No guns allowed

does Holla Forums support disarming the population in general?
who should be allowed to have guns?

No, I like guns. Gimme all of them.

Are there any democratic, developed countries who actually ban guns? I can't think of any other besides Japan.




Public officials that can be held accountable

I'm planning on getting a gun with my tax return

I'm either for completely banning them or no restrictions. Any middle of the road policy is retarded in my opinion.

Everyone should have a gun, to say otherwise is liberal rubbish that only serves to protect the state.
You think you can keep a violent criminal's hands off weapons? You'd merely be taking away the freedom of innocent people, and leaving them in danger to those who know where to get guns illegally, which by the way is fucking easy.

Plus we need guns to ensure the state goes and stays go for forever after.

No. Everyone mentally stable should be able to own guns. Open carry or concealed carry should not be allowed though.

These guns are required to make sure the population maintain their power. If you get to the point where you have to use guns to storm the government, silly laws dont matter anymore.

Except during communism where you can go fuck yourself not letting me brandish my flamethrower. Don't tell the guy with flamethrower dreams what he can and can't do with his flamethrower.

Ownership of rifles and sporting guns should absolutely be protected, but open/concealed carry is rubbish and handguns should be more heavily restricted.

Guns are for hunting, hobbyists, and for defense against cops and soldiers, not for arbitrarily shooting brown people.

Some of you need to lurk longer, these are old entry level Holla Forums questions. It's like asking Holla Forums if they hate jews.

Communism still has a state-not-state and people are going to either kick your ass or put a bullet in your skull if you walk around with a fucking flamethrower. The'res still going to be rules, anarchism is not lawlessness, it lack of rulers, you illiterate fuck. The community will still enforce their will upon the collective.

Short term thinking, or reformist scum? We'll never know!

If that will of the commune is I'm not allowed to walk around with a flamethrower then I declare war on your pussy bitch of a commune. Next you'll tell me the commune says I can only do certain drugs, and only in the confines of my own home.

I don't care either way really. Id rather own bullet proof protection and non lethal weapons than a gun.

Anarchists, everyone.

Authoritarian partly-reformed liberal cunts everyone.
Flamethrowers and other such very cool things I've wanted ever since I was a small child, will be similar to those coordinated swimmers, sky writers, or car shows. It'll be cool and you can go cry about how uncomfortable it makes you far away from me.

a commune won't let you walk around with a flamethrower. Go live in a hut somewhere

Yes they damn well will. You'll be alienating people with ricers next? The lights are too flashy, someone could crash! Legal noise limits maybe?


If we want freedom we must take the task to defend it by ourselves.

Hey piratefag.
Flamethrower shows allowed like car shows/skywriters?
Or flamethrower peeps getting shot down for making pansy fags uncomfortable?

Everybody's held accountable by the legal system. Except a lot of these "public officials" you seem to have a lot of faith in.

everything is allowed as long as you don't bother or endanger me.

But everything bothers someone, somehow.

oh I read "me" as "someone" because I'm multitasking like three things.

uk has

This is not a wrd relevant to the issue. People have a right to be armed.

Flamethrower is unrestricted now because it's a farm tool. You liberals don't understand shit.

See FAQ.

I think I'm gonna be at odds with the people here, but I don't think that issue is really important.

I laugh every time I see Americans saying "if they had guns, they could have stopped this guy" after a terrorist attack in Europe, because mass shootings happens far more frequently in burgerland, and each times, only the police stop the perpetrator.
Moreover, there are a lot of kids accidentally harming their family with guns, and criminals seems to be more dangerous in the US because of the easy accessibility to guns.
So, it seems like your right to keep and bear arms does more harm than good in general, because of uneducated or criminal or frustrated people.

Well, it's undeniable that an armed proletariat have often been the catalyst for revolutions during the past, and porkies really felt threatened when proles got lots of guns suddenly.
By the way it's the government collaborating with the Nazis during WWII who decided to ban guns in France (except for hunting and target practice), to undermine the resistance. So, I totally understand why most of you want to keep their guns.

However, the thing is that, in the past, governments didn't have access to armed drones, bombers, tanks, etc. Our armies currently have crazy technologies we don't know. Consequently, I don't think armed proles scare porkies that much anymore.
So, a revolution nowadays can only be successful if the army joins the proletariat side.
Moreover, if a civil war ever break out, the people who want guns will find guns and train themselves in a way or another, like in Syria.
But, ultimately, there is no leftist revolution in sight. The 19th century is over. It's just a wet dream imo tbh.

I respect the Americans who wants to keep their firearms, but I don't think that guns are very useful to have, to conclude.

That was a good meme.

As for me, I think the proles should all be armed. But the police, military, and porkies should all be disarmed.

Porky is terrified even of nonviolent protestors.

Aside from that, all these advanced fighters, bombers, drones, etc, just become expensive paper weights when their supply lines are disrupted. This is to say nothing of the US's vast, vast infrastructure that is both increasingly ancient and impossible to defend.

If you think that warfare is just a matter of one army shooting at another I think you've got the wrong idea.

Almost all of them restrict firearm ownership in various ways, US included.

austfailia. most of western europe too, but not as bad as aus

why? because they scare you? lol


This has been floated multiple times on here and it's a misnomer. The US military now has forty+ years of experience waging war in shitty terrain with shitty infrastructure in varied environments against specifically the very type of campaign you intend on waging. Yes, much of that prior warfare ended in failure, but guess what? A military learns more from defeat over victory.

Do not underestimate what you are up against. The United States is not a harsh environment save for the worst reaches of the Desert Southwest, the Rockies, and Alaska. Much of what we know publicly about the current US Military's capabilities does not line up with the reality of the current US Military's capabilities. If you want to take on the most funded and best equipped military in human history, you have to have a better plan than 'rely on infrastructural collapse' because I guarantee the Pentagon has a thousand plans hidden away for that contingency as I type.

Ancomanon has a point tho, tyranny of the majority is a real thing. A real anarchist society wouldn't just ban things that make them uncomfortable because of what they could be used for, besides everyone who should be able to have a gun has the freedom to carry a gun so there's really no problem, if someone tried to shoot an innocent it would be over in a moment because the next guy could shoot them. There's a thing called A Mexican Standoff where the first one to act is put in less of a position because the next person waiting has the advantage over them, I suggest you look it up it's very interesting.

You do have a point, but you don't need guns to do this.
You disrupt them by blocking and sabotaging their factories and supply routes.

Arm the workers, put a gun in every hand.

Fuck that, people who want to shoot 30 bystanders in a Burger King won't be stopped by a lack of carrying. Social norms will self-correct.

You don't know how war works. You still need door-kickers, and that's less likely to happen if everyone is armed. Try talking to an infantryman once in a while to see why a shit-ton of armed people might be a problem.

Nice lifestylism fagkaiser

You should let any random asshole have nuclear weapons or weaponized smallpox to "defend" themselves, there definitely has to be a limit at some point. On the other hand, 3D printing is quickly about to make any attempts at gun control in the future completely hopeless. I don't worry about it.

The government already fucks you in the ass, and your comfy bitch ass can't do shit about it, peashooters or not.

Year after year the chances of a successful armed struggle get smaller and smaller, as more military grade equipment is trickled down to law enforcement.

Just off the top of my head, here's a list of strategies the US government could use to easily stomp a small arms revolt, in no particular order:
- Mortars
- Artillery
- Air strikes
- Armored vehicles
- Snipers
- Attrition
- Starvation
- Nerve gas (huge stockpiles available)
- biological agents
- rockets and missiles
- CIA trained foreigners
- Etcetera

Your guns are but a consolation prize. You never had the balls or motivation to use them, and I find your posturing delusional and childlike.

The US can't win a single instance of asymmetric warfare.

and yet even with all that after fifteen years they can't beat a bunch of durkas with rifles and donkeys

Almost none of those weapons would be effective against a revolutionary army that effectively held infrastructure and citizens hostage. We have an all volunteer mostly part time military in America, you're underestimating how much collateral they are going to be able to cause at home before inspiring mass defections and strengthening the revolution.

you know the answer to this fuck off

idiots forgeting that if a country is fucked up enough for large leftist uprising there will be mass defections in the army

Yeah, yeah, it sure is easy as hell to just say it, but I won't change my mind until I see some action.

You first, friendo :^)