anything more delusional than this.


It's not meant to be his promises but Holla Forums's projections that he is one of them.

And I thought Holla Forums couldn't be more of a joke.